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November 20, 1975     The Perkins Journal
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November 20, 1975

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t 8 - The Journal, Thursday, Nov. 20. 1975 [Published in The Joun.d, Perkins, Oklahoma One [1] time, Nov. 20, 1975.] KIr oP OF CO#1TT COtI SSIO 2oe:d of ++imty Clillloners of Pl~me Cou, ty, Stets of OklShOlll, llt In rll~llr MealS ~r day. october 31. 1975. The follovlnS were preleat : ~ESS: trLYSSgS E. C|UX~I, C~II~ OR WIT2. VICR-C~II~ 02VAL K4YPIE~O. ~ ~IOES ilOS9 1090 1091 1092 1093 OTHERS LIIIDA G. ALLEM301~II, COIr4TY CLII~ 21"r1E ~rILs0N. II~ PJ~OII~ DAVID TILJ.CT, ~ ItkrPOTl~ The ii+11.I we celled to order by the Chalrllln et 9:00 i.e. The l/mutes of the leetla2 held October 20, 1975, were preanted. Hr+ V~Ite ~ide the iollo~: "To ippros~l the mlnute e premced". Mr. mlyfeld seconded. Hotlon clrrled by unaullous vote. A check In the amount of $700.00 troll the OklhmU CrLII C~ll~llSOl for the eslez7 of the Le2el Inte~ in the DleCrlct Attol~ey's Office vie prellmted ,ed ,pproved for -depoelt vlth she P~rnty Trel+mrer. NT. ~lyflsld presented su~leons rllrdil2 the rapist of lots 3-7 end 9-180 21ock 3. section 2. Bobs hi,tel to the Clay of $tillvlter. G.L ~111,r II eeklnl the Gourt8 to 11~ him to vmcate thls et~es In order to roplsc rheas blockl. Hr. IhlyfSeld 81de the a~ttoa: "~ thLI 2o~rnlnl body his no obJe~cio~t to the replec le preslmted In the sml~nl Is r~quelted hy O.2. Keller". Mr. White Hcoeded. uottoa c,rried by unenvious vote. mr. Hlyfield preelmted letter frol the State Hi2hvy ~pirtleat reqmwtinI the C~mlllelone~s put herriers tuch led of the brid2e neer Cotto~ School ~mtS1 thil brtd2* ls rp, lred. Hr. ~R~ite etatld he has complied f12ure on breakdov~ of the ilmunt te09rted in ~be Stre mta~er med |upector's report #t1~ wLth the DlscrLcc AtCornep* e stated durunS the last elx me.the of the fSic~l yur 197~-1975, (Mr. ~tte took offSce Jenun~ 6. 1975) of the $76,7~.10 reported ~mt for culvert pipe. the porches ord.r book reflects only $25,396,85 ~mt duri.~ htl te~ of the flecl ~r. Thle left halarm of "$$3,~2325 ap~mt In the flret itx ~m~the, or 67.75%. H i11o stated of the $2)8,~.62 reported exbeedlturu ~ 2rv*l, $95.202.67 ~e the to~l mt po~ u t,~l~et siz" months, luvl~ he~e of $147,2573q$ spe.t durtn2 the l*t ot~ mthe (60.~U). Mr, ~tte noted purch~ order #1901 h~d an error o. It but the It~td d/d not .he ny actlonon'correctlnSthiserrorswatns furchr lnloraslun. Hr, ~tte no~ed he lull exl.uiMd fo~r cl~ul OU file in [he Catty CXerhe o~f~4~ chat Mr. ~yfield'e me h~l balm rumved. Hr. Vhlts lAid #or an o~pl,Sutlon f~o~ Hr. ~syfleld. ~. Klyfleld itted he hie the rllht to rfule to lip any cl,~l~ut if signature is removed OF not placed on claim, it t done et main2, gr.~tte stated he was not were of Mr. Nlyfeld ref~ltnl to S~l~ imy c1,~1 end reqm.teted Hr. ~dyfield to let the o~hr t~ mmbere kz~ uheu he dd not ~Leh t, ollPS any clean. A resolution to trees#st $20,000.00 fro~ G~nersl ~e~e S~rin2 C~pitol O~tl.7 to Rvlmue ~her~n~ Ht2hvly T-4 for pert~ll repeyRe~t of the Io~ly trnsf,red to help ~ey ulrtes v* preenced. Mr. ~nlte rod the ~otlo~ "To Pppro~ the resolution trenefering $20,OO0. OO from Censrl ~enul Shrln2 Cpitol Outlay to Ravlnue Sbarln Hlshvey T-~". ~r. ~yfield eeconded, lotion carrled wlth Ill em181onmr ~otln2 yea. Darrell Hecklebur2, County Surveyor, presented th prepared c~trect led necess- ary bonds for the construction of South ,heed end South Wet streatl from Kern. ~emstructlon+ Hr. Hayfleld ~ede the lotion "To crept the contrct en~ bo~ds fro~ 2erns Construction for the overleytn of streets listed in the coerect, vLth funds to be teken frmm Rav~nue Sherlns". Mr. WhLte seconded. Imtton carried vlth ell Colmtls$onerl L ~ttnS pe. The follovin2 