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October 15, 2020     The Perkins Journal
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October 15, 2020

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Church News THE JOURNAL, Thursday, October 15, 2020 BS CHURCH P Page B4 The seed represents the Word of God. How it has little effect on our lives. We need the Word for every aspect of our lives. We need to live by the Word of God. When the word goes out it depends on the individual to see where it lands. Some individuals are like the shallow ground, some are like thistles, and others are like the stony ground. There are people today who are like the stony ground. They learn something about the Word of God, but don’t receive it deep in their souls; it has to be believed. to receive it. ‘ Often people reject the word, others believe the word and soon they get discouraged and the enemy comes and plucks the word right out of their lives. Abraham and Sarah believed God would bring them a child, but because God made them wait they took matters into their own hand and Abraham fathered Ishmael. God is in control. He did eventually bring them Isaac. He didn’t overlook the fact that they took matters in their own hands and they received liis displeasure at their decision. Faith and belief are often influenced by what is going on around us. Abraham and Sarah acted out of their own means. They knew if God said it he would do it. Yet they were influ- enced about their desire to have a child. Also their age played a big role in their decision to take this out of God’s hands. We live in a world with too many influences. These influ— ences will choke out the Word of God. We have to separate ourselves from the things in this world so our faith can grow. Often we have so much going on. The enemy tries to get sin into our life. He wants us to do wrong. Ifthat doesn’t work he’ll get you too busy to hear God. Satan makes our phone more important than God. It takes over our mind and affects our hearts. God judges us on the level of where we are right now. The enemy battles us on what is possible with God. God has the power of deliverance. The enemy combats the word. God has promised in his word to take care of us. God wants to do great things fdr his children every day. God is our Scarecrow in this cornfield of life. Located at the corner of Diamond Valley Rd and Hwy 51 , five miles east of Stillwater. Sunday School 10 am., Sunday Morning Service 9 am. Quincy Morris, Pastor; Wednesday Bible Study 7 pm. Friends Chapel Church By Bobby Garringer, pastor MARRIAGE, DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE (con- tinued): In baseball, Whether batting or defending against a batter, players are often told, “Keep your eye on the ball.” coaches want each player to avoid distractions and stay focused, Whether at the plate or in the field. And the rest of us should heed the meaning and application of those same words when we need to focus on the big issues of life. We are to keep our eye on the ball because — less — important things can get in the way, so that we lose sight of the most important. In this discussion — in comparing marriage, divorce and remarriage —- obviously , the latter two terms are subordinate. Marriage is the thing. But when a marriage seems to be failing, distractions abound. Husband and wife may not see divorce for what it really is. They lose sight of all the complications. Then a permanent severing of their relationship can seem like the best choice. In fact, however, it will likely be the beginning of a whole new set of problems — in finances, emotional maladjustment and personal relationships. The primary vic- tims will be both husband and wife and, if they are parents, their children. j But, when a marriage is in trouble, the circumstance can be just the oppOsite. One or both partners may be fully aware of how'bad divorce can be, and the dread of it keeps them from thinking clearly. Rather than keeping their eyes on the ball — “the ball” being marriage as it is meant to be — they are filled with dread of the consequences of divorce to the point that can’t think or communicate clearly. So a maniage that might have been saved and improved is discarded for no good reason. In short, you and your partner had better be sure that you understand marriage. You must understand it and also gladly accept your role in it. The best circumstance is to understand these things long before you get married. But if not, when troubles arise, it’s time to raise your education level. When you really know the meaning of marriage and see how good it can be, you can begin to understand divorce and jinn/r a e .- : a. w 4_-. 1....