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November 20, 1975     The Perkins Journal
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November 20, 1975

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m / The Journal, Thursday, Nov. 20, 1975 - 3 Compiled by the Perkins-Tryon High School Journalism Class Editors Margaret Schroeder & Lisa Sontee .-.At OSU Homecoming Parade... by Darla Hm It was a crisp cool Saturday morning, Nov. 22, with excitement filling the air when the Perkins-Tryon High School Band boarded the bus for the O.S.U. Homecoming Parade. This parade, I'm sure, is one we will never forget. It was one of the largest and longest parades we have attended. It was two miles long! Can you imagine how many sore muscles and blisters were the result of that parade? But all this was forgotten when we were awarded the second place trophy judged on sound, marching and gen- eral appearance. What an honor! The entire band watched the overwhelming O.S.U. victory over Kansas State. The worn out band members then returned home, not at all too {,oon. Even though the band was very honored with the trophy, much of theq~raise and honor should "be given to Mr. Kent Taylar, our band director. Without him to help, needless to say, we would have been at a parade without a whistle, or should we thank Mrs. Tayior's mother? The band would like to voice their appreciation to all who helped cheer us on to what we believe is a "Demon VictoryV' ---To 'Main Artery', Drug Center, State Hospital--- e e by Merllya Cundlff world on Thursday, Nov. called the Main Artery. ture, old clothes, etc. If We thank the administra- Mental problems any- 13, when they took an This was a place where men anyone could help, it tion for making it possible. one? The Perkins-Tryon all-day field trip to study alcoholics live and helpwould be deeply appreciat- Those attending the trip psychology class, with their institutions which aid each other. Father Dolen, ed. were: April Baker, Chris- teacher, Mrs. Thurman, troubled people, the head of this home, Among other places we tine Evans, Julie Goforth, and practice teacher, Mr. The trip was really started it with his own went were a heroin center, Randy Bostian, Scott Cret- Cataldo, took a step, enjoyed by the class. Wemoney and donations. We a drug center, and Norman singer, Sandy Youngker, learning about mental were especially fascinated were asked to help donate State Hospital. Tony Fouiks, Merilyn Cun- vroblems that occur in the by the last place we went things like money, furni- This trip was really fun. diff, Darla Hill, Phil Hise, Joe Kolb, Charlene Bates, ins Cindy Taylor, Dean Oliver, Danny Lott, Cassy Von- berg, and Phyllis Stanton. Band in Action During Football Game Team, Evans, by Linda PKruck contest held Wednesday, the contest. The Perkins-Tryon FFA Nov. 12, in Kansas City.Receiving a medal for meat juding team repre-Kevin Manke and David being in the top ten percent Safeway meat plant, senting Oklahoma in theParrack received trophies of individuals in the contest team was defeated by national contest won se- and medals for placing as was James Ramsey. Win- fourteen points by as he was the alternate. In the contest, held at the cond out of a field of 47 second and third high frey Kinzie also accompan- Texas team. states in the national individuals respectively in led the team to Kansas City Counc DonatioJ our only the American by Linda Parrack Perkins-Tryon High School was well represent- ed at the American Royal last week. The local meat team placed second in the national contest and local instructor, Paul Evans, rary degree is the highest honor the FFA can bestow a member. In addition, three former students were honored at the Royal. Dennis Kastl, 1973 graduate received the American Farmer Degree. FFA members. Kenny Cundiff, 1965 graduate, is the ag instruct- or of at Allen. He took his state championship horti- culture team to Kansas City. The Missouri state cham- pionship dairy team was I received the American This award is received by coached by |966 graduate, On Nov. 12, the Student improve it? Your ideas Money is still needed forEvery organization that Farmer Degree. This hone- about one percent of all the Charles Arthur. Council had another meet- would be very helpful, the marquee. The councilplans to sponsor a fund- ing to discuss past and plans to