Soarm, stern Rall Telephone pel~lLrs were presented end epprov,d: bury eble for celephene uH beslnnln2 on eactlo~ 11,4 roed of Sac 28, T-19-2, 2-6-S end extends eet pprox 329~'. bury cble for telpp~one use be2tnninl on section 1lee raid ol Sic S, T-LP-N. S-6-E end exceed eet epprox $130% bury cebls fit telephone use be21nnln2on section line toed of Sac. 8+ T-17-H, 2-4-S end extend eeac epprox 2220'. Hr. ~ecklenbur$ presented petltl~ tar UtlLtty Psnmit frml tirosin| Raterpr~sea end recommended this petition be ecppted. Nr. ~1~ite made the ~otion ~'To spprovl ~,489' of 2 7/$" steel gee pipe to be located etertln2 t the exlli~ 'pJ 11r~ 1,~' north it S~ corner ol Sic 29,-19M-2 chlmce Approx 3069' 2 cbll~roe~ ,f SK 29-19~-2E atrial Stlllwster ro~d ch*nce W elan2 S side of 19th $g spproz 27~0' end rhroush c~lvert under blacktop raid. (19th St.)." Hr+ Klyflld sheonlled~lo~lon carried wtth eli Commie,loners ~otinS yea+ :. -. Hr. Heckleburs prelented pecltlon for Utlllcy Pp~lt frml'l~s~ern Crude Oil end recommended this petition be scripted. Nr. White uda the ed~p~Y'"To apprOVe the 2O" trade oil ll~e co be located croesln2+the County road be~v+eh-'el~t#~ne 11 ~ IO. T-17~. R-5-E. This llne 11 to he put in by Western Crede Oil, of Cuehln|, O~." Hr. Heyfield seconded, motion retried by unnlloue vote vlth 11 Co~mletone~ vial2 y|. Co, tinsalon of October 20, 1371, Ilnutu. C~mty Ginre1 e~d R12hvy cleLIw ver approved for p~lent. 904 GlblOns Supplies, Health Unit IS.7S 9~ U.S. Postal lorv. Poetse, elch Unit 6O.O0 907 Southwestern bell Tel,phi,, ellth Unlt 326.86 915 ISob Whlte Sexless, Hvy. 0/3 41.80 918 2ey H. Wlrd hplir, )Ivy. DII I$.O0 $21 City It Sttllwdter Utilities, Helab Unit 92.k2 922 Geor$s G. ~oor, CPA ~eee, 2elth Unlt 330.00 923 Relton~r~ Travel, Health Unlt 122.75 924 ~r2o ley Trey,l. elth U~lt 10.63 925 Hillrid ~fin2 Supplies. Hvy. Dgl 300.00 932 The (~p~v Co~eny lock, }Ivy 0#1 3,goo.$3 933 Rilphs Rafr12rtor Serv. Rap*lr, ~v~. D#3 17.SO $38 Coldvell I~plment Co.2uppllee, Ihr~. D01 & I~. 0/3 211.SO 963 Gor$s . Hoar,, CPA Peas. beven~e Sherin2 1.960.00 9~4 tedepodnt Indultrle Inc Supplies, Hv~. D#I 9O0.O0 9~5 Ir~*pedent Iedustrles Inc. Supplies, H~. 0#1 1,320.00 946 IndepeP~ent Iedust~le Inc. Supplies, I~o D#I 1,320.OO 9~7 Hlin Auto Supply Inc. Suppliel, H~. D$3 115.16 968 2ddl* Offlce Equip~nt2eplr, H~. D~I 300.00 950 3ohnnpe ~oco Repair, H~+ 0/1 l&.50 9~2 Payee County Pelr Sd. 2siaburemnt,Ravenue Shirt8 11,O00.O0 $56 S~lllvater Savlnls & ~en Rant, ealth Dept. 300.00 957 heerlnler Prntln2co~eny Supplies, ealth gntt 22.50 9~ Affec~lve Kouea Supplies. gealth U~it 70.29 939 Festa Office Supply Supplies, Raelth Unlt 14.65 960 Orimlley's Suppllu~ 2ealth Ocpt. 13.80 96l Gibson's Produ~tl Co. SupplLss, 2ealch Unit 10.66 932 Joe L. Conner Trey*l, Raalth Unit IS.96 963 Smiths Hobil Statlon Servia, K~. D#3 $.O0 96~ Paine County Sheltered Shop Ral~buremN~t,2even~e SherL~8 10,O00.O0 971 ~ & ~ Pard ]rector Suppllel, Ih~. DII ~8.22 $72 Hcchy, ~cklenbur2, ~ ~so+ Se~vicea. Kvy. D#3 100.75 973 Derre11 Hlckltmbur2 Services, Ihr/. D#1 & I~. 0/3129.3~ 977 Shave Gulf, Xac. Sunollu, h~. DI3 7,Ud.8~ 983 City of Yell 2epeirs, P~uy. 0/3 5,000.O0 98~ ~eor8 G. Noore PIII,HWl, Dr3 133.O0 9B5 C ~ V TexaCo Rap~r0 #~. 0/1 27.00 956 Thu~n ~r~de k 21ock ~, Supplies, h~, D#3 149.71 987 Clre~cs L~ loyd Co. Inc. Supplies, Ih~y. ~3 11~.96 99] 2ems Speedavey 2beir0 P~. 0#1 $1.30 993 Clmrron Au~o Peril Suppliu, Ihly. 0/3 28,00 99~ Ciurron A~o Parts Suppliea, HuT. 0/3 20.70 995 ClurronAuto Pert Suppll*e, Hup. D#3 70.80 996 Ciurro~ Auto P~rts Su~lle0 P~. 0/3 108,88 997 Ct~Mrron AuCo Pitt| Supplies, h~up. 0/3 |09.83 993 Cumr~o. Auto Perks S~pllea, 2~. DF3 7d.~ 1~1 Clmlrron Auto Prte Supplies, Ih~/. D'3 $9.71 1O02 Skipper ~oppo~k Ssz~lces, ealth Unit 130,00 IO03 Lo~1 Towel S~ppltll0 ~. D#3 $,10 1004 21uler Chld~lin Keplr, ~h~. 