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October 31, 2019     The Perkins Journal
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October 31, 2019

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S B4 - THE JOURNAL, Thursday; October 31, 2019 Church Eden Chapel United Methodist By Rev. John Curtis Don't forget to set your docks back this Saturday night, Day Light Savings Time Ends! This Sunday moming is the perfect time to visit Eden Chapel. We believe that when you worship with us you will find a home! We are that church on the hill in the country that you have been looking for but just keep driving by. Come out and enjoy Sunday morning with us! Sunday School starts at 9:30am and dismisses at 10:30, Morning Worship starts at 11 am and concludes around 12 noon just in time for lunch. Our fellowship time is from 10:30am until 11 am so come share some coffee,juice and donuts with us. You are always welcome on any Sunday to come out to Eden Chapel for a visit and celebrate the living Christ with us I We aye located at the comer of 92nd Street and South Fairgrounds road right outside of Perkins. It will be the 22nd Sunday after Pentecost and Communion Sunday at Eden Chapel. This Sunday starts a new series on Spiritual Gifts and how we use them, which will prepare us for Advent/Chrislmas Season. The sermon teaching is from the book of 2 Corinthians 5:16-20 with the title being "Spiritual Gifts way to get our attention to realize His direction for our lives and know that He is with us. Peter was walking on the command of Jesus to "come." The key to overcoming fear is the ability to mast in the Troth, the Word of GOd. We need to daily acton the fact of His presence in our lives, that God is with us. Do not be afraid,"it is I" Linda Riley and Bro. Ed Anderson played an organ & piano duet medley of encouraging hymns beginning with "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder' before the evening sermon. Bro. Steve began a new series from the New Testament from book of Jude dealing with "Apostasy" Apostasy is like a de -conversion: believhag and then don't. An apostate is one Who renounces their belief. They actually never truly believed. He gave the history of apostasy, it began in heaven, Isaiah 14:12if; it spread in to earth/F len,Genesis 3; culminating prior to the flood, Genesis 6; continued in Babel, Genesis 11; and is summarized in Romans 1:18-25. He referenced the sowing of the seed, the Word of God in Luke 8:11-18. This will be an interesting series. We wiU host a Tnmk'n Treat,Thurs Oct. 31,6-8pm at Perkins Insurance building on Main Street. Children come by! Come visit us at 2415 E 104,just a mile north of Perkins. Info: 547-1222 or wwwJbcped0ns.org are Not!" To clear up some misunderstandings about gifts, we will first describe what the gifts are not before looking at what Cimarron Valley Church of Perkins they are. To know some things fully it is just as important to hurt him. David expected to return to Jentsalem because he left 10 of his concubines there to take care of the palace. King David is running for his life. He has an overwhelming thirst for God's presense - like a frightened, exhaust&l deer has for water. He can't eat. Has no appetite. Only tears of grief for food. His enemies continually taunt him, saying "Where is this God of yoursT' These taunts are breaking his bones. He has been exiled to a place far away from Jerusalem and so can not, worship in the Temple. His own son is trying kill him. He has failed as a father. And now he is responsible for the welfare of a large group of people. David asks God,"Why have you forgotten me?" However, he is determined not to be victim of his own circumstances. He understands true vindication comes only from God and our only hope for victory is thmugh God. David would go on to become Israel's greatest king. God himself, described, David as a man after his own heart. Today's two psalms, taken together, have three sections, each, concluding with a chorus which reads'Why am I so discour- aged? Why am l so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise, him again, my Savior and my God!" Each time the psalmi , sings the chorus,he is preaching to himself. God never left David, and God never left us. , Please consider this your invitation to worship with us at 901 Sadler Road in Penkins. Sunday School begins at 9:30 AaM. Morning Worship and