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December 15, 1994     The Perkins Journal
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December 15, 1994

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, I This newspaper is dedicated to the memories of Dr. V. and Bed Clark (USPS 4Z 8040) Published every Thursday by Clark & Clark Advertising 12Z S. Main Box 40 Perkins, OK 74059 405-547-2411 Rick Clark Publisher The publishers are solely responsible for content and any errors will be promptly corrected when brought to the attention of the publishers. Office hours: 9-6, Mon.&Tues CLOSED WEDNESDAY 9-5 Thur. & Fri. 9-noon on Sat. Deadline for advertising & news submissions is Noon, Monday at 5 p.m. POSTMASTER: Send changes of address to The Perkins Journal, P.O. Box 40, Perkins, OK 74059 All contents Copyright 1994 Clark & Clark Advertising MEMBER OF THE PERKINS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OKLAHOMA PRESS ASSOCIATION I uliscrliie mlili=st liii'5= fhl , form and" Mall With Remittance To: The Perkins Journal. P.O. Box 40. Peridns. OK 740 9 ,------------.----------------------------, I I I Address ........................................................................ I I I I I I ......................... . ........... SCat ................ Zip ............... I I ( ) One year In Oklahoma .... $20 i i ( ) 6 months In Oklahoma .... $12 I u~ ( ) One year Out of State ..... $24 i I( ) 6 months Out of State .... $14 | !:: by Common Sense By Baucter Black. DVM I had invited several friends to have Thanksgiving at my house. (A tradition my insurance agent says I can no longer afford) Each of my guests were gracious and had asked if they could bring anything. When Mac asked what he might contribute I suggested the bring the goats. "Goats?" he asked. I explained that Friday was Goat Day. We always built a big fire outside and spent the afternoon basting Spanish goat in sop made from Shiner's beer. And, since the best Spanish goat came from west Texas, I figgered he could bring it. "But I'll be flyin' my own plane," he sputtered. "Perfect," I said, "They'll only be in transit a short time." Although he did his best to talk me out of it, I remained firm. So that fateful Tuesday morning he was out on the San Angelo airport tarmac takin' the back seat out of his twin engine Bonanza. The ever vigilant Drug Enforcement Agency noted his suspicious behavior and took him in for question- ing. His truthful explanation was so preposterous that they called me in Colorado to check his story! ................... by Elizabeth Wise Upon his release he flew to Junction, Texas four Spanish goats. He hog-tied each one gunny sack which he taped around their goat head bota bag. He spread newspapers straw just in case. Four hours later Mac was swingin' wide metropolitan Denver air space in touch with International tower. The goats were in full bleating each time he keyed the microphone. "This is twin Bonanza...baa...baa...four .blat...seven three...bleat...Whiskey.. We were waiting at the Tri County dipped his wing and skidded down the runway. out on teh wing. I noticed his hair was He looked like he'd been castrating pigs in a ing. You could almost hear his ears ringing. glassy, his voice hoarse and he was vibrating. I opened the passenger side to the deafing imprisoned smell of four enclosed goats hit The floorboard carpeting looked like Walden Goat day was the highlight of that Thanks got proper recognition. But his plane was On hot west Texas afternoons when he planned i he would spray Lysol, slice onions, sprinkle and cook cabbage in the cockpit to mask the worked. No matter what he did, after riding in the hour he would smell like an army of goats had and marked him as their personal territory. He eventually sold the airplane at a yard winter day. A former classmate of my granddaughter drove form St. Louis to Stillwater (by herself) to spend last weekend. They spent two nights in the dorm, then came down to stay over- night with me. Being with them made me realize more sharply of how times have changed within the span of two generations. Today's kids take things for granted that would have astounded us, and they handle it very well. Since we had very little means of transportation and our electronic entertainment was a radio, we usually just did what one of us thought up. At that time, Bob Wills was playing for dances in Perkins pretty often, in the commu- Rick Clark I did my manly Christmas chore Saturday and got the lights strung up outside the office. They aren't exactly a thing of artistic beauty, but they are up...Linda Riley from Riley's Care across the street from The Journal, wisecracked that "In all of the years I've seen different people put up lights over there, you are the first one that didn't need a ladder, or a chair." Speaking of the Riley's-I usually work straight through from Tuesday morning until Wednesday afternoon, and I can always tell when it is 2 a.m...Because Arlis comes into care to start his work day baking bread and pies. He's been doing that every morning, every day for 32 years. I reckon that's what you call steady work. Area residents are really getting into decorating' their homes with lights and decorations. I've had many calls from people wondering if there was going to be a Christmas Lighting Contest, and to answer that honestly-nQt to my knowledge. We let that one sneak up on us and didn't get it done officially. Unofficially, The Perkins Journal is giving first-place to everyone who put up an outdoor light of some kind or an- other. You didn't win anything, other than a "well-done" from us and a lot of self-satisfaction for you. However, there is an "official" way to be awarded for your hard work. If you are reading this column and you put up at least one string of lights outside, here is what you do: 1. Stand up. (If it is early in the morning and you are reading this column in the bathroom-wait until later). 2. Take your right arm and extend it upward. 