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December 20, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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December 20, 1984

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.+, + -- Ins ~ermll8 douilnu |nMrauly, Limner ~U, JRfOq THE PERKINS JOURNAL Robert L. and Yvonne M. Evans, Owners-Publishers Published each Thursday at 133 S. Main Street + Post Office Box 665, Perkins, Oklahoma 74059 ++ Telephone: 405-547-2411 Payne~ Lincoln, Logan and Noble Counties Elsewhere in Oklahoma Outside Oklahoma SUBSCRIPTION I RICES 89.50 per year 813.50 per year plus 6% tax [$10.07] plus 6% tax [$14.31] 816.50 per year I I[I I + Ill Ill I I JOURNAL EDITORIAL OPINION ::+:i Just A +. Line More +++. By Bob Evans Time is the major ingredient in solviDg most problems. What is it they say -- there is a time and place for everything;, or, everthing has day. And so it is with a public, university at Tulsa. We+ l admit that we don know all background to why Tulsa has not had a university sup- ported from tax monies, but it has been an injustice and a badly balanced public education system that has allowed this to happen far long. W xealize that Payne County inter -ts probably make it dif- fictti to admit, but the record shows Tulsa is one of the largest conct ntrated metropolitan areas in United States without a tax Stipported university. DOC'S COMMENTS To s From the Files higher educatiom It was not prac- tical, or sensible, and it was selfish and inexcusable. We're glad Tulsa's time has come, even though it is 70 years late for many past generations. XXX Visiting with some area farmers-ranchers, the question was asked about what the agriculture colleges are teaching graduates? There is some indica- tion that today's agriculture col- lege student is being educated to fall into a slot created by more in- dustrialized agriculture as oppos- ed to the family farm, or farm family type of operation. The weather was beautiful with lots of sunshine during the first few days of the week. Daughter Mary Frances said if you are go- ing to Perkins, better go today, because tomorrow it is going to rain and get cold. Well, ale Roar- ing Betsy was headed west toward Perkins. Perkins is a beautiful city and decorated very pretty for the holi- day season ahead. There's a lot of work going on on the highway along the junction that leads to downtown. The streets were very clean and pretty. The store fronts were decorated to taste, and fill- ed with Christmas goods and goodies that made you feel at home. The first stop was in front of the Perkins Journal and found the front door locked, but carrying a sign directing to the first door south of Riley's Steak House, where I was courteously greeted by a lovely young lady who is in the advertising department. Next, Mr. Evans came in and made my visit a real pleasure. Bob said they were divided in of- fice space, with most of the work going on in the original building. They will be consolidating soon. and be back in the other building. It's always a real pleasure to visit the offices of the Perkins Journal. Is there a difference of opinion Mary Frances was right. It has between the practicing farmer- been raining ever since our trip to rancher, and the farmer-rancher Perkins. A brother in Alabama educator? said if a rain comes from the east, writing for community welfare and making the Cimarron Valley a better place to call home. Bar- barB's articles are used by numerous publications across the country and she is editor of some of them. A very lovely and talented lady she is. Some of the politicians who have wanted to make counties that' voted against liquor by the drink dry have made their point with the folks back home and are now saying it can not be enforc- ed and they will support bottle clubs and liquor stores in the counties where the vote was no. Personally, I would like to see all counties dry, but that is wishful thinking and the people will not allow it to happen. It will be in- teresting to watch the legisla- tors working in the sacred halls and on the floor at the capitol ci- ty. I hope they will make quick work of the problem and get on with other matters of importance for the welfare of the state as a whole. But don't hold your breath waiting for the miracle to happen. If they make progress without covering the clock while waiting for adjournment, we might be in favor of a shorter term. Well, in leaving, our sincere best wishes to everyone for a Merry Christmas and a happy prosperous new year. And may GOd give all a direction and fine holiday season. Arrivederci 66 Years Ago (From the Perkins Journal, January 11, 1918 - 66 years ago.) The City Council met with following members present: I. G. Markee, chairman; Elmer Baker, Clate Johnson, and S. F. McDanieL A proposition from the Light and Power Company to in- stall 15 street lights was rejectecL Warren Cooper, salary for Mar- shall, $5 I; P. E. L. & P. Co., elec- tric lights, $33.83. Four new pupils entered primary class at Perkins schools. They were Lucian Wood, Mildred Sherrod, Catherine Burch and Thelma Williams. The school kitchen is almost ready for use, and the first lecture will be by the domestic science class to the 7th grade girls. Jorns & Thoroughman Depart- ment Store {located where P.J.'s is today) was having a sale, ad- vertising Men's Cotton Sweaters for 69 each; Shoes, $1.25 a pair; Men's Suits, $6.50 to $10.75. Mrs. W. D. Hinkle at Lost Crsekbad a flock of 175 Leghorn hens from which she sold $566.45 worth of poultry and eggs during the year 1917, and has a flock of 250 hens to begin the year of 1918. 