0/3 17~.O0 ]O01 Albert Equip~t CO. Supplies, P~. 0/3 912.61 1007 Payee County lu~lmc CO. Supp11.s, Hvy. 0#1 69,50 10l~ St*weft Supply Suppliu, P~, 0/S 676.10 101~ StMrt Supply SopplL.s, ~h~. ~3 IO6.80 10IS Stmmlrt Supply 2~plLu, ~. 0/3 I,AES.19 I012 Ace H~rdvre Unr~ Su~1133, Ih~, D#3 83.94 1023 Rurt Supply0 I~. ~tir, ~. ~l 32.50 102h heton Offlce Supply Sa~ltel. Uellth Unit 50.O~ 1028 W.L, Plckherdt, 14~ Yrvel, Bellth Unit I1,0~ IO30 U,$. Poet O~fice Poetqe0 ho.llth Unit 98.O0 liP. II1~II1~ Illlo~td till lilts bee Ilkld hill to verify the lo~41tLon o! blldlu lo~ ~he I1~ )l*rklt I~m. Be sta~ed the m tbe~ hive ou file doe8 not rl~R 811 b~dll4 ribald #o~ ch~s p~osrem. Be req~sted the Beard oppro~Jl for 2b~l u0rk. Ill OUll~l~m~o q~e~t ~h~8 work yield he beM#lc~l. Hr. )k~pfield / the Ibk~m: "We lagho~lle gbe County hl~ot to nl~ She County brdp8 lad mS ~ the SCOts ~oul~Nt for the ~-10 |tits 7uadld Stop SLS~. Delineator Itd I~d8 S#p P~olrea'. Hr.i~bLt, s~o~Bed, not$on.~rrted by mtno~ vice. IIo l hu epor ed il oqwlsted the b dSe 3 I~Llle OomPh of II~s S~tR~Oe~,ed ~ uL~e ue~t 1~ muf~ nd ~oeme~dod , 30~ ?~ ~+12v~rt or 6~ ~ ~r~ The Iml~d m prelllt~ed ~th check in ~he lIOumt of $502.00 for refultd o~ the m~led porloa of the telrents pre~uno~ She Cmmty Courtho~l.. Cmmty Gleev,l ~ titmay C11/~11 mere prelll~ted lad ,pproved wth the IIl~opg~o~ o$ 114~, #970, 96~, 9~7, 953, $19, ~09, 639, 10~1, 1039, 1051, 1031, aid 992 vhieh v~l r,tu~ed #IV pro~ completion. 691 Glib*! D/scorer Poodl Supplilm, Sheriff $ 693 Potties sud I~+alfleld Supplied, Cvt1 Define. 693 Putom Office 2u1~37 2~pplea, County Trellurer 696 Pls~to~ Offlc. Suppl7 S~lSed, 211mtlo~ Baird 887o ktty V, Babel Travel, btl~llon 813 StSllueter Tybeu~lter Com~ Be~lr, County ~usurer $20 Pitney Rimes 1411~tmncs, Sllctlon Id. $~ S~ld.r Phl~olc7 Pl~tlerlpttobe0 Cherlty 93? St1~tr Pablt*hln2 Co. Bel~eu0 GOu. Govt. $39 The Jou~ll Serv#cu, ~en. o6vt, 9dl M, Dml~e ~Pey Trml, Rateoslo~ 9d2 2.2.N, 2e~c., County Cl.rk $49 Mile Autouotl~l 2upply, I~lc+ Supplieo, Blds. 2Ullr. D.pt. 886 ~e Stre Xnlureuce I~ I~nl~l, Stir. I~l. Yrlu. 911 Cor091~41r P.pr Co. Supplteo, htm~eto~ 95~ Ik~ee 14mlutifu2 Subscription, lxteuslon 955 B & C Office $~q~ply Sappllel, htlml~on 966 The 2tte Xnlurencs Pond P~eldum. Stets Ins, Yrn. 969 Xe~.z Corporstion Miter Ulele~ Dttrlct Arty, 974 HIrOe, 1~ Colc~lt.r Co, ~dllntlnlu~., County Trusurer 975 I~1~1Klectrle CO, 2spilt, G4m. Govt. 973 I/C h~e. ~+~9~t I~slr, Ge~, Govt. 978 I~1o, Xuc, Sapplies, Civil De#sees $79 Hrto~oll. Inc. S~ppllu. Civil Oefon|e $20 Rautlto~s lect~lO~lcs 2uppltea, Civil Unfebee S01 Kml1to~'8 21ectronic Supplies & S.t~+, CSvll Def. ~S X.rox Corporetto~ #stir uMse, Oen. Govt. 990 $t111u~ter Publtahinl CO. $.~lcee, CO~+ Girt, 1010 St111~lter labial Supply 2upl~llel, |1action Berd 101] Bet~on~l d-H 2u~ply Ra~VlceS~llel, Iztlmmlio~ IO12 louthubete~u 2111Telpphome 2er~tce, Clvll Ocfeale 1017 r~lu Prtnters& St.tio~ers S~plLel, CO. Supt. 1019 C. T, Covnsto~. I~ Sl~cel. Charity 1020 7enttm Office 2upply Soppltll DLet. Atty. 1021 Fnton O#flce Supply Supplies. County Clel~k 1022 ~uLlton's 211mtroAics Be~ic & 2~$r0 Sheriff 102~ Oltton Dr~l Suppllel, Chlrity 1025 la~k'l D~u2 Yreacr|pttons0 Chrity 1029 The ~p+u ~ Sullies, H~. D#3 1032' So.the.stern LOll Tslpp~ $.~vlce, Dim, Govt. 1033 Ollton DrI Pr.lmriptlonl, Cl~trlty 1036 I~s Q~p.~ Coe~ny 8ok, ~. 0/S 1037 The Autouotive. Inc. 2upplle, SldS. E~sr, Dept. 1039 ~11u~ 2yen. ~. Tresurer S.rvlcel, ~ealth ~lt lO~O Hrrie ~e Stations Ralmlr, H~. DII L062 Xerox Corporstto~ Niter ull2e, County Clerk 1~3 2~rton Office gquiplmmt Iquipment, ~lseasor 1~4 Precision SI~ Service gapit, Ih~. 