“ m, Family owned and operated since 195 National Award Winning Meats IN LIGHT OF THE CURRENT HEALTH ISSUES , INSTEAD OF THE USUAL 2020 HARVEST FESTIVAL We will be hosting the DIAMOND VALLEY COMMUNITY CENTER COVID-19 N0 HARVEST HARVEST FESTIVAL Which means - We don ’t have to cook and crafi‘. And you don’t have to attend. Instead we will gladly accept your monetary donations as we still have expenses and bills to pay. Mailing address: Diamond Valley Community Center, 6401 E McElroy, Stillwater OK 74075 Hopefilly, we will be back on track next year and be able to welcome you back. how bad it can be. Then you are in a much better position to make the right decisions and to begin to build a marriage relationship that lasts and brings great emotional and spiritual benefits. ‘ Needless to say, when compared to the Bible, the ideal of Hollywood romance — along with reality TV’s more recent versions of it are destructive. In the Bible, romance and sexuality have a meaningful role in marriage, but these are not the heart and soul of the kind of love that it takes to make marriages flourish. Words in I Corinthians 13, the Love Chapter, have been been read and on display in so many wedding ceremonies. Very well, consider exactly what is written there — “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no account of wrongs. Love takes no pleasure in evil, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails ...” [verses 4-8 (BSB)]. You may say to yourself, “I can’t love anyone like that. I’m too self-centered. I’m too proud. I’m too rude. I want what I want when I want it. I lose my temper too easily. It’s hard for me to forgive. I have a whole series of bad habits that the Bible condemns. When it is to my advantage, I sometimes avoid the truth. My love is too weak in the day to day burdens of life. My faith is too weak. My trust in God to take care of the future is too weak. Sometimes when the going gets rough,l want to quit. When I’m honest,I cannot say that— my love — never fails.” But, if you honestly confess to any of these shortcomings — you have already begun improving yourself as a marriage partner. Too many people are not honest enough to admit their failures. They live in a-world of self-deceit. No wonder their marriages are filled with so much torment and uncertainty, and no wonder many of these marriages end in diVorce. “Confession is good for the soul,” they say. And it’s also good for the home — if it is followed by meaningful trust in God who has joined you together. Jesus is clear on this. Ifyou are married, according to Him, God has joined you together. Our schedule at Friends Chapel — Sunday 11 am. and 6 pm, Wednesday 6 pm. St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church By Fr. Brian O’Brien . When I was in the 5th grade we learned about how to report a news story. Every newspaper report or article should ask five questions- Who? What? Where? When? and How? Answer those questions and you have a good foundation for your news report. This week’s readings focus in on three questions all starting with “WHO”- It relates to this feast spoken about in the Prophet Isaiah and then again in the Gospel of Matthew. The Lord is inviting us to a feast and not just any banquet but awedding feast. To this feast, we ask three questions: 1) Who’s invited? 2) Who’s worthy of the invitation? 3) Who’s ready to come? 1 Each is different. We may be ready for a meal but if we’re not invited, our readiness is in vain. We may be worthy to come and invited, but if we’re not ready, then it’s not going to work. We may be invited but if we’re not ready it won’t turn out well. Who’s invited? Who’s worthy? Who’s ready? In Matthew 22, the king gives a wedding feast for his son. In the Mass, Christ the King, offers Hirnselfas the feast, per- fect food, bread from heaven. Who’s invited? In one sense, everyone is invited. Isaiah says “On this mountain, the Lord of hosts will provide for all peoples.” The gift of salvation Jesus offers is a message for everyone. His friendship, His love, His daily accompaniment, is available to all of us. This is why we speak so much about evangelization. Far too many people in our world, even in our own families, and right here in Payne County, don’t know they are invited into this relationship with the Lord that culminates in reception of the source and summit of our faith, the great feast of the Eucharist. Who’s invited? everyone. Who’ 3 worthy? This is a different question. We’re all invited but are we worthy to come to the feast. In one sense, none of us is worthy. We are sinners. We fall short. We ignore the invitation like so many did in the Gospel. We are distracted by what we think are more important things. But despite our unworthiness, the Lord continues to invite knowing that we need Him. Knowing that we need to be fed and nourished at the tablegof the Savior the Church has certain criteria for worthiness of reception of Holy Communion— Am I in Full Communion with the Catholic Church in my beliefs? Am I guilty of unconfessed grave sin? Have I fasted for one hour before receiving Holy Communion? The Eucharist presup- posed grace and shared faith. The “AME ” we proclaim as ' we receive the Lord is a vocal “YES” that I believe, teach, and proclaim to be revealed by God all that the Catholic Church teaches. Who’s invited? All of us. Who’s worthy? None of us except we are made worthy by our relationship to Jesus Christ. The biggest question of all though is who’s ready? Who’s ready to show up? Who’s ready to come to the feast? Who’s ready to celebrate the wedding? This is where I think, as a parish, the greatest challenge is found. Being ready is more than just showing up. We’d never just show up to work or school or practice 'or a game and expect everything to cater to us and everyone to St. Ifrancis Xavrer Catholic Church ' ' 7!! airway (out! Read, sum-m, 0K 226 sfitstillwaterarg celebrate simply because we showed up. Now showing up is good and showing up is better than not showing up but just being physically present is not enough. Are you ready? The end of the Gospel today is pretty harsh. The King came in and saw a man who wasn’t dressed for the wedding