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November 29, 1962     The Perkins Journal
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November 29, 1962

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iiin I III III ..... The 5 Copy The On~ Newspal~W ~ ~he State Raf ;Can BenefR Perk~ bad Commum~/ Perk4~% Payne Cou.ty, Okla Thur,day, November 2g, 1962 Six Pa~es Voi. 73 No. 10 By Roland Sodowsky A veteran newspaper man once told us, "a good newspaper editor has more enemies than friends." --AIM-- ' . As we settle down to this rather Perkins a~esidon~ hail a new i~to .the new one started Saturday boxes available. The post Office unenjoyable task, writing our building Monday ant was finished Sunday. now has 400 ren.tal boxes and 50 swan song column as editor of the post o2~$ce morakn~. The local pos~ office The new boxes which are placed general delivery boxes. Journal, that gentleman's words moved r~rth one door and ex- in the lobby Of the new building Also the ~aster has ask~d bather us. Sure, we've had dis- ~eir facilitiesto give w~ the lmldup on completion of ci, tize~s qf Perkins to be sure and agreements and differences wi.th patrons better service in more the new projeot. Along with these eheck the bulle%in board from lots of folks in Perkins; but, by mode~ facilities, boxes and expanded facilRies the time-to-time as pertinent inform goll~,, we can'~ think of a single B A ~Fiolle, postmaster, said that Perkins post office wiR be be~er ation is posted there for publicGrade A, bona fide enemy. Where (he .m~ving from ~he old building equipped to handle the traditional use. have we gone wrong? Christmas rush which will short-A total ~f eight men :and women --AIM-- Lions Plannin ,y be starting, make up the local staff. They are ~rhe new combinations and the in addition to Fiolle, Mrs Emma As editor of the Journal, we stiffness of the locks had many McC]lain, clerk; Mrs Ruby /%1- have tried to present the news Santa Visit ,peple perplexedemployees andbusy keptMondaythe bright, classified clerk; Mrs B A fairlY,ions and tOtheykeep our own opin- and Tuesday helping the distress- carriers, E L McCarty, route one; editorial page or in this column. L " - lanned for n the Santa~i~: . ~.~: :~ ....... . :~.. ~:~::: :.;~ .... ~.._.>-..:. ~: Whether we have succeeded or eoe Tri-County Hopper Dee. 1. Claus committee will be George ~iii~iii~i~ii~]i::i~::i:i~:~::-:' /i: :~::/:: . -: .:~ failed is not for us to decide. But The announcement was made by ~z~,..~:~:~:~:::z~.,~::::~:~:.:::::~.~:::. ::: .......... ~ ~ ~ we've got a clear conscience. . Fmlle Wilfred Over ~...r:~z+!:~:~i:!@,~:~::.!:::::i.- :: .... :. :.~~ Jacob, B A , - :.>~,:::::::::::::::::::::+:::f each family take ,the first -~~~~~ many--and boosting nur morale thebunejournalfr nineeditor,sYears, post,Unt"ihetakingwas aid and survival course so that ~~~~~!~ many times. --AiM--We a,`,~. grT+:c~'d. each family will be able to take ~~~i~ working with the Stillwater Dally ~ News-Press on a parttime basis care of themselves in ea~e of sud- .... ...... > ~:~~~ While we will still have a foot while attending Oklahoma State ,dela:~O. Distributing ma~l into the new boxe~ are Ruby Albright,left,and in the do~r as. publisher of the university as a journalism student.McCavty also pointed out thatEmma McCIain. , Journal,the primary responsibil- in surviving from the