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November 2, 1989     The Perkins Journal
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November 2, 1989

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recommended by Librarian Joyce r your reading pleasure. are Monday--12-7; and Thursday--9-5; and The Peridns Journal Thursday, November 2, 1989 -- PAGE 3 ! I Birthday Luncheon lit"~ " ~~ ~ I A birthday lucheon was given for | Mrs. Jessie Taylor on Monday, Oct. ~,,e.~eas,, | 23, by her family and friends at | 'IVIom's Place". Therewas a birth- by Dr. E. Alan Smith | day cake furnished by Pat .... | Dinsmore and Jean Brown, along [On The Beach by Velda with balloons, banners, cards and My eye doctor says I have By Ephraim Wall me to appear in court). At midnight, she went down thegifts. astigmatism. What is astigmatism The calamity on Interstate 880 in The toliways and freeways on themain streets of Monterrey, eighty Those helping celebrate were: : and what causes it? San Francisco caused me to think east coast always amaze me. On the miles an hour, wth the Walls follow- Don and Betty Prickett, Ted and Astigmatism is a condition where back over my ~,~veriences on little blue ramble trip to Maine in ing. Andlknew I had tokeepthatPatPrickett, WandaPowelLVivian vision may be blurred at all several multi~I ........ ~ighways in 1961, we drove fmm Maine through tail light in sight. Crane, Betty Beverage, Darrell distances. This occurs when thethisandothe~c~ :~.Youcanno Boston, and to New York on I have drove and traveled a gcod Haston,CleoSumpter, RoseJarvis,j shape of the front of the eye called longer travel vt~~u, some ex- ~ l Saturday. many miles, in many states, and in Chuck McKnighk Dale Hart, Ruth, , the cornea is irregular in shape, perience ~d !: ~ ~ ~ thoroughfares, There were six lanes in each direc- several countries. But I still enj,Jy Wells, Reba Burrers. P~t Di~: ~ore, ' Asti~natism is not a disease but a ' no matter where you go. tion on this turnpike; we had our count~ r,,ads: I watch the inter.~c- Jean Brown and Afce Churcb- common visual condition. My first experience goes back to lane (going south) to ourselw~ !~c tio:~ , ~ '~:~ve t~ ~ ,,' ADULT Astigmatism is caused by a cor-the Chicago World's fair in 1033. north~.~:,~, ad trafficwas ~,:.p ~ ~o- ab .........other c~ ~:,." nea that is more oval or football My college friend, George Wood, bumper, in all lanes, drivers, i mainly have to deal with .... The Diet shaped than round. This irregulari- and I made up our minds that year When we got to New York, we Ephraim. Permanent Weight ty keeps fight from focusing clea~ that we would attend the World's found out why -- New Yorkers in of 1990 by ly on the back of the eye (the ret'ma). F air. August leave town for the weekend; What causes this irregular shape We went by train t~ Chicago, ar- they head for the "hills and the is undear. It may be genetically in- riving at the Chicago Union Station beaches up north in New England" Week Cholesterol Cure herited or caused by environmental after dark; we were met by ayoung I was glad we were going south on Kowalski. factors such as poor lighting, incor- friend of my made, Fred Pribbenow, Saturday and not on Sunday. rect posture or increased use of eyes and driven to Evanston, my uncle's I found fifth avenue in New York by L. Christian for close work. Evanston, Ill. home. not so bad on Saturday night. The Your eye doctor can correct That ride in the back seat d a car '~atives" had left town. by Leon Uris. astigmatism by the use of across Chicago, in the dark, was a When going away from New by Laura Taylor. eyeglasses or contact lense, scary experience for a country boy York on the New Jersey turnpike A relative el mine has