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December 14, 2017     The Perkins Journal
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December 14, 2017

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THE JOURNAL, Thursday, December 14, 2017 A5 ,,~,, ,., , ,, , i ;" Every year Santa shares Age 5 beach. I have it at home. Dear Santa, with'Journal readers some Thank you, Where is the North Pole? I Ojf the letters he receives Dear Santa, Kegan want a Hatchimal for Christ- from Perkins-Tryon Pre-K I want everything and a car Age 5 mas this year. Thank you, and Kindergarten students, too. That's all. I want a Santa Santa! Below is our second and Claus toy and a reindeer Dear Santa, Love, final installment of their one. A elf too and a sleigh I want to get dad a purple Alayna D. /etters. and Rudolph the red nose tractor because he really : reindeer too. loves purple. 1 want a Dear Santa, Mrs. Billingslea's Pre.k Thank you, bouncy ball with a turkey I have been good every Clam Elbryan on it and a gingerbread girl day the whole year. For ' Age 4 book. I want a brown pony Christmas I want a Finger- Dear Santa, and a valentine heart for my ling Monkey, its blue with I love you. I want a real Dear Santa, mommy. I want new brand orange hair. I also want a phone, l love your reindeers. I want Hatchimals and new paper with markers. I real puppy that's white, l I Will have fish for you to a bigger bike, bigger then want some things for my would like a toy Santa, too. eat. | am going fishing. I Aiden's. l want some water- mom like a shiny ring and I want a new stuffed animal want the reindeer to land on melon. I am going to put out homework for my morn and I want it to be a puppy my house. Will you come cookies for Santa. I want from Santa. stuffed animal. I also need d ,ough the door or down the purple lipstick. I want cup- Thank you, some new markers. I want a Chimney? My dad has been cakes and new toothpaste. Kaylee bracelet and a new coloring atygood. Will you bring I want a shape like a star Age 5 book. Can I have some new him something special, because I like stars. I want pencils, too? I also want a Love, a Christmas tree and lights. Dear Santa, package ofbubblegumthat's Adalyn Lights are good! A new Thank you tbr all the toys like Mrs. Huckabay's bubble Age 5 nightlight and then a toy, you bring to the girls and gum that sits on her desk. I and then a horse and then boys. I will take a new doll. need a new calendar, my D ESanta, a new shirt. Some m&m's Tharsall. momlostmine. Iwantanew ! want a pony. I want a and pennies and skittles and Love, blankie and some marbles. I honey for my sissy, Faith. books and lizards and cage Lilly would love a new pillow that I want cats for my mom. I for the lizards so they don't Age 4 is Ninja Turtles. I also want Want dogs for my daddy, escape, some new pictures for my Santa has reindeer. Snow for Thank you. Dear Santa, bedroom and a new phone snow angels and snowmen. Ella I love Santa. I want a doll because mine cracked. A Thank you, Age 4 for Christmas. I have you at computer that opens and Arora my house and you are on the shuts would be neat. Also, Age 4 Dear Santa. top of my fridge, maybe some movies like I want legos and a tractor. Love, Ninja Turtles and My Little Dear Santa, I want a toy boat. I want a Nora Pony. I want new shoes that I want a toy truck. That's train. That's all l want. I love Age4 are Ninja Turtle. Will you all. you, I want you to name a bring Mrs. Huckabay some Thallk you, reindeer Nikki. That's all I Dear Santa, chap stick? She lost all hers. Benton want to say to him. I want a bike. I want a I can use permanent mark- Age 4 Thank you, basketball goal. I like you. ers now so you can bring Ian You will come to Mimi's me some of those. I'd like Dear Santa, Age 5 through the door. some new spoons. Maybe I Want a four wheeler. Thank you, a new soccer ball because I UIt for my dad uh a four Dear Santa. Preston lost mine. Some new books wheeler. My morn a golden I love you. I want some Age 4 about Ninja Turtles and My .rhlg. I