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December 16, 1993     The Perkins Journal
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December 16, 1993

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COUNTY COMMISSION Session November 8, 1993 County Board of Commieeioner8 met in a Special meeting, November 8, 1993. Notice of the meeting was made by posting agenda at room 101, Courthouse, Stillwater, OK on Thursday, 4, 1993. The following were present: Ms. Bernice Mitchell, [rman; Mr. Carl Moreland, Vice-Chairman; Mr. Jiuuie Dee Cook, Sherri Schleffer, County Clerk. Chairman called the meeting to order at I0:00 a.m. The Clerk bid 94-13, Rotomilled Asphalt: Quapaw, Stillwater, OK $4.00 per ton k made the motion to accept the bid from Quapaw. Moreland Dnded. Motion carried: Cook, aye; Moreland, aye; Mitchell, Clerk presented a blanket purchase order for the Health Lrtment. Cook made the motion to approve the blanket purchase Moreland seconded. Motion carried: Cook, aye; aye; Mitchell, aye. Chairman called on Mr. Mike O'Connor, Director for the Health to update the Board on the new Health Department ility, o'Connor stated the County is in llne to receive 000 in State funds to build the new facility. O'Connor the State funds be handled through a local Trust. The al Trust will provide eeveral advantagee over the Multi-Ccunty formed by the State: 1) more cost effective 2) allow the Irshlp of the facility to be in the name of the County; 3) can into construction contract and allow for local bidding 4) start up money for the project. O'Connor explalned the ty (or Trust) will request reireement from the Board of Affairs as the project cost are paid. Chairman called on Mr. Bob Murphy, Bond Counsel for PCHFA. Mr. explained the residual money derived from the refinancing Payne County Home Finance Authority Bonds could be used ae rt up money for the project. Board stated the PCHFA monies are serving ae the umbrella for Payna County Self Insurance Fund. The Intmrmstmonlme are used the operating budget. Commissioner Cook suggested the funds handled through the County in the same manner ae the Force Clerk further explained the Statute provides an accounting by which certain funds can be utilized by a letter of mitment. The Board and Mr. O'Connor agreed this method should mtudied. The matter was tabled for additional information. Board discussed the 1/2 cent sales to be voted on November 9. made the motion to adjourn. Moreland seconded. Motion Cook, aye; Moreland, aye; Mitchell, aye. Clerk IE COUNTY COMMISSION Session November 10, 1993 Payne County Board of Commlseloners met in a Special Meotlng, Novenber 10,1993. Notice of the leatlng wee made by ring an agenda at room I01, Courthouse, Stillweter, OK on November 8, 1993. The followlnq were present; Ms. Bernice Chairman; Mr. Carl Moreland, Vice-Chalrman; Mr. JIIale Cook, Member; Ms. Core Lee Stewart, Deputy County Clerk. Chairman called the meetlnq to order at 10:00 a.m. Purchasing Agent presented Bid #94-15 Stationery- Attorney Printers envelopes box/500 $13.17 !05 W. 9th letterhead bx/500 $22.79 OK 74074 envelopes box/500 $35.79 rer Printers envelopes box/500 $8.33 ;05 S. Lewis letterhead bx/500 $17.91 OK 74074 envelopes bux/500 $33.29 Envelopes, Inc. envelopes box/500 $9.47 3 E. Ute St. letterhead bx/500 $19.95 OK 74074 envelopes box/500 $20.30 Office Supply envelopes box/500 $14.20 ill W. McElroy letterhead bx/500 $24.25 OK 74074 envelopes box/500 $31.00 st Printers envelopes bux/500 $13.01 .O. Box 665 letterhead bx/500 $41.25 )a, OK 74067 envelopes box/500 $24.91 Chairman remanded the blde to a representative from the Attorney's cities for consideration. Chairman gave a report on the sales tax election held Noveeber she noted that the quegtion ham passed, 60 t for, 40t against. by the Board on form of appreciation to those workinq the question, no decision made at this time. Anderson, Payne County District Attorney, qsve his to the Board that they accept the lowest and beet from Dearlnger Printers for etatlonery. The evaluation was on the delivery time and familiarity of Dearinqers work. to accept Anderson's recommendation and award bid to Printing was made by Moreland, seconded by Cook. Motion Moreland, aye; Cook, aye, Mitchell, aye. to adjourn made by Cook, seconded by