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October 27, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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October 27, 1977

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in The Perkins Journal Thursday, Oct. 27, L 1 time) Commissioners Proceedings PCORO OF THE POOCI[OIRGS OF THE IETING OF THE PAVIE  I OF ¢OF/IISSIOHIRS s felloNIng proceedings will he precantod to the Nelrd of Cmty Cgmmlselmlrs iS Itlmltas at the next meting on October ], 1977. t Iklrd of County €olelssloners met In a resuelr mtlng Prlday, Soptamber ]10, follonJng era present: Pbert: Ulysses [. Cruaen, Chelrmn Bob Mite, VIca-¢Ntlnun Oruel Neyfleld, Renber Others: Llnda G. Atlensworth, Cotmty Clerk Battle Wilson,  Reportar Called the amoctln 0 to order it 9:00 I.n. The proceedings of the I held Septaauer 26, 1977, were presented. A correction was nmde en page ppragrpph In the remount of the Rerns €onstructiOn bid. The bid ms In of $6,223.]5, not $,1t]6.00. Rr. MIta nede I notion to ppprove the corrected. Mr. IyfleId seccmded the notion. The notion carried following votes being celt: Hayfield: aye Mite: lye ! Crulln: ayl lpproved the request for the iIIocatlon of the following cash funds ted to the Excise d: lerles, SI,2)0.00 sellrles, $]0,000.00 travel, $960.9E 0, $8,o00.oo 0 $12,234.71 tt&O $20,9.50 Crucan stated he would like the minutes to reflect the CAP organization the county to put up $2,700.00 for a transportatlen progren, which Organization could receive $17,000.00 matching funds. This Is to correct set of mtnutes. Hr. nite end Hr. Hayfield stated they would like to | fermi1 request with details from the CAP organization. ht11, Civil Defense Director, presented the board with the annual report offices regarding the planning and objectives of the local Civil t Operations. The Ixrd had no objections to the report and the cirmn the form• County Extension Director, presented the board with the renewal with the OSU Extension office. Hr. tyfleld made a motion that we approve for the pertod beginning July l, 1977, and thru June 30, 1978, between taent Of Agrlculture and Applied Science as Agent for and On behalf of the Extension Service and the United States Oepartnent of Agriculture. This Is a between the Imard just stated and the Board of County Commissioners of Payne 0klllhe,a. Hr. White seconded the motion. The motion curried with the follwlng Hayfield: aye /hite: aye Cruzan: aye Cruzan presented i letter which has been drawn as a draft for Payne County the rental of the lease of the Booker T. Washington School in Cushing, CAP organitation. Hr. Hayfield agreed to contact the home office of CAP and qltter. The poard agreed to this action. ' Cruzan stated he has received more informaton regarding the open meeting Cruzan reviewed information he was given at the recent County Commissioners After discusson, Hr. Reyfield made a motion that the board file with Clerk a schedule of meetings setting OUt the regularmaetlngs of the board on the fTrst Honday, third I:day+ and last worklng day of the rrnth. seconded the motion. The motion carried with the following votes being cast: Hayfield: aye Vhite; aye Cruzan: aye heyfletd presented a letter from Ilors Elevator Sarvlco cotl fylng the e change of ham to Boers Eleuetor Sales, Service S ASPPlr, Inc. gl board to execute I new contract In the se Imoenec the prior Hr. Klfffleld rode a entl that the beard execute the coctract with Sarvlce $ BOpoIr, Inc., for repoIrs