have been nice. My presents Santa. Santa you're Little Pony. I want a thing brother has been naughty my best friend. Santa 1 know Dear Santa, that holds the book so I don't and nice. My sister wants you're not awake. Santa I want money. You canhave to. And .... That's it!! someslime. Mymomwants knows you're awake orcome down the chimney. I Love you, Santa! a ring. My cousins wants asleep. Santa knows if you want some lipstick. Some Love, some like original cups. are bad or good. I have toys, a cheetah. I will leave Gemma L. And my other cousins, like been good don't worry you you some cookies. Some Ariel wants like a toy Ilk@ can give me presents under brownies. Dear Santa, original one, like Peppa 8. :i want a key with my four wheeler. Is it cold at the North Pole? Thank you, Bnmtley Age4 How does the reindeer fly? How do you have a long, long, long beard? I've been mean to my morn. I was whining when my friend mixed the eggs and I had to say sorry or get a spanking and then I got a spanking anyway. But then I said sorry. I'm going to do better now because it's getting serious here, it's almost Christmas. Did you know that not ever body has a name that starts with an M? I am the only one in my class that starts with M except for Mrs. Huckabay. For Christmas, I want a sparkly unicorn purse and a Barbie house. I want a fake TV for my Barbie house. I love you, Santa! Love, Matalie D. the tree. If there is a spider my grown-ups will help. If you give me some presents I will give you a kiss. I will put corn for the reindeer Dear Santa, and I will put some cookies My daddy would like a for Santa and some milk for new tractor. I love you. I Santa. would like my elf to come Dear Santa, Thank you, back. l want a new semi ! want a Hatchimal. I want Kamryn trailer that is flat. I will a new pink bike. I want to Age 4 leave you some cookies. get one for my parents. I You will come through the want to get a special special. Dear Santa, door because I don't have a I want to get a emoji for my I want spider toys. I want chimney. sister. She loves those. Um l a dinosaur who's name is Thank you, want one for my brother. He spiderman and a triceptops. Tatum can have like a tiny t-shirt. I A movie. Age 4 will give something to my Thank you. dog a chew bone. Because Keanon Dear Santa, my mom and dad don't want Age 5 I want a little four wheeler anything because they are and a paw patrol tent, paw tired of getting stuff. They DearSanta, patrol cowboy hat, a paw already got stuff like can- I love you. I want a lion patrol TV with a paw patrol dies. That's it. Love Santa. for a present and I want a remote. A paw patrol desk, Love, toy batman. I don't know a computer and a paw patrol Demi' after that. l leave cookies mirror. You will co~: Thank you, Ryleigh Age 4 Leyla J. door from a candy cane. He's a funny elf. I want a Dear Santa, remote control helicopter I love you, Santa! I like andadrone. Thanks, Santa! Rudolf! I want a Baby Alive. Love, I also want a toy train Emily Baze F. from Thomas. That's all. I love you so much! I will Dear Santa, leave you chocolate chip HowdidRudolfgethisred cookies and chocolate milk. nose? I want Pokemon belt Love, and a book formy Pokemon Brylen cards. Thanks,Santa Claus! Love, Dear Santa, Greyson B. How do you make the toys? For Christmas I wouldlove a Dear Santa, doll house and a trampoline. What is the North Pole I want some tattoos and like? I bet it's cold. For that's all! I love you! Christmas I want the Spi- Love, derman Lego set with the Kennedy L. Goblin andthat's all. Thank you, Santa! Dear Santa, Love, For Christmas I want Donnavon S. a remote control monster truck and a drone and a bike Dear Santa, with a blue helmet and some Is your suit itchy? Why do super hero Legos, and that's you having flying reindeer? it. I've been really god but For Christmas I want Spi- some days I get kinda bad derman stuff and Batman if I have sugar. It makes me stuffand Superman stuff and CRAZY. Ethan wants a Transformer stuff and Flash cowboy truck and trailer, toy stuff and Super hero stuffl