0/1 1~6 Sti11~eter T~eu~lter Co+ S~pplles, Oiet. Atty. 1~$ Addreseo2reph-~ltisrph SupplLea0 ~less.r 1~$ Ilorton Office ~utplent Supplie. Asleesor 1050 G. ~111on I~Jn~tn Co, S.rvlees, Ass.lair 1052 J~ek D, l+tuthlln Trs~el0 Health Unit 1053 Rvelyn latin Tr~vel, eslth Unit 10~4 Lsur SKI~ Travel 8ealth UnLt lOSS ~elorie g, Hlcks Poulsr Travel, #ealch Unit lOSS Awlell ~ffsi Tr~ll, Health GIlt ~057 ~thy pit2 Trawl1. IIt,llth ~nit 1058 Hlstl.toe express Serv Servl., Health I~st 1059 ~tchell Jube Hedo Sel~lcea, Rallth Unit 1060 Lled. Hlckmsn Trnvel, #allah Unit lO&l 2. . $1ck. Inc, Supplies, r~tl~lion 106~ ~laho~8 Raturi Gel Co, Ut11Ltlea0 Oe~. Girt, 1065 Prink Phillips Salary, Sheriff 1065 Jack Stark Sla~, Sherif! 1065 harry ~2nl2ht Salary0 Sheriff , 165 Jot Stelsy Sele~7, Sheriff 1O65 Ill1 g111nston Sel~, Sherlff 1053 2uth Stark Slet~ Sherlff 1O61 Sam Listsme Selry, Sheriff lois Yred Mellin2ron Sslty, Sherlf! 06S Olvid DOveS Salary Shertff O66 hor~o~ office qutpSe~ .%ppl;es. ^sses~or O67 Dy~o soanise Sy~tesn, Inc, .q~pplto~. Ks~nst~,m 068 Wllne 2yen, Co.nty Treeurer Servlce~. Gin. P~,vt. 071 C~shiag Newpapers I~c. PubllctLc4~. Gin. Cnvt. 072 City of $Cl]]vster ~ttll|th.~. Can. Covt. 073 Preesan ~in8 A St2. Services, Oen+ Guy, 07k The Y~le ~ev8 Services, Ce~. Coy. ,07~ The Yels gM Serviceu. Gin. Govt. 076 John M+ LOnS Service. Can. Covt. O77 State Ius. Yune Pr~i.=, Stets Ins. Pre~. 082 L 1~ Wilson Co~sny Services, Elect|o~ hosrd 083 L, I+ "Pock" 211yeu ~erv]re*. Elert]on hoard :085 ~lter Devil Travel. Health Gilt +086 P.eri Cben Travel, I~e.Tth tl~$t L087 #tmcy Y+ Cil.s Travel, Ilelth Whl~ i I I iiiii ~O,37 61 ,ES 2.90 6.~5 58.56 ]5,d5 112,O0 2d6.55 ?~. 98 101.09 I?~.i6 50301 2.22 ! .~$8. ?4 ILS.90 13.90 IS.~5 1.377.90 60.17 31.O0 16.50 123.50 79.95 2~6.6~ L~6.29 6~.29 525.00 30.29 $8.O0 10.65 17.2S ,,.,o !X IS.$S , 13.301 $.62 ' 106.95 74.2~ 629.S? 9+96 S~6.03 * 5.~3 1 .&68.S0 32.O0 24?,25 720.00 16,25 $.60 $2.6 $?0.O0 125.00 10f.22 25, 92 ~.26 37.~0 22.01 5.dO 3,17 S$.O0 g$, 16 $2.6? I,~.Yl 925.S0 832.9S ?hO.dO 7~.~ 7~0,~ ?dO+60 51~.O0 $ SSO.~ &2,O0 2~ ,ss P, #~ 2,01",.42 2~u.Ou 76.q8 23.11 q~.sJ 1~1,20 I .21h.l~ 126.71 $.+O HlrJorie P. 2hey reves0 Heett mY+2 C. ray 2uses11 TreY.l. l~lth Untt 66.65 Carl L, Jose. TreY.T0 Bealth Unit 259.71 U'S" Pair Offlce POSt2", Health Unit 98'O0 2kipper Coppo~k Service, #alth tkmit 145.o0 Willie Porter Service, Heelth unit 17350 109~ D. $. Pot~lster Pair2,, Health Unit 5O.O0 1095 beverly A. ~11 bervlc,e, Ra, lth Unlt 50.00 1096 2 & C Offlcs Supply Supplies0 ellth Uuit 27.29 IO97 ~rl L. Jonel Silent. Health U~lt &83.O0 1097 Jck D. Laushlln Ssle~y0 Health Unlt 970.00 1097 C. Ray 2ulell Selry, Hulth Unit 720.00. IO97 Leer8 P. Char Sllary. ellth Unit 235.00 IO97 Lede R. le~"a salary ulth U~tt ~5.O0 1097 Rathryn 5. Peck Ralry, H*ilth Uult 510.00 1097 ~rneltin Hollo belerY0 eelth Unit &gO.OO IO97 Gsyls #u2hey Ssl~, #ealth Unlt 232.50 1097 Lied, Shtp*un salary, bellth Unit 380.00 1097 Goloril Povler Salary, ellth Unit 535.00 IO97 211m A. Neff.it Seliry, ealth Unlt 6&5.00 1097 vel~n Rate Ralty, ealth Unit 222.S0 1093 Dlvld C. Nlrtln $,1a~, Duidancl Car. 187.~ 1093 Pearl Ch~ S,llry0 GoSdaace Car. ~AOo00 1093 Rarity Gales Sl,ry0 Guld,nce Car. $65.00 1090 Joe Cone~ Sdllry. GuSdl=e Car. 583.33 1090 Lledl Sere Ral,rp. Culdlm~e Car. 2O0.$O' 1099 CSty Of St111vlter Utllltlel. laml~h Unit 326.13 11O0 Lister Unith Y*ea; I~tea laird 100.00 I101 Joe Belt~np Peel. 2eiee laird 100.00 1102 Lln4a G. Allmrth Belie. County Clark $25.50.. 1102 Ran~y Hood $,llry. County Cl,~k 600.00 1102 lorry hll~ Rall~y. County Cl,~k ~S.$1 llOg Key Unfford Rally. County Cll, rk ~79.O0 1102 Cauls |1,St 2,11ry. County C~Lerh 314.gS 1102 Lleda Shlpeaa Belfry. tasty Clerk ~9.$3 1102 kcte lair,on hllt~. Gomty Clerk 40.00 1103 2i111e tlvmploa hllty, comty Cls~k ~.~ i10~ Y~ye #. O~on S~lery. Co. I~pt. 825.50 110~ ~elLeee Go~erBe Be1~. Co. I~pto $75.00 1105 2 d C O##lc, 2upply $oppltee. County Clerk 35.