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December 14, 2017     The Perkins Journal
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December 14, 2017

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A4- THE JOURNAL, Thursday, December 14, 2017 m This month of December, Christmas preparations have been jingling along; it is a slow jingle, but a joyous one. Making a conscious decision to not stress, I tell myself if the homemade gifts are not finished until after Christmas, then so be it. Stress for me leads to frustration and tears. Somewhere along this journey of life I realized holidays supposed to be happy not stressful. Although I cannot my wand and sprinkle joy everywhere, I can abort the lf-induced stress that stems from unrealistic expectations myself and others. Breathe, just breathe...and read! Reading helps me unwind. I took some time to read from d slightly decrepit copy of a 1967 Christmas publication titled Ideals from which the following verse comes. The Canticle of the Bees by Phyllis McGinley Bees in winter weather keep, rapt, a garden haunted sleep, Dream of summer, still as stone, save on Christmas Eve alone, When that honey-havened people, roused by bells from every steeple, Wake and sing with one accord, alleluias to the Lord. "Praise Him," sing the choking bees, "Lord of limes locust trees, "Him Who has dominion over fields of amaranthine doveg, "By Whose providence we fare daily through the throb- bing air "And return in drowsy flight from the pastures of delight, "From the many-petaled rose, hiveward when the shad- ows close." So, at least, the legend goes. Visit them when bells arrive. Cup your ear against the hive. You may hear them singing thus, small but multitudinous: "Alleluia, Lord of all things that flutter, fly or crawl, "Now Your Star has shone again, Bless your swarming Bees. Amen" Wondering, walk there, do not fear them. But remember as you near them, Only the pure in heart shall hear them. Stacked in a box in a wet basement this paperback was all but ruined; closing cover nearly rotted away, pages marked with mildew and water stains. At a summer estate sale this shuffled through countless, anonymous hands as they for buried treasure. I guess this book lay, waiting for me. Back to a shelf on a dry bookcase it sat until I went looking some easy reading to pass the dark, evening hours before What a joyful thing to read on these cold mornings...a hymn of the bees--facilitators of flowers, fruit and seed. I see in 1ocmtmind's eye blooming citrus and clover, purple panicles blossoms. I am reminded that even when all seems still and idle a purposefd hum lies beneath it atl. Words were the unforeseen blessing of the day; creative, d cail 've words paired and coupled decades ago. I suspect Ms. McGinley was a gardener, faithful to her imagination oac December day when nary a bee could be found. Unbe- Imownst to her, she penned a legacy of light to this future day. Amen, indeed. II Stillwater, OK 405-372-3367 74076-0842 payment, and mail to: lrm P.O. Box 667 Perkins, OK 74059-0667 Ackn~ It is 34 degrees at 4:30 am. on this crispy Tuesday moming. It is also Wash day. A long cold night with pain in every place that ever was injured. The cold just seemed to pour through the old walls in the house. I hugged the sheet, blanket and bedspread closer around me.it is 7:00 am and I am working on the final thoughts for the column this week. I dozed off and on and had images of hungry little children, our men and women serving on foreign soils,and the homeless; what are they doing, tonight? The same stars shine over all of us! The same sun and moon. A song on Face Book,"It's just a Different Kind of Christmas This Year' has captured my heart. Many have failed in relationships, or lost dear friends and loved ones. Some times those moments of grief change how we deal with the Christmas season. We all need to remember that each of those left a legacy that blessed us in some way. They left an imprint on our sod. We can choose what we will learn from those relationships. None of us is perfect. Words do hurt people. Actions that are based on greed and a need for controlling others do not lead to anything positive. Loneliness hurts. Hunger hurts. Not being able to see your family for months at a time hurts. Never knowing if your par- ents love you, hurts. Having no hope hurts most of all. The California fires are close to Oprah's home. We are going to have a large loss of trees and wild life. The precious family memories will be destroyed, as well. North Korea has built a missile that can reach the United States, and the war drums are even loader. Our earth groans with the weight of our excesses. President, Trump has announced that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. In the news there is an investigation about misspending by the Health Department in the amount of thirty million dollars. I thought a lot about WW II. My husband,Tom, fought in that war. It changed him a lot. He saw things no one should ever hear or see. At times, he would talk about those experiences over the years before Cancer took his life. I was re-reading the story about Richard Odlison and Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. He lives at the Stillwater Christian Villa in Sfillwater. I am glad they wrote his story for all of us to learn from and value freedom. After doing a few errands yesterday, I could not find a parking place to pick up my script. I called Central Drug and they will deliver it for me. Earlier, I had driven around town. There is still graffiti on houses in some parts of town and in alley ways, There are doors hanging