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November 28, 1985     The Perkins Journal
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November 28, 1985

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APPLICATIONS Martinez, 25, and Harmon, 18, both of Morton, Sr. 38, and Richardson, 28, both 24, and Winter, 23, both of Haley, 34, and ulson, 32, both of Michael Kaiser, 23, Gladys Fumie both of Stiliwater Warren, Legal, and Darlene Olga C:85-910: Dian Bird and James Bird vs. Sandra K. Grant and In- dependence Fire and Casualty. Money Judgment for Personal in- juries, $35,000 and 3,000. for pro- perty damage, $100,000. for pain and suffering. Carr & Carr, Tulsa. Atty. Filed-It-18-85. C-85-911: The Bank of Oklahoma, N.A.,as Trustee of the Payne Coun- ty Home Finance Authority vs. Nicholas E. Dreesen, the State of Oklahoma exrel, the Ok. Tax Cumin, the Board of County Com- missioners of the County of Payne, State of Oklahoma and the United States of America. Money Judg- ment and foreclosure for $16,220.17, Lots 18, 19 & 20 Block Stillwater 1 Tucker's Addition to the City of , Legal , Stillwater, Payne County. Hurt, and Flossie Bell Baker & Kistler, Atty. Filed Perkins 11-18-85 C-85-912: NGL Investments, Inc. formerly NGL Supply, Inc. or Iowa Corp. vs. ERW Corp., an Oklahoma Corporation; Midwest Specialty Fuels, a joint venture, presently composed of Specialty Funds, Inc. and American Specialty Fuels, Inc.; Specialty Fuels, Inc. an Oklahoma Corporation; mid American Special- ty Fuels, Inc., an Oklahoma Cor- poration. 1st Money Judgment on APPLICATIONS have been of incompatibility noted.) ~utton Hutton. James M. Atty. Filed 11-15-85 Barbara R. Rowley r D. Rowley. James M. Ir. Atty. Filed 11-18-85 Steve Alexander Lynteen Marie Bryen. Campbell, atty. Filed ' Money Judgment on Con- Debra Gayle Wells tract-S322,662.65. Blackstock, Wells. Melissa Joyce, Pollard & Montgomery, atty. Filed 11-19-85 Tulsa. Atty. Filed 11-17-85 LucilleMason C-85-913: 1st Natl Bank and 'nn Mason. W. R. Cub-Trust Co., Cushing, OK vs. Thomas Filed 11-19-85 G. Emerson aka Thomas Garald ~-633: Kathryn Grace Emerson, the Board of County vs. Mohammad Neal Commissioners of Payne County. Mike Morgan, Atty. Money Judgment and foreclosure for $19,269.54. Charles A. Meyers, Annette Sue Smith Atty. Filed 11-19-85 !Dean Smith. J. Stewart C-85-914: Stillwater Community r. Filed 11-20-85 Bank of Stillwater, OK an knn Bivins Oklahoma Corporation vs. Ecir, 'Brian Bivins. W. R. Cub- Inc. and Sam Rice. Money Judg- Filed 11-20-85. ment and foreclosure of Lien for Regina Christine $2062.81. Roger McMillian, Atty. Daniel Paul Houston. Filed 11-19-85. DeLacerda, atty. Filed C-85-915: Linda Kaye Yager vs. The Quapaw; an Oklahoma Corp. FILED Money Judgment for Personal in- juries, $3,586,174.68. Win. W. Guardianship of Cyn- Ahrberg and Jack B. Sellers, Atty. Roach, a minor child.Filed 11-20-85. atty. Filed 11-18-85 C-85-916: Bank of Oklahoma, I: Letters of Adminlstra- N.A. as Trustee of the Payne Coun- Mae Stites. Charles E. . ty Home Finance Authority vs. Jef- Atty. Filed 11-18-85 frey Paul Edmondson and Lisa Tenant of Annie Darlene Edmondson. Money Judg- F. E. McAnally, At- ment on Promissory Note for 11-18-85 $34,911.35. Lamurr, Much, of Administra- Featherly. Baer and Timberlake, Bland. Win. J. Atty. Filed 11-20-85. Filed 11-19-85 C-85-917: Stillwater Community Will of Mary Frances Bank vs. Robert Jerome Ward. Atty. Fil- Money Judgment and foreclosure for $2342.48. Ellis and Edwards, Will of Clara Bell Lof- Atty. Filed 11-20-85. and Cubbage, Atty. C-85-918: Stillwater Community Bank vs. James Craig Harris. Joint Tenant of Fern Money Judgment on Punitive M. Haley, Atty. Fil- damages for $50,000. Ellis and Ed- 85 wards, Atty. Filed 11-20-85. Will of Ella Inez Mar- C-85~19: Area Investments, Inc. M. Haley, Atty. Filedan Oklahoma Corp. dba Area Pro- perty Management vs. Bob L. SUITS FILED Smith dba Stillwater Meat Market. Apple Bank for Saw Money Judgment and foreclosure York Bank. vs. R.H. of Lien $1,400. Glen R. Winters, At- Hunter Kenmet and ty. Filed 11-20-85. aka Jill M. Money C-85-920: Alexander Energy Cur- and foreclosure for potation vs. Jack E. Pendleton and Andrsws, Davis, Legg,Marjorie L. Pendleton. Appt. of Ap- and Murrah, Atty. praisers. Lenn & Helms, OKC, At- ty. Filed 11-21-85 Sherwood Garrison vs. -o- Marine, a div. of Corp. Money Judgment damages, $400,000. ,750. Loss to employee. (]off, OKC, atty. Filed Stillwater Community t 0klahoma Banking Corp. Matthews Wallace. and foreclosure Ellis and Edwards, 11-15-85 Contract-$7~500.; 2nd Money Judg- ment on Contract-S370,756.85; 3rd MAZZIO'S STILL COMING CLEVELAND - Mazzio's Piz- za is still coming, to open in the spring of 1986 if everything goes according to schedule. Jim Sill said government red tape through the SBA is blamed for the major holdup on the project. -O" SHOPPERSIII! on 30-50% off all Weathered Material 2x4 2x8 . 