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November 12, 2015     The Perkins Journal
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November 12, 2015

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The City of Stillwater Senior Activity Center will offer free blood pressure checks on Tuesday, Novem- ber 17 at 1:00 pm. These checks will be provided by HomeCall Home Health on a first come first serve basis. The Senior Activity Center offers many activities for participants, 50 years old and older. Hours for partic- ipation are Monday through Friday, 9:30 amto 4:30 pm.; and music night is held on Thursday evening, 6:00 pm. to 8:30 pm. The facility is closed on weekends. Stop by 1015 E.12‘h Ave.or call 405— 747-8080 for more informa- tion and make sure to pick up a calendar of events. The Walk in the Park event for senior walkers is ongoing in Couch Park. Seniors can sign up and log in each time at the Center. Walk the trail ten times and earn a t—shirt and better health. Monday, November 16 — It is a good time to start think- ing about joining an exercise group. The Center offers a free exercise class called, “Sit ‘11 Be Fit”. It is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9:30 am. The exercise class uti— lizes stretchy bands to test flexibility and bouncing balls to help with hand/eye coordi- nation, along with stretching Free Blood Pressure Checks at Senior Center and toning exercises. Each person has a chair for some of the exercises and some are done while standing by your chair. Women pool players also come in at 9:30 am. and play several friendly rounds of 8—ball. They would welcome some new women players to come join in the fun competition. At 10:30 am. line dancers step in time to country songs. You are welcome to come join the group and get some exercise while having fun. During the afternoon, canasta and social bridge players get out their cards for plenty of good times. A jig-saw puzzle is always out enticing someone to find another piece. Exer- cise equipment, including a treadmill, is available too. Tuesday, November 17 — Free guitar lessons are being offered every Tuesday at 9:30 am. Come let Jim Thomas help you improve your skills. He will be taking new students through the month of November only. A fast—paced aerobic exercise dance session called, “Zumba with Angie” takes place at 10:30 am. every Tuesday and Thursday. The exercises are done mostly to Latin American dance music. In the afternoon, games are played that include; canasta, dupli- cate bridge, pool/snooker, and jig-saw puzzle solving. At 1:00 pm. a coed pool tournament will take place. Come enjoy the fun compe- tition. Also, at 1:00 pm. free blood pressure checks will be taken. No appointment is needed. Exercise equipment that includes a treadmill, two exercise bikes, and a weight set are available for use during the afternoon, too. Bingo is played at 2:00 pm. It is a lot of laughs and everybody wins a prize! Wednesday, November 18 Exercisers meet up again at 9:30 am. to tone up in the “Sit ‘11 Be Fit” exercise class. Women pool players also get out their pool sticks for some good friendly 8-ball. Then at 10:30 am., after the exercise class, line dancers start kicking up their heels as they keep up with swinging country tunes. During the afternoon, games of canasta and other card games are played. Pool and snooker shooting are also popular. Thursday, November 19 You can come at 10:30 am. and work up a good sweat by keeping up with the Zumba class members. Afternoon games start at 1:00 pm. Canasta and bridge are pop- ular games of choice. Bingo is called by a guest caller at 2:00 pm. Every one bingos and receives a prize. Don’t THE PERKINS JOURNAL, Thursday, November 12, 2015 ‘A7 forget music night at 6:00 pm. There is always good toe tapping music to enjoy! Friday, November 20 a Friday mornings are busy with Sit ‘11 Be Fit class, wom- en’s pool, and a painting class that all begin at 9:30 am. During the painting class artists bring their own supplies and get together to paint and discuss their art work. Then at 10:30 am. line dancers arrive ready to boot scoot around the floor to some lively tunes. Afternoon games of duplicate bridge begin around 12:15 pm. Canasta players start coming in around 12:30 pm. along with pool players and puzzle solvers. Last weeks reported winners for social bridge were: Mal- lory Owen, l“, and Barbara Geiser, 2““; duplicate bridge winning partners were; Betty Lowrey and Patricia Logan, 1st and Al Perry and Lionel Raff, were 2"d . The second day of duplicate bridge, Al Perry and Lionel Raff came in first; and Sandy and John Boepple were second. The previous week winning duplicate bridge players, Al Perry and Lionel Raff were first; and Meg Kletke and Adrienne Hyle were second. The winner of the pool tour- nament this week was Jack Ventis. CHURCH continued from page A6 Cimarron Valley Church of Perkins By Ralph Martin . Sunday, our Pastor, Paul Dawson, brought the message “Don’t Be Out of Uniform” from Ephesians 6: 10—13. Christians have been getting tortured and killed, because of their faith, for over 2,000 years — and things aren’t getting any better. Today we are in continuous spiritual warfare with evil forces that would literally destroy us both as Christians and as a nation. These evil forces are the “mighty powers of darkness.” They are demons over which Satan has complete control. They are not mere fantasies. They are very real a powerful force whose goal is to defeat Christ’s church. All believers are subject to Satan’s attacks because they are no longer on his side. To withstand their attacks, we must stand on God’s strength and use every piece of his uniform. In God’s uniform, the belt represents truth, the body armor righteousness, the