~6 llO~ g C O##~cl |upply Su~qt11,s. Slat. Atty. 91.89 1107 2 & C O#fiee Sppply 2~liea. Co. Trelsurer 99.61 1108 2 C Off~ce lupply 2uppISel. Rate,lion 12.O0 IL09 S C Ol#L~e Supply Sul~liel0 kloeslor 316.2! LllO Thunlu I~tdse & Slo~k Co. Supplies. ~. O~1 712.67 1111 b~ehe Nwphy Aluncy Tuurmee. ~4m. Girt. 1.232.00 1112 lolm ~ardv~re d Applt. Supplies. Ih~. 0/| 13,~ 1114 |tat Be4~r S ZWtor RaLid+uredllunt. Aeditot.Beml. 3.021.32 1115 14o Seine 14~ey Ral,ty. htlnmllo~ 603.00 1115 GoI~t L. Y,~ell 2elsie. Ratelion A$O.00 1113 Betty II. ~ Beltry. Realm,ion 562.00 1115 Julce L. Sherk~ S*let~. Betw~OO $28.O0 1Li$ cache A. Berreo~ #elliS. Ratmulon gS&.o0 |115 NIrSlyn J. l~rl~ch Illlry. 2xtenllo~ 394.00 ill| Clmtl~l Oklahoa~ grevll Corp. O~rvel. Ihr~. D~l 2.811.02 1419 Coetr,l Ch~ G~ml C~. Gr~vel. I~. 013 260.36 1120 Dr. Bee1 Itet~ 2~1ee. ~lf~e iS.00 1121 LO~ Dr11 hl~r~. Civil Beqme $$9.00 1121 ~r~n l~rpr~oa hlltp. CSvLI Un2*e~e 310.00 1122 ~ I. Jerv1 2,11~. Co~t Clerk $230J0 1132 Corr~e M. IhSrlpp Rala~7. Court Clerk 373.00 1122 11~ llulla4ore Bela~y. Cart Cle~h 479.00, LI22 Joan Beley Bel~lp. Go~rt Clerk 471.~0~ I122 LSllL~m Beedhem Bellry. Court Cl,rk 671.0~ 1122 ludra N. I~ Bellly. Cdkrt Cleltl 379. 1123Pltrtc~" N. ,risk Belfry. ClTA ~ 515. I12~ ~ L I~ 141111y+ 471.~ 1123 "211o1111 L I~o~d kl~ry, C~& ~ $75.0C 1134 JomhL~l It~lrJ 211ary, County Treuurer $ 575.00 1129 Jot,at, Gillette Se~lt~, Catty ]resurer 515.OG 112~ 2adl~ll Iiortnek Slety, County Treasurer 511.OO ll2d ~ J. Nurlllm S11~, County Treasurer 473.00 1124 Jul~lt, S. I~e Salary, County Treasurer 475.00 ll2& Glorte Cook,sT Sllerp, Co,may Trealursr 460.O0 I12A Rathe M. Phillips Sally, County Treaurer ~60.O0 1125 Slysea . Cruua Slety, County Commissioner 925.50 1125 Ot~1 2. Hayfl,ld S1~, County Coamiesioner 925.50 1125 lob White Se18ry, County Co,mieJioner 925.5~ 1126 Nll~rld Stthe S181~, County Ass,lear 925.~O 1126 Ju~ity Gomn Ssler?, County his,sear 575.00 1126 Core Berc,~ Sllaty, County ~lseem0r 475.00 1126 Verle Prank Slary, Gounty As,,sear 475.O0 1126 3oh P. ~nderlen Selaty, County ~leesor $71.OO 1127 [rne|t Tllley 2e~vlces, 21d$. n2r. 6O0.O0 1123 D~rrell Necklenbur2 Sslsrp, County Surveyor 120.00 II2S Nccoy, Hecklll~burS & AleOCo Bentl, Con. Govt. 75.00 ]130 Ulysses [. Cruz,n ~evel, I~. D#I 200.00 ]131 O~31 2. Klyfleld ~svll, Ih~. D#2 121.00 1132 lob ~ite Trevll, Ih~. D#3 200.00 1133 Rare Kay gull,dire Pie, ClTA Vl 200.00 1134 I~lrsn my K~llendors S+let~, Gee. Govt. 400.00 113~ Srvtn's Printers Supplies, 2ealth Unit 115.00 1|36 Okleholle Return1 Gas UtLlltiel, airy+ Dr3 3.83 1137 Peel J. Smith, D.O. Inc. Prescriptions, Ch~rlty10.00 1138 N11dred Stthe Trey, l. ~sesoor 125.00 1135 holds Selph Selel~, 21ectlo~ laird375+O0 1139 PotrictlJoChlrle 2,1ivy, election laird575.OO. ll40 Christopher D. Szlichte SelecT, Slat. Atty. 750.00 1141 Wtlllm 2. C~bhe2e Treys1, Diet. Atty. 26.36 1l~2 Pork1, Plu~lnl ServScea, I~. 0/3 19.00 Ll&3 vm & ~loc. Co, st. Co. lock, 1hrs. D#I 1.350.25 1144 Evens ~lsoc. Co~et. CO.2ask, I~. D.#I 278.$0 IIA7 Swans end ~eoe.const+ Co.Irk, thr~. D#3 1.162.710 i142 Stewart 2upply Inc. SuppILee, Ihr/. ~3 7173~0 ll&$ Western Union Service, Clvil o6fenee34+$0 ll$1 $t111vster P~bliehL~2 CO.Sel~le,i, o6n. Cove. 79.30 1]63 ocn~ld l~osune Slt~r, CrrA v! ~$5.O0 1163 Plo~d Co Jones $1er7, CI~A Vl $71.OD 1163 l~lo~erd L. Sherp Sl~z~/, CIYA V2 431.92 1164 ~avrence Crelr $,l,ry, RVyo 0/! 621.O0 1164 Clio Groo~ Sllsry, Ihr~. D#1 525.O0 1164 Vlllim Sedlmr Sele~, Hv~. D#1 525.O0 1164 2enneth Ellinlton 2*l~ry, ~v~. 0/1 523.00 116~ J.C. ,1so Rally, H~. DII 525.00 1161 2told 2. beber Sell~, Hv?. D#L 523.00 1165 2*mny L. Prlbl Slry0 Ik~. D#1 $02.04 1165 1~nnle Lee H~21er Sellty, H~. D#| ~42.30 1165 Kirllm COX Selsl~, HUT. 0/1 523.00 1163 2. P+ Orwe billeT, Hv~. 