open on lonely-looking empty houses. As I drove up to my house, it was painful to see old pizza boxes, beer containers and trash piled among debris from a cut- down tree in the yard of the Ghetto house. As I park my car, my thoughts turn to the wiring in the car and the rats next door. Among the debris, is a fine nesting place for rats. We are in a drought season and fires can start in a moment by a careless cigarette thrown out into a yard. Lately, the some times fierce winds have blown leaves from everywhere into my yard. I thinkthis is the week that Tyler comes to mow and bag leaves. He brings new life and joy to thk place that I call home. I am so grateful for his gift of turning a yard into a lawn. I wish that I had a Manger scene to put out front that I could light up with solar lights. I do not have the house decorated yet for Christmas.. Chip and Joanna Gaines have done an update on the St. Jude Target House dining area where families of children with cancer stay. It is Christmas and a very special time to celebrate the birth of Jesus; Savior of the world. Over each year, I think about the sacred journey to where Jesus would be bom in a Manger because there was no room at the Inn. What a joumey that must have been over all those miles, carrying the Christ child. The season is to celebrate the greatest gift to mankind from a young couple willing to follow the vision from angels, They. traveled alone across the desert where many thieves robbed even caravans. They took the long route to avoid those who might kill them. None of us know what our parent's thoughts were as they prepared for our birth. I know that I was very small at birth and Thank You! I was notified today that an anonymous donor paid my utility bill this month at the City of Perkins. I guess them really is a Santa! I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the Spirit of Christmas. Sincerely, Paula and Katie Doule Perkins A Noteworthy Wartime Christmas Story .! When I was a child during W.W. II, I, like everyone else in the country, I sang the popular song, Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition. We wanted to wipe the Germans and Japanese off the face of the earth. But now, if you've been watching the PBS story of:the Vietnam war on T.V. as I have; you have. a.yiy oi of just how devastating wars are, and all sides in wars always think they areright and that God is on their side I've read the books, Kill Everything That Moves, by Nick Turse and, Dirty Wars, by Jeremy Cahill. They depict what happened in "our" last two wars in ghastly detail, and offer convincing evidence that the United States got into the wrong wars for the wrong reasons. After figuring that out, "our" leaders determined to win those wars at all costs, and untold thousands of native people and thou- sands of U.S. soldiers were killed uselessly in the process before they gave up on the effort. Lee C. Camp, a Bible professor who teaches classes about Christian ethics, at Lipscomb University, has writ- ten a thought provoking book titled, Mere Discipleship that sounds a discord to that song. I have two copies. I'll loan you one. Here is a story from that book. While lecturing in Germany, Lee befriended a German lady who recounted her memories of the war when thousands of German civilians and children were killed by American bombs. Lee asked her if she thought the Germans were fighting a just war. She was surprised at the question and responded, "Oh yes, of course! Don't you Americans always think that your wars are just?" We are told that most of the Germans who were ;i led in the two world wars claimed to be Christians. In a ser on about Christmas, Stuart Brisoe related a conversation with a former German soldier who fought in W.W. I in trenches where thousands of combatants lived, fought endlessly, and died in mud, blood and filth. He told of a very cold clear Christmas Eve one evening when fighting had stopped for a Christmas truce. An English soldier began to sing, "The Lord is My Shepherd," in a swe "tenor voice. A German baritone answered from a trench across the way with, "Der Herr ist Mein Hirt." Then on C ,ist- mas day, some English soldiers joined them, and England played Germany in a football game in no man's land on a battlefield in France on Christmas Day. The next day the bloody slaughter continued. Something's wrong with that picture. A Church of the Brethren poster hangs on Lee Camp's office wall that offers, this modest proposal for peace. "Let the Christians of the World Agree That They Will Not Kill Each Other. And we refuse to kill not only each other, but the enemy too." Now, there's a suggestion that is in tune with what Jesus taught and scripture. For Christians, it's worth thinking about, and not just at Christmas. ...... ..... slept in one of the drawers of the cedar chest for some time. As I One year out of state.....~k~ grew up in down town Cincinnati,I spent a lot oftime with my a lie A FRIEI , BUY A FRIEND a subscription and deduct $4 i~. grand parents as Mom worked at a defense plant during the war. ~ off of the rates I~ed above if you are a currant paid subscriber: i~i In your memories, of the coming weeks,try and recall some the form above for your'friend" and list your name here:l loving and gentle memories of your childhood. Concentrate on what the birth of Jesus really means. Read the story in the II ,,-- ,,,,, iI In ,,-, -,.- ,-,. ii i:, Bible and thank God for the miracle. PERKINS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC, .... MARY A. MORRIS, AGENT JOSHUA E MORRIS, AGENT LANE'n'E PIERSON, AGENT 218 N Main. P.O. Box 136 405-547-2971 Perkins, OK 74059