2x12 2x6 2x10 s Builder's Supply 1 Mile East on Hwy. 33 Perkins LETTER TO THE EDITOr November 20, 1985 "Answer To Critics Of County Assessor System" There has been considerabl : criticism during the past yea and in recent weeks of the Coun- ty Assessor system in County Government and specifically, of the jobs the County Assessors are doing in general across Oklahoma. At the present time, a ' Jpecial Interim Committee on Ad Vaiorem Tax" is current- ly meeting on a weekly basis in the capitol with the job of mak- ing recommendations to the Legislature on changes in the County Assessor Systen} and the way property is assessed for Advaiorem Taxes. Most of us would welcome improvements in the advaiorem system, how- ever any such changes should be based upon a true and ac- curate evaluation of the present advalorem system and not upon the off the cuff, theoretical, unknowledgeable, and flippant remarks of a University of Oklahoma professor and also not upon incorrect information from the Oklahoma Tax Com- mission (OTC). For example, last week the Daily Oklahoman published an article stating that assessors are using fair cash values and that some counties don't use the minimum assess- ment ratios as required by a State Supreme Court order. Both of these statements are not true, cannot he substan- tiated, and unnecessarily cloud the issue and only serve to erode the confidence of the peo- ple in the County Assessor Systen For example, by OTC's own published reports all 77 county assessors assessment ratios fall between 9 and 13.92 percent for 1985 which is fully and more than in compliance with State Supreme Court guidelines and Oklahoma Law. For all of those who say that assessors are not in compliance with law and that there is no equalization of property values between counties, you are misinformed and not looking at the facts. Oklahoma Law and, the referred to, State Supreme Court order call for a degree of equalization of property valua- tions between counties, not ex- act and perfect equalization as desired by the critics of the system. The present system basically calls for the best appraisal possible of the Fair Cash Value of a parcel of property and the use of an assessment ratio of between 9 and 15 percent in the calculation of an assessed value which in turn is taken times the school district millage in arriv- ing at the taxes for the parcel (e.g., house & lot) of property. The Fair Cash Value of a parcel of property is the appraisers best estimate based upon a set of criteria (as published by OTC for use by all assessors, e.g. in- chdes calculation procedures so as to insure better uniformity between counties) of what the property would bring on the market at the time it was ap- praised. If, however, the proper- ty has sold recently then that in effect is an overriding factor and would in most cases set the appraisal value for advalorem tax purposes (not decreased by the alleged 60% factor). There are those who advocate centralizing all appraisals of real property under state con- trol and setting the same assessment ratio for all 77 coun- ties. There are of course several advantages and disadvantages to this proposal. Disadvantages would include: a. Loss of control by county residents on the level of taxes paid {since they elect the coun- ty assessor, he is responsive to their desires on the level of taxes in the county based upon the needs of county government and schools b. Create an unacceptable in- convenience to property owners in the appeal of what they might feel are unjust or incor- rect values placed on their property. c. Tax rates {assessment ratios) would be set to achieve uniformity and not based upon the needs of the county, conse- quently some counties would have more taxes than necessary while others would not have suf- ficient funding. d. In poorer less developed counties tax rates (assessement ratios) arbitrarily and uniform-,' ly set by the state would be greater than property owners could afford to pay which would tend to force a greater