0/1 32~+00 1163 Yluley ~o~rov Rallrp, It~. D|I $25.00 1165 PrinkS, Lane 2alsry, I~. ~41 $21.00 1166 J.C. Smlth S,lty, Ihr~. D#I 625.00 i166 t. 2. Lan2uell S,la~y, lhr~. D/I $25.00 1166 T.S. Unlnl~ Belie, vp. D~I $35.O0 1136 T,ylor ~oeh Helm, Bvy. D4! ..... 334314 1166 2trm Glbhe Salerp, Ihr~. 0/I 273.S~ 1166 Ira Tork S*le~, H~. 0/1 52~.09 1166 Jesse W. Wrllht $laty, P~. 0/1 ~#.04 1167 Jme C. ~xte11 loler~0 ~v7. DS3 +;'.~21.00 1167 W. 0. Povler $lety, Hv~. 0/3 .~ ~O 1167 Cherley Rattlel Selety, H~. 0/3 i~- ~eZ;04 1167 L. Cotton 21cherdsou $,lry, thr~. D#3 "+~. $?~O ]167 ~yl 21meier Sel*~y, PerT+ 0#3 : ~SO.00: L167 2ocky L. 21,eler Slllry0 Y~. 0/3 ""-.325~00 1167 ~eonrd L+'Sherp Salary, 2vy. D#3 30.00 ]167 Clio Sylvster Sel,ry, I~. 0/3 $g$.~0 ]168 Chelter Ivy Bell~, Hvy. 0/3 525.00 |163 Pet $therld2e $llry, I~. 0/3 ~25.O0 1168 L~rty D. Johneo~ Salary, I~. D#3 621.00 L168 John Sable,on Bel~y, I~. 0#3 251.02 1168 Ray ~nllht 8slaty, Ih~. 0/3 ~02.04 ]163 Beq C,edtff Beldam, Hv~. Dr3 &56.&0 1168 Curtis M. SviRa Ssll~, H~. D#3 410.76 LISS Jck M. GO~b111 $,lery, I~. 0/3 525.00 1139 Hervey loetLeu Bellry0 H~. 0/3 650.00 1169 Peul Raaley S,l~lrp. Hvy. 0/3 450.O0 1165 2. 2o Yrlale 2eliry, RIr~. D#3 621.0G 1169 L.E. Ovens Ralry0 Ih~. D#3 525.O0 1169 W. #o oclffin Sel,ry, Ksty. 093 525.00 Ii6S Ranneth Raleon Slat~, Ihry. D/3 ll~.10 1169 Phlllip Bettlea Belie, H~. D$3 $21.O0 1169 Ivn Yacht $lety, V~. 0/3 502.0~ 1169 lobb~ Ray 2tppl,m~ hlsty, Bey. 0/3 ~21.O0 1169 Johnny L. 21ui,r $81ety, ~. 0/3 $25.O0 1170 L.A. Percher Salary0 County ~sseseor $ 210.OO 1170 Cllfford Thonis Salary, County ~JlselJor llO.O0 1170 Rex L. lollrid hlsty0 County ~lseeaor 450.13 1170 L1es N. leley Selary, County klsessor 496.38 iL?0 Clint L. Adler Sl,~y. Gouty ~lseslor 20~.O0 1170 Judy ~2uns Sle~, County klseasor &O0.O0 L]70 Llndl S. Lariat Sllry, County ~leessor 31].63 I]70 IMrren S. Cook $lary, County Aleas~or 87.75 1170 Jecqul 2ale loler~, County hessseor 171.00 1171 Yrenk Phlllipe Travel, Sherlff 279+00 1172 Jck Strk ?r,v~l, Sherlff 109.65 l]Pl Jck Stark Trey,l, 2herLff ~.80 llP& Hsr~ NcKnlsht Tr,vel, Sheriff 40.t5 1175 Harry gcKntlht Trewl. Sheriff 27.90 1176 3IS R+ Stelsy Trey, l, Sherlff 2].90 1177 Joe H. Steley Tr,vel, Sherlff 230.10 liPS K~ Llscerl~n Trey, l, Sheriff 1~3.90 1175 Ran Llste~lan Trey, l, Sheriff 31320 ]180 Sill 21112ton Treyl, Sheriff 284.70 IIS] B111 illicon Trey, l, Sheriff 67.65 L182 2uth Sterk Travel, Sherlff ~.65 1133 2uth Stark Treys1, Sherlff 83.23 1184 Dlvld Dowel Trevll, Sheriff 5.25 IIS5 Unvld ~e Trey,l, Sheriff 4.50 1186 $~11 2wens Trey, l, Sheriff 22+20 1187 Rill Evens Trevel, Sheriff 2%65 1185 Fred Wllin2ton Trlvsl, Sheriff 65.85 12OS Lllee A. Raeley lol~b~rsint, ~iseisor 76.37 1206 ~srren S. Cooke eLmbursel~nt, kl|eeeor ~6.16 L201 Llnd 2. Lariat Rai~burea~mt, Aieenr 5+95 1208 Clifford ~ho~al RalWhurslnlent, kllealor 32.88 1209 C11oc Idler Ratabursmnt, Raeae~or 23.6~ 1210 John P. hod,rein Raimbureelmnt, ~ieeasor 7.$O 38?4 ~leoe Co,piny 2irk0 ~. DF3 33.43 The Chelrmn cllled for recess It II:43 to reconveys it 1:30 p'm' The Ch6ir~n called the mtinl hick to order frcu recess It 1:32 p,m, The losrd ve presented with letter fro~ the Stre Rishvy o6p~rtl~t noclfyin2 thm the fln01 obllsetlo~ of 177 2L2hvsy earth has bean pld. A check in the ellanO of $1,163.78 V.8 preoented frol the Court Clerk [or c~s Cow~tl october Utlllty ed CultodieL portion. Claim #930 witlbe held for 90 dlye peudin8 eorpleticm by the off/cir. T~ ~+4UilliOnSrl m I e~etin2 with the representscivlP of the Stets [xlmLner and Inspector's Offlce rprdlns the ~ purebeee order eystn. Be. Allenevorth ed the Goelstoners hid q~eetto~l .neuered hy the raprelentetlvle. 