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December 10, 2020     The Perkins Journal
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December 10, 2020

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Lettersto Santa LETTERS PageA1 Dear Santa, What are you doing Santa? I would like a remote control car and that’ s all. My tWo brothers want remote control cars too. I have been good and so have my brothers. You’ll have to come in thru the door since we don’t have a chimney. It’s aredbrick house. Be carefulof the puppy, Jesse. I’ll put some com in the backyard; for the reindeer. I’ 11 leave you cookies and milk. Goodbye and Merry Christ— mas, Kash, age 4 Meny Christmas Santa, Do you still have Rudolph? I have been good. want a Hatclrimal with' hearts on the egg. I don’tknow what my brothers want because I didn’t ask them. You can get to my house with a sleigh and the real live reindeer. I’ll leave you some cookies and milk. Love, Reyna, age 5 Hi Santa, Do your reindeer really lmow how to fly? I’ve been good so Iam on the good list. I want a dress, a crown, a watch, and a wand. I want to dress up like a princess, like Elsa. My sister might want a zombie. She has been good and a little bad. I am in a new house and it is white and a little gray. Use your magic key to get inside. I’ll leave you’cookies and milk. Love, Olivia, age 4 (almost 5) Dear Santa, How many elves do you have? I have been good. I want a Nerf Rifle that has balls that you can shoot and share with my dog. I would like a hover- board. My house is decorated with elves and deer so you will know which one is mine. You will have to come in the door. I will leave you white milk and cookies. Merry Christmas, Kain, age 5 Dear Santa, I want a Nerf Blaster that has ascopeonitsolcanshoot. I would use it every day like a lot! I want a camera so I could take pictures. Make it a real camera so I can take pictures of my Aunt Avecon. I want games like Guess Who. Ihave been good and a little bad and my sister has been some good and some bad. You can look at the mailbox to find my house. I will leave you Love, 1 Max, age 4 Mrs. Focht’s Class Dear Santa, Can 1 pet your reindeer? 1 want a Batman toy. I will buy you some cookies at the store, for you to eat, and some milk. You can come in the front door, it is locked, so knock. Love, Sebastian Dear Santa, I want an A’for Avalon; like a Christmas tree, ummm, presents that are red. My mom needs an orange present. My bubba needs paper. Get something for ,my daddy too. He needs something yellow. Make sure to come when I go to bed. My dogs will listen to you. We, 1 Avalon Dear Santa, ' I want a red remote controlled car and a new Spiderrnan costume, because the new one just :e'outlneedsomeBBs for sister wants, like, little mime dolls and,like,she probably wants clay. I don’t knowfiwhat else, but I know she wants that stuff. You can come, the chimney. We , will up the floor for you! Lever; Colt ' Dear Santa, I want a big car that controls, and a pumpkin that controls too, and a sprinkles school bus thing, and you know that super specialtoy!!! Youcanwrapthe presents with wrapping paper and put them in the kitchen. I want to see the real reindeer that is big!!! Love, Jensen Dear Santa, I have been good, I’ve been listening to mommy and daddy. I want a viewfinder and a stuffed unicorn. Merry Christmas! How does your reindeer fly? What is your favorite food? You can look for a tall tree, that’s my house. Love, Brynlee Dear Santa, You can go past the play- ground to find my house. I want a Barbie Dream house and a camper, and a carfor my Barbies , and some new Barbie dolls. I have been REALLY' good, I have been cleaning up my bedroom. I make cookies at Nana’s house and you are gonna eat them. Love, Karnryn Dear Santa, I want, um, some real Hot Wheels that I can drive,-and I wantanewNerfgun.Iwillbe good with the Nerf gun. And, I want a necklace, I think you sell them, I don’t know, I saw it in a book. My momma wants a purple dress. DJ has been good, and he wants a PSS. Xavi wants, like a voice thing, like this change that changes your voice. My mommy wants a new phone case too. We need new light bulbs too. Love, Aurelius Dear Santa, I want a motorcycle control- lertoy,amonstert1uckthatis a tiger. I can play with the mon- ster trucks outside in the dirt. I want to know what you look like. I love you. I live on a dirt, well, the dogs won’thurt you, cause they don’t hurt anyone. Love, Rhys Dear Santa, So,I want, let me see,I want, one thing, okay, so, I want, a new, let’s see, I know, okay, so,I want, okay, let’s see what I get, so, a by football, cause I love toy footballs. So next I want, let me think, okay, I want this really cool toy, wrapped up in a present, it’s amanwitharmsandlegs and a pumpkin on his head. And I wantaphonetothe man,okay, okay, I want, one last toy,I last present, a toy sword. Love, Troy Dear Santa, I want two guns and two puppy toys.I want a computer 405.612.4522 '- Roger Stevens :WQ . " “t ' - Home or Office - Sales ’ - Networking " Repair - Hardware/Software - Viruses/Spyware We Make Housecallsl é and a puppy game to play with my bubba and mommy. I will give you cookies and cakes, I will give you Ho Ho cakes, because him like Ho Ho cakes. Love, ' Seth Dear Santa, I want a metorcycle because I love’ em. I want .a bat, like an animal, because I love’em. Thank you for some stuff. Mommy wants a computer cause, she loves’em. Watch out for my dog, if him catches you, him will bite Santa. Put the presents by the fire. Iove, Rhett Dear Santa, I have been good good this year. I tell my momma yes ma’am. I want a Barbie with a dress. Look for the note from me, it is special. How do the elves make toys? Love, Kynzlie Dear Santa, I want to-tell you about dance and momma and my daddy. I want a costume, an Elsa and Anna costume. And I will give you a present too. Do you dance? Do you have fiiends? Love you. Love, Jovie Dear Santa, I want a costume, I have five, but I want more. I-do jobs at my house. Umm, some new clothes, because I‘want new clothes for Christmas, okay, you can come to my house, I can teach you ballet at my house, because, I want a big present withabow,umm,and want some new circles and that is everything I want. Iove, Laiken Dear Santa, I want toys for Christmas. Love, Malcohn Dear Santa, Well, I want a phone, so I can do school Work on it,I want to get atoy from you,I wantacop car, and I want some pencils, uhhh, I want a Barbie play set and a new mask. Love, Tessa Dear Santa, ‘ .4 I miss you, "yet; been gone too long. I been good for 1 1 days. I want ten'I-Iatchimals, becausethey are socute.lwant an Ariel doll with a mermaid tail. I will give you cookies and milk, and carrots. The carrots are for the reindeers. Love, Ryien Dear Santa, Happy Christmas,l want you to bring me a monster truck and,uh,aredcarthatis fastand has a ‘mote control. That’s all: J ayden has enough toys, so her doesn’t need anything. I think that’s all. love, Braxton Mrs. Byrd’s Pre-K Class Hello Santa, How are you doing? I want a globe for me and a pair of scissors for my mom. I want a binder for school. I have been good this year. I want Raynee to have a picture. She has been good, but she’s been hittin me. Bell be’s mean to THE JOURNAL, Thursday, December 10, 2020 -'A3 Raynee cause Raynee hits her and Emily hits Bella every day. They shouldn’t get presents. Well, my papa blocks my chimney so you’ll-have to use your magic to get in. I’m going to leave you some cookies and milk and reindeer snacks. I love you. Love, Oaklee Pope, age 4 Dear Santa, What do you look like? Are your reindeers doing well? I’m asking that because the germs are going around. And what I want is a hover board, a Carnaro that I can drive and that’ s all. I have been good this year. You can come down the chimney and I will leave you chocolate chip cookies and white milk. I’ll leave carrots for the reindeer. I love you Santa. Love, « Sophia Taylor, age 4 'Hi Santa, - How are you today? Can you please bring me a present? I want to watch the Spider Man movie. Cause Spider Man throws everything around in the room. I want a prize toy where the arrows shoot out. Kind of like a bow and arrow where you shoot this kind of bullet and it goes really for and like40 miles an hour. I want a CtOSsbow. I have been good. Gavin’s been better than Brai- ton because Braiton has been so loud. My mom has been good. I don’t have a chimney so I’m gonna unlock the front door for you. I’ll leave you some chocolate cookies and white milk. I’ll leave some dog food for your reindeer. Love, Eastyn Applegate, age 4 Hello Santa, I love you, Santa. How is Mrs. Klaus? I want Kinetic _ Sand and a Hover Board. I already have a scooter, so I probably want a skateboard. A pink one. I have been good,but by brother hasn’t really been good. He shut me out of the room. and he doesn’t want to play with me. He tries to scare me and doesn’t stop. I have one more thing that I want. I want an [Pad and that’s it. You cancomeinmy house from the front door because] don’t have ‘a chimney. I will leave you chocolate cookies and white milk. I’ll leave carrots for the reindeer. I love you Santa. love, Brinley Davis, age 5 Dear Santa, I love you, Santa! I want a monster truck controlled alligator. ,Hello and goodbye, Santa. I’ve been good, but a little bit naughty. My sister Kaybra has been bad. She hits me and all the time smacks my hand. My baby sissy has been crying and has loved me 'at school. You can come in my front door. I’ll leave you chocolate milk and chocolate cookies, the cinnamon ones that have green inside them. I love you, Santa Iove, Kyden Cartwright, age 4 Dear Santa, . Can I please have a baby doll car and a new coloring book and then a set of pencils and markers too? I want a shirt and some pants and then new sunglasses and that’s'it. I’ve been really good. My sisters have been good too. Can you bring Blaker a new notebook and Rylee probably too? You PERKINS Call Harland Wells 405-747-4825 .3: g E t g»; can come doyvn my chirrmey and I’ll leaveyou carrots for the reindeers and milk and chocolate cookies for you. . Love, Laynie DeMuth, age 5 Hi Santa, I love you! I want to have a picture with you. I want you to come to my house and I’m going to get you presents. I want a big truck dinosaur with the water cannon and slide. 