end Carvlca of the In the Pne COunty Courthouse. Hr. nlta secmlded the motion. The Carried wlth the following votes being cast: #4ayfleld: aye White: aye Cruzan: aye . hllte reported the chip & sell program has been completed with more than s surfaces. Idhlto stated he has asked RerrelI Recklenburg, County Surveyor, to Investl Posslhllltof federal funds for a bridge on Hehen reed. Hr. Whita stated €ould neke it Gsslble to widen the present one Iene bridge to to lanes. Crucan stated he felt Peyne County ts not receiving the full benefits of programs. Hr. CruZen stated he felt the €ounty could receive more fund I ire at least two progrm In existence at this tten. Hr. White and Hr. they have eppllcetiohs In on both progrm. BOard approved the allo¢.etlon of al¢ohellc bverag tax In the imount of for I recess at IO:02 a.a. The C4lr coiled the methp S Order at IO:lO a.m. claim were presented and approved for payment: fiscal year High, ely Cash: Sooner Ford supplies. O/] fiscal year Harrison Clectrlc supplies, C.D. IDH service, Run. l service, Elect. BO. Comerclal Chemical Coqny service, Gen. Hontgomery Wards service, C.D. Shldier's Photo-Craft film, Assessor Hobilfone Service service C.D. Uited Industrial Sales supplies, Sheriff Alexander Hfg. Co. supplies, Sheriff Dr. N. O. Beau€hemp service, Sheriff Southwestern Bell service, Sheriff Stlllwater Publlshingcompny publication, Sheriff C. R. Anthony CO, supplies, Cheriff Frank Phillips reimbursement, Sheriff frontier Printers supplies, Assessor Hcarne Brothers map, Sheriff Southwestern Bell Telephone Co+ service, U.A. Learning subscription, Supt. Joe H. Hastings per diem, Excise Doard Luster F. Smith Pay T. HcLauPy " District Attorney% Tratngingcoordinatton Council John Long Orval N. Hyfield Nursing 77 Faye S. Dawson Joe H. Staley Jack Stark Herte Stokes Hike Gay Carl Hlner Bill Evans el Bounds |ill EIlington Ruth Stark salary, DA service, Den. travel, I. publicatJon. H.U. travel, Supt. travel, Sheriff 12.65 1521.25 ]).14 57.54 650.02 5030 SB.O8 40.00 589.1O 28.50 1].00 ].00 20.84 12.60 910.82 69.05 131.00 154.18 10.00 150.00 150.00 150.00 10850.00 1015.00 125.00 I].50 111.17 56.;0 39.75 I55.45 126J+5 164.70 285.9O 175.80 212.85 62.85 Frank Phi I Iips HIIdred Starks Llnde G. Allensworth Hospital Products Histleton Express Sreer-RusseH Exterminating Co. Gibson Products Coat,any Brain's Printers NObert C. Gum Craig Carmain Russell Couch Kenneth C3)be I l Jack D. Shorter Liles A. Easley kipley Public Schools Ruth Stark AUrea Esple CoUP Pay Hanson Frank Phillips Jack Stark Joe Staley BIH El iington Bi I t Evans Hol Bounds Carl Nlner II Ryan Josephine Hyors Joretta Gillette Andrea Hor I nek Anna J. Hurnan Jnita B. Hence Ulysses E. Crucan 0rval R. heyfield BOb White R. Buena I:Vey vid U. Pace Iktty W. Deh+ms Jenlce L. Sharkey Othe A. Horrlson Nrilyn J. French Linde G. Allensvorth Shirr I Huslck Frenkle Evans Kelly rley Paye Lynn Nansen Faye S. De,sen Jeckle ¢Coams NI dred P Starks G. German H. Hercer ,inde S. Thrasher L. 14ol land Reckl enburg I. Jarvls le H. Shirley Hul I endore Iron G. am H. Ness Griffin Hul 1endure da selph Jo Charles Tel lay R. Iher le Lee Hagler ;off aid Twoguns Lorett Karquez Lane Crengor O GroC Sadler • C. selso travel. Sheriff 129.00 travel. Assessor 125.00 travel. County Clerk 16.80 spplles, X.U. )7.78 14. service, H.U. 62.50 supplies, H.U. 16.55 48.56 travel, Revaluation 26.55 )O.OO " 49.20 9.00 16.56 IO.92 services. R.S., Velfare 40.00 salary, Sheriff 800.40 6SO.DO 625.00 