Children's Worship follow at 10:45 A.Mi know what they are not as it is to know what they are. Man'iage By Ralph Nursery is available for the very young. Bible Study 6:00 PaM.: agoodillustration.Ihavebeenmarriedover40yearsandlong Sunday,ourPastor, PaulDawson,broughtthemessage"Preach- Wednesday. Contact the church at 405-547-1557 ifyou need epoughtohaveleamedsomethings.Onethinglknowisitisjust ing to Myself' from Psalm 42:5, 11; 43:5. Today's sermon transportation. a:s important to know what my wife does not like as it is to know speaks to King David's dire circumstances as he sings these two What she does. It is no pleasurable thing to hear criticism. But I psalms. He hadalot ofgriefonhis plate. Much was self-induced. Christian Church of Perkins have learned that if I want a meaningful relationship,I had better The hard truth was, David had been an ineffective father. He know what not to bring into our marriage. We must understand had made only halflaearted attempts to correct his children. He By Judith Riden the word gift as meant within the Biblical context. There are at did not punish his son, Amnon, for raping his half-sister, Tamar. I want you to be all mine. I am weaning you from other depen-, least eight Greek words in the New Testament that are anslated David was angxy but did not punish him. He probably hesitated "Gift' in the English. However when the subject of"Spiritual because he did not want to cross Amnon, who was his firstborn Gifts" is the subject the Greek word is "Charismata" (Charisma son and therefore next in line to be king. Also, David was guilty comes from this word). God gives us numerous gifts but not all of a similar sin himselfinhisadultery with Bathsheba. Two years are spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts are not acquired skills and natmal later, David's son, Absalom, murdered his half-brother ,Amnon, talents. Spiritual gifts are not roles we play. Spiritual gifts are not for his sin against Tamar. Absalon fled and lived with his grand- offices that we hold. Spiritual gifts are not the Fruit of the Spirit. father for three years. David mourned many days, for his son, Spiritual gifts are not for self-gain. Spiritual gifts are not divisive. Amnon,but he never did deal decisively with Absalom's murder And spiritual gifts are not the same for everyone. Next Sunday ofAmnon. Such indecisions became his undoing. Unfortunately, dencies. Your security rests in Me alone, not in other people, not, in circumstances. Depending only on Me may feel like walking on a tightrope, but there is a safety net underneath: the everlasting, arms. So don't be afraid of falling. Instead, look ahead to Me. I am always before you, beckoning you on, one step at a time.: Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, can separate, you from My loving Presence. Deuteronomy 33:27 Romans 8:39 Feel welcome to come and hear Pastor Howard Father give I will tell us what spiritual gifts are! Immanuel Baptist Church By Claudia Andrews Dress warm'cause winter is on it' s way! Actually Oklahoma can have all seasons in one day! Great time of worship on Sunday as Music Minister Tobie Sanders sang "His Eye is on the Sparrow" before the sermon on Sunday for those who came to celebrate Jesus as Savior and Lord. Brother Steve Hawley continued his messages on hope,"Hope for the Fearful" from John 6:15-21. This familiar happening is also found in Matthew:l 4:22-33. Jesus needed to be alone with His Father to pray and going ahead of them, He sent the apostles in the boat to meet Him. Before they arrived Jesus came to them walldng on the Water. They were terrified thinking it was a ghost. Sometimes God shows up in our lives in a scary or uncomfortable Absalom was an independent, scheming, serf-centered young hismessageon'q'helnapoaanceofPerseverance"fromHebrews, man. Without his father, or anyone else, to keep him in check, 3:12-14, he grew up thinking he could do whatever he wanted whenever We also will have a" Trunk or Treat for Children" on October he wanted. By killing his half-brother Amnon, Absalom was 31. getting revenge for the rape ofhis sister,Tamar, as well as getting Sunday School 9:45 asn Sunday morning worship 10:45 aan.;, rid of the firs son, the one next in line to be king. Clearly he had his sights set on being Israel's king and he did everything in his power to obtain that goal. Some four years later, Absalom went