3. Now, bend your right arm toward your back with the palm of your hand flat. 4. Start patting and repeating after me: "I done good. I done good." You have now been officially awarded first-prize in The Perkins Journal Christmas Lighting Contest. When Is My Journal Subscription Due? Each subscriber of The Perkins Journal has a mailing label attached to the front page. On the top portion of the label is a date (12/1//95 for example) that has your name and address. The date shows when your subscription e pires. Please be sure to check that date, and see if it corresponds with your records. If it doesn't be sure to contact the Journal at 405-547-2411, so that we can correct the expiration date. If the date printed on the label is on or before this week's issue, your subscription will be expiring soon. For the cost to renew your subscription, piease see page two of this issue. We don't want you to miss an issue, so be sure to send nity building, located at the corner of, Thomas i west 2nd Streets. We were too young to go to sister Orpha, our neighbor girls, Ora and Ola, out a way to go watch the dancers through a Ora and Ola stayed all night with us, so we of the house and walked down to peek through at teh dancers. Dad was the peace officer didn't see him anywhere. After we had our eyes full, we walked back Morn was still up, so we couldn't sneak back in Dad had a ladder in the year, so we leaned it porch roof, so we could get in through an Of course, Morn came outside and caught us. matters worse Dad had seen us at the dance, us every minute. Then there was the time when Orpha and I along with Frank and some of his friends when had a car. We drove by a watermelon patch, swiped two of them, which we ate. They were The next morning Dad stated that the melons paid for that day, two dollars each, which was then. The boys all chipped in and paid the didn't get away with much those days. I guess that's a good thing: in your subscription renewal as soon as possible....Thanks, I Dear Editor: Many of us see society at the end of 1994 as sick, ready to die. Consider: What will become of the society where 1/3 of the babies conceived are murdered before they ever leave the sanctu- ary of their mother's womb? Where 1/3 of the children born are born out of wedlock? Where 1/2 of the marriages end in divorce? Can such a society survive? And that is not all. A tornado of violence is cutting a swath througl America. Gang gun fights. ]:)omest c d s- putes that turn violent. Parents killing their own children. Teenagers killing each other. Old ladies killed--for 10 bucks, or just for the thrill. And have you heard how public school teachers rate their discipline problems? No. 1: drug abuse. Fifty years ago "talking out of turn" topped the list. alcohol abuse. Fifty years ago it was "chewing No. 2: gum." No. 3: No. 4: No. 5: No. 6: No. 7: pregnancy. Fifty years ago? "Making noise." suicide. Then it was "running in the halls." rape. It used to be "cutting in line." robbery. Fifty years ago: "dress-code violations." assault. Fifty years ago it was "littering." (Source: Nov. 8, 1993, U. S. News & World Report.) Again I ask: Can such a society survive? Can it be turned around? Can our new congress make a difference? We cannot blame Washington for our problems. We can- not blame our schools. We cannot blame Wade vs. Roe. We can blame ourselves. We have lost the fear of God. That, in a nutshell, explains it all. The authorities over us and the children under us only reflect the values we have em- braced. Over 90% of Americans still call themselves "Christians." But the Christianity of most never gets from between their ears to the road their feet walk on. If this country is to survive, that has to change. Jesus said, "Whoever serves me must follow me" (John 12:27 NIV). Where are the pastors who actually follow Jesus? Who live as Jesus lived? Who do nothing but what Jesus would do? And who call others to follow Him? Where are the fathers who follow Jesus/ Who determine to teach their children to follow Jesus? Who allow nothing in their homes that Jesus would not have and approve of?. America's Christians have, by and large, followed the world--to the very brink of self-destruction. But there is still hope--if we will get back to following Jesus. - Jesus is calling, "Follow me." Is anyone listening? Ernest Strubhar To the Editor: I would like to take the time to express my appreciation to Mrs. Helen Marler of the Library for her assistance in my resent quest books. I have been working diligently for the past half to obtain my Child Development (C.D.A.) which will enable me to be a teacher olds thru the Head Start Program. I have attended several classes, seminars several courses in Child Care and Child help me prepare for this Degree. In the past 2 months I have searched for dren books dealing with such topics as and Separation, Gender Identity and the tion system. The Perkins Elementary School Librarian dous help in locating and sharing Mrs. Thomas-Whilhite Library, but neither library ooks necessary to meet the criteria needed to C.D.A. application. Mrs. Marler volunteered to search the files Stillwater, Oklahoma City and Tulsa Libraries her computer to try and locate the additional Thanks to her effort and willingness to help able to locate and order the books I needed. Within a few days all of the books were Thomas-Whilhite Library and made Through Mrs. Marler efforts I was able to read needed and make the necessary written reports my resource file which is the final steps to application for the C.D.A. assessment. If it had not been for the fast efficient help Jan, Mrs. Marler I would not have been able to filing Deadline of December. Thanks, Betty Weems, Assistant Teacher Perkins Headstart We welcome Letters To The The Perkins Journalwelcomes letters. These meant to be a "Readers Forum" to give you express your point of view. We do reserve the right to edit all letters for reject all letters that we would consider slanderouS, or in bad taste. We will make every effort not to letter to the point it will take away its meaning or c All letters must be signed and include a tele We will withhold your name from publication upon l you feel that the letter might cause you personal Address Letters to: Editors The Perkins JOurnal P.O. Box 40 Perkins OK 74059