sponsor a movie to raising activity needs to tell ~ ~ ~ ~ upcoming events. The Oklahoma Associa- help provide funds for it. the StudentCouncil its tion of Student Councils So, watch for it in the plans. Basketball Season Starts , Recently the council Convention will be held in future. We are also Remember if ou have ~ F~ ~ I sponsored a career day for Ada on Dec. 11, 12, and 13. planning to have the ' .Y ..... , ~ ~ ~ I any n us, proolems, or ny Jeanme LeWla su sense i the juniors and seniors. We Mrs. Branstetter, Dena basketball homecoming g 'p . ccessful n,'states ! ~ I I would like some feedback Kirby, Gay Hart, Lynda dance Every donation to suggestions, talk to your Perkins-Tryon high Coach Bunch. ~.,~JPJf I I about it. What did you think Graves, and Darla Hill from the marquee fund is Student Council. re presen- school b.oysstartedpractic- ~ ~ JfAJf, I I about it? How could we Perkins will be attending, appreciated, tattve, we Ii try to netp. lug for oasxetoall ~ov. Iv. The boys' season starts ~ "~'~".~]~If~v] ~ ~ ~ "About 20 boys are goingDec. 9. Everyone needs to [k~I~.~:i~l[ I I' ~ . Nov. 24 and25 out this year, and it looks get out and support our ~ | I ........... ~J J~J~g ['lkl[ II~ll |lk|'Ji't~ltJtlmlkll"lpl~ Monday like we could have a boysI!! ~i*i::S ~ | I ,0% "llUUL /dklll JUII%,CIVlCII/O Kraut and weiners, car- I ! rot sticks, black eyed peas, ! la Yale here *** banana uddmg, hot rolls . School will be dismissed P Y Lott. P " ** .... and butter, mdk A Quest,on of Thanks I Tuesday, Nov. 25, at 3:50 ~, Annual Party for Pops " I i for Thanksgiving holidays 1975-76 Basketball cheer- at which FHA girls have a *** . Tuesday hv ghana Vmmar thlnog takpn fur orantpri? have a nlaeo to on nr fcu~ tn ] I and will resume Monday, leaders who will be night out with. their fathers A special thank.you from . Plymouth turkey w/dres- -JThan'ks"i~'1~-2 is a time to ""U~w ~bo .... t'e%ome?-It'o eat? So'me "-oo~I .... ; .... [ I "~~i! :'~i~dA*~/~ii~~e~is ~t~b~.ei i~e!!~ ud~ap~:'~id~ ~i!!iltokehsa~ii~ ~~~!~i~P!~ii] ~hrZst:~Y;~t'~f~cfa~i:fG"ui ! Dec 9 when the local Sa e, J na a s eclal ha btrthda the home economic s bath I .. " ......... P " ... PPY "... Y " .... never even give thanks forHave you ever thought ofLet's all be thankful this] uemons ana DemoneRes ~angolu wish to tnelr King, oanny room ] ~~ " " being here. Are too manywhat" it would be like to not year. , .....A [ '~$i BUILDS ......... .. _____,, ...... their own nghts---theyve helped others reahze their r'~ ~, 'Y, HI ! ' personal goals. ,, , i!i~ What 4, .i Means to Them As Lynda said, It s the little extra something that brings ~ :~:~ a smile when things get bad and a helping hand to a ~ i[ii I~ -.-by Lee Gray, Managing Editor-- plus foods, crafts and horses. As a journalist, she has served would-be quitter. ~"~'iq,~ ll~~~l i~i~ |~[ - as 4-H reporter and had a number of articles published. Lynda, herself, has aided other young women in ut~u, l :~~/i~ I~i John Stuart Mm ,aidl "One person with a belief is equal But why the interest in 4-H when today's life styles among preparing for the annual county dress revue. /~ I~ -- ~i!/ii~ I~ to a force of 99 with only interests, some young sets in society are turning their backs on the It was a new experience trying to teach about 20 girls [ "--" ~ ~l ".~ I~ "That quote has become my motto this year in 4-H."traditional values of "head, heart, hands and health?" how to model--all at onceI Legs were twisted, smiles " IM---"-L~ ~~l~ iil] --Lynda GravesPerhaps part of the answer is to be found in the rural way drooped and shoulders slouchedl We survived and I am CAN :~ !~! I~ -" of life which these youngsters enjoy, proud to say they did very well. We even boasted a few Best ~ ~~ :'iii I~ "My 4-H goal in life is to help other people. Big people, Perhaps there's another insight from the basic,Models," recalls Lynda. .HA PEN !!!! i[ ate. p.o~e, ou people...young people. It doesn't matter down-to-earth values that their parents have instilled in While Lynda was helping young ladies gather their poise, ~ ll~~~ :~ I~ whe they are or what rate they are, I'll help." them. brother Bobby was hosting a safety project demonstration in ~ 1~/7~ ~~~i: i~i I~ --Bobby Graves But, better than our speculations, are Lynda's words in shooting and gun handling for 52 4-Hers in Ripley. I II ~t~ ~~~ :i.:.: [~ -- telling her 4-H