Moreland. Motion Moreland, aye; Cook, aye; Mitchell, aye. Clerk C• eputy COUNTY COMMISSlOH Session November 15, 1993 ,he County Board of Conmiesionere et in a Reular Meeting, November 15, 1993. Notice of the meetlnq wae made by an agenda at room 101, Courthouse, Stlllweter, OK on November II. The following were present; Ms. Bernloe Chairman; Mr. Carl Moreland, Vice-Chalrman; Mr. JIimls Cook, Member, Sherrl Schleffer, county Clerk. Chairman called the meatinq to order at 9:00 a.e. The Clerk ed minutes from November 1. Cook noted the cash balances Funds, should read -Fairgrounds Road, 111,286.31. Cook the motion to approve the minutes as corrected. Moreland ed• Motion carried: Cook, aye; Moreland, aye; Mitchell, SANTA'S SURPLUS TOY & Gll OUTLET STOR[ Don Sosbee, court Related Community Services, presented a with Central OklahoIa Youth Set-vices, lnQ to provide detention for Payne County. Sambas explsinedPayne County with Oklahoma, Garfield and Pottawatomie Counties for detention. However, there are tlmee when these facilities have space available. Soebee recomnded entering Into the with COY which has a 12 bed facility. Cook Jmdm the to approve the Contract as presented. Moreland seconded. carried: Cook, aye; Moreland, aye; Mitchell, aye. Clerk presented utility perntts: Petroleum, Inc: 3" saltwater disposal line in 5 1/2" installed by trenching; cross N/S road approx I mile E of 177; 2000' H of SE/c Sac 17-17N-3E.; $50.00 fee; kll; 3/4" buried cable; parallel E/W road; 3480 M of SE/€ Ssc Natural Gas company/ 12 3/4" llne In 14 " casing; gas ; installed by boring; e E/M road; Linwood Ave; 260, 8 ; L1-T17N-SE. $50.00 fee Oil Operating: 2" 1ins in 4 1/2 casing; installed by saltwater disposal line; cross N/S county road approx, E of 10as and Mehan Road; 1000" S of NE c Sec IO-18N-4E. fee. the motion to approve the utillty permits. Moreland Motion carrled cook, aye; Moreland, aye; Mitchell, :lark vresented cash appropriations: Restricted Highway, .10;Primary Road, 6392.15; HlghVSy Cash, 152B15.38; D. A. Forf., 13.58; Restrict Highway, 264.11; FairBoard, 8.08; Mtg Cert. 21.71; Co Assessor, 3.75; Mlghway Cash, 01; Board of Prisoners, 65.72; Economic Development, 1143.45; Community Sarvics, 4360.00; Bheriff Service Fee, 30.00; Appropriation, Sheriff, M&O, 290.50.Allooatlon of Alcoholic Tax: 8tlllwatsr, 6112.25; Cuehtnq, 1202.92; Perkins, Yale, 231.99; Glenooe, 78.83; Ripley, 62.67. COOkde the to approve the appropriations as presented. Moreland Motion oarriedt Cook, aye; Moreland, aye/ Mitchell, ays. Clerk presented Transfers at oproprlatlonex General to Electionoard, 2895.78 for Special election expense; Attorney to Gensral Government, M&O, lS5.00, paper; Fringe It, Health to Unemployment, 5000.00. Cook nade the motion to the transfers of approprlatlons. Moreland seconded. carried: COok, aye; Moreland, aye; Mitchell, aye. The Perkins Journal, Thursd, December 16, 1993 -Page 9 LEGALS Cook presented a Resolut!on amending the priority llst for Payne County from the County Road Machinery and Equipment Revolving Fund• The equipment is amended to read: 1) 58,000 # truck tractor/belly dump trailer; 2) 80-100,000 # Track Hoe. Moreland made the motion to amended the Resolutlon as submitted. Cook seconded. Motion carried: Cook, aye; Moreland, aye; Mitchell, aye. The Clerk preiented monthly reports: Sheriff, Collections, 10203•24; Disbursements, Sheriff Fee, 8219.00, OTC, 1984•24.; Health Department, collectlons, 11645.74, disbursements, 12326.11; E1ectlon Board: Received, 5950•56; dlebursed, 1287.32; Consumable Item inventory, District #3, 23573.75; County Treasurer Apportionment Report, September, 1993. Cook made the motion to approve the monthly reports• Moreland seconded• Motion carried: Cook, aye; Moreland, aye; Mitchell, aye. The Chairman presented a Reiolutlon for 1994 Holidays: January 17, Martin Luther Kings Birthday; February 21, Presidents Day; May 30, Memorial Day; July 4, Independence Day; September 5, Labor Day; November 11, Veterans Day; November 24 & 25, TharkegIving; December 23 & 26, Christmas. Cook made the motion to approve the 1994 Holldaye as presented. Moreland seconded• Motion carried: Cook, aye; Moreland, aye; Mitchell, aye. The Chairman presented 1994 Meeting dates Commissioner Moreland noted that on September 30 the Board eollcltlng