52 Years Ago (From the Perkins December 28, 1933 -52 I will be at the Payne Bank on Saturday, January receive your application for automobile license tag. C. Smalty, agent. Guy McClain and Dale brook have gone to the Grands Valley after a grapefruit for Joe Sheet of water. The 1934 Ford is - faster - more powerful more miles to the gallon- oil economy - is easier cheaper to own and any car ever built. Radio service: Work teed, Tubes Tested Lawrence Williams, Men have less courage women. You can't imagine a with 30 cents in his pocket into a store to try on of clothes. The senior class presented class play ' rwo Days to at the Lyric Theatre. Th( ciuded Jack Stanton, John Wallace Dickey, Dorothy Boone, Nellie Waits, Shelby Wyatt. We 've been pushing for such a Many of the farmers out there it would wet all four sides of the T C. "Doc" Banner Tulsa educational facility for ovar on the agriculture front line house before it quit This one 30 Years Ago 10 y ars because this writer's preach that American agricul- came in from the east F D.,.Y0@RE family,wentthrcn. ghthedilemma ture is what it is because it goes I always refer to Madison of tl'yin_g to raise children in back to the agrarian right of land Davis Banner as my computer eastern Oklahoma without a near- ownership, and the family farm, minded brother because he does PARTY , - y s by tate university. In fact, I where the personal touch pro- not need notes to recall events Eighty-eight Lions men ofter wonder if this doesn't have duces more than is needed by that and dates, regardless of the many and their families attended something to do with the socio- family and his neighbors. Couple years ago when it happened. He -- Lions family Christmas p economic status of the area? that with industrialization of pro- is the one who told the new doc- Monday evening. The Per With 17 state supported ceasing and communication and tar in town that his initials were Cafe served the meal Paul universities in the state higher mobility, and it is a system that the same as hers except she put was in charge of decorations. education system, it would seem can't be beat. her's following the name. [c Crabs presided. thatho community would have to The farmer feels that he has a Although it is topcoat weather, Dr. and Mrs. L. C. Freed send'their children over 30 miles right to a profit. He knows it is it's not as cold as predicted, but Mrs. Wflhite' " attended the B', for higher education, but there is based on the law of supply and de- cloudy with continuing rain. The Russe de Monte Carlo at an edtire cluster of towns and mend. Efficiency often, ironical- creeks are up in Cushing, and D ] Municipal auditorium small cities in the Tulsa area that ly, reduces profits instead of in- footlogs are needed to get from Oklahoma City Maria Tallc must'do this. Itmakes it impoesi- creasing them in the farming in- the parking place to the curb F D.,.Y0tYR prima ballerina, and Yv( ble for middle income, working dustry. These are sufficient pro- The inclement weather did not NOT OO1NO Chateau, one the ballerinas, families to educate their children blems without politicians adding seem to hinder the people from 1"0 TIlE residents of Oklahoma economically, and to find the job to it manipulation to maintains shopping about town. One lady FAT T- - etd eth e Idinm tanh3ir Mr. andMrs.Charle Inman markets for them to make an cheap price at the market pl ce came into the drug store with feet education possible, for his constituents. Many feel wet and carrying her overshoes in OftL n these young adults end that one way or another, thehand She sat down carefully, put F ddie Patricia Solomon, at up vithout higher educationAmerican buying public will be on the overshoes, and looked hap- I sots, Fla. i because of the hassle, and go faced with higher prices for food py about everything. Maybe she p For Sale--Two, two-art ahead+and enter the job market if the farming industry is going to was preparing for the trip back to business buildings on Mi instead of wrestling out college, survive. They have produced at a the car. Street, price $6000. Also 7-ro Tulsa area, which encompasses 35% loss the past two years. If It s wet out there, but showing house on four landsca 1 numerous large and small towns the government takes over farm- signs of tapering off. The sun- $8500. Mrs. W. S. Dickey, St, including Bartlesville, Barnsdall, iv.g, and as one reader wrote, shine broke through the clouds Pawhuska, Hominy, Cleveland,heaven forbid should they run it briefly and the town was filled ere m m mm. cen .pot them ? Skiatook, Coweta, Chelsea, like tbe postal service, foodprices with shoppers everywhere. 