1000.50 500.5 800.40 800.40 " 800.0 " 800.40 " 800.40 salary, Treasurer 1000.50 " 650.00 6.00 600.00 580.00 *' 580.00 Celery, Commissioner 1000.50 100e.0 1000.50 salary, Ext. 670.00 5]0.00 " 627.00 " 590.00 548.00 442.00 salary, County Clerk I 1000.50 " 650.00 *' 580.00 " 580.00 salary, County Clerk, PT 250.00 salary, Supt. Schools 00.50 " 6.00 salary, Assessor 10OO.50 " 650.00 " 600.00 " 580.00 " 650.00 salary, Surveyor 120.00 Celery, Court Clerk 1000.50 65o.0o " SO.00 " 5.00 " 5110.00 '+ 650.00 " 600.00 salary, Commissioners 705.00 salary, Elect. Sd. 417.50 " 675.00 salary, Bldg. Engr. 62.00 salary, 011 .00 - 600.00 " + • 600.00 575. O0 " 600.00 " " 518.13 " .49o.86 " 700.00 " 572.7 " 6SO.00 " 600.00 1054 R.l. LIngnell salary, 0ill (*00.00 Taylor Cook " 600.00 €. 0, Neher " .fO,00 Tom/ Robinson " 600.00 I IValr " 600,00 Jilmla 0. Benton " 600.00 Iterd C. York " 6.00 Nereid |. forenen " 10.8 0on Edmrd Boyle " 600.00 IOS5 Chester Dry seli, 0/3 600.00 Pta Ether Idgo " 000.00 Jack Jill " 625.00 Leonard L. Sharp " 600.00 Eugene f. Grim " 600.00 Bonby Sots fried " 600,00 Floyd C. S " 625.00 Jams Horgrove " 600. O0 10 Ibry It Ion " 725.00 Paul Ramay " 525.00 8. l. Fram " 700.00 L. E. ens " 00.00 V. H. Griffin " 600.00 kmr4t h Nelmn " 600.00 llllp Nettles " 000.00 k  St,m " 00.00 1057 Chef ley Sttl " 600.00 CIoc Sylmtor " 600.00 Newerd F. LwlI " 600.00 Jams Etherldgo " 600.00 Rick VIIOC *' (. 00 Bongl IS Curtis " 00.00 1058  (klrioe slta, H.U. 555.O0 Delorls FOwler " 670.00 Nergo mley " 2110.50 Llnde HI ckNn " 805.00 Irnec t Ine Hodo " 580.00 COrl L. Jones " 280.00 CUrl P. Barrett " 05.00 Evelyn Neton " 5510.00 €.  Isse41 " 35.00 I.mura Shw " 252.50 Llnda Sh I pen " 700.00 Int I een St tncon " 770.00 1059 Llnde Anderson " 225.00 1060 Nancy Gllen salary, D.C. 700.00 VlobII Ann tshuekeshey " 55,00 Vlckl L. Vllllm " 252.50 1I  Hill salary, C.O. 1025.00 lronde Johns " 500.00 1062 Pltrlcle N. Frank salary, CETA 700.00 1065 Oklom Tax Issl taxs. R.S, 4,40 I01 First Netloell BOnk taxes, R.S. 50.50 105 Okllone State Netlrt retlrment, C.0. 76.25 I0 Fhlt Netlonel Bonk taxec, C.D. 201.90 1067 0hlmhom Tax Comlsslon texm, C.D. 19.77 1068  Oklo Thx Codsslon texas, Xy. 178.20 109 State Netlrmnt Fund retlrmlnt, tty 3216.14 1070 first Retll Bank taxes, Hwy. 1816.00 1071 Colonial Incucanco Insurw.e, Hwy. 2(.00 1072 Glue Cross i Blue Shield " 12.45 1073 First Nettol Bank taxes, H.U. 1142.70 1074 Oklohaw Tax Comlsslon taxes, H.U. 157.64 1075 State Eployeec GroUp 41th Ifls. Insurance, H.U. 228.00 107(* First Retlonel kmk taxes, Gun. 91.00 1077 Okl Tax Comiselon " 41].31 1078 Oklehoml State Botlrelent Systal retirement, fn. 61.26 IOT Colonial Insurance Insurance, m. 42.0 IO80 |Im CS S Sine Shield 401.40 1081 State Retlrt Fund retlrMnt, Gin. 4111.41 IOU Okl Tencher Retirement ]2.50 I5 line CroSl & Dlum Shleld Insursnco, Den. 446.40 I01 Intermll Nevenm Service taxes, Gen. 175.70 1050 Lilac A. [mley salary, Revaluation 267.6] Klmneth 0. CII '* 21].1] I0O Jack D. Shorter salary, Revaluation 259.80 Robert C. Gum *' 209.00 Rex L. Rollend " 150.00 Ruasell C. Couch ** 262.50 The Ikrd epproved a check In the eount of $2.858.]2 from the Court Clerk for tbelr portion of the August utility bills. Rr. Ityfleld rode a motion to adjourn to reconvene Hondey, October 3, 1977, at 9:00 a.m. Hr. lte Seconded the notion. The notion carried with the following vetec helng cast: NeSpect fully subml tted, Llnde G. AIlensrth County Clark tmyfield: eye Ito: aye Cruzen: aye RECORD OF" THE PRDCEEDIHGS OF THE HEETING OF THE PAYNE COUNf ROARO 0F C0IISSIONERS The following proceedings will he presented to the Board of County Comlssioner for approval as minutes at the next meeting on October 17. 