212heSy Cllh look vle premmted vlth eppropristlon of $292.32 fro~ *ale of culvert and he~ds imt approved. Mr. Beyf~eld m~ds the uotlon to dJourn. Mr. White seconded, u~tlon serried by V~LmUl vote. Th next memtln8 rill be held November 3, 1975, It 9:00 e... BOB ~IT~, VICE-CHAZR)MN e A resolutio~ for the allocation of 1975, wee presented. Mr+ Nayfield ~de preeented'. Nr. Whlte eeonded, motlon The follovin| e11ocetion vs made: 2mm Sheedn2 Y~mdl received on October 6, the ~otlou: "To accept the resolution as clrrled vlth ell Comtlssloners reinS Tee. PATNE Coq~r/~f ASSKSSOR: $S,OOO.OO PAYIt~ COUNT~ CL2J0~: 12,OOO.OO PATN~ COtMTT SHI~TI~Im MOIU[SHOP: 10,OOO.00 PAYk~ COLq(TY k~ZCT3ON BOARD: 2000.00 PAYlq~ Co~3r~ PAIl BOARD: i5,o00.00 CI~IU~L (CAPITOL OUTLAY): 23,989.00 $ d7,989.o0 Nr. Cruz~n presented letter frms the Clay of Perkins re2erdlu2 the Perklne Wdrebo~me. A dLscuelon was held re2rdin2 Cap Pun41. Hr. Whlte rill Invetlpte wh~t fmadcould be received #roe this aDeney. Nr+ White stated at this time he u~uld llkm to propole reid of r~ad ~ervtelon for 11 Commieloners. Nr. White nedl the follou#nS marlin: "I nov~ the P~e Gonay lo+rd of Gomissioners, effective this ~lte, October 13, 1973, est.b11h rue of road s~ervislon for Mch CounLisiouer. Thls vSll e~ble this laird to Ipprovo In lie dut/ea to eonetr~c end mintain the County SS~ay Syste~ for the citlze~! of Peyne ~ounty. This ~ord recopieee that thls In no ely chsnRae the flct that 11 ~ml~eetoners are Jointly and severally responsible for ell the roads In Pete County, according to Stre 1co. The road areas v111 be es follows: CO~SSIONER ~AYPI[~D: GL~CO, HI--Y. P~, AND C~&YTO TOkMSXPS ~SSIONE2 C2UZAN: ~, ~AGLE, 21PLI~, NOWI~ UN20~, SOUTH UNI(M4, IND3AN, PKRI[IS ~ CU~ TO~B2PS CO~ISSIONER ~n4tTE: ~/4, C~E, PARADIS2, Lrl.q ~OV~, AND STILL~ATn TO'SHIPS". Hr. ~tyfleld stated this would be putin2 CostilJio~trl lo district| where the cltlzne have no voice e to thelr representfly. #a tared he would not second chle motlon due to thle fact end feels this vo,ld be e2aunt lays re8erdln2 redlstrlctin8, he u2sested thl Nicer be taken co the Courts for dmclIon. Hr. whlte stetd hls ~avyere have dvlsed htm this is less1 vy to do able. (Thee ulnutee re e~ended to read as Sallows by sotlon ~de by ~r. Whl0 seconded by Hr+ Unyfteld vlth orlon cerrTtng by unani~us yore: ~. Whlte stted he had tlked vlth hls tarTre ,rid It ws hle opinion thls yes /egl In reference to reed sup~rvlslon areas. It ve not hie intenton to lnfsr hls lawyers had advised hll chle le the lsel way to do thil+) Hr. Cr~zsn ststed the cltlzene he h*e rlked wtth vent to vot~ on the Camelsloner tbet works on their reeds. The Chtrnan celled for second to the motlo~ three tl~ee. The lotion dled f~r lack of second. The Payne Gounty Treasurer's report for the month of Septm|ber vie presented end approved. The Board agreed Hr. k'nlte could present his plan to the District Attorney to oboe1 en option es to the le2elity of the hoed Supervision Arias, Purchase Orders #2027/2B/29/30, 2034, 2035. 2036, 2037. 2038. 2039, 2040, 2041, 2042 sod 20~3 were presented. Mr+ white n~de the motion: "To approve the purchsse orders s presented end if the funds ere not eve]fable in hlghvsy to come from Revenue Sharing Funds". Mr. Mayf~eld seconded. Hotton cerrted wtch 11 Cou~issLoners voting yes, Hr. Cruzan stated he ~ould lke meeting with the State Examiners and Inspector8 office for breakdown by the Month of Expense listed in chelr report. Mr. white reque ted the wishes of the ~oerd of the use of old culver pipe. T~ oerd e2reed if the ptpe could be used on county project for the Coumlsdioners to keep this pipe. All other pipe may be considered "JUNI(" end 21van co eltltene on first come first serve heals for chair use. County Genera] end Highway claims were presented end approved. Cletm #926 was vithdrs~ pending correction by the vendor. 333 E.W. Shetton Lumber Co. Wire, Diet. 03 $ 19.50 689 Wtntersteen Agency Pete+ Civil Defense 28.O0 85~ Central Drug Prescription, ~elfere 2.65 85~ Central Drug Preecrlption, Welfere I.SO 856 Centrsl Drug Preecription, Cherlty 12.93 $57 Centrsl Drug Preecription, Cbericy 185.27 858 Central Orug Preecriptlon, Chrlty IS4.