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November 15, 2001     The Perkins Journal
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November 15, 2001

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r 6B RHE PERKINS JOURNAL, Thursday, November 15, 2001 II Mo~day. NOV. O~'~er Steve Hensley 7:~.~p.m. - traffic stop, written warning to James Cash, Perkins for ~;tefective equipment. 8:35 p.m. - traffic stop, written warfiing to Kevin Dalton of Tryon 9:45 p.m. - traffic stop, written warning to Jamie Snow of Sapulpa for speeding. Tuesday. Nov. 6 Officer Tom Hankins 8:20 a.m. - traffic stop at French and NW Third, written warning for speeding. 8:30 a.m. - traffic stop at French and NW Third, written warning for speeding. 12:07 E.m. - At 204 NW Third. Loud music disturbance. 12:40 p.m. -At 123 Payne, civil matter. Advised to seek legal ad- vice. LL Justin Reedy for ~efective equipment. ,5:12 p.m.- At Fourth & Knipe. 9:t@ p.m. - traffic stop, written Unleashed dog: Handled by of- warbling to Chad Triplitt of ricer. Stillwater for disobeying stop sign. *6:04 p.m. - At 118 East Sharpe, The ~Payne County Board of Commissioners met in a Regular meeting Wednes- day, October 31,2001. Notice of the meeting was made by posting an agenda in accordance with the Open Meeting Law. The following were present: Gloria Hesser, Chairman; Jim Arthur, Vice-Chairman; Bill Deering, Member; Sherri Schieffer, County Clerk. The Chairman called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.rn. The meeting was opened with Prayer and Flag Salute. The following utility permits were presented: Enron Transportation - 6" pipeline; trenching; SE/c Sec 35-20N-3E Enron Transportation - 6" pipeline; trenching; NW/c Sec31-18N-5E [~nron Transportation - 6" pipeline; trenching; SW/Sec 26-20N-3E Big Line Energy - 3" line; trenching; Sec 326-19N-5E. Dearing made the motion to approve the road crossing permits. Arthur sec- onded. Arthur, aye; Hisser, aye; Dearing, aye. Motion carried. The Chairman noted the Board authorized a change in long distance service from AT & T to CGI Long Distance Service. AT &T has a freeze on some of the phone service that requires release from the County. Deering made the mo- tion to approve removal of preferred telecommunications service with AT&T on select numbers. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carried. Mr. Bill Knowles presented Architect Contract for Jail Annex project. He re- ported 10 bidders have requested bid packets. The FireMarshall and Jail Inspector have approved the Annex plans. Plans have been presented to Code Review at City of Stillwater. Arthur made the motion to approve the Contract wit~KL for Jail Annex Project. Deering seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deeq~ng, aye. Motion carried. Kno~ee" reported on County Administration Building. Knowles noted any cha,~ges for security installation should be submitted to the Contractor as soon as I~ssible. Knowles noted the current bid stipulates Card access readers for No~l~i and South entrances. There is no public address system within building. Th~ is speaker system in the commission meeting room and adjacent lobby. The~e is currently no conduit for security camera at the entrances. Dett~fing motion to table Contract for Northern Equipment for the Scraper. Arthur seeded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carried. De~13g presented bndge inspection invoice form Brawiey Engineering in the arn~nt of 183.75 and $5.75,Payne County. Deering motion to approve invoice an~+~orward to ODOT for payment. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; De6dng, aye. Motion carried. He~ser stated there is a lot of heavy metal shelving currently located at the Ar~. ive Center. These units will need to be stored until the County Administra- tion Building is completed. The Fair Board has requested the County share the cog of a storage building to be located at the Expo Center. The estimated cost of a storage building would be approximately $2500- $3500. Board concluded they were not interested in sharing the cost of a storage building and the shelv- ing units could be stored at the CountyBarns. ..... ,+, ....... Deertng made the motion to remove the Northern Equipment Contract from the tabled status for consideration at this time. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carried. Rogers presented the Lease Agreement with Northern Equipment with some minQr modifications. Rogers recommended approval. Arthur made the motion to approve the contract and financial assignments for Lease as presented. Dee[Jng seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carried. Th~,Cheirman presented Resolution 2001-74 RESOLUTION #2001-74 Acceptance for Maintenance of a Road (Shiloh Street) WHEREAS, dedication of the road known as Shiloh Street, located South of 19 TM Street between Fairgrounds Road and Prairie Road, was made on January 2, 19~.,, (Section .J?3~ Township 19N Range 3E and W~AS, Shiloh Street, a private street, has been on the 3-year waiting pe- rio(~nd WHEREAS, the waiting period has been met, and WHEREAS, the ro~ met the standards as set out in Payne County's Road Standard Speci- fic ~al~ns as revised March 15, 1982, NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, th.at~ayne County hereby accepts the maintenance of the above-mentioned re ,a~),, effective November 1, 2001 .Presented to and approved this 31 st day of October, 2001. Deering noted this road was accepted for dedication under the old Standards recommend it be accepted for maintenance. Deering made the motion to ap- prove the Resolution. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carried. The Chairman presented application funds for the Solid Waste Management Program. For reimbursement of partial expenses of the Solid Waste Manage- lent Program. Deering made the motion to approve the application for funds in the amount of $5000.00. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carried. The (3hairman presented Memorandum of Agreement of sharing concern of Solid Waste Management Law Enforcement Program with ACCO. Deering made the motion to approve. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carried, Arthur reported receipt of monies from OSU for costs sharing on McEIroy Road project in the amount of $75,000.00. The Clerk presented Warranty for Gallon Motorgreder, District #1. Deering made the motion to approve the 12 months or 1500 hrs warranty. Arthur sec- onded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carded. Th~ Clerk presented information regarding the County 457 Plan Administrator reorganization Prudential as submitted its Plan of Reorganization to permit Pru- der~tial to convert from mutual life insurance company to a stock life insurance company. Prudential is requesting direction of any demutualizatlon compensa- tior~that may be distributed. The Board completed the Response Form indicat- ing;all proceeds to be paid to Annuity Contract holders (Employees). Arthur ma~e the motion to submit the Response form as noted. Deering seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deedng, aye. Motion carried. The Chairman presented Resolution of Appointment of members to the Payne Co0nty Industrial Trust; James Foley; Randy Murray; Calvin Oyster; Kathy Hell; Cries McGinty Arthur made the motion to approve the appointments for the Payee County Industrial Trust. Dearing seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Dearing, aye. Motion carried. Arthur presented a claim from Gina Marie Robinson. Arthur noted the Insur- anc,~p company denied the claim for auto damage. Arthur expressed some cor~em that the signs may have not been properly posted. TheBoard recom- mended Arthur visits with the Insurance Adjustor the details of the investiga- tiont The Clerk presented a claim from John Goforth be forwarded to Insurance Corj0pany. motorist assist *6:57 p.m. - At Cimarron Bingo assisting another officer. .7:22 p.m. - On East Hwy 33. Cattle out. .9:19 p.m. - On East Hwy 33. Cattle out. Hensley .3:14 a.m. - Payne County ad- vised suspicious vehicle at Navajo Trucking, West of Perkins, Hwy 33. Vehicle gone on arrival. Wednesday, Nov.7 Hankins .11:05 a.m. - Hwy 33 and 177, Market Maze. Possible stolen trailer at U-Haul. Check revealed it stolen out of Salina, KS. Deputy George Disel took over case. Thursday, Nov 8 Hankins o12:42 p.m. - At Graves and W. Freeman. Warning for speeding. 