e~feets of + He is presently pastor of the Rip- the radiation that it wo~ld ge up ity for giving the community a ley Baptist ehur~ch. While at OSU, to each individ~aal rather than the Friends To Host Roundball Season good newspaper will lie with Jim i: Wood was treasurer of Sigma Wood, the new editor. We think i~) h~!l~ 'them out. .... " enjoyed working with him the !i~' journalism fraternity. He served McCarty also stated that the Quarterly Meet Opens Saturday as editor el the "Gleam," Baptist 'past couple of weeks, and we Student Union newspaper, and best pamplet dealing with the sub- know he will earn the respect and ( was a Daily O'Collegian ~aff jec~ of fallout shelters and pro- Frmnds' Chapel church will be H~ vision and sanitation planning., ...... "gh school principal and bask- cOnfidence of the community, as !i~ the scene oI tne bnawnee quarteretball c member. ~,,, ~n b~ found in a -a,~--hlet that . ' - .each Cecil Acuff announe- a responsible citizen in a re:spon- Wood's wife, Carolene, 23, hasis available in the local lmst office. ~ meetmg Fr day and Sa.tu day, ed that the season opener for the sible job. . ' 13ec I anG Z served as vocational home eeon- ~a,~-ol aid at the ,--,,~ent can " " local teams this Saturday night at ...... v-'-~ Guest speakers will be Lyle iteld emirs teacher in .the Perkins high ~--,~-- ),~ ,-)-,oined from ,),~ -o, e~'n- Jones and the home opener will school since September, 1961. She .... ~ ~ uf~.~ '~r~ ~'2U Whecler' missinary t the Cngbe next Tuesday night with Tryn Se i Ae meritto ouilfl eommuni,w saelters __ ......... - " . i is a 1961 graduate of Oklahoma . OtAxrlca, ana Ivlerle A.l~oegen- rv ces r and family shelters can be fmanc- s er'n~ de ' State university.A native of . eral up ~ en nt of the Kansas A pre-season game willbe ed th,rough the FtIA administrat- l ath Stigler, she attended Eastern ...... Yearly Meeting of Friends. t) ayed tonight again.~ the alumni ion unoer certain con~liuons ' From Rd Oklahoma A&M for two years. A~ " A~cording to McCarty the " pre- The meeting, will convene Fri- with~ game time scheduled~s at 70 rs. l OSU, she was a member of the ............ day morning .at 10:30 and the Th ~re will be, no adm'sAon (.barge sent time ~s tne east ume to DUlI(I Future Teachers of America, ". . . ..' .... Saturday evangelistic service will but a container will be provided snelters steele tnem ana plan just ~.^ ^,., o..--- " "o at ) - Funeral services were held Fri- Home Economics club, Baptist "' " o ....... uv ~t .:or pa.. ~or ~ n ions t: buy a newscore wheat each ~amny wnl ao where " n I w']l b ' day, Nov. 23, at the Olivet Christ- Student union, Girls Chorus, and .... :- " i'l Marne =yon i e host pastor. ('lock for the new gymnasmm. ~tudent National Educators asstm- they wil~ go ana routes ~na.t w I ian church for Mrs O~)ha Jane be used in case of the necessity of Acu~f also named the 12 girls Rid.path, 96. M~s Ridpalh, a Per- lotion. Mrs Iota Buck, society editor evacuation, and not after the init- Methodist Plans who have received mlits. Thesekins resident, died Tuesday in and Linotype (~pcrator on the ial bla~ of nuclear bombs, girls are Ste]la Nelson, Paulette Oklahoma City. Each Lion present was given the _ . Fagan, Linda Cameron, C A Duck- Rev Hershel I. Jones officiat- Journal staff, will .continue inpamphlet and asked tostudy it" Yule (~antata ett, Molly