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October 30, 2014     The Perkins Journal
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October 30, 2014

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C4 - THE JOURNAL, Thursday, October 30, 2014 Seniors continued from page C3 his son would live, the father took Jesus at his word and departed. His son was healed at that very hour. The action of the father in taking Jesus at his word and departing, is an example of amazing faith. He's going home without Jesus and the family might have thought he hadn't done anything. And, if he stayed around Jesus, it might appear he didn't have faith in Jesus' words. But the father had faith in Jesus. I believe all our lives would be better if we just took Jesus at his word. The wise man in Matthew 7:24 heard the words of Jesus and put them into practiced. He built his house on the rock and when the storms of life came, the house stood firm. His faith was in Jesus. The storms still came but when they passed, the wise man was still standing. "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6 We meet at 9:00 am on Sunday for Bible study and 10:00 am for worship. Our Wednesday night Bible study begins at 7:00 pm. For more information, please call 547.5393 Shalom Good News Church The story of Elisha being confronted by a mob of youths in 2 Kings 2:23-24 is not about a cranky old man who cannot take criticism. It is about young people Challeng- ing God an His prophet. The chilling outcome of being mauled by two she bears should make us think again about disrespecting God. Next Sunday's sermon will be "The Confrontation in the Valley" 1 Samuel 17:1-51 Monday November 3 at 6:00 Woman's Bible Study by Sheila Walsh, "The Shelter of God's PromisesY Wednesday November 5 6:30 Bible Study and Prayer Come meet with us at 144 East Kinder-Wells at 10:00 am Sunday. Where Christ is Lord, The Bible is Preached and People are Loved. Cimarron Valley Church of Perkins By Ralph Martin Sunday, our Pastor, Paul Dawson, brought a message "The Treasury of Trust" from Psalms 34:4-7. The mes- sage speaks to the presence of fear in the life of David and of his efforts to conquer it. One definition of fear is a feeling of anxiety caused by the presence of danger. It primarily effects the thinking and motivational part of a person and can sometimes dramatically effect their behavior - both physically and emotionally. It can trap and entangle a person like a snare. Surveys indicate the ten most common fears are: Fear of spiders and snakes, of open and closed spaces, of germs, of flying, of heights, of clowns and dolls, of death and anything relating to it, of social situations and public speaking, of injections and needles, and of dogs or cats. We frail and fragile humans often respond to fear with breathless- ness, palpitations, flushing, stammering, panic attacks, depression, eating orders, booze, drugs, and even death. A previous message told about David's struggle to sur- vive a "hit" order put out on him by the almost insanely jealous King Saul. David's fear was physical death - the mother of them all. He knew he could not survive without freedom from this fear and that only God could give him that. Psalms 34:4=7 speaks to David's prayers and God's response to them. There would be no more fears or suffering for David. There would even be angels sent to guard and rescue the believers. Our treasure is a collection of God's blessings and promises. We know He will never leave or forsake us and that He loves each of us personally like a father loves his children. We trust this love and place our hopes, confi- dence, and dependence upon it. We don't have to walk in fear, we can walk under the umbrella of faith - knowing that God is in total control of every situation and that any appearances to the contrary are just stepping stones in God's plan. We just have to watch that we don't step out from this umbrella of faith by trying to "do our own thing." Amen. We are located at 901 Sadler Road in Perkins, OK. 74059 405-547-1557. www.cimarronvalleychurch.com Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship and Children's Worship 10:45 A.M. Bible Study 7:00 P.M. Wednesdays. Nursery available. Visitors welcome. Christian Church of Perkins By David Pock Today's Power Verses: Matthew 11:28-30 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." God's Promise to YOU!!! Matthew 18:4 Never Quit! Sometimes many of us tend to be worriers instead of warriors, fault finders instead of encouragers and some- times just plain negative about everything. Then there are those who see problems and impossible situations as a love challenge! Challenges, that abso- lutely drive them on to success. Of course, they do go through suffering, pain and discouragement, but they just don't give up. They don't give into their negative feelings because they know that those kind of emotions and impulses don't come from God! They face their challenges with a Positive Christ-like Attitude and they believe with all their heart that... "I can do all things through Christ who strenthens me." When you face discouragement, pain, suffering and all kinds of trouble, always remember it's a problem presented by the love of God to make you strong and beautiful. If you had no problems, no obstacles to face you would be overprotected and become weak and unsta- ble. Like a spoiled child you would never do more than sit and whine or cry when problems come. You could never become the strong, beautiful mature child of God that your Father desires for you to be. Jesus' love and determination led Him to the cross in order for you to live free from sin and