1977. + m. + Bo, rd 0f coi s,lon,r,'..t In, regular -nc++ng ,o.dey, Octo  +i7 - The following re present: Ibers: Ulyssec E. Cruzen, Chairman oh llte, g;ce-Chalrman Orval Hayfield, ember Others: LInda G. Allensorth, County Clerk Patrick t:Coy, ReWS Reporter The Chelrmn r.alled the meeting to order et 9:00 a.m. The proceedings of the 1octlng held Saptlmd)er }O, 1977, ++ere prestmtad. Hr. Heyfleld made a moti to approve the pnedlngs eS presented. Hr. Vnlte seconded the motion, The motion curried with the following votes belog cast: Pyfleld: aye Ita: aye Crucan: eye The following claim were presented and approved for peyment: 55 Ocrrell Neckleobrg services, Ik,V 198.15 156 I services, Gun. 78.]k 216 Darrell Itecklenlmr9 services,  247.)5 • 5}2 ¢. E. Smlm Serum Co. supplies, Ext. 20.50 t5 Sothtmstarn Boll service, Surveyor 2].]5 g Central Orug Store mdIcatton, Charity 49.19 555 Southtmstarn Nell service, G. 15.15 615 Boyders Discount Grocery 9rocerlec, Welfare 29.98 628 LOCOI Towel & Unlfom supplies, HW 16.)2 0 €lermnco L. BOyd supplies,  40.75 74 IIt Trocking service, Ibr. 2]4.00 771  Gulf supplies, . 554.70 78) Nestyet Grocery groceries, Welfarm 22.04 784 (bn Thomas Ford supplies, Hay. 51.76 788 Clermnce L. Boyd Calppny " 228.04 80U Clarmnce L. lloyd Cocny 14.]5 805 |l Che Induatrlen Inc. supplies, H I]].41 807 Snyders IGA grocories, elfera 19.94 811 Nestyet Grocery Store 24.59 812 Oklohol City Tcactor suppliec, H. 5.74 851 Fatsy Nichols services, Velfere 8.00 852 PsyckOIoglcal Services Cofltar '* ]).00 845 Derntar Ppper Compony suppllec, Den. 451.00 20 LAL Properties supplies,  1168.00 |4  Syetats *' 68.62 7 Ulyssos [. ¢ruzen travel, H. 200.00 0 Sooner Sullles, Inc. suppl,les, Hy. 40.00 4 Stllhmtar Mews Press publication, Excise Be. 8.29 O Olpley Public School servlces, elfare 22.50 1001 Southtestarn Sell corvlce, Treasurer 2].4] 100 " service, i.7. 10].61 100] " " 75.8] IU05 " service, Election d. )8.56 100 Stllhmtar  Prenl publication, Gin. b],56 IOlO thwentern Nell service, Co. Clerk 79,0t 1011 " Carvlca, Assessor 61.12 1012 Gull Telelme Co. service, Supt. of Schools ]7.H IOI5 " service, H.U. 479.15 IOI4 lob lta travel, i. 200.00 10)5 $o41thtstar Ocll Telephone service, Sheriff 185.84 105 Eve Incorporated supplles, H.U. 11.90 10116 [Scott's Ulsnot Foods oroverles, Velhere 8.16 IO87 GI Products mpany Supplies, X.U. I]. ION Hlstlatoe[xpress SaIco services, H.U. 8.92 1089 seuthstarn Bell Carvlce, (xt. 168.84 1090 House Oclutlful supplies, Ext. I].50 1091. National Dairy Council supplies. (xt. 25.00 IO92 L.K. ilson CO. supplies, Treas. I]5.00 IO3 Wilma Ryan travel, Treas. 25*00 11OO Linda Allensorth travel. Co. Clerk 55.00 11OI Shideler's Photo Craft supplies, Sherlff ]6.95 Hr. Vhite made a motion tO dlsalIo purchase order T'929 tO be reissued to the correct party. Hr. Hayfield seconded the motion, The motion carried with the following votes being cast; Hayfield: eye thtte' eye Cruzan: lye Hr. Sad V[IJlams, representing BOb BOrntlS, presented the board with a proof of publication for notice of hearing in the ttar of de-annexation of an 80 acre tract In the Morth half of the Bouthms arter of 21-20-2from IbJral Water 0tstrlct II. Hr. William and r. Sarnes both poInted out Rural ter District #l is enable tO supply this acreage with water. Hr. Barnes