FuMz, Sandy Wells, ed. Burial was in the Olivet cem- thatMrsCapacitY,Franie SodowskYBrown is said.news ed- ~2deng~;e )~aan~dera21:n tot~he p~l PMa:;YnEV~SrolKva2'BoB~tlr:on, i~):~: etery under the direction of Strode ltor of the Glencoe weekly. P g .. g . ; Members of the Methodist chur- _ .. " .. Y ~. L.. ~. funeral home. ibilities of the rea~l~y ot a nuclea ch choir will t)reser~t a cantata Brmensune ana ~naron l~amono- Pallbearers were Bob Bickell, war at any time. "- ' son. J T Bic)~ell, Roy Bickell, George ,Warning Issued An attendance and membership Sunday, Dec. 9, at 7.30 pxa. . Ridpath, Lee Price and Orlln .... ~s en=-~ and the ,,-- ...... , ...... School o~ieials have released anve con~es~ as aea A ~on~ unenmng Dy jonn w. . ........... I Smith. the lUbZ ~ut~ ~cne~u e reaulta announced a~ the close of Peter~on, will be the presentation. _ _ "~ " " _. Mrs Ridpath was born Oct. 19, To Dog Owners -Jones "r.er, the meeting. The team headed by Florence Ho~brook will be direct-" - .- _ 1866 a~ C~lumbia City, Ind., the ~--rryon ~lere Palmer Sadler won a elo~e race or and Glende Mercer will be or- . . daug~nter of Mr and Mrs S J ,.-.,,~r +h~ ~.. ~an~alned by Paul ---~* 6---Ripley Here SUperintendent Rpss Duckett ........ - .... " - ~ ...... "1 ~'-1 "~-r l~aust" , ~y e *~ e has made an urgent plea to Per-Evans Sadlers side scored 377 The public is invited to =ttend. . 22 She was married to George R~0- --" '~ Evans' texan chalk-" U- 14---Oilton ",'ner~ p~th ~t Burden, Kan. They came kins eitlzen~ ~o keep ~eir dogspoints aria e~ p ..... 18--Tryon There O~ the ~ool gt~. a~. ~'he ~A- ~z po, nt~. 20--Yale Her0 to Okh),h0n~ Sel~t. 2g, 1891 where o.. The l.,n. will ,h. l ll wlnne~ at the Dec 10 meetin~ IJ~J/'lL~ A~l~ ~ ~ 21--Meeker There they homesteaded a farm five ~1~=~ ~. ~-we ~re ~g ~or ..... " miles welt amd tWO miles SOURh ~f Ewn. t~um had 12 10~.~ceil~t Jan. 2, 3 & t--M~ke~ ~ourney Perkim~ p~l~," J~,t~C,k~ F~led. . members thl~ottlgh0~tt the ~o~t M~ ku~ Graham had as her 10, 11 & 12--Yale Tour4xey M~ RldOath was a member of ~gt~: ~ tl~ii: ul~le~ the and ~adler's Mde ~llied ten 100- ~2~h~v~g )gueaRs Mr an~ Mrs 1E--~Mtber ~ ~he Meth.~[~t ehurda: ~Ufi~ ~~_. Ve~; .pOlly Per~cent ~ but made their ~e~er ~, Sane ~=d' ~ Of L~ Dste -- Survlvor~ include three sons, marmtn of vtetory in n~w members Su~putpa am1 Mr ana Mrs ]M~n- ~a,--xeue ~'Tl~er~ M l~id~mth ~ Chandler, J W ~t ~he ~~-Wt~ !~ve and--"i:einst~t~ ~ ~ot~l Cook and Sue. 25---Rl~pley el~ereRldp~th of Tryoa and Frank Rid- 0 G & E gave~,~ns elu a ......... H Jacks "-" as = l:~t'h of Perkl~; five daughters, Imt mr ano ,- Feb to li . n~ Here Mrs Oi~tha $ohnson of Bu/%ank, .._,~._ ~., .'~..a_ ,:;2.--.,--. euad thor ~.k~.~ylng ~nn ~I~ 5.-~t~e~ Here O~d~., Mrs Nell Youngker, Mrs wu! ass~g the taons memoers m JL,,n, mtron"~ --'d t~miTM of W;als- ... . -. .2.-_ Mabel/~lekell and Mra Grace Hou- a'~aa~ 6 maa "7 TT p" -uttl- ,.. ,.,w--.,,,,,,..p.m.,,. ; ce er o.n Perkln aad Mrs Mary u m, Club To Meet she ,- - ved by 19 ~ l~Vlfli~ ~p ~ Will mem bet w~" m~N to l~etp ~ a~ mini ~ Dale o~ PerkinL ~hl ,~, 28 gre~t gramic~ildren l~I th~I~ kn~'~tl ~lwtlon ot all immlbl~. ---~ ane Nv~ great great grandchild- Officers ne~t "l'umday ~ Next week Mr and Mrs @dmtdle CoW~l~ of The Wshlns~n IrVSn~ home de- . '4d" ~ ~ club regX,~'r...Am ~ wl) I ~m~r&tlon club ~ meet Tue~- z-le~ ht~ preceded her in