3:05 p.m. -Accident involving ve- hicle on north Main. Possible Monday, July 8 Tuesday, January 22 Monday, July 15 Thursday, January 31 Monday, July 22 Wednesday, July 31 Monday, February 4 Monday, August 5 Monday, February 11 Monday, August 12 Tuesday, February 19 \ Monday, August 19 , Thursday, February 28 Friday, August 30 Monday, March 4 Tuesday, September 3 Monday, March 11 Monday, September 9 Monday, March 18 Monday, September 16 Friday, March 29 Monday, September 23 Monday, September 30 Monday, April 1 Monday, October 7 Monday, April 8 Monday, October 14 Monday, Apn115 Monday, October 21 Monday, April 22 Thursday, October 31 Tuesday, April 30 Monday, May 6 Monday, November 4 Monday, May 13 Tuesday, November 12 Monday, May 20 Monday, November 18 Friday, May 31 Wednesday, November 27 Monday, June 3 Monday, December 2 Monday, June t0 Monday, December 9 . . i Monday, June 17 Monday, December 16 Friday, June 28 Monday, December 23 Tuesday, December 31 Deering made the motion to approve the dates for Regular meetings of the Board. Arthur seconded, Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carried. The Clerk presented Appointment of Requisition and Receiving Officers: Solid Waste Management: Carl Hiner ; Ken Willerton, Requisition; Darrell Varnell and Noel Bagwell, Receiving. Deering made the motion to approve the Appointments. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carded. (Legal notice The Clerk presented Inter-Fund Trans- fers for the Solid Waste Management $]BI~. 12 Program: Highway Cash to Solid Waste Man- agement $ 9,292.91 General Fund to Solid Waste Manage- ment $17,027.39 Arthur made the motion to approve the transfers. Deering seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Mo- tion carried. The Clerk presented blanket purchase orders for November: District Attor- ney, Drug Task Force, Sheriff; Exten- sion, Revaluation, Election Board, General Govemment, Building Engi- neer, District #1 and #3, Health De- partment, Fairboard. Arthur made the motion to approve the blanket pur- I. chase orders. Deedng seconded the motion. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; 2. 3. Deering, aye.. Motion carried. The Clerk preSented Memorandum to remove items from Inventory from the 4. Assessor: s. H223.015 Phone 6. H223.16 Phone 7. H620.04 Color Monitor 8. H620.10 Monitor & Keyboard H620.21 14" monitor SO620,3 CRT/keyboard SO620.04 Monitor w/keyboard SO620.20 RS6000 Power Server SO620.31 Workstation SO620.02 Tape Drive SO622.1 Tr~msformer SO622.02 Concentrator SO622.03 Transformer SO624,01 Disk Drive SO624.02 Memory Drive CD SO627.01 Modem Deertng made the motion to approve the Memorandum. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deedng, aye. Motion carried. stroke victim. Hensley .8:05 p.m. - traffic stop. Lt. Justin Reedy .2:54 a.m. - traffic stop. written Bryan Stanton of Perkins 7:47 p.m. - traffic stop at 400 warning to Tembroe Combs ofspeeding. block SE Third. Warning to juve- Oklahoma City for speeding.-10:38 p.m. - nile from Perkins for speeding. -3:27 a.m. - traffic stop. Written man, just west of Bingo Hall. Officer Joseph Knight warning to Tyrone Bell of Dover .11:18 p.m. - written 5:39 a.m. - At Ampride parking for improper left turn. Jeanette Taylor of Perkins for (] lot for motorist assist. .3:48 a.m. - traffic stop. Cited fective equipment. 6:01 a.m. - traffic stop for no Kristin Herrin, Guthrie for speed- .11:54 p.m. - Verbal brake lamps. Temporarily fixed but ing and failure to carry insurance. Perkins juvenile for advised to have repaired. .3:57 a.m. - traffic stop, written equipment. Juvenile fixed Friday, Nov. 9 warning to John Leonard of lem. Reedy Cushing for speeding. ,12:17 a.m. - traffic stop. 5:23 p.m.-At 119 Crozier assist- ,3:58 a.m.