bids for repair of concrete box culvert. The County dld not receive any bide. The Purchasing Agent solicited telephone quotes as authorized by law. The County receIvedquotee from Kolb Bulldozlng, 24250.00; Contlnental Concrete Company, 29500.00. Moreland made the motion to accept the low bid of Kolb Bulldozlng. Cook seconde. Motion carried: Cook, aye; Mormland, aye; Mitchell, aye. Commissioner Moreland.presented a Reeolutlon for Payne County Budget Board: Whereas, Oklahoma Statute, Title 19 Section 14011421 authorizes The County Budget Act; And Whereae the purpose of this act Ii to provide a budget procedure for county government which shall; 1. Eetahllsh unlformand sound flecal procedures for the preparation, adoption, execution and control of budgets; 2. Enable counties to make financial plans for both current and capital expendlturee and to ensure that their executive staffs, administer their respective functions in accordance with adopted budgets; 3. Make available to the publlc and investors sufficient information of the financial condltlons, requirements and expectatlone of the county government; and, 4. Assist county governmente to improve and implement generally accepted accounting principles as applied to governmental accounts, auditing and flnancial reporting and standards of governmental finance management and Wherese, The Board of county Commlaslonere have considered the provlelons €ommonly referred to as the County Budget Act codified at 19 OS 1991 Sac 1401 et seq. ae amended; It ie Therefore resolved that, Payne County Board of Commissioners elects to come under and comply with all of the provisions and requirements of the County Budget Act as cited above beginning in flscal year 1994-95. Commleeloner Moreland stated the Payne County Elected Offlclals have operated as an unofficial budget board during the last two years. During the preparation for the Sales Tax the round table discussions the Elected Officials had were very beneflclal. The meetings allowed a better understanding of each other departments. The Budget Board would meet every month to handle the flnanclal matters of the County. This would allow all Offlcers an opportunity to understand the financial position of the County on a monthly basis and understand the problems facing each department. Commissioner Cook stated that he was not in favor of forming a budget board. He expressed concern that the budget board is being proposed after the sales tax election. Many people have expressed concern about the budget board. He felt Payne County was too small to benefit from a budget board and felt the Excise Board ehould control the budget. Commissioner Mitchell responded that she did not feel the slze of the County has any bearing on the succese of a budget board. Commissioner Mitchell called tot comments from the audlencm. Mr. Jack Downey crated he was opposed to the Budget Board. He preferred to current system of the ExcIeI Board. He felt a budget board would dilute the people's input. Mr. Darrell Stile8 stated he underetoo the need for theElected officials to eet together to discuss common problems and the operations of the County, however, he dld not think a budget board was necessary to accomplish that. Stiles was not in support of a budget board. Commissioner Mitchell stated that she the opposition she is hearing to a budget board le that Elected Officials want to give themselves a raise. Mitchell stated the elected officials salaries are published. Mitchell noted that Elected Offlclale have never drawn the maximum salary allowed by law. If the citizens do not trust the elected officials to make good decisions as they serve on a budget board, then they have an opportunity to vote in the next electlon. Mitchell agreed with Commissioner Moreland in that the Elected OffIcial have acted as a unofficial budget board in balancing the budget with the Sxclse Board. Moreland stated he worked ard to pass the sales tax. Moreland stated he felt the Budget Board would bring harmony to the County. NoW more than ever the County must be accountable for the monies at the county levml• Moreland stated he does not fill sales tax money should be used for rsIIeI or to enlarge services beyond the exImtlng services• The ialei tax money will be used for capitol outlay. Moreland