presented i letter fret Rural ltar District #l stating they haven o objections to this de-annexation. r. heyfieldnede a motion that this board de-annex the north hell of the southst-qcarter of 21-20-2E of the indian Heridtan of Paynecounty, the wIthdrawal being from Rural eter District I1 in Peyne County 0klahema. Mr. hlte seconded the motion. The motion cerrleq with the following votes being Cast: /41yfield: eye White: aye Crucan: eye Hs. herie Snevely, epresenting theBoard of Trustees Of tbeTmmof RIpley, ws present and requested the baird report on a former request to have the county ork on smle of the rods in the town end on the filling of the old mll. Rr. Cruzan noted soe work has been done in the town on the roads In the ppst fommks. Hr. Cruzan stated he would have his men go back to the tmm end get with the Town tlrshill to try to ork OUt the problem, The board noted they have taken previous action tO fill the well if sufficient dlrt could be obtelned locally and no dirt would have to be heuleq In et the County*S expense. The Comlssloners requested the Board of Trustees of RIpley noke some recmmecdtlons es to the rmld work they ould tlhe done tO help e drainage problem In that to. The Cheimln called for e recess it :55 i.m. The Chelmen called the noetlng back to order at 10:06 end one half. The berdts presented with the following bids for Sheriff tdtos: Enld-T-y RotoroJe (stated no bid) E. F. Johnson Company it s noted the hld from E+ F. Johnsno was filed September 21, 177, hlch exceeds the 96 hour limitation. This bid IS tO be returned as stated In specifications. Hr. lte mlda a motlon thet the bid! ba held for evelu•tlon by the €Ivil Deflmse Director ncd the Sheriff end they Ire to rrt back to the bnerd on Octer 17, 1977. Hr. Neyfleld ler.oded the mtlon. THe ration carrled with the'followhNI toe being cmst: Neyfleld: eye MIIto: lye Cruzmn: eye It neS noted there was originally Ichedeled hid Olmlngl for the Pffleffer Sulldtn 0 at 10:00 e.m. thls data. Hmvwr, lrrell Hecklenburg |tared the bldderl were not ready due to changes In the spe¢lflcetlonl Ind It heS heon rolcheduled for October 17, 1977. Hr. 4cklenbur 0 stated he IS workln s on Infom4tlon reqUelted by the Itato on the Rlhen Irldge. Hr. t:klenbr 0 stored hi found nO ercare on the bid on the Glon Itfltte end hal prepored the €ontroct end fororded It tO the  bld4klr. • Hr. Cruaen Stated he nould Ilhe the bonrd to be ldorlno till  Ira)life . for next yenr, with the foIImdng to be Inclled: I. Extanslon of the Nerfolk Bead 2. Another brldgo 41¢1"011 the Clirro River Hr. Whlta stated he would like the bonrd to €insider extension of Yoct Lake Road work, Coyle Road, Lakevlen, end Stlllttar ftoi. It WaS noted Jim Nlrk bes requested the status of the old Hll#aeay 55 ro 1141 determined. It eppenrs that nc4 lend oer nould IIhe to Illd e well In the rlgt- of-way. The belrd agreed if the right-of-nay has been turncd bk to the €oenty from the State, they would not euroc to orent thll type of mllllon et thll tim, The County Surveyor coted there IS no record On file In the COwty Clark+s office thet shows the right-of-way helm] turmd bk to the eotmty f the State ile4:e the orlginat deed to the Steta of Okle#mm Io 152e for hlgtay road ule only. 1111a is located In the southst quarter of ]4-18"5E. Hr. /¢klenbrg presented • r(d dedication for e 60   rlght*ofy la section 10-17-4E, which meets cmmty standards as to form. Hr. Recklenlr U stotod th|e le for rlght-of-tty only, end the €otmty would not he ecceptlng eny imtaUm¢e It thl| time. The dedication ¢tec from Dill end  Worthy. Hr. Vhlte male e notion that the Iktrd of County Comlssloners of Payne County approve the dodIcatlon of  with no tmlntancnce as deccrlhed on the form In stlen IG" Tmmhlp 17 Nerth - Dense 4 Cast. Mr. Reyfleld sed the notloc. 