horse a cowboy and a cow. Thanks, Santa! Oh yeah, I He's been a little naughty been good. but good a lot, too. Thanks, Love, Santa! Adam B. Love, Cash S. Dear Santa, I have been really good Dear Santa, this year, I would like some For Christmas I want a babies and stuff for them. Baby Alive. I have been I will leave you some milk good this year, but not all the and cookies. I love you. time. I will leave you some Love, more MnM cookies and milk Chloe P. because you ate them all up last year, Thank you, Santa! Dear Santa, Love, I want some Legos and Jainy F. other stuff that I can build with. I have been really Dear Santa; good and just s tiny bad Why do you use a sleigh? sometimes. I like Rudolf, Why do you need reindeer to Thank you, Santa! fly? Why do you have elves? Love, I would like a real phone for Jimmy R ..... Christmas and an OSU shirt and flag. Thank you! Dear Santa, Love, I want a dollhouse and stuff Beau H. to go with it. How do your reindeer fly? Is it cold where Dear Santa, you live? What do you like I want a skateboard with to do? I like to go to Texas. I boosters. Boosters make want some art stuff; liketh you go fast and they can go stuff we have on our writing upside down. I also want a center. I will leave a treat real phone and a dirt bike. I out for you so you are not want a skateboard for mr- grumpy like you were in'that keys, one with boosters so book Mrs. Huckabay read the turkeys can hop on with to us. Thank you, Santa! I me. I also want formy big 10ve you! sister to have a knife to Love, whittle. I also want for my Ambree W. little brothers to have a Ninja Turtle skateboard that is a Dear Santa, toy and a fast motorcycle, I Why do you make toys? also want a skateboard for I want a pony balloon. I Eva and a motorcycle toy for have been really good this Eyn. I want a basketball and year. Thank you, Santa! I an iPad. I want a real Ninja love you! Turtle that has boosters so Love, it can fly and wings. I want Abigail booster shoes and booster Age4 and milk. through the front door. I Dear Santa, Thank you, want some magnet blocks For Christmas I want a Dear Santa, Jalien for Christmas. Ileave cook- Mission Rescue boat and t want a toy. I want a Age 5 ies. cars and monster trucks. doggy robot. Do reindeers Thank you, That's all I want. I've been like candy? I love you. Do Dear Santa. Tommy a little good this year and so youwantmilkwithcookies? I love you. I will leave Age4 were my sisters. Thankyou! Thank you, you cookies and milk. I will Love, Daniel leave you chocolate milk Mrs. Huekabay's ClassKase M. Dear Santa, Age 5 with gravy and a biscuit. I What does the North Pole want a tablet like I have at Dear Santa, Dear Santa, look like? I want a teddy bear Dear Santa, school, l want a saw gun. I love you, Santa. Do you I want Barbies and a Hat- . I have been very good all l want presents. My dad I want some tools because play video ! do. 1chimal. That's all lwantthis year.I love you, Santa. wants a 50 cal slug rifle. I lost them all. Games and like Mm'io alJd Luigi. For year. l have been too good Chief my dog is black and music for my tablet. A horse Christmas 1 want marbles but I kinda fight with my Love, wants a new bone. Mom said for my baby Kimber. Alot and an umbrella. That'sall. sisters when they fight with RyleeD. she doesn't want anything, of cleaning stuff for my Thank you, Santa. me. I will leave you milk That's all. mommy to work with her Love, and cookies. Thank you! Dear Santa, Thaak you, name is Cortney. You can Ivan E. How do the reindeer fly? Dominic have the thing I found at the I, )ve, Bernard was hanging on my boots and booster wings. Ms. Ledgerwood's Pre K I will leave out some tree Class :'; cookies for you. That's all . that I want. Thanks, Santa Dear Santa, Claus! I've been good this year, Love, I play good with my toys. I Ece T. want a fake motorcycle, I want a fake car too. A gift bow and a basketball. Love, James E. :: ' Dear Santa, I've been naughty...J Wight a toy dinosaur with a short tail and a lot of red on it. Love, Tucker A. LETTERS, Page A6