stated the Budget Board would provide more checks and balances by allowing 8 elected officials to vote on the county budget instead of 3 appointed individuals. Mitchell explained that if the budget board is not successful the Board can dissolve it and return to the current procedure. Cook did not feel the budget board would bring any more accountabillty to the budgeting process. Mr. OllverKinzle, Excise Board Member, did not eupport a Budget Board. He felt the Budget Board ellmlnated checks and balances. Hs felt the cltlzene should underetand that under a budget board the elected officials will have completm control over the budget. In the past the Excise Board has had control. Kinzle took issue with the statement that the Elected Offlclals were doing all the work in balancing thm budget. The Exolee Board has balsncmd the budget and allowed Input from the Elected offlclals. Kinzle requested the budget board be delayed for at leset a year. Kinzle reminded the Board that by petltlcn thm tax could be rmcalled. Mr. Wallace Smith, Stillwater, voiced a concern about the budget board. He felt those individuals that are knowledgeable about the budget board would not support it over the Excise Board. Kinzle stated the Excise Board has scheduled Dr. Notie Lansford, OSU, to explain thm opera, lone of the budget board to the Excise Board in January. He felt the Commission should wait until the program ia presented for all interested persons to hear. Cook made the motion to table the Resolution until after the Excise Board meeting in January• Mr. Keith McLamore, encouraged the Board to study the budget board procedure very carefully before implementatlon. Tulsa County is currently experiencing problems. Bonita Stadler, Treasurer, stated she felt the Officers have acted haw an unofficial budget board and felt it was in the bes interest to proceed with the Budget Board. Stadler felt the elected offlclale should be accountable to the cltizena. Schleffer stated she felt everyone ehould completely understand the operations of a budget board before any decisions are made. Some of the advantsgee of a budget board is that all county funds fall under the budget board Jurisdiction. Presently the Excise Board haw no control over cash funds. A budget board can require all officers to submit eetlmetee of nmeda for caeh funds ee well as budgeted accounts and cash funds revenues can be anticipated for budget purposes. Schleffer stated a budget board will require participation from all elected offlclele. Schleffer felt all elected officials should be present before the final vote is made• Moreland stated he haw studied the budget board procedure and feels it le in the best interest of Payne County to make the change. Cook teetered his motion to table the Resolution for budget board until after January 24th. Mitchell seconded. Motion carried: Cook, aye; Moreland, no; Mitchell, aye. The Board scheduled an auction date of March 12th for surplus county property. The Chairman called s recess. The Chairman called the meeting back to order at 10:30 a.m. The clerk preiented Health InIurance Proposals: 1. Amerltae Life Iniurance Ray SIith, Agent Stillwater, OK 2. Commonwealth National Life Daryl EvanI, Agent Stillwater, OK 3. Pacific Mutual Life Rick Grampp, Agent Stillwater, OK 4. Pan American Life Iniuranos Rick Grampp, Agent Stillwater,OK 5. Pan American Life Iniurance Rick Grampp, Agent Stillwater, OK 6. Accordia Local Government Benefits, Inc Dan L.Kamer, Agent Glenn Harris & Aseooiate8 Oklahoma City, OK 7. New York Life Kent Houck, Agent Stillwater,OK 8. State of Oklahoma State & Education Employees Group Ins 9.Acceee Ineurance Company Dan Kramer, Agent Oklahoma City, OK 10 Pacific Mutual Ineurance and Mutual Assurance Adminlstratore Rick Grampp, Agent stillwater, OK 11. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Nelanie Gray, Agent Tulsa, OK 12. Vision Service Plan Bobby Duke, Agent Stillwater, OK 13. Dentlcars of Oklahoma Rick Grampp, Agent Stillwater OK The Board remanded the Prcposale to the County Clerk to be evaluated at a later date• The Board authorized the use of the Courthouse Facilltles for the Food Festival on February 11. The Chairman presented an Agreement from The Indian Nations Emergency Management Aeioclatlon. The agreement Is a Mutual Aid Agreement to agsiet local entltloe In or near the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Reservation with Lincoln, Loan, Oklahoma and Payne Counties in the time of emergenolee and dleastere. The Board tabled the agreement for additional information. The Board approved purchase orders for payment:FY-93-94 GENERAL FUND: DIStrICT ATTORNEY: 893, Thompson'8 Book &Supply, Calendars, 59•85; 1015, Global Computer Supplies, Printer, 187.05; 1415, Federal Express, Letter, 19.00; 1519, Stillwater Newsprese, Notice, 24.60. SHERIFF: 808, B & C Office, Supplies, 48.42; 1186, Ace Hardware, supplles, 27.80; 1187, B & C Office, supplles, 50.06; 1189, R. J. Cleaners, service, 98.00; 1190, Valet Car Wash, euppllee, 8.00; 1192, Warren Cllnlo, service,, 41.00; 1272. Locke Supply, suppllee 133.74; 1273, A to Z Rentals, rental, 60.00; 1646,Stillwater Medical Center, wary;ca, 2,579.04; 1651, Carl Hiner,travel, 33.60; 1658, Law Enforcement, fee, 288•00; 1659, A T & T, service, 8.16; 1684, Ok. Dept. of Public Safety, fee, 350.00; 1687, Carl Hiner, travel, 42.31; 1729, Bobby Tillman, travel, 5.58; 1755, Darrell Varnsll, travel, 8.92. COMMISSION: 1368, Quill Corporation, Directory, 46.85; 1528, Carl Moreland, travel, 77•32;1704, Bernice Mitchell, Travel , 45.05. EXTENSlON:1267, B & C OffiCe, Calendars, 42; 1739,. Duane HcVey, Travel, 310.80; 1757, UniverItty of Malne, Newsletter,3.50; 175, Brett Morris, Travel , 445.6S. COUNTY CLERK: 1271, Anacomp, Chempac, 7.55; 1388, Stillwater Typewrlter, repair, 118.90; 1399, Xerox Corporation, repair, 1516, Dataplex, processing, 11.60. ASSESSOR: 1582,County Assegsor's Aesociatlon, Registrations, 70.00. REVALUATION:1194, Simon'8 Day & Night Wrecker Service, repalre , 6.00;1438, Interqraph Corporation, Maintenance agreement, 2184.00.GENERAL OPERATIONS: 794, Perkins Journal, Publlcatlons ,76.33; 796, Yale Newe, Publloatlone, 167.13; Merrifleld Office Supply, Fax paper, 30.00; 1566, Southwestern Bell Telephone, Plexar equlpment, 1339.49; 1681, Southweetern Bell Telephone, Long dletance, 1104.06; 1662, Bonita Stadlsr, Conservancy , 8.86;1682, Perklne Tag Agency, ATP'e for Sept. & Oct., 1320.09; 1683,A T & T , Long dletance, 462.21; 1697, Cehlng Tag Agency, ATP's for October, 1158.93; 1722, Oklahoma Natural Gee, Utilltles, 720.49; 1725, Ok. Dept. of Human Ssrvlces,Explred ATP, 203.00. ELECTION BOARD: Don Ventrle, Custodlan,lO.00; 1775, Randy Barton. Cstodlan, 10.00 1776, Chstodlan,10.00; 1777, Jerry Linder, Custolan, 10.00; 1778, Norms Ftrneet,Custodlan. I0.00; 1779, Midge Madron, Cuetodlan, 10.00; 1780, Midwest Printing Company, Ballots, 1800.90; 1781, Kevln Rosecra8,Ballot transport, 80.00; 1782, Carla Negeleln, Ballot tranIport, 80.00; 1783, Gene Ragedale, Deliver ballot box, 7.20.COMPUTER: 1670, Offloe E1ectronlce, supplles,366.60; 1671, Moore Buslness Forms, paper ,115.97; 1675, Southwestern Bell Telephone, Modem llne. 39.95.BUILDING ENGINEER: 1199, Ace Hardware, Supplies, 28.61;1200, Clean Clothes Rental, Service, 46.20; 1201, Harrls Philllp8 66 Service Station, suppllee, 7.49; 1429, Grlmsley'e, Supplies, 129.05; 1563, Butler Paper,eupplles, 268.70. HIGHWAY CABH: 950, Green GuardFirst Aid, iuppliee, 24.50; 971, Stewart Stone, 1/2"down, 2486.99; 972, Stewart Stone, 1 1/2" cruiher run, 3980.60,1011, Stewart Stone, I 1/2" oruiher run, 4011.80; 1029, Clty of Stillwater, Water meter, 91.54; 1058, Coaital Refining, MC800,3364.81; 1062, Green Guard Flrit Aid, Leather glovei, 121.00,1080, CoaItal Refining, Mrs00, 3391.01; 1202, Adams Supply,iupplles, 44,80; 1203, American Welding Supply,euppllee, 118.17; 1204, Cimsrron Truck Parts,supplles • 311.0S; 1205, Clean Clothes Rental,euppllee, 30.00; 1209, Harris Apco Service Statlon,eupplles, 225.00; 1210, Harris oil Company, supplies, 605.76, 1212, Kirby Smith, supplles, 310.41; 1214, Nape Auto Parts, euppllee,ll05.31; 1215, Oklahoma City Tractor, iuppllee,433.98; 1216, R.K. Machine, supplie s , 327.25;1217, ( ea ]e 1o ) "SPECIAL" WNISTLE STOP ONLY Beginning Thursday, December 16 DELUXE VANITY CASE. Urd astR (ase ho4ds 4 roer$, 414wcet, comb,  head bus,  haw coa 2  cki-, .e uy ad rh wh hors o/hr h,,g fun! I OSU n NIsseurl WresflIng lkk00t with 10 gallons or more of gas (while tickets last) Match Date: Wednesday, January 5, 1994 Time: 7:30 p.m. Where: Gallagher IBA Arena