shoes readiness to spread the Good News, the shield faith, the helmet salvation, and the sword the Word of God. The sword is the only offensive weapon in God’s uniform. There are times when we need to take offensive action against Satan. We put on God’s uniform for a purpose. We want to stand strong in our faith and trust in Christ. He has made us who we are. He is always there to see us through the difficult times. And then the is our family. Second only to Christ in importance. We want them to know this Christ we serve. And also for our future. We know we aren’t going to be here forever, but we do believe God will save us all, and that is a future worth dying for. When we believe in Christ, these evil forces become our enemies, and they will try every device to turn us away from him and back to sin. Although we have been assured of victory, we must continue this spiritual warfare until Christ returns, because Satan is constantly battling all who are on the Lord’s side. We are able and well equipped to do this because God has provided us with supernatu— ral powers through the Holy Spirit within us and in his uniform surrounding us. God has laid out a uniform for us. He expects us to put it on and open our hearts to his indoctrination which, in time, will teach us how to use every piece his uniform to resist Satan. And woe be it to any believer that gets caught out of uniform. Maybe the last thing you get to do in this lifetime. Please consider this your invitation to join us 901 Sadler Road in Perkins. Sunday School begins at 9:30 AM. Morning Worship and Children’s Worship follow at 10:45 AM. Nursery is available for the very young. On Wednesdays at 7:00 P.M., join us in learning and studying the Bible. Contact the church at 405-547-1557 if you need transportation. Check our website at www. cimarronvalleychurch.com Christian Church of Perkins By David Pock Today’s power verse: Luke 23:3 So Pilate asked Jesus, “Are you the king of the Jews?” God’s Promise to YOU!! 2Cor. 9: 10 Want to research a man’s character? It’s done all the time. Someone is always researching someone and writ- ing about them. Elvis, Abraham Lincoln, Princes Di, even Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump! What were, or are, their commitments, their priorities, their attitudes? Did they or do they practice what they preach? Let’s do a little research on the “Prince of Peace”. When he was here he said, “IfI be lifted up I will draw all men to me.” It happened just like he said it would. He was i lifted up on a cross to die and yet to live and bring life to us! He wasn’t tricked or trapped, kidnapped or killed. He didn’t commit suicide. He only sacrificed his life in exchange for yours! “Crucify him!” “Why? What evil has he done? Pilate asked boldly. He claims to be the son of God—a king— that’s blasphemy—We have no king but Caesar! —Crucify him!” And they lifted him up. He chose not to call his army of angels! He chose not to defend himself and he had every right to do so! He WAS the Son of God! He had done NO EVIL. ...ONLY GOOD. HE ONLY LOVED PEOPLE! ....But he chose to keep his commitment to die for us so that we could live and love for Him and with'Him in eternity! Now that you see His love, now that you experience His love ..... ..let God lead you on to share it with others! The day is upon us and your PCA* is ready to spread the love light to others! God bless you as you love your way to victory! ! !! *PCA=Positive Christ-like Attitude COME VISIT US... Sunday Morning Worship 10:45am.....Sunday School 9:45am....Wednesday Eve- ning....Meal 6pm....classes...7pm ..... ..Come join us on Thursday Mornings from 11am til noon and help us pray for our country check out our website....www.perkcc.com Diamond Valley Community Church Laying up Treasures in Heaven Sometimes the sacrifice we’re called to make is a hard road to travel. It isn’t easy to serve the will of God. It’s difficult to surrender things God asks us to give up in order to serve Him. Matthew 6: 19-21 God says to lay up our treasures in heaven, not on earth. We should be alert to our attitude when receiving a blessing. Don’t appear to be edifying ourselves instead of the almighty God. Remember when helping someone else, we were helped at sometime in our lives. When witnessing to others we should understand, someone witnessed to us, before we become a child of God. We were unworthy before Jesus found us; reminding us there is none good without him. Without the grace and mercy of Jesus we’re all the same. It’s the Spirit inside us; the relationship with Jesus that keeps us worthy. Jesus asks the young ruler to take judgment off the table and goes over the laws of Moses. It’s possible to follow the letter of the law to a T, but in our hearts still have darkness. Jesus reached out with compassion; asking him to pick up his cross and follow Him; loving his neighbor as himself. The man found the words of Jesus too heavy to bear; missing the blessing of a relationship with Jesus; who wanted to do something very special for him. What a sad story. It’s hard to comprehend heaven because we can’t see it. The kingdom of God isn’t the streets of gold, but the will of God alive in us. Ultimately we do go to heaven, but in life on earth we are blessed by God. His kingdom is favor on our lives while on earth. We’re to pray everyday, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” The moment we accept Jesus into our lives and develop a relationship with him; his Spirit lives in us and we walk out of death. We’re born into this life in death, but have perfect assurance that God does what he says he will when We obey his word. Hold onto God and don’t grow weary in well doing; never give up on His plan for our lives. The treasures we