11 setion carried with the foIImdog votes being cast: yflald: eye Ite: aye Cruaen: aye Hs. Allensworth presented the approxllllta helen€us Of the Hlgmy COsh Funds for approval Of October spmdleg. Hr. lllta  e ontlon that the Feye f4wtty Board of County fmlssloners approve the Octo4obr fueds from the roller, lOG Olmrtlnl aouts : Tli 66,475.06 TIb 1,3.0 T2 ]7,539.24 T7 5oo.00 2-T 48,428.31 4-T 46,O96.9O T-4 11,958.22 Hr. eyfleld seconded the motion. The notion curried with the foIIm*lnu vOte* being caSt: #lyf laid: lta: eye 0r: eye Hr, Cruzan stlted he uld Ilbe the lssloners to Irubnce the FOIIw|og: 1. twO new single Ixll trocke, flit bed or utility type bed. 2. one or two new graders Hr. lto stated he ftt]t the beckhoe Is the first irchase imr.ee'eery  the Othlr purchases could be e with Revenue Sharing funds In the future• After dlmuselon, Hr. kfalte made e notion that the Prrne County Board of County illllOoerl InltrVt the County Surveyor, Ocrrell Necklenburo, to work up spe¢lflcotlons for e m labile backhoe and present these tO the board  cempleto. Mr, #teyfleld the notion. The entlo Carried with the following notos Imla G ClOt: Neyfleld: lye VMta: eye Cruaen: lye Rr. Mlta nede a notion to edJoro to re Octoher 17, 1977 at :OO e.m. Mr. yfleld seconded the notlon. The notlon rrled wlth the folllq tnc hel clst: iyfiald: eye MI ta: lye Crueen: eye The Perkins Journal Thursday, October 27, 1977-11 Plans finalized for 1937 Ripley Grad gathering Ripley High School grad. uates of the 1937 class will meet at 1 p.m., Nov. 23, in the hall west of the Ripley Post Office. An afternoon of reminiscing, entertainment and refreshments have been planned. Invitations, including questionnaires, have been sent out to all members whose addresses are known. Leads on all former students have been obtained except for Thelma Jackson. Former grads are urged to attend the afternoon session to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The possibility of a tour of the old High School and Ripley vicinity will depend on the decision of members present. The annual Thanksgiving banquet will be held at the Ripley gym. Those planning to attend should make reservations as soon as possible. Any questions may be directed to Sam Durham, 1717 Sunset Drive, Still- water, in regard to transpor- tation if flying in from out of state. : The afternoon schedule Iwill be flexible to accommo- iate those who choose to come at a more convenient hour in the afternoon. However, Durham urges all members to return the questionnaire in order that other class mates might learn about those unable to tttend as well as those present. Durham, with his commit- tee, Dale Deering, Ruth Williamso, Dooley, Lila Rodgers Hendrickson and LaVeta Myrick Randall, will be present to greet former graduates. Plans have also been made to obtain popular music of the High School period during 1934 to 1937. Any information concern- ing any members, especially Thelma Jackson, will be appreciated as hopefully no one will be overlooked. The afternoon session will end around 6 p.m. in order for members to prepare for the banquet if necessary. "0" LEGAL NOTICE (Published in The Perkins Journal, Sept. 