-Assisted Perkins Fire warning to Robert ing fire department. Department on mobile home fire Drumright for driving left of Knight at Piney River. ter. 3:08 a.m. - traffic stop. Jase Col- Knight -12:44 a.m. - traffic stop. lum of Perkins for disobeying stop ,7:15 p.m. - Flagged down by warning to Ryan Kelly, Newalla sign. AIso written warning for driv- resident asking about smoke in defective equipment. ing left of center, the air. Told resident people are Saturday. Nov. 10 burning leaves. "My daughter wants me to have the very best care, but she knows i still need my independence." Golden Oaks Assisted LMng Ceraer offem the best of both worlds. We cater to adults who still enjoy an independent and very active lifestyle, but may need assistaree either a deity basis from time to time. Golden Oaks encourages P leper, :e wme privacy and dgnity in a manner that meets the resident's social as woa as # ical r N s. "An Affordable Alternative" Our Apartn nts Feature: -.Large one & two bedroom designs up to l(X)6 ft. aparOnents * Handicapped design private baths 24 Hour security * Three l:m]maccd meals * Hou keeping and laundry * Planned activities * Call signals in room and bathroom - Month to month rental - Complete building and grounds maintenance * Transportation to town Health Care rvices: Bathing tssistmice Wake-up/tuck-in , ervices Personalized assist,'mce Supponi g " 11 StLI% ICCS Assistance with Sl ecific medical needs such as skin cam+ toileting and c )rdhmtion of physical therapy and other+ services Personal care Medication assistance Health ctwe * F(xxl service Companionship is a key word at Golden Oaks. Our residents have an opportunity to make new friendships and renew old ones. And with the beautifully decorated lounge areas, the stylish , di ng room, eir own cozy aPartments, resi nts are never at a loss for a lovely place to entertain their guests. ,: "' " : Call Jamie at (405) 377-1114 or come by today to see how you can become pad of the Golden Oaks family. Village of Stillwater published in The Perkins Journal once November 15, 2001 ) BOARD OF EDUCATION PRELIMINARY ESTIMATE OF NEEDS AND CALL FOR AN ELECTION e=timated amount or amounts of money =nd the tax rate or raZea believed to be required for the support and maintenance of tbe sdmols in School District No. I-~, of Paytte County, Oklahoma, for the atani~g find year. The Esllm~ed Needs From the Oemnd l=~nd to Malntm~ s LeI~M Teem of School for the Eosuing School Year 1000 Function - hmmetion ....................................... $ 3~gol~389.00 2100 Ftm~on Support servicet-$tudsnt~ ............................ $ ~49,118+00 2200 Function Support Y~'vices-l~ Staff ...................... $ 210t036.,00 2300 Fun~ion Support servioes-Oemeral Admin~tmtion .................. $ 2121461.00 2,400 Ftmctitm Support secvicea-School Administration .................. $ 319t~47.00 2500 Function Support services-Susineas ............................ $ 62,64~.00 2600 Pu~ctiol O~ ~ Mat~tlmano~ of Phmt ..................... $ f~3t046.O0 2700 Fun~a Smdmt Tm=lmrtatt(m Services ........................ $ 331~?03.00 21100 Ftm~on - Support services-Central ............................. $ 21~26600 2900 Function - Other Support Servi~ .............................. $ 27~7,~0~O 3100 F~nctlon - Child Nutrition Progntm Operation ...................... $ ~00 3300 Pmntion - Community Service ~ ......................... $ O.00 4000 Ponctkm - F~eilitles Acquisition and C~ Service ............. $ 0.00 Total Current Expe~ea ........................................................ $ 6218960.00 (Functions 1000 thxough 4000) Requited for Int~tmt.. ....................................................... $. O.OO Total Estimated Need From General Fund ........................................... $ 6.218.960.00 (Sum of Items 1 and 2) Estimated Needs for the General Fond From .~mume~ Other Than District Ad Valorem Taxea Probable I~dance on hand, if any, it the cl~e of ~ rn~d year .......... $ ~7~f,96~00 Estimated inoume from Cmmty 4 mill levy for the eNmtng fiscui year ......... $ t10,794.00 Estim~ed income from Sta~ Aid ................................... $ 3~08~'/2I ,00 Estimated inoume from all other misceltmeous mvetme ................... $ I~89#43.00 Total e~timated income other ttum dtmict ed vMorem t~x forth= ensuing year ................. $ ,, 5,485,11 g.00 (Sum of Item= 4, 5, 6, & 7) 9, l~dance required to be raised from di~fict ad vMorem taxes (Item 3 minus Item 8) .............. $ 733~842.00 I0. Since t~ae~ amused valuation of the schoo4 dist~,ict is $20,966,~2.00 an ad v~Iorem tax levy of 3~ mills would be r~luired 1o raise the addition=t amou=lt of money req~ted to finance the p~limina~ estimate of needs for currc~ expense, ~ heminabove set forth for the easuin~ fiscal year (Item 9 divided by valuation) .................................................... 