glaucoma. (even though I had been in college on Monday morning, our Saturday What is glaucoma and how is itfor three years), experiences were repeated. We had ~, treated? The driver would abruptely stop little traffic to contend with; Dorothy G laucoma is one of the leading at a stop fight, start up by spinn- everybody was headed to work in causes of blindness in the United ing his wheels at the light change, New York, in the northbound lane. ":" ~, States. Glaucoma is an eye disease drive fifty miles an hour and then But the traffic I remember best in which the pressure inside the eye stop by sliding with ecreeching tires was on the same trip -- at an American rises to a point that the eye at the next stop. Washington, D.C. We decided to Adler. becomes damage~ And he was not alone; everyonevisit Arlington Cemetery during Michael by Robert Fluid is contiuously being else was doing it. That was my in- the five o'clock rush hour. I never ~ pumped into the eye and then drain- troduction to Chicago and Chicago have seen anything like it. FICTION ed out. For one reason or another, traffic. There they have 55 mile/per hour f The Iron Horse by Paul the fluid is not drained out proper- My next recollection was driving traffic, in five lanes, bumper to ly causing the pressure inside the the freeways of Los Angeles inbumper. I made a normal stop at a retold by Paul eye to rise. 1047. I was driving ajeep -- maybe signal fight. The driver behind me This rise in pressure is painless so that was part of my trouble. Butit slammed into the little blue many people may have glaucoma seemed to me that that traffic was Rambler; apparently that was nor- without realizing it. This is why it very fast, very heavy and verymal als~ Visit In Austin is so important to be regularly confusing. He paid no attention to it; I was .................. checked by your eye-care I recall once traveling to too involved to make an issue of it Mary Jane Wall professional. "somewhere" on the freeway;, it ap- {I would have been run down if I ~, to Austin, Texas Glaucoma can be treated by us-peared to me that the buildings had had got out of the car). ~.~i:!:i ........... ~ ,~ " r - -- Af ~i~i ~ .... ~i::!!ii ii~iii~ii::::i:: .... met their son Robert ing eye drops, oral medicatmns o moved -- to the wrong side of theter about three tries I finally ..... :.,:.,~ .... : ............. : :$~.~ ::~.%< ~. ~ .... ::::::::::::::::::::::::: Penny at the home ofeven surgery. Though they are not s treet. - got into the proper lane ate turn off ::~ ............ ~-~:,~ 's. Bob Penick. Penny a cure, they can effectively control After several miles, it finally oc- to the Cemetery. I was glad to ~.~ ...... ~:-" tin to participate in a the pressure in the eye and prevent cured to me that I was going in the spend en hour the~e and let the tref- :.::,:. : ...... further damag~ wrong direction; I fina-lly f-igured fic clear before we beaded back to L~i~ ~i~i~:~ :l Penny are teaching at I had my eyes checked for out a-%urn off and go across- and our hotel. !i~!~i! ~)ii.:i~ ~Americano de Torreon glaucoma five years ago and the turn back ' situation -- several Sometime in the late 1960s, we iiii~i~!~ ~:!i~i~ , ', Orreon, Old Mexico. Pen- eye doctor said my eyes were more miles down the freeway, went to Monterrey, Mexic~ We got ~.ii~.~: ~ , ~econd grade and Robert t ding and spoiling in the healthy. Should I still be checked Maybe it was my country-boy through customs about sundown, for glaucoma? confusion that caused me to run a with eighty miles ahead of us and Yes. Glaucoma can develop at red fight the last night I was in Los no place to stay when we got there. :*~:.