feast and he cast him out. We can read this as Jesus shouting at us to “wake up!” and to be ready. We are invited. He makes us worthy. But are we ready? Have we taken the time to under- stand what’s happening in the Mass? Maybe that’s reading a book about the Mass? Watching videos on Formed.org or participating in the offerings of the parish. Do we understand what we receive? Readiness means going to Confession if we are conscious of grave and serious sin. Receiving Holy Communion with grave sin on our soul is a sacrilege. Confession helps us to be ready! Is my marriage blessed by the Church? If not, Fr. Robert and our deacons stand ready to assist you in clearing things up perhaps through the annulment process or by pre- paring you to receive the Sacrament of Marriage. Readiness means our actions, our dress, our posture, our formality for the occasion, and our timeliness. Each of these reflect the dignity of what’s happening here. Are you ready on the interior? Are you ready on your exterior? This is a challenging gospel but one we can’t ignore. We have been invited. Jesus makes us worthy. And we must be ready. Covid-l9 can’t be an excuse for complacency. With Jesus at the center of our lives, let’s you and I go forward in faith, hope, and love, strengthened by this Eucharistic feast to know, love, and serve the Lord, to go out to the streets and invite others in, to do our part to make this parish gre‘at through a stewardship way of life, and ultimately to grow in holiness so that We be welcomed into God’s eternal maniage banquet in heaven. St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church is located at 711 N. Country Club Rd., Stillwater. Mass Times: Saturday 5 pm.; Sunday 8:30 a.m., 11:15 am. (Nursery available during 11:15 am. Mass); 1 pm. Sparristhass. More info online ’at sfxstillwaterorg AG N EWS b Page B6 by chewing, as well as urine and fecal matter.” There are a few telltale signs of a mouse in the house, said Gina Peek, OSU Extension housing and consumer spe- cialist. “Mouse droppings are a geod indication of an infes- tation and typically are found along runways or feeding areas. Also, tracks may be seen on dusty surfaces or shelves where flour may be stored,” Peek said. “Consum- ers also may find gnaw marks on boxes or bags of food, on doors or other surfaces in the home. Keep an eye cut'for smudge or rub marks. Mice leave behind oil and dirt from their fur on frequently traveled routes.” Mice also can be heard run- ning across upper surfaces of ceilings and climbing within walls. Also, watch for nests in attics, basements, storage sheds and garages. Peek suggested a few simple steps for mouse con- trol: - Eliminate food and water sources. 0 Household garbage should be removed from the house and placed in an outside bin with a secure lid. 0 Pet owners should feed pets only what the animal can eat at one time. ' - Store pet food in a container with a tight-fitting lid. 0 Fix indoor and outdoor water leaks. 0 Eliminate breeding and nesting sites. ' Store firewood away from the house and off the ground. 0 Remove rubbish and trash from outside the home. Remove clutter inside the home. Shelton said it is important to develop a control program to help'cut down the mouse population. “Focus first on reducing food sources, pest entry points and places where mice can take refuge. Consider traps as a last resort,” he said. “They may seem rather ‘old school,’ but snap traps are an effective method of rodent control. Typically, mice have small territories, so traps must be placed in those areas in order to be effective. Trap placement and orientation are important, so be sure to read the package directions.” Live-catch traps also can be purchased commercially and baited with food or rodenti- cide, SheltOn said. In addi- tion, mice are nibblers, so it is best to put a little bait in several bait stations to increase consumption. “I would suggest using , several different kinds of bait until a preference is detected, then use that one until feeding stops,” he said. “AIWays use an enclosed bait station and never place it where children or pets can access it.” Although commercially available, glue traps do not discriminate on what they catch, and can be a danger to animals that are not the intended target, Peek said. “Animals that touch a glue trap immediately are caught and stuck to the board, which usually results in a slow death by starvation or suffocation,” she said. “It’s best to avoid ,using these traps Consumers have likely seen ultrasonic devices advertised as a method to repel mice. Although mice are timid and will run away from many sounds, they will get used to the ultrasonic devices in a day or two. “Mice aren’t protected by v law and may be controlled using any pesticide registered by federal or state authori- ties for this purpose, or by mechanical methods,” Shel- ton said. “Before the cold weather hits, take some time to look around your home for areas that would attract mice and to seal up any openings that would provide access to your home.” Mass Schedule DAILY MA” 32% 31138133“ rm 3. m 75 at 12:30 pm Wednesday at Thursday: a! 7:00 am Pam Saturday of the math and every OSU Heme Game of mo em WEEKEND MASS“ Saturday at 5:00 pm Sunday or 8130 cm and 11:15 am In English 8: N0 pm to Spanish WY ~ MW STREAM Each night at 8:00 pm Sunday 11:15 AM and 1:00 PM Masses will be live erreamed. Get the link on our website! mauwatemrg/online parish