1’ want you to give me a bouncy house. I think he’s gonna give me some paper and markers and a big, big present. Then I want a big, big, big, big, big sprinkler dinosaur. I’ve been good, but I’ve said a few bad words. My brothers and sis— ters have been bad, but bring them presents and bring me presents and I won’t say bad words. You can come down the chimney at my house. I’m going toleave you cake orange V juice. I’m going to leave the reindeer a cookie. I think them like a cookie. That’s it. Love, Kaleb Homberger, age 4 Dear Santa, I love you! I like your rein- deers. Your reindeers are cute. I Want a real piggy with some food and a gate for my piggy to not get out. I want a lot of for real piggies with a big gate. Can I have a unicorn the squeaks loud? And I want a for real unicorn. I’ve been good, but my sister hasn’t. She keeps on being mean to me. Can I have 10,000 pigs and unicorns? You can come in my front door. I’ll leave you a card and some pizza and a heart on the card. I’ll leave food for the reindeers. Love, Whitlei Lightfoot, age 5 Dear Santa, Can you bring me some presents? I want aadancirrg fla— -. mingo andabigmonstertruck. I also want an ice cream game like Mrs. Byrd’s ice cream game. I want some puzzles and some markers. I don’t have a chimney so you can'come in the back door. I will leave you some cookies, some milk and some games. I got games. Love, . Shawn Mullins, age 4 Dear Santa, I want my own car just like my mommy has and a monster truck.'I already have a scooter so I want a trampoline and fake tools. I love those and I’veneverhadthose.l’vebeen good. Maybe my mommy would like one thing. I think she would like a new shirt and a new jacket. She has beengoodtoo.In'eedtotell you a really really serious thing. I have a real alien in my house. It’s in an orange bag. Grandma showed it to me and you can’t squeeze the bag because it has alien babies and they are going to come out soon. I can’t wait for them to come out! I want a new pool because we had to throw our old one away because it had a ’ hole in it. Santa, I don’t have a chimney so you can come‘ ’in my window and go up my stairslhave sooo many stairs! They make my two legs tired. Me and Grandma are going to make the milk and the cookies for you and then we’re gonna hide so we can see you. I love you, Santa! Love, Mason Quiroz, age 4 Hi Santa, , v How’s the North Pole? Is it cold? IwantaGhostRiderand a White monstertmck. I want a brand new car that I can drive and then a toy little airplane that has like aremote. I wanta box full ofLegos and a brand new water bottle. I’ve been good and so has my brother. He’s been sick, but I think he wants a toy like a Spider Man toy, because that’s what he usually likes. That’s all. Love, Dawson Wells, age 4 Hello Santa, Can we get presents? I want a bunch of unicorns and horses. I want unicorn that glows in the dark with the horn that turns on and a unicorn car. I want a fake unicorn phone. I’ve been good and so has Ty. He wants a skateboard. I don’t have a chimney so go in the front door. I’ll leave cookies for your reindeers and cookies for you. I love you, Santa! love, Leann Reckentwald, age 4 ’ Dear Santa, How are the reindeer? I want a baby doll and a book and a folder. I also want a writing book and new shoes. I have been good all the time. Cena wants a baby doll too and she’s been good too. You can come down my chimney, but be careful ofthe fire in there. I’m gonna leave the reindeer some carrots and I’m gonna leave you some milk and cookies. ' love, Syneca Payne, age 5 Hi Santa! I want Paw Patrol Marshall, Cat Boy, books, and trucks. I love you! Love, Julian Hudson, age 4 Hi ‘Sahtaf Howarethereindeers?What doing? I want azbaby-doll for me and my sister. I want a pretend car that Icandrive.That’s it.I’ve been good at my mom’s and my dad’s. My sister’s been good too. You can come down the chimney at my house and I’m going to leave cookies for you and carrots for your reindeers. I love you! Love, Coree Sartin, age 4 Hello Santa, I want a real computer, a horse puzzle and an ice cream book that locks. I also want a tablet and a new little desk that’s fake. I Want Play Doh, unicom horses andahorsethat youcandressupintoamricom. I don’t want anything else. I’ve been good and so have my sisters. You cancome in my back door and leave my presents under the Christmas tree. I’m going to leave you milk and cookies. I love you! Love, Blaker Story, age 5 Hello Santa, IwantanElsacaranda Cinderella car too. I want a big giant present and a pink motorcycle. I want like a little play carandalittlepresent.l’ve been a little good and alittle bad. My brothers always beat me up so they shouldn’t get presents. You can come in my front door and I will leave you cookies and milk. I love Santa. Love, Ava Ross , age 4 b LETTERS, Page A5 amin owned and operated Since National Award Winning Meats