story. He also found time to show fellow go-carters how to make / I '~: ]~ "! Jnlned 4-H because ! wanted to show sheep. The first "My belief in 4-H and its purpose have opened jarred engine adjustments and maintain their vehicles in a ~ ]~ !ii! I~ year my parents were going to have me walt a y ear because doors and made the impossible a little more attainable." Stillwater demonstration. ~ LYNDA GRAVES J~: t 9 tt ~ [~ ! was lmrt4y nine, but now they say they re glad they dldn t Belief is the spark that gets the fire going. It s the little ~ - - . _ ~ ......... ;~ make me walt." extra something that brings a smile when things get bad Ever wonder how to lead a horse? What kind of care a r ~/ ~iii: [~[ --Kenda Kirby and a helping hand to a would-be quitter, lamb takes? i .... . ~~~l!~. I~ Three different stories, but the same theme underlines "True faith and belief in God, others, and one's self Kenda has the answers. ~'- ~ ~:~ I~. each. These Perkins young people know the meaning of shines through the enthusiasm and dedication put into She s given a horse care and training demonstration at the ~ !i.~ st ,, , . ..... ~,; I~. head, heart, hands and health, everything one attempts. Behef ts the key to success and Perkins club and her 4-H book ts full of Ups on sheep ratsmg, ~ ~~~ ~ Ii Under the guidance of Charles Wall, local 4-H director, success---doing better than my very best---is my goal," not tomention some pretty salient photographic techniques. ;; \ ...... ~~~~ |~_~ these Perkins youth have earned a number of honors in the Lynda says. ,, , The interest of these three 4-Hers are as varied as they l~:~ ~~~i:_!; ]~ 4-H program. If nothing succeeds like success, then it s hard to argue are individually. But, there's one thingthey and hundreds of ~~~ ~~~ i~i] I~ In just one area of interest, for example, Miss Graves has with Lynda's reasoning because she's been a successful other area 4-Hers share in common--and that is an interest ~~ ~~ i~[[ [~ prepared over 180 food items which earned her various member of the local chapter. , , in helping themselves and others become productive~/ ~~!! I:~ awards and allowed her the ability to give demonstrations to The combination of usin~ one s head for ouidance, one s contributors to society ll~l~f~~ ~~ :'.:: i~ help other young cooks, heart for inspiration and fait'h, one's hands toaccomplish the Sure itls an old fashioned idea. ~~ ~il |~ Brother Bobby has combined a number of interests task, and one's health to be strong enough to meet the Sure it s a lot of hard work. ~F" ~~ J[i [~ (safety, small engine repair, bicycle maintenance and a beef challenge, is a tough combination to beat. But wait till tomorrow to see who emerges as future | ~ :!:i [~ project) to compile an impressive 4-H record. And these four factors, at the disposal of energetic young leaders in society. , [ N]]~F i " !~ii Miss Kirby has concentrated on her sheep raising project people rike Kenda Kirby, Bobby and Lynda Graves, are key We II bet there won t be any surprised looks when Lynda lit ~ 1 ..... :!:! [~ and been successful in that endeavor She's also taken a levers in overturning the obstacles in life. Bobby and Kenda emeroes as community leaders i, aautt I IW / :!: [~ keen interest in the fields of photography and journalism, But, it's not enough for these 4-Hers to be successes in life. " ....... 1 & l i!ii ]~i ~ KENDA KIRBY BOBBY GRAVES i::: ~::~.~:~:...:.'~ ~ ~'::~'~:~:~,~:~.. ~... ::~.-:::~.:.:. :~. :. :.:.: .:. ::::: .q:::::.q :.-:::. :.:. :. ~ : :. :. :. :...........:.:.:.:.:.:............,:.:.:.:.:........... :. :. :..~:.-, :. :.: .:. :. ~:::.:...:. :,'.:::..:: :. :. :. ::-.-.: ............. :...: .:.-......................................,........,............................................ ~..`...~.~.....~.~..`..~`.~..~.~.~.~.....~.~...~....~.~.`~..~..~.~.~......~.~....`....~.~..~..~...~...~.~.~. .... ,'..~ |'~ . .. . . . . ........-....... 0.... ....................................... ..... ......... ....... .**.%..%%.....%%...........-o.......,...o%%...,. %%~%%%%%%*~*%%~%%%%%%%~%%%~%%~*~%%~*~%%%%%%~%%%%~%%%%%%%%%%%%~%%%.~%~%~%%%~%%%~.~%~%~`~%%~%~.%%~`~*~%~.`~%%~%%~.~`~%*~.~.~`~-% Apartment Rentals Residential and Commercial Property Rentals and Management 124 S. Main gency The Wells Bldg. 547-21 I0 or 372-5680 Perkins, Okla. 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