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December 14, 2017     The Perkins Journal
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December 14, 2017

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THE JOURNAL, Thursday, December 14, 2017 - B5 CHURCH Page B4 chose two very ordinary people, Mary and Joseph, to be Jesus' parents. God chose a dark, dirty, damp, smelly, lonely cave for his Son to be born in. Then there were the shepherds whose rough, dirty, and lonely job made them social outcasts. Yet God chose them t be the first to hear the announcement of Jesus' birth and to spread the word - becoming our first evangelists. What had been an event now become an experience to these shepherds. Today's world is in a turmoil. We live in troubled, angry times. Peace seems to always elude us or gets shattered easily. War history shows thirteen years of war for ever year of peace. The world needs their minds and hearts on peace and good will towards men all the time - not just during the Christmas season. The angel is pointing us towards the prince of peace and contentment - towards our personal Christmas experience. Jesus is the only true peace Lighting of the Peace candle by the Buckminister Family. Please consider this your invitation to worship with us at 901 Sadler Road in Perkins. Sunday School begins at 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship and Children's Worship follow at 10:45 A.M. Nursery is available for the very young. On Wednesday at 7:00 P.M., join us in learning and studying the Bible. contact the church at 405-547- 1557 if you need transportation. Check our website at www.cimarronvalleychurch.com Christian Church of Perkins By Dave Pock Here is something very wonderful and special about love. Something that Paul himself wanted us to see when he wrote to the Christians at Ephesus. Let's see if we can really see it and believe it. When I was sixteen years old, my friend, Leroy and I were in my father's car going to various stores and places around town. We were out collecting money from the newspaper vending machines located on my paper route for the News-Press. It was Saturday and I had to collect the money from the machines before Monday in order to get paid. I was making a left hand turn into a motel parking lot out on the highway just north of town. There was a curve ahead of us and a brand new Corvette was speeding around that curve coming toward us. I didn't see it coming and we collided. He hit us broad side. It banged up the side ofmy dad's Studebaker really bad. Leroy got banged up a little but wouldn't go to the hospital. We both were shaken up but no, really serious, injuries. The real problem was I had to face my parents and tell them. My mom was the first to see the car,dad was at work. Sometimes mom's get upset and bent out of shape over the strangest things. She had a few choice words to say which ended with ..... "Just wait 'til your daddy gets home, you won't be driving again for a long time." Somehow, I knew that wasn't true but still it worried me. Dad worked delivering milk and he always came home at noon for lunch. Sure enough, he was right on time and when he came in the house he acted like he hadn't seen the damage to the car. The first thing I said.. "Dad, did you see the car?" What about it?" he asked, rather surprised. I tool~ him outside to show him. Morn trailed along behind. When he saw it he stood there for a moment in anlazement and~then he did something I'd seen him do before. He laughed, that's right, he laughed, when he quit laughing he said, "Son, I reckon nobody was hurt, right?" "Right," I answered. "Well then, you are sure going to have to sell a lot of newspapers to pay for that!" Later on that day we made arrangements with a body shop to repair the car and let me make payments on it until it was paid in full. In those days, payments on $225.00 was a lot of money and I worked very hard doing more than selling papers to pay it. The thing that I knew way down deep in my heart was that dad was going to work it all out. I knew I had done wrong. I knew what I had done wrong, and yet, I knew it was going to be alright. I knew my dad loved me and that he would make me meet the responsibility of my actions, but I also knew he would help me meet that responsibility. Now, that's love! He didn't condemn me. My only punishment was to pay for the damage and he even worked that out. How did I know that dad would make it OK? Because I knew he loved me and I knew I loved him. I just knew it! You see God is that way with us. He wants us to know that no matter what happens to us He's going to make NOTICE OF PERSONS APPEARING TO BE OWNERS OF ABANDONED PROPERTY T CHECK NEXT WEEK'S PAPER FOR YOUR NAME Common types of unclaimed property include: Cash I Royalties I Life Insurance Proceeds Rebates I Paychecks I Stocks and Bonds : Finding treasure Is easy when you're a scissort~l treasure catcher. And Pve found a simple way to increase the nest egg of i ~ a million Oklahomemd i There's over SUS million of unclaimed property , waltl~l,to be claimed. ~ So take a few minutes next week to see if your i name is on our list in the newspaper, or check i online at OKTreasure,com. I Sincerely. it ok. Paul makes it clear about our salvation by telling Luke States that the shepherds visited the stable after Jesus us twice in Ephesians .... "It is by grace you have been was born - with no mention of a star or wisemen. Then he has saved." I am so glad that he said "have been" and not Jesus and his parents leaving for Nazareth before the baby "will be." "Have been" means now, no matter whatl Not, was a month old. Matthew states that the wisemen visited the maybe if you're good. Not, later but now ! stable ' with no mention of the shepherds. Then he has Jesus why is that? Because love works