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November 15, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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November 15, 1984

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PAC, P 9 --The Parb;,~ Jm,rn,I Thursday, November 15,. 1984 "" ' THE PERKINS JOURNAL DOC,s COMMENTS Published each Thursday at 133 S, Main Street Post Office Box 885 Psrkin$ Oklahoma 740 9 Th " -- " -- Telephone 40584 2411 Q hay tn e erosslNI the lines and agalast private schools L voting for the person for those who want and USPS 428n4n, grea~ hay oz Iri~aom o. .. ' ......... lered a broken leg 4 --- " ..... - choice in selecting those they think will do the can afford them, but I 6 7 Ye(2rs Ago ~our~n aria ~n~n ciraaee. -la- in- football II SUBSCRIPTION PRICES who will be guiding our best job; rather than be- cannot support anything Payne. Lincoln. Logan and Noble Counties destiny for the next few ins governed by walking that would take tax (From The Perkins Jour- He has a 94 grade sPo:; ~ther small~ to Elsewhe ...... $~.50 per year p!us a_% tax L$.m._0~_. years is now history, in the family shoes of money away from our nal, November 30, 1917- average. He was taken fit~ I sl ,:|, Outside • ~VOklahomalnuKla. ~l~•au per year plus o%$16.50taXDertll,l.:tllvear .F°ll°win~•? the .lar~est~ _yesterdaY'the elected-' anofficialsd he hOwillPes TPUbliChe publicSCh°°lschoolsSystemare" 67perkins has been in theYears Ago) az..... Iears toStillwaterst. Anthony~Ki.h°spitaL qlayselfi ..... - ~urnou~ oy vo~ers in work together as a body the heart of our child- dark for the past few (From The Perkins Jour- Oklahoma Cit~'. t~h~ t~ Iil• '~ many years, there seems ~" ~ to be a feeling of relief y JGuRNAL EDITORIAL OPINION . . who will do what the rens educationalsystem days. An accident hap- nal November 16, 1933- 30 Years A ear ana mos~ say they are think is beat for the peo- and those who attend pened at the electric 52 Years Ago) '~[~'~._~o , glad it is over• History, in pie. Senator Boren is a others are missing an im- plant. Something went Perkins football team (From The Perldas~-~.Ye'~: ~11o~- ~ some cases was repeated, democrat, but is about as portant part of their wrong with the. new ..~nv sm heat Ripley 25-0. Perkins hal, November is, ~ L ) t.t£)L I :1. and some new records non-partisan as one can education. None of us engine. Also, the light has the following season -- 30 Years Ago}. ~ai~e - , were set, but in total get. I like the man for his would do anything to plant has been unable to record: Perkins 12, Thelma Marti~ ~;;w '~ l,]rlp. ~/~'N1Pg:t there were few surprises, high calibre, hard work,hamper private schools procure coal with which Chandler 6; Perkins 13, open a beauty shOl~Jr~'a v .... v ~vJ~,,~.s As predicted, the state and sincerity of purpose. . for those who choose that to fuel the steam engine, Ripley 0; Perkins 7, Yale south of the ~ym ,, The weather has been Election night we were questions went down in And too, he has always way for their children, and when the oil engine 25; Perkins 49, Tryon 6;, Theatre. ~ arf great, typically fail. Had involved in a discussion defeat. The voters are had kind words for the but we cannot allow tax threw up, the alternative Perkins 14, Meeker 12;The Demons plaYPenc i a hard "freeze one night about the electoral col- more inclined to be non- people of Payne County money to be taken away for our town was early to Perkins 6, Oilton 6; ings, their last g ~'nces last week, some clouds, lege. The people we were partisan in making and the state of Skis- from our basic educa-bed, late to rise." Rain Perkins 25, Ripley 0. the season. , ~I-hax and lots of sunshine• The discussing this with choices and people in law homa. tional facilities, and cloudy weather hasThis will be the last home Presenting ent~ourm weatherman promises • wondered why we need- enforcement continue to We are unfortunate in intensified the gloom. i temperatures in the up- ed the College, and have a poor foundation seeings°me°fthestate It seems tomethat Grandfather Bowyer ~ec~rp:u~h~ngBIZ~i ~:::orbet;=na,cHs'~it~ per 60s and 70s for the thought it was archiacon