have life to the full! Let's grab onto life with Love and determination! Let's draw our strength from the problems we face and as we grow up in His love, let us encourage others and lift them up also. What are you facing today? How can you apply the Love of God and the positive attitude of His son in order to solve it? This day is the day of change ! This day is my day, God made it for me! Keep your PCA* sharp and active today because you will need it! Come an worship with us ! ! Christian Church is located 121 SE. Stumbo Ave....Sundays...Bible Classes 9:45am .... Worship service ...10:45 ..... Wednesdays Pot Luck meal & Bible Classes...6p.m. *PCA= Positive Christ-like Attitude Diamond Valley Community Church Pastor Quincy's message Wednesday night was, "A Life of True Value," Proverbs 10:7 and 22:1. Explaining it is a blessed objective being remembered as just and righteous; a good name is desired above riches. Today's world defines success by things aspired; painting a pic- ture of considered success, but is a foundation built of wickedness. Should it pass away there is nothing. Life on earth is but a snap of time, each moment is precious; use it wisely for Christ not chasing dreams, which lead nowhere. What incorporates a relationship with Christ lasts; his is the last word. A life without God is doomed because it's given to sin. When life is over, Jesus Christ considers only the heart beating for God. 2 Kings 5:25-27 is a conversation between Elisha and Gehazi, his servant. Naaman offered riches to Elisha for his healing, but was refused because riches weren't Naamans' cure, God was. Elisha knew valuing things of flesh exonerates carnality and wanted no part of it. His rewards were in living for Christ which is worth more than any dollar amount amassed. Sunday morning pastor Steve continued a four part series - P.R.A.Y... Pray expectantly, Receive thankfully, Act in obedience, Yield the Glory. A is acting on God's instructions through prayer. Upon receiving instruction, are we doing as instructed? Why? Is it out of a sense of duty or impulsive; just doing it? A wise Christian seeks God's advice and follows instructions without hesitation. Noah, Moses, Joshua and Daniel were men listening to God's instructions; following them without hesitation, changing the world according to God's will; not their own out of love for God in their hearts leading them. In Acts 5:12-29 People followed Peter and the other Apostles for their healing abilities, acquired when they received the power of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The Apostles were jailed; upon release they went back to ministering to the people. The high priest, upset the Apostles are still preaching about Jesus Christ, tells them to stop. Peter says, "We are going to obey God and not man." As wise Christians it would be amazing if we stood up to those who come against Jesus Christ in obedience to God instead of man. Diamond Valley Community Church - located at the corner of Diamond Valley Road and Highway 51, five miles east of Stillwater. We are a non-denominational congregation whose doors are open to anyone seeking to serve a loving God, salvation through Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit's guidance. Our Sunday morning service is led by PastorSteve Foust beginning at 9:00am. Sunday School follows the service at 10:00am. Wednesday evening services are led by Pastor Quincy Morris at 7:00pm. Mehan Union Church Let each of you look not to your own interest, but to the interest of others. Philippians 2:4 Have you shown interest in someone needing you in some way lately? We have the Lord we can call on in our need. We know the commandment to love one another, and we can choose how to respond to people in need. Doing it in LOVE is the most important issue. The Tuesday morning ladies Bible study meet at 10 a.m. This Tuesday we had lunch afterwards and invited our pastor Larry as this is appreciation month, then we sacked candy for fall fun time this Wednesday for all the children. Just five more days this month to bless your ministers, but that should continue all year long. If you notice all the beautiful fall colors, just remember to thank the LORD for His beautiful creation. That also should continue all year long. This is planting and harvest time. Luke 8:15 says "But the seed in the good ground, these are the ones who having heard the word with an honest and good heart, hold on to it and by enduring, bear fruit." Are your seeds of love beating good fruit to those around you? We have two adult Sunday morning classes - both have won- derful studies and discussions relating to God's word. Come and join in, we are always ready for your spiritual comments, suggestions and prayer requests and praise reports. Do you ever ask yourself"How willing am I to take the lead to serve God today?" Psalm 32:1-11 says, "I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go: I will counsel you with my eye upon you." Have a PAC this week (Positive-Christ like Attitude) St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church By Fr. Ken Harder Fall break has just passed. Students and teachers got a welcome break from classes. It is also a time of tests. I remember, as a student, asking teachers what material Sterling Leaders As a youngster, when we played Cowboys and Indi- ans, I wanted to be the Indian. Long before moving to Oklahoma, I studied various Indian tribes of the past at the University of Texas under an anthropology professor who had actually lived with a plains Indian tribe for two years while completing his graduate work. It was one of the two courses in college that I enjoyed the most. As