both ways! He loves and his parents fleeing for Egypt and not going to Nazareth us .... we love him and somehow He will always make till years later. How can you take any of this seriously?" things OK! That's why He sent Paul to assure us and A: Please read the accounts closely. If you do, you will remind us that we truly have been saved! find that Matthew does not say that the wisemen visited a Thanks Lord, for YOUR perfect and undying love! Help "stable". Instead they find Jesus in a"house". me to share it with others, everyday! Then notice the times involved. Matthew wrote about the Have a PCA* day that's charged with love! *PCA=Pos- wisemen's visit (in the main phrase of the opening sentence itive Christ=like Attitude in Matthew 2) that happened"after" Jesus was born. Matthew Come to our candle light service Wednesday, Dec. 20 says - nothing directly - about the night of Jesus' birth. at 6 p.m. And he makes clear that Jesus was about two years old at Come Visit us ... Sunday worship 10:45 a.m.; Sunday the time the wisemen arrived. We know this because these School 9:45 a.m.; Wednesday evening fellowship meal visitors from the East stated that the star - the omen of the 6 p.m., Bible class 7 p.m.; Come and unite in prayer with birth of Israel's new king - had appeared two years earlier. us every Thursday morning from 11 a.m. until noon as This is why Herod killed all the boys in Bethlehem, who we pray for our country. Also visit our website www. were of that age and younger. perkcc.com All of this fits. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, with the shepherd's visit that followed. Then after his parents per- Mehan Union Church formed all the early rituals that newborn Israeli boys were subject to, they took him home to Nazareth. Luke tells us Hope is a feeling we all have, mostly in rough times of about these events. life, but God is our hope in all times. Meanwhile at some point, Joseph and b_is family returned We had testimonies of overcoming the rough times and to Bethlehem, with the purpose of living there either per- finding victory tfiru the Lord's love and mercy. Praise manently or for some indefinite period. It was then that the the Lord! As the advent candles were lit a message of wisemen finally arrived from their longjoumey. When Herod hope was given for all of us. learned about the wisemen and their purpose, he felt that Sunday, Dec. 17 come and experience joy in the Lord his power was threatened by the birth of a child who would - a message from the Lord and we will celebrate joy by aspire to be a king in his place. So Herod took the extreme serving communion. Joy to the world He lives! measure of massacring the youngest boys in Bethlehem.This Awana events and classes are the main offering on forced Joseph to run away to Egypt with Mary and Jesus. Wednesday evening this week. Dress like Christmas Much later, he and his family returned to Nazareth - rather and enjoy a meal at 6 pan., then classes at 6:30 pan. for than Bethlehem - with the same goal in mind: protecting young and all who come to be fed Jesus from, not Herod now, but from his son, Archelaus. in body and spirit. We want to thank all the young people Matthew tells us about these events. that helped sack 100 gifts for the men and women that i will continue to take the stories of Jesus' birth seriously. came on Saturday for food/clothing/toys. Jesus loves the And hopefully, this closer reading of the details may encour- children of Mehan! In addition to those gifts, we were age you to do the same. able to give families hams plus toys for their children and ADDRESS YOUR QUESTIONS (and a brief comment grandchildren. At last count we served about 150 families, ofexplanation if you wish) to Pastor Bobby Garringer either A great big thank you to all of our volunteers - those byemail(faithonfire@yandex.com),phone(512-671-0468), three days were busy ones, but all those days produced or mail (c/o Friends Chapel, 12212 S. Redlands Rd. Coyle, blessings of giving Christmas JOY. OK 73027). Dec. 17 at 10:45 a.m.the Kids 4 Jesus will present "The SPECIAL NOTE: Special events coming up in December Birth of Jesus." Come and receive the message, include: (1) Church Caroling to Neighbors of the Chapel on "For God so loved the world He gave His only Son the 13that5:30pm(2)FriendsChapel'sChristmasProgram, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have on the 17th at 6 pm (3) New Year's Eve 5th Sunday Sing, at eternal life." John 3:16 the Chapel on the 31st at 6 pm. Do you believe? JOIN US AT FRIENDS CHAPEL on Sunday at 10 am (for an adult small group study, a study for teens led by Samuel Diamond Valley Church Pushparaj, and a study for children led by Sharon Pushparaj); at 11 am (for worship and Children's Church led by Anna Matthew 20:20 Jesus brings them all together and makes Cross and Sharon Pushparaj); at 6 pm for a Sunday evening an example of the two sons who want to sit next to him in contemporaE worship service; and on Wednesday evenings glory. They desire to be closer to Jesus than anyone else, (for an adult small group study). wanting the position of anthority. Jesus tells them there are kings and people in positions of power and the rulers of the St. Francis Xavier Cathelie Church Gentiles lord it over them. They force others to do things they don't want to do. Their high officials' lord it over them, By Fr. Ken Harder but you shouldn't expect tObe that way. Jesus says whoever The Gospel of Mark is widely regarded as the first of the wants to be great among you let him be your servant. We' re written gospels. Over ninety percent of it can be seen in the supposed to serve our way into leadership. Gospels of Luke and Matthew. This first of the Gospels 1 Peter 5:1 Do you trust me? Do you trust what God is begins with John the Baptist preparing the