lay up in heaven should bring us the destiny of victory. We’re God’s children and the light of the world. Don’t delay in seeking his will and miss out on a blessing. Choose to be a vessel God can use to shine a light on his work today. Located at the comer of Diamond Valley Road and High- Loony Laws No one has ever alleged that politicians were the brightest ‘ lights on the tree, and some of the laws they pass validate that perception,. Through the years, legislators have left a legacy of loony laws many of which are still on the books in cities, counties, and states in America. Some time back, ’ Robert Pelton spent the better part of his career tracking down some of these idiotic laws, and he published 10,000 of them in a book titled, “Loony Laws.” Once, California Assemblyman Richard Floyd was so irked by these absurd laws that he held a contest to see who could find the most L stupid law in California. That should have taken real effort ‘ 1 since California is... well... California. Entries included the 1972 law that banned blowguns, one prohibiting sky divers from drinking alcohol, and another enacted in the 1810’s that prohibited the wearing of false whiskers. Here is a sampling of the real laws Pelton found. From Ottumwa, Iowa, “It is unlawful for any male person, within the corporate limits of the {city), to wink at any female person with whom he is unacquainted.” In Los Angeles, you cannot bathe two babies in the same tub at the same time. (What about beaches?) In Zion,Ill.,it is illegal for anyone to give lighted cigars ‘ ' to dogs, cats and other domesticated animals kept as pets. ' In Carmel, N. Y., a man cannot go outside while wearing a jacket and pants that do not match. In Gary, Ind., people are prohibited from attending a movie house or theater and from riding a public street car within 4 hours after eating garlic. In Clawsonk Mich., it is legal for a farmer to sleep with his pigs, cows. horses, goats and chickens. In Miami, it is illegal for men to be seen publicly in any kind of strapless gown. (I wonder if that law is still on the ’ books?) In Detroit, couples are banned from making love in an , automobile unless the vehicle is parked on their property. . In Hartford, Conn, it’s illegal to cross a street while ’I walking on your hands. (And nearly impossible in most big cities.) In Michigan, a woman isn’t allowed to cut her own hair without her husband’s permission, In Baltimore, it’s illegal to throw hay bales from a second I‘ story window or take a lion to the movies. In Nicholas County, W. Va., no member of the clergy is allowed to tell jokes or humorous stories from the pulpit during a church service. (How then could most preachers l hold attention?) In California, animals are banned from mating publicly . ‘ within 1,5000 feet of a tavern, school or place of worship. (This law doesn’t explain how it should be " enforced.) In Pennsylvania, any motorist driving along a country road at night must stop every mile and send up a rocket signal, wait 10 minutes for the road to be cleared of live- stock and then continue.” In Carrizozo, N.M., ifs forbidden for a woman to appear in public with face or legs unshaven, It’s interesting to learn why many of these ridiculous or outdated laws are kept on the books. They may give the police a legal right to make an arrest. It may have been changed, but in my day, there was still a law in Texas that made it illegal to carry a set of pliers in your vehicle. That went back to the old fence cutting times on the frontier, but it had been left on the books so that a difficult arrest could be made. way 51 , five miles east of Stillwater. We’re a non-denom- inational congregation whose doors are open to anyone seeking to serve a loving God, salvation through Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Sunday School 10:30 am. Sunday Morning Service — 9 am. Wednesday evening service — 7 pm. led by Pastor Quincy Morris. Mehan Union Church It’s November and we still have green grass plus the beauty of the changing colors of the trees. God is so Good! He sends showers of Blessings, sunshine, and beauty of the night time sky. God is so good all the time! We were blessed to have food for 88 families plus clothing to share Saturday with those who came in need. Thank you LORD. In our worship service we thanked the veterans present and prayed for those that are serving in all parts of the world. Thank you Veterans! Thanks to all our members worshiping the Lord, special music from the choir and Diana Spiva, those celebrating birthdays and Mr. & Mrs. Bird celebrating their anniversary. Praise the Lord for celebrating in God’s house. Wednesday evening Nov. 18 at 6 pm. we will have Thanks- giving dinner for our bus children and any parent or member who may wish to come. A time of thanks for food and fel- lowship for body and soul. Jesus words “Let the little children come to me.” Thank you Lord for them! The Nov. 22 come and bring a covered dish for a dimer following our church service. Another time to give thanks for His bounty! Also, for the next three weeks until food give away on Dec. 5, we will be having a blanket drive to give along with toys for the children. So it sounds like November will be a time of thanks and service. Christ said He came to serve, so He is our example. The usual church business board meeting Monday night, serving of the Lord’s communion, needs/assessment meeting, and praying for the Lord’s guidance in all decisions . “Thanksgiving is a time of quiet reflection an annual reminder GOD has , again, been ever so faithful. The solid and simple things of life are brought into clear focus.” A quote from Charles Swindoll. Also, remember this is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be Thankful! x“