elections are just around the corner, let me tell you about Little Wolf, the Sweet Medicine Chief of the Cheyenne, and the other Chiefs who led their tribe. The out of print book, "Cheyenne Autumn" is one of my favorite history books. When Hollywood made a movie starting all of the big names in the industry, I could hardly wait to see it, but I was appalled to find that they had made up their own story and depicted virtually nothing that really happened. They only used the name of the book and the names of the Indians to make it look authentic. "The Cheyenne" by Adamson Hoebel probably contains the most accurate anthropological information we have today about this noble tribe. The last time I heard, their legal system and their laws were still being studied in some of our law schools. We would do well to emulate many of their examples. The Cheyenne had two sets of chiefs, war chiefs and a council of 44 elected peace chiefs. War chiefs could be elected peace chiefs, but they could not serve as both. There was a separation between the military and "civil- ian" leadership, and the 44 peace chiefs had the ultimate authority. While the United States constitution calls for something like that, Congress has abdicated much of their authority and duties and given them to the Commander and Chief of the military. These 44 elected peace chiefs would then elect the Sweet Medicine Chief who would be the top leader of their tribe. In 1878, Little Wolf was the Sweet Medicine Chief of the Cheyennes. He is one of my favorite American heroes. These 44 chiefs had to be some of the most uncommon selfless leaders in an history. Unlike most, if not all, of those who seek the power, wealth, and prestige of public office today, these Cheyenne leaders were some of the poorest members of their society. You see, the Chey- enne required their chiefs to be courageous, altruistic, even tempered, good natured, energetic, wise, kind and concerned about others, and generous to a fault. Their only concern had to be what was good for their tribe, and they could not even think about themselves. If by some heroic action they obtained wealth of any kind, they gave it away less some might think they were concerned about themselves. Again, these 44 peace chiefs were the most respected, yet some of the poorest people in their tribe. Don't you wish you could have some like those on your ballots to vote for once in awhile? would be on a test. After all, in several months quite a bit of material could be presented, which was the most important? Admittedly, I or my fellow students would ask because we didn't want to study everything, but I can imagine from a teacher's point of view, there are certain things they want their students to understand above other things. In other words, there is a hierarchy of importance in things taught. In the gospel, Jesus has just shut down the Sadducees, the Jewish leaders who didn't believe in resurrection. The Pharisees did believe in resurrection and must have been pleased that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees. They test Jesus now; my guess is that they felt threatened by him, even though he had won against their foes. In the gospel of Mark, the question is actually part of an honest discussion. Think for a minute, there were (and I guess still are) 613 precepts in the Jewish Torah that a good Jew should follow. That is a lot of rules; did they all have the same importance? Were there some that were more important to fulfill than others? If it was difficult to follow all the rules, which ones should a person do first? The answer Jesus gives was perfectly orthodox for the Jews. Love of God with all of self was part of the great Shema prayer that Jews say several times a day, kind of like the Our Father is to us. His innovation is to connect it with love of neighbor as self. Jesus shows that the same principle that guides Judaism guides what would become Christianity; the command to love. Love as a command seems odd, after all, isn't love something you feel? Indeed it is, on an emotional level. On a deeper, personal level, love is an action of the will, it is a choice a person makes without regard to what one feels. Love is what gives the hero courage to put life on the line. Love is what motivates a person to give up something so another may do well. Love is that action of the will by which we become fully personal. Christ repeats this command at the Last Supper when he commands his disciples to love as he has loved. Just as physical exercise makes the body better, so love is the exercise, ifI may put it that way, that makes us a more real person. The whole notion of a person is a being that relates to other persons. Because God Himself is personal, he has need of relating to another. Of course God cannot need anything outside of himself so within himself there is a community of persons. The Father loves the Son, the Son loves the Father and this love proceeds from both as the Holy Spirit. Note that we often talk of the power of the Holy Spirit. That power is love, God's love. Love is our power as well. Of all the things we can do, love is the one that makes us like God. Note this, that our love of God is seen in how we love thy neighbor. If we love thy neighbor, then we also have love of our own selves. Love of self is not pride; it is a gratitude and peace with who we are. To truly be human means that we have this three-fold love, each building the other. In our faith, all our practices, all our rituals, all our rules, like those of Judaism have the one goal of increasing our love of God, neighbor and self. Love, for that is what makes you a better you and one with God. m