migra- tion of working people and businesses from the rural areas to the metropolitan areas. For those counties with up to date revaluation programs, assessed values and taxes on real proper- ty could very well increase by 40 to 60 percent! e. Loss of appreciation and ability at the local county level of tax officials to evaluate and adjust tax rates based upon the balanced needs of tax recipients and economic conditions in the county which enable residents to pay taxes at an established advalorem tax rate currently set by the assessor {in consulta- tion with county residents and officials). f. Tax rates {assessment ratios) uniformly set could he too high and thereby serve to discourage industrial develop- ment, particularly in the rural counties. g. Loss of county control of the advalorem system and a significant step in loss of local county government. h. Less concern of appraisers as to accuracy of appraisal values in reflecting true "Fair Cash Values" and slower responsiveness in correcting Fair Cash Values that are too high and perhaps based on speculative values. L Greater cost, based on cur- rent outside appraisal firms costing more than current coun- ty use of in county appraisers {higher salary scales and travel costs). Advantages would include: a. Undoubtedly increased funding for some if not most county governments and schools {through a higher assessment ratio). b. Higher degree of equaliza- tion of assessed values between counties (may or may not be considered an advantage depen- ding upon from whose view- point). c. Greater control of the ad- valorem tax system from the state bureaucracy level Critics point to revaluation and county assessor problems in insulated countiej} as typical of the current system and ad- vocate making wholesale chang- es in the system to correct a few flagrant violations which are oc- curing in very few of the 77 counties. We maintain that the county assessor system as cur- rently written into law by previous legislators for the ap- praisal of property and the set- ting of assessment ratios is basically sound and should not be discarded or drastically changed because of a few bad apples in the system, so to speak. We can better serve the interests of people and the state by identifying the problems in those counties not following the The Perkins Journm uursuay, law and working to see that those problems are corrected so as to insure that revaluation as called for state wide stays on schedule {e.g., to be completed by all counties by 1987). In any case, where an assessor refuses to follow established guidelines or schedule (through no fault of their own) in the revaluation of property then appropriate ac- tion should be taken, as current- ly and amply provided for under the law, to force that assessor to comply {e.g. removal from of- rice if necessary). In those cases where funding and staffing are a problem, assistance should be provided by the state on a priority basis to get the necessary resources made available in county to get the revaluation completed on schedule {e.g. this assistance could be in the form of appraisal staffing guides based upon the number of parcels in the coun- ty, legal assistance in obtaining funding from county resources, and even by initially providing state appraisers on a temporary basis to a county assessor in getting the counties' revalua- tion program started and in place until it can be maintained l ovemDer 1985 -- PAt , by the county itself). It is my firm position that the percent county assessor system for assessing advalorem taxes is basically sound and should be retained in its present form. The present County system is closer and more responsive to the peo- ple than any other tax system we have {e.g. federal and ste e income tax systems, etc.), has no more problems than those systems at the state and federal level and in its present form serves the needs of the people better than our critics propos- ed "centralized appraisal--one assessment ratio system" con- trolled by the state bureaucracy. Joe L. Youngker Lincoln County Assessor -O- PERKINS MAN LOSES BUICK IN HOSPITAL PERRY A 1985 Buick belonging to Wallace White, 57, Perkins, was stolen while he was in the Perry Memorial Hospital White was visiting in Perry when he became ill and was admitted to the hospital on Friday where he remained until Monday. He parked his new Buick on Holly Street, and it has been reported as stolen. 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