~ :~:~::' ~te school is designed to any time and the chances of Angeles (I left for home the next A kind U.S. Army sargent, iti~! !iii:::: ~dents to attend college developing glaucoma increases as day; the police still are looking for however, took pity on us; Just Ited States. The school we get older. - -- -- follow me," he said, "I'll guide ~ ~ili::!! i !,8:30 &m. to 2 p.nL with Early detection is of extreme im- you." And he did. ~i~ill i~iii : late breaks. The students portance because, unlike any other Progress Bazaar However, when we got to of their day studying in forms of blindness, blindness due to q~'~ no W-Id Monterrey, he ~;urned the driving of ~i~' :~iii~ half of the day in glaucoma can usually be preve~J~ .... ~.. u.. ..... his car over to his sister-in-law, a if treatment is begun in time.DIOV. ~ , , ~iV~/intet~ey resident. i at elm Made~o :, Oncevisi~n islost by glaucoma,, The Progre~ Community~enteru:'~ ~' ~ "~ "i~i~i~.~:~i~J~i~i~i~i~::~;.~;.~ .... ~i~i~i~i~i!~::~ii~'..':i~ii~i~i!i~::~!~i~i~:: Cristo (Church of it cannot be restored by any oJ~he~.~ ~'will h~t'their anuual bazaar, din- they are making form of treatment. Therefore, it is ner and auction ~aturday, Christian friends, important to be regularly tested for November 4, starting at 6 p.m. with young men fromglaucoma even if you do not wear There will be arts and crafts, hand- training school each glasses, made quilts and baked goods on to different sale during the event. they conduct Tickets for the event are $3.50 for - HAVE NEWS! adults and $2 for children. they put an adobe Call the Journal Office. !of the church buildings, to 547.2411 WE SUPPORT ALL P-T to the top. SCHOOL ACTIVITIESI a Perkins native, -" 248 S. Main Highway 177 from Perkins-Tryon in 1984. Penny is a DR. E. ALAN SMITH Texas and they " and 33 Abilene Chris- in Abilene, Texas. P-T PLAYER OF THE WEEK Family Vision Care -Contact Lenses -Economlcal and Bazaar .Children's VisionSoft, Extended Fashion Eyewear Chosen by Coach Kurt Neat United Methodist .Eye Health Exams Wear, Tinted, one Line BiFocals ..... ,~ hold their annum Rigid Gas Perme- able lenses for ..... Thanksgiving dinner astigmatism Scott Gunter ~ar will start at served at noon dinner beginn- Open: Men. thru Fri. 9 to 12 and 1 to 5:30 Scott is one of the leaders of the Demons defensive squad, and, ac- and serving until 7:30. , , , and baked goods cording to Coach Neal, is also one Sale. Don't miss it. For Information and Appointments Call of the best tacklers the Demons 405-547-2500 or 547-2206 have. Coach Neal said that his per- 135 S. Main a Perkins formance as a defensive linebacker last Friday night has earned him the honor of being named one of the PLAYERS OF THE WEEK. .... -.-?- _. :- YNE NTY BANK MAIN P.O. BOX 579 PERKINS, OKLAHOMA 74059 405/547-2436 EASY SERVICES THAT WE OFFER TO BETTER SERVE YOUR BANKING NEEDS OUR DRIVE-THRU WINDOW IS DESIGNED WITH OUR CUSTOMER IN MIND. OUR THREE LANES HELP TO GET YOU IN & OUT AS QUICK- LY AS POSSIBLE. WITH HOURS DESIGNED TO FIT YOURS. Men. thru Fri. 7:30 a m. to 4. 0 pan. and Saturdays 7".30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. THE NIGHT DEPOSIT IS ALWAYS OPEN FOR YOUR AFTER HOURS BANKING NE )S. YOUR TRANSACTIONS WILL BE INCLuDED WITH THE NEXT DAYS WORK. Lobby Hours: Drive-In Hours: Men. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Men. - Fri. 7:50 a.m. - 4 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m. - 12 noon Saturday 7:30 a.m. - 12 noon Jeff Smithey Jeff plays offensive tackle for the Demons and according to Coach Neal he did a "real good job" for the Demons last Friday night in Jones. "He's a good offensive tackle and did a great job bloddng for us last Friday night," says Jones. Totafl Petroleum, In(: I,H J I I lll I art WE HAVE Premium Unleaded Our Unleaded Gas Has Detergent Additives