to his hometown, Hebron, and sent out secret messengers to all the tribes of Israel to stir up a rebellion against the king. Upon a given signal, they were to announce, "Absalom has been crowned king in Hebron?' Soon, many others joined the conspiricy - forcing David to flee Jerusalem, along with all of his household and some 600 loyal non-Israelite soldiers. David reasoned that the rebellion was wide spread and could not have been easily suppressed. And he did not want the city of Jerusalem to be destroyed. He still cared for his son and did not want to. Wednesday evening fellowship meal 6 pan, Bible class 7 pan Christian Church of Perkins, 121 E. Stumbo, (405) 547-2004. Mehan Union Church By Dorothy Affhur I am jealous for Jerusalem and for Zion with great zeal. I am exceedingly angry with the nations, or I was a little angry and they helped, but with evil intent. Thus says the Lord. The Lord gets angry when His people sin and don't listen to. His wamings. Are we listening as a nation? We are having a CHURCH, PageB5 :! ! i ! Church of the First Born Perkins (405) 547-5406 Cimarron Valley Church 901N. Sadler Rd, Perkins (4O5) 54%1557 Sunday School 9:30 aan. Sunday Worship 10:45 a.m. Wednesday Evening 7 pan. "Ordinary People Serving an Ertraordinary Cod:" Chrislian Church of Perkins 119 E. Stumbo, Penkins (4O5) 547-2OO4 SH33, 1/2 milesonth on Redlands Rd Sunday School 10 a.m. Morning Worship I1 a.m. Evening Service 6p.m. First United Methodist Oam~ Melum Umn Church I005 E, Kirk, Perkins (405)547-~1 " 8~E 68th; Stillwater Glover. Past0r (405) 743-,2097 Sunday School 9:30 am. Toby Truer, Pastor (405) 747-0610 Sunday Fellowship 10:30 a.m. mehanunionchumh@gmailp~om Worship 10:55 am. Youth Group 4 p.m. Perkins Church of Christ Wed. - Choir 6:30 pan BeUs 7:30 pan. 1200 Lover's Lane, ~ (405) 54%5393 Matt~,~ ~,Bale, Jay Littau &James Mo~e, Elders Sunday School 9 a.m, Services 10 a.m. Sunday evening Bible Study 6 pan. Wednesday'/pan. Howard Faeber, lnterim Minister - Wednesday Bible Study 6 p,m. Sunday School 9:45 aan. Rod~m'M Sunday Worship 10:45 aan.Good News Commtmity Church . (405) 332,-3510 Wednesday Evening 7 pan. l~ E, Kinder-Wells Blvd, Perkins Meeting at the Old ~ Center (405) ~ Tenitorial ~- Perldm Worship & Children's Chuieh I0 aan. Coffe~ &Fellowship 10 asn. ' BibleS~ 10:15aan. Worship !I am. Omarron wors center 304 North Main, Perkins (405) 547-5111 Seth Mathis, Senior Pastor www.omarronworshipcexaer.org Sunday Worship 10:45 aan. Wednesday Bible Study 7 pan. Diamond Valley Community Churdl 522 Diamond Valley Road, Stillwater 6 miles east of Perkins Road Eden Chapel United Methodist 2 mi. east of Perkins on SH 33 & 2mi.north Morning Worship 10 45 a.m. Wednesday." Youth 4 pan. Church 7 p.m. Immanud Ba~ Church 24t5 E. 104 St Perkins www2mmaunelbap s.org Discipleship Training 5 p.m. Worship 6 pan. Wed. Prayer/Bible Study 6.'30 tian. - & AwanaClub -.: ~ Bnma 0'Bri~ Mass ~: Saturday5 pan. Sunday 8:30 and ll:I aan. Spanish Mass lpan. Taesday-Thutsday 7 am. F'tiday I2:10p.m.' : 1st Saturday 9aan. (405)547-1179-John--s Pastor,: :,~ of~~ Sunday worship 9:30a.m. :: :" :~ Lib~ Church Sunday School 11 aam 4524 E ll6th St, Wed. Choir practice 6 pan Youth 6 (405) 54% 1200 pan. UM Women Third Sat. 9 a.m. Louis and Tammy Cowan, Pastors First Baptist Church of Perkins 500 E. Knipe, Perkins (405) 547-2494 wwwa verkins Sunday Morning Bible Study 9:45 am. S Worship 10:45 205S. Mmin (405) 762-0534 Gene I-k=ndon,~ Simday ~19.'45 aan - - Worship Services 10:.45 a~. Wednesday6:30 parL Sunday School 9 a.m. Sunday Worship 11:15 aan. Wednesday Adult and Youth Activities 6:30 pan. Night Addiction Class 7 pan Try(m ~ Chm~'3a -=: .103 S. Main,'Tryon- (918) 374-:-.'2743 it C~,~ Morris, Pastor Pastor Andrew Payne Weekeml~, Stmday 10:45 am. Family Night - 6:~ p.m, Sunday~10aan. Womhip II aan. Tryon Steven ~theer, Pastor " ~ School 50 aan. , Service 11- aan. Youth ~ 6:~ p.m. www.lostcreekume.org First Baptist Church of Tryoa ~t Creek United Methodist (918) 374-2496 8002 S. Washington Sunday School 9:45 aan, (405) 377-0927 Sunday Worship 11 aan. Sunday Evening 6:30 pan. Wednesday 7 pan. Sunday School 9:45 a,m~ (405) 372-0620 Sunday e Youth 5:30 p~ Sunday 9 aan, Sei'fice 10:30 a.m, Choir Wednesday 7 p.m, (405) 547-2436 820 N. Main * 547-2414 Steve & Kelley Myers See you in church Sunday Open Mon.-Fri. 7:30-5:30 p.m. & Sat. 8-Noon Sadler Road & Hwy. 33-Perkins e I 61