29, Oct. 6, £3, 20 and 27, 1977-5 times) ELECTION PROCLAMATION l%rsuant to Ordinance duly adopted by the governing body of the Town of Ripley, Oklahoma, the undersigned President of the Board of Trustees of said Town hereby calls a special election to be held in said Town on the 1st day of November, 1977, for the purpose of submitting to all of the registered qualified electors residing within said Town the following proposition: PROPOSITION ¢lenk City of Perkins Claims paid in Septeml)er mama I m mmsa, t ol'r 0/Jmt nta1l I£m, (t,00) tl,t& m • ql, s qr I...0 L/LAT AS IAXOII 200.00 0olenitl Life & At4 IMurue 0o,(111 deductions) 66.7 Dle Nstienal Ltfe Inmu'anee oo,(rP-?ee4fell 0qetions) 13A.7o Ptrmt Mmtiensl Bs * ?rust ¢e,(re4oz'sl il:.-el;tduter, 1977) )?.0 state OBtWXtO Puad(qrl s¢¢isl agcurlty peyt) lltG,S Okl  ¢omeelon (qr17 orate taz) IO.SS Pett Cu I.97 State Xnlls'laee ,' 170,O1 0YIIIZ.eq ok1o,- l * leolwic ¢o. ?b.32 Oklshmto atuxl GU 0o. ?,90 $ouelten ell e2etoae Ca, 11P.27 P,P,W,A, OH]KBOOK glisbeth le 50.OO PLo¢ NsLonal ludc a "trust Co. 76,80 ARPr & '.¢.L'...4TI¢.X C.murron Vslle Co-of (emlkll) :10.70 Z,R, obson (tn'svel expeneee- eservotr uthority) £vtnm & lnoeatee ¢ortz, uo'd, en Ca,(blaektop) 18.02 20.91 PX Dlllklt il Shall the Town of Ripley, Oklahoma, lease to the Trustees of the Ripley Public Works Authority (a public trust of which said Town is the beneficiary), all of the Town's existing proprietary revenue-producing utility systems and facilities, together with any and all enlargements and improvements thereto and any other proprietary revenue-producing utility systems and facilities acquired by the Town during the life of such Lease, in the form now on file with the Town Clerk, to enable the Trustees of said Authority to enlarge and/or improve said utility sstems and, at this time, to incur [e'teness,  issue their bonds, or notes, in aggregate principal amount not exceeding SIS0,000.00 (for which the Town and its taxpayers shall not be liable) to pay the costs and expenses of and incidental to such enlargements and improvements and incurring such indebtedness, to be secured by such leasehold and the net revenue or income of the leased systems and facilities after paying or providing for the payment of, all costs and expenses of operation and maintenance thereof, with the remainder of such net revenue or income being payable to or for the benefit of the beneficiary of said Authority, the Town of Ripley? The polling places for said special election shall be opened at 7:00 o'clock, A.M., and shall remain open until, and be closed at 7:00 o'clock, P.M., on said day. All registered qualified electors residing within the corporate limits of said Town shall be entitled to vote on the foregoing proposition at said election. DATED AND ISSUED this 22nd day of September, 1977. -s-Dale Carothers President, Board of Trustees of the Town of Ripley, Oklahoma ATrEST: (SEAL) -s-Lana Richardson Town Clerk of the Town of Ripley, Oklahoma I, the undersigned Town Clerk of the Town of Ripley., Oklahoma, hereby certify that the foregoing is a true, correct and complete copy of an Election Proclamation duly executed and issued on the date therein stated as the same appears on file in my office as a part of the official records thereof. -s-Lena Richardson Town Clerk, Town of Ripley, Oklahoma ,o°°" ,..+.+,.roD. g:N (SEAL) O11 Holsi PmlmR  le- *++++ i o..,..0 ,,+.., "Iol min ( !.005 106:'" 111mm . 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