11. Less ~thodzed leviea not requiring the ipprovld of the school district electors ................ 12. Additional number of mills needed to meet the needs of the school district for cer[nt expert.sos from the Gcr~eral Fund (if any) ............................... ....................... ..-.---- (NOTE: The Constimtioe limits tl~ Emorge~-T l~vy which may be voted to meet the needs of the school district to five mill amd the Local Support ~ to 10 mills.) 35 Mills 20 Mills 15 Mills 'I1~ Estimated &mourn Needed for Erecting, Remodsl~g, or Rqmifing School Buildings tnd for FUrniture and Equipment for the Ensuing Year, os Years, to be Provided for from the School District Building Fund. I. Erecting. Remodellag, Repairing school buildings and furniture & equipment .... $ 184,385+61 2. Required for interest ............................................ $_ O.00 3, Total estimated needs to be financed from the Suilding Fund ............... $ 184~385.61 (Sum of Items 1 & 2) The Estimated Income and $oumm for the School District Building Fand 4. Ptul~ble ~a~.= on ha~d, if a~y, at dose of pre=m fist:=1 year ............. $ 7P~554.00 5, Es~im=ted iraxne from ~ sources ................................ $ 0.00 TheChairman presented 2002 Holidays: The Clerk presented minutes of Octo- 6. Total estimated accumuiatiom and other income ...................................... $ , 79,5~.00 (Sum of Items 4 & 53 Tue~y January, 1 New Year's Day ber 15 and October 22. Deering noted 7. Balance required to be raised from district ad v,lomm taxes .............................. $ 104,831:.6! Monday January 21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day clerical errors. Deering made the (Item 3 minas Item 6) Monday February 18 Presidents' Day motion to approve the minutes ass. An ad v.tmm ~ leW of ~ ram= wiu he mquir~ to ~ me needs of t~ dismct f,=d for me Mo~a~j May 27 Memorial Day noted. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; ensuing ye=r ....................................................... ......... . ~ Mills They July 4 Independence Day Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion An election is hereby called for the purpo~ of voting m the election of the Bolxd of Edi~ation Memher(s) to Offi~ No. 2. ,i Mo~y September 2 Labor Day carried. The filing peltnd for Member of Board of Edacatk~l opel at 8:00 A.M. December 3, 2001, and closes at 5:00 P.M, December 5, 2001. M0~y November 11 Veterans' Day Deering presented sign request for ' said election to he held at mlP~lar voting id=K:el withm the sdmol discs on February 12, 200~ between the h~rs of 7 l.m. :~ and.7 p.m. A sec~d elec~ork if neces~ry, will be held on ~. Thursday & Friday November 28 & 29 Thanksgiving speed limit on Yost Lake road. Chil- T~BU=rd of ~ttott for Pe0d~-Tr~on ~ Oimdot tqo~. I-_~of pagae comaty, OVJ, ahoma. Tue~klay & Wednesday December 24 & 25Christmas dren at Play; Arthur seconded. Arthur, Dee~ng made the motion to approve the 2002 Holidays. Arthur seconded, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Me- A~t=t:~ Sy~ Arthgr, aye; Heeser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carried, tion carried. Ore~ of ~ of E.dueation lucationPresident of Boald of Ed' The~hairman presented 2002 Meeting dates: October Payroll was approved. G'ne following certificate should be executed only on the copy of the notice retained by the/Clerk el t ~ ,~, +,,~ o! F+I= ~::,ti~>r+.) Jh.s i~ to .:,~ify Monday, January 7 The Chairman adjourned the meeting, tl~ the above notice wu published, u required by law, at le~'t ten days prtot tO Said el~t~mm=:===::==~ Monday, July 1 Sherri Schieffer /'d~'/~ - i Monday, January 14 County Clerk Cl=(d" Board of ~ucation IL