way of the Lord. doing here in the church? IfI were here to make a name for How does he do so? He preaches a baptism of repentance, a myself, whatever that would be. We would definitely have a confession of sins. The relevance of'John the Baptist is not problem. IfI were doing this just for myself, than I shouldn't to a people only in first century Palestine. The Scriptures be doing it any longer. Here Peter is giving guidance to pas- record living tradition, a message that is valid for all times. tots. I like that it says shepherd, guide and protect. When The person of John the Baptist is long since gone; his mis- I think of the shepherd I think of principals that guide the sion is continued by the Church and more specifically, it is sheep into green pastures. It reminds me of Psalm 23. He the focus of Advent. Prepare the way of the Lord! What makes me to lie down in green pastures; he leads me beside does this mean except remove all that hinders his coming still waters. He's not here to lord things over people. He's to you. The preparation is similar to preparing for guests not pushy in any way, but he's here to be a guide. How do in your home; you clean things up. However, the cleaning you do that? We're trying to guide people who have their is not external but on a much deeper level, the level of per- own will. How do we do that? I don't know. Peter says to sonhood. To prepare the way of the Lord first requires that shepherd and guide, those things go together well. we want, we need his presence. There must be the recog- We're always to be watching for things trying to attack our nition that ultimately, we are nothing without him. During church and tear it apart. Sometimes it comes from within, this life, we may attain positions of power, we may amass You talk about putting a guy in an awkward position. When great wealth. As soon as your life-breath leaves you, none you're supposed to be shepherding and protecting and the of this is real anymore. If our lives are to continue beyond threat comes from within it's hard. Outside threats are easier this natural one we have, it must be given to us. It is given, to deal with. but we must receive it. What is this gift we must receive? As a pastor we should be speaking good things into ore" It is a direct, personal participation in the eternal life of the church. This is a reminder on my side of things we need to Community of God himself, it is to share, by the power of keep on the move or the sheep will eat all the grass where they the Holy Spirit, the very identity of the Son so that we can are and soon die; staying on the move keeps them growing, call God our Father. Because this is a personal union, we Hebrews 13:7 We're to observe what our leaders are doing; must remove all that inhibits it. A union of one person with imitating their actions. What is the pastor is saying? We're another is what we call love. Love is inhibited where there to look at our leaders and consider their conduct and imitate is selfishness; for selfishness turns us away from others to it. We see our pastor leading and guiding our church while our selves. Selfishness, in a real sense, is the root of all showing God does exist. Imitate their reliance on God. If sin. So how do we remedy this selfishness? We confess it! you can't look at the church pastor and see these things in Selfishness blinds us to others; if we are to truly see others, him; recognizing the qualities and that he is put here by God we must be aware how our selfishness inhibits this. It is only as our shepherd, there's something wrong, when we confess our selfishness to those whom we have Acts 20:28 They're still building the church. We're to harmed that we allow love to resume freely. As it is with keep trying to trust and believe the pastor is put here by God. our relationships here, so it is with God. One of the great You've got to be on guard for things trying to split the church, gifts of Christ to his Church is the power to forgive sins. The We should protect our church. When we're in leadership we Church primarily exercises this power through what we call make sure no one comes in to take away one of our sheep, the Sacrament of Reconciliation (also called Confession or We believe God is here with us,while doing our best to feed Penance). Confession often conjures up fear and repulsion. our congregation with the goodness of God. So they keep Why do I need to go to confession? I can confess directly getting all they need to grow in God's grace, to God! This is true to an extent, every day we should hold We invite our community members to come and join in ourselves accountable to God but there is more to it. Con- our Christmas celebration on December 17, 2017 at 6:00 fession is more than forgiveness of sins; forgiveness of sin pro. See what the Lord is doing in our church, is the first part. What follows is an understanding of how Located at the comer of Diamond Valley Rd and Hwy our selfishness leads to sinfulness. Confession frees us from 5 i, five miles east of Stillwater. Sunday School 10:30 a.m., the guilt of the past and gives us true freedom to understand Sunday Morning Service 9 aan. with David Lyons; Wednes- who we are in ourselves and in our relationship with others. day Bible Study 7 pan. with David Lyons. I know this from my own use of the Sacrament. My friends, I urge you to prepare the way of the Lord by using this great Friends Chapel Church tool of our Catholic spirituality. Is it difficult? At times, it is. It is worth it because it frees us to be fully personal with By Bobby Garringer, pastor God, others and ourselves. What can you lose by going to Q&A: THE BIBLE AND LIFE. Q: "The Bible's authors confession? You will experience nojudgrnent, only pardon can't get their stories of the birth of Jesus to come out right, and peace.