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October 22, 2009     The Perkins Journal
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October 22, 2009

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JillJad:son 's HOLLYWOOD ... Ron Howard's next is producing and direct'rag a comedy series set in an Internal Revenue Service district office. That's about all I know about it for now, but what I do know is that he is a multi-talented man: actor, director, writer, producer. He also is, in private life, married to Cheryl Alley and father to Bryce, Joc- elyn, Paige and Reed. And surely some of you remember that he got his start as Opie on "The Andy Griffith Show." Everybody loves Betty White! Activist and actress, she gives generously of her time and money to almost every charity known to man. Come January, she will be honored by the Screen Actor's Guild with its Life Achievement Award. At 87, she is lovely to look at, and even lovelier to know. In answer to all of you who have writ- ten to me about "Oprah," what can I say? Agreed. If you're looking for light enter- tainment, you won't find it here. Sympa- thetic as we all should surely be, it's hard to watch people with their faces shot off, others with no legs and still others with all sorts of infirmities. Also, the lady who cut off her husband's vital organ, and then they found it and reattached it. All I can say is, do as I did. Switch channels. Want to be an actor? Read Brian O'Neil's "Acting as a Business" (Vintage Books). He tells you how to write your resume, tactics for getting an agent and umpteen other helpful hints to make it as a thespian. It's easier to read about it than do it, but if you are determined to be an actor or an actress, give it a try! A whole new look for Drew Barrymore when she appeared on a recent Conan O'Brien show. Short, short, straight blond hair. The last time she appeared on a talk show it was long, long, and she tossed it about as she talked. Meanwhile, the youngest of the great acting clan pursues her career as an actress and producer. As for her private life, I don't really know where it stands at the moment. Everywhere some article tells a different story. The talk shows are still "duking it out." For a while David Letterman led the pack in ratings, now Conan is picking up and Jay Leno is giving them all the "hee-haw" with high numbers at 10 p.m. And once again in answer to your question: No, I do not think the femrrle guests are told what to wear. Ashton Kutcher is not only an actor and husband to Demi. He devotes a great deal of his time to all manner of charities. He recently traveled to New York to participate in a Volunteers of America fund-miser. As for his next film commitment, I'll have to get that when it's all firmed up. Let me add that he is one of the nicest and most polite people in the business. *** BITS 'N' PIECES: Yes, Faye Dunaway is still around, although not working so much. Word is there's a wee bit of temperament sometimes displayed, but you can't prove it by me .... Zsa Zsa Gabor once said about men: "Macho doesn't prove mucho." ... Betcha you didn't know Robert Redford was once a sidewalk sketch artist .... Brit- ney is behaving. L'mdsay is behaving. Paris alsois quiet .... Most of us would love to see pictures of Julia's twins. Maybe sometime we will, but don't bet on it. Celebs make a point of protecting their offspring... Trust Liz Taylor to make a funny. She once said that when people rush up to her, it's not to ask for an autograph, it's to "check out" her wrinkles. (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc. Betty White 1. ANAT- OMY: What is the larg- est bone in the foot? 2. MUSIC: What did the title of the song "PennsyNania 6-5000" refer to? 3. GEOGRAPHY: What is the westernmost point in the contiguous United States? 4. LITERATURE: How many daughters did the king have in Shakespeare's play "King LeaF'? 5. HISTORY: Who founded the abolitionist newspaper 'q'he North Star"? 6. LANGUAGE: What does the Latin phrase "non compos mentis" mean? 7. PSYCHOLOGY: Someone who suffers from didaskaleinophobia would have an abnormal fear of what? 8. COMICS: What is the name of the family dog in the "Dennis the Menace" comic panel? 9. SCIENCE: How fast can a bolt of light- ning travel? 10. TELEVISION: In what fictional city does the soap opera "All My Children" take place? ANSWERS 1. The heel bone, or calcaneus 2. A telephone number 3. Cape Alava, Wash. 4. Three 5. Frederick Douglass 6. Not of sound mind 7. Going to school 8. Ruff 9. Up to 130,000 mph. 10. Pine Valley, Pa. (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Caution dominates the Sheep's monetary aspect this week. Rams and Ewes might want to shear their big spending plans until a more favor- able financial picture begins to emerge by week's end. TAURUS ( April 20 to May 20 ) Thrift counts both at home and at work. So you might want to rethink major purchases or investments. Also, be wary of a so-called revelation about a previous decision. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Both house- hold budgets and workplace accounts might benefit from some judicious trimming of unnecessary expenses. A partnership could lead to an unexpected challenge. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) A previously overlooked opportunity could re -emerge with a new travel-related matter. Check this out carefully to see if it's what you really want before you decide one way or another. LEO (July 23 to August 22) This could be the start of a new career-changing phase, so start marking down your many accomplishments for those who need to know how much you have to offer. Good luck. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) It's not too early for the sometimes procrastinating Virgo to start making those long-distance travel plans. The sooner you decide where to go, when to go and how to go, the better. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) F'man- dal matters once again figure in any major ac- tion you might take regarding career, travel or other endeavors. You'U want a ready reserve to help you back up those moves. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Trying to resolve a problem in a personal relationship could be more difficult than you'd expected. Look into the possibility that someone might be interfering for his or her own reasons. SAGrITARIUS (November 22 to Decem- ber 21 ) A project you once rejected might be more attractive because of changes that you feel you can now work with. The weekend is especially favorable to family matters. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) This is a good week for the gregarious Goat to enjoy being with people you care for. You might even want to show off those creative kitchen skills you're so adept at. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) A colleague might think your attitude is patron- izing or even outright insulting. True. That might be his or her problem. But you might want to take some reassuring steps anyway. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) It's a good. time to jettison those old concepts about a family matter you might have been holding on to. This will help make room for a new and more enlightened way of dealing with it. BORN THIS WEEK: You like to analyze a puzzling situation before you try to resolve it. This makes you excel at getting things done the right way. (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.