which to plan and seek questions defeated. Some some of the state ques- died at the home of his center; Bill WaSte, block- Courtship" were Y4._',' coming week. The grassand not compatible with election to any office• would have been bent- teens would be a gooddaughter Grace Kirby ing half; Hurley Blumer, Lacy, Pat Redus, l~.ly" eaut is still growing just a lit- a democratic form of Althouhoner . ficial to the schools; some startingplace for theNovember 21andwas d,S ~;~t', JJ~ndd;S°snadlRer° d~:al~ tie, and onecan still hear government. . .g ace o, were simple house- much needed reform inlaid to rest at Perkins eg~n~: J:?:y S s~ -. - national interest, bet- cleaning bills-especially state government. In our Cemetery November 23. burley Captain and Jones L~" J a lawnmower going once ~o~ so, we say. Teen " li inawhile. AtraceofleafOursocietyismadeup FrankJ~K%aJt°nes ::ds State Questi°n 576, advanced age we view There were 138 tackle of PHS. Playing" t~i~atitat the. ~ and smoke in the air, too.much like a hive of bees. g, which would have been a the legislative process scholars present at Lost Among those atten- Theatre, FridaY&e si , x xx The hive is a whole, but ~':::d c~:::s thwa~., pro reform measure in in- from afar distance, but Creek Sunday School dins the meeting of the Saturday was '~l~e Don t forget The Jour- the social order of the . .' s ~ne itiative petitions calling other needs in reformSunday morning, dry delegation to act on South", starring- &~l~o~-Adpcann' wmnmg candidate the 21st amendment to Murphy and Jo~l~la~at , "nal will be published a hive is broken into many a ainst former f" "eral for grand jury decisions would be a restriction on The stork left a baby ~ t I day early next week forms. There are the g eO and shouldhavebeenap- amendments to legis- boy at the home of Mr. repeal the 18th amend- For Sale- Fyt a °' • • prosecutor Frank plied to all initiative pete- lative bills that are not and Mrs. Earl Nance ment were Mr. and Mrs. for Thanksgivin~,~n_~°c~ because of Thanksgavmg. workers, the queen bee ......... lxea~mg Jones had the The deadline for gettin~ the drones, those who , . . . • , teens. We need the sys- related to the original, November 20. Ernest Westfall, Mr. and cents each, on tl~:~,~g~ .~ anythmg" m" next weekrs guard the eggs, nurse the cmses~ .......... con~es~ in histem of initiative pete- ' and the legislature The pie supper at Mrs. Ralph Crabs, Mr. Martz place - :l~ae~-.~p~ sun eta I SLx~n re elecElon DIe, an(l Journal will be Mondayy g, . f any one of ..... " ...... teens, but a reform would should establish someDistrict 25 school house, and Mrs. John Williams, " ~ ~o , ~mnks his wm m s~gmfi noon, but the earlier the these groups was elimi- - have saved the taxpayers c control over speeches taught by Jennie Berth, Mrs. W. N. Baker, Mrs. 25 Years t sly," arums ha cant in view of l%esident a lot of money wasted on made from the floor on took in $38.25. better, nated then the whole .. , Cora Wagner and Rev. :~i[[~, ou~ tteagans success in an Grand Jury action for personal priviledge, On November 25, EarlWeaver, all of Perkins(From The Per lipS,!~ hiave x x x would be damaged and a . . Don't know whether problem would exist, overwhelming, re~.lectmn mercenary reasons, limiting the time and per- Stump and era Anna The meetS ....... " nal, November 1Z m~t I h ng was nelo m ,.~ ,, _ . -" i._- ~rlumph nationwide the middle school media Thus it is the election . which many times result sonal attacks on persons Kiefer were united in Stillwater at the Chris- ~a xears ~gol _ ~.m~0y Former Governor, now ti Ralph Crane, Ss~a~ Ok center will be blessed or process of our peculiar _ in witch-hunts and with whom they do notmarriage. Both are well an Church. • has purchased the met cursed when the Cham- type of d no, ~enator from character assasinationsagree. These area fewknown in Perkins. Earl Hlckman, the 10 . " ;~w~ ber of Commerce an- government or t~oren cu~ without cause, places where we, who Boyd Sasser has the year old son of Mr. and Pac,i~g Plant ~aJ~W~th • ana nas aseumea em nounced they were con-Republic. have been called the highest average in theMrs. Will Hmkman, suf- . . ~.wr~ n~ tan. Beall is mov~ y# %. of demacratic a U.S. m t t r our Oklahoma, ic. . quite a swath in gather- It now looks like State tributing the proceeds of Everyone is aware that ing votes for re-election, Question 582 may be uninformed rural public, their chili supper to the only a small portion of making some new his- headed for approval. It is think there s room for WOOI.DNT tie ,,. Amarillo. Crane is~ _ new media center pro- the entire population tory, and setting some a house-cleaning bill and reform. There are many [~E ~AT FOg :"~ reed and has a 10 ~ - - - ject. One of the members votes. This does not new records in political would take away the tax more. • ~ son and will mo~.] told Dr. Darrell Gwart- mean that those who do action. Boren says it is a exempt status of profit- Arrivederci, family here as s0~ttc~.nt nee, middle school prin- not vote do not have opi- good sign to see voters making schools. I am notT.C. "Dec" Bonner "~ possible. He is a fa~ov 1 farmer and P# ori c~oal, they would be by to neons and concern about plant employee. . Jl~ th pick up his check for $74 the welfare of their being the day after the chili and their nation. They November 23,~ supper~ Seems the event depend heavily on their overtheland. Thosewho ' ' datefordedicati°~°It brot lost that much last year, government, too. To say the president should ~ recently completed ~ts o ar~I the deal should be many, their "nation" or be elected by popular on School and ~Scem that if the chili supper '2vorld" is the little bit of vote, have not thought nasium, accora~e~tg makes money, it goes to life of which they are about the fact that six of ~ - ..._..___ - ?---- Supt. H. I. Jon ~ frol the library. If it loses aware that goes on about the most populated school was destro~ FREEDOM OF CHOICE ~ | / fire in Decemb~:~ money, thelibrarypays them. Itmayjustbea statescouldeasilyelect _~ i / the Chamber. town, a farm and the the candidate for this of- By Opal Putman . surance provided~ It is difficult to make farms next door, or a nur- rice. Politicians and I would love to be with Jesus W~:X~I.DNT HI~~ -:- _ . in fun~ds and a $1,~" money ona chili suppersing home room, or the politicalpartiee are wise. With loved once and with friends ~t~/~NTTff~.p ) ~ "~ ~ bond issue was v.o!~-~ rebuild. It carried ll~ ~" because meat is so expen- local post office and They realize that given Where life has a beginning ..... ~j/ ~ "-"- Phillip D. To~l k'~r" sire and good chili has grocery store where the today's strategy, itBut never has an end. ~ _~ ~ ~ 1 ..... got to have lots of meat pension check is received would be easier to or- y in 'it. It is hard to find a and spent• It might be ganize six states thor- r ~) has been promo.t~ [ cook that is willing to the church on Sunday, or oughly and win, thanitis Lffehereon earthm tempo al ,~-~),,)/x~ t. L?A" rank of cadet C~ ' sacrifice quality for quan- the nursery school and to go out over the nation, Changes come and changes go (.~.~:-~-../~" ~J~00 the Air Force RO'wrw~u tity. There may be hope, school on week days. In into each state, in search But eternal life is changeless ~" ,~"~ f~ ~ ~ .~, ~ OSU. _':~ I And our step never weak or slow. ~__~_/) ~ t~),~ ~ : ~ though. There may be aother words, the world for those electoral votes ~>~.~f / ~ __ -~ Sharon Troxell ~1 =__~' winner of the new bi~ ~a, chili consultant amongaround us is made np of which they must have-- If we place our affection on things of Heaven ~~~fi,~ j ~ .~ • ,. given by Henry'S ~ & the membership. Delmarlittle segments that we a total of 280 to beAll other things will be added unto you ~k%~'~ ~ : ------" goods Store. I ~t= NOes was a cook in a relate to and associate elected. Thus every state We won't have to leave our treasures behind us. ~ --- .. -- o restaurant back in thewith on a daily basis, is involved, is important. When we bid this earthly life Adieu. _ ~ === ~ ,-~=-~,_ A~_'~c°,t days when times were Therefore, the interest Oklahoma has eight elec- 20 Years hard and a good cook in electing the President toral votes. If you notic- -o- mere Ire seven dlililincel In the |eoo~l i=lotwe, ~ l~, e~ot ~m? (From The Perld~fl~-Mi could