~2 8~9 Centre1 Drug Prencription, Cherity 161.24 86O Centre10rug Prescription, Chertty 73.22 861 Central DruS Preecriptlon, Ch.rlty 6.9O 862 Central Dru$ Preecriptlon, Cherity ],$0 870 Fenton Office Supplp Supplies, Clvil Defnse 26+O 891 Clenn's Discount Fond'e Supplies, Sher/ft ~32.)9 90S City of Guthrie Services, Dist. #3 IO0.OO 910 City of Stlllvater Utllitiee, Dlst. fl 1.00 911 City of Perklne U~111tlee, Dit. #3 S.40 912 Oilton Dru2 Prescription, Cherity ]0.O0 913 hob 2ro~ D~r. Cb+, Int. 2epLr, Dist. #3 132+~8 91~ Bob Brov. Oist. Cn., Inc. Supplies, Dtst. !1 33.47 927 Evens &Assoc. Const. Co., inc. lock, 01st. #3 $21.84 929 The Qupa~ Compeny lock, Diet. #3 35&.$6 93O Everetts Auto Supply Supplies, Oiet. #1 23.07 931 Payne County Child WelfereRent, Unifere A$1.18 Hr. Kayf~eld nnted there are approximately $400.00 In cle/m~ to be paid out of T-2 funds, butc~c ere Is not sufficient /ends to cover these e the prelims tans. Hr. Hayfield made th~ m~t~on: "The approximately $4O0.0O In T-2 clalH be teben from ~evenue Shring Funds". Hr. white seronded, motion eerrled with all Coemlssioners vat12 yes. Hr. Hayfield made the m~clon: "To d)ourn". Hr. White seconded. Ration carried with el ComisstonerB vat1S yes. HIFNTIS OF 111(1[ ~ OF COU#'~ CCI4HXSSIO~ItS ~L'rlNG PA~d| COUNTY, ORLANO~A The ~oard of County Col~iselo~Ir8 of Pl~ County. State of Oklsholl met in rqular eulion ~Bey, October 13. 1975, with the follovirql preeent: ~SU: Ifl+YESES S+ C2UZAX, ChAIPJ4AN I0$ k~IT~, VXCE-CIt~IRNN4 ORVAL )L4YPlt~D, KEI~ES OTRElS: LINDA G. ALLEIqSWO2TH, COUntY CL~JU( SETTLE VlLS~4, NEWS Rg~RTE~ DAVID TIACY, N]~S 2SPORTS2 The Chltn~in celled the leetlnS to order it 9:O0 e,m. The llnutes of the ImetSn2s held Soptmber 30 ,rid October 6, 1975 smlre presented. Hr. Whlte ude the milan: "The ninutel be approved es presented". Hr. ~yfleld seconded, motion clrrled vlth 11 ~le/oners ~otlnI yes. Cherlel eedrlck, District Attorney, vii present to ddrell the 9Olrd. ~r. loutdrtek requeated the Jonrd of Co~mty ~e Coamles ere to Pppro#rite funds to eneble his offic to hire n lnve~tiSetor, in the epp xtwtte emo~mt Of $750.00 per lonth. Re Itited tht- inveptl stor vo ld lnvestlSste t e|lsptlons sSalnet the Coaml|sloners lo~J with other crlalunl lw~Jtipttons. NI. yfisld amde the uotion~ '~e ellocete hl~. luhetdlle hi b~JS, t, $730.O0 per mth |o 1me months to permit ~ lnveatl2cor to b, h~red m~d to conln~e if desired to fiai he flscel year". ~r. White seconded. The tellvim2 vote vsre et: I~. NAYPISLO: TES NL t~ll~l: YES ~. C~UIJ~: YES The next meeting wes Bet for October 20, 19750 et 9:00 e,n. Mr, Cru~4~ questLoned If the tavelttlator would he'lied ta LoSS~ Cotmty. but Hr. #esdrlek atted the InvntlS~or voulA be uem/ InP~ ~ty nly. Betlon cerrled. iiii I iii ~Og ~q4ITE, VICE-CRAIEHA~ ii ii ii In REC Country Space for your family to grow with Plenty of fresh air and scenic beauty . . away from the congested city. All this without sacrificing conveni- ences of modern living. All made pos- sible by a dependable supply of low cost electric power from your electric onerative. CENTRAL RURAL the best area buys l always check the e JOURNAL All equipped with cruiseomatic, V-8 engine, steering, power brakes, factory air conditioner, radio, tinted glass, etc. Stock #P8-75 '75 LTD, 4 Dr., Mileage 4 401. List Price Stock #P12-75 "75 Gran Torino, 4Dr., MileBe 8,234. List $5545.00 Our Price $3,999.00 ericeS5156.00 Our Price $3,799.00 Stock #PI0-75 "7$LTD*4 Dr., MIIesq e I0,029. List Price Stock #PII-75 "75 Grim Torlno. 4 Dr.,SA83. $5592.00 Our Price $3,999. List Price $5109.00. Our Price $3,799.00 These units have been used as our Daily Rental Cars and are in excellent to see them to believe it. condition-you'll have 601 S. MAIN 372-7144 1010 E1 6TH