25 Years Ago Nowata, Bixby, Jenks, Owasso, will inch up like postal prices It's good to see our tax dollars ,,,., Oolpgah, Collinsville, and have, which is passed on to all working for us on Highway 33 at numerous other fast developing products that depend on the the Perkins corneranditwillbe (From The Perkins Jour tow , provided only two private postal service for distribution. If a big improvement in service and Compass Dee aber 17, 1959 - 25 years four.,~ear colleges, Tulsa Un/var- big business moves into farming, appearance for travelers and the ACROSS point "* ," " ' A baby boy weighing see m 32 Ancient bi~ sity Bud ORU, with tuition in the and a hundred large corporations people of Perkins. If Perkins 1. Asm " l" ol .... "+ u pounds, two ounces, has silkworm o s~y ( thousands of dollars a year, mak- end up controlling the land and keeps up the expansion in new - -. 33 ~int~ ~ born to Dr. and Mrs. Leon 4. M'~lp4~ " f k 8. Period 35. Coo.+ oc Fr f P rkin . , ing it prohibitive to students of the agriculture industry, markets homes on the east side, we will be 37. Boeklxmes eed o e s Named Ed I 1 Soft metal I working class people. Recently, will be created by manipulation close enough to shake hands 12" Region 39. More rotioc~~ Earl, he was born Tuesday the former Claremore Militaryand tinkering with supply and de- without leaving home. Perkins is 13" Period of time 42. Blue 9ross IS Z ^ "l Wesley Hospital in Oklaho# Academy was converted to a man In other words, pay the a progressive and prosperous 141Violinnmker 43. oTo~shotch ~ City. 16 Captivate ~ ' ' l~ jurd ; college, which is now price or do without. History city. IS" Make inactive4S" Arid Gerdners Station was se Rogers University with an enroll- reveals what big business did to It is with regret that we miss- 20: Slices of meat s,ck 670x15 nylon tires for $20.61, ment of about 4000. Tulsa Junior agriculture in the 1972 energy ed the Pen Cushings annual 22- t, t , Del Mars was advertisi College attracts about 15,000 crisis. Everyone benefited but Christmas party this week. It was 25 e/ DOWN 5. Either turkey hens for 49 poU Part of to be 6. Spins night and day students, andWes- agriculture, held in the beautiful home of 26. ! GrNk dtar - 7 Lo omount Ground Beef, 49 27 Coal digger ~ E'4"e " O leyan College at Bartlosville, a Reverend F. E. and Barbara 28" Sme t .. .... 8 De, rode ranges, two pounds for 25. private institution, has an enroll- -The market place is more of a Westberg in Cushing. Both give 30" ~nt 19. SoiIGOido(Sp.) ment of about 1000. problem than is production. The of all their time working and favorable 151 Amulet , . . ' This is a hodge-podge of American farmer can produce, 17. Modeof ZU rears Mgo facilities, and Tulsa civic leaders but he can't get his price without L oca|ResidentsAmong +ide+r om+:p ijn shipments have every right to demand. We think this is where de,and a state supported univer- agriculture colleges could make a Winners at Pecan Show i nk (From The Perkins Jour# December 24, 1964- 20 years shelter in that large metropolitan great contribution, and no doubt Local residents listed among ~ 24 Angers Less than $100 remains to1 ar0i of some half-million people, are. The production record of the the winners of the 1984 Payne 1111271 Cell division paid on the five strings W tegislative leaders protec- American farmer has been pro- County Pecan Show were: O.E. I ] I I.^' Christmas lights gracing Per ' s~ 29 Antenna [heir home domains scat- ven. The farmers problem is get- Cowley, 2nd in Cowley Variety; Ju. .ratt i _L_UX_ !" I I 33. Property Main Street, according to Lie 34 O,spotches f tepid in about 17 locations or ting rid of the product at a profit. E.L. McCarty, 1st and Ella B. "~T"T-~ 36 C~eek o ficials. Donationsandaber ar s' across the state, it has been McCarty, 2nd in Grates Variety; ~ ~ 37" Mineral basketball have accumula difficult to get the spotlight The American farmer must getHoward Higgins, 1st, and E. L. coO ehtrated on the problem. At more involved in marketing and McCarty, 3rd in the Maramec ..., ~ " sprir g $630 to pay on the lights. I'" l- I I [ I L F- l" 1 38. Fo.ro paste Ted R Westfall, son of GroV la J' it looks like it may happen, expand his involvement beyond Variety; E. L. McCarty, 1st, 40. Bemre " . ar l, the University Center is a the local elevator. A group of Howard Higgins, 2nd and Jerry ~ 41. Cereol gross Westfall of Perkins, has ,*t ml 44. Note of ~ole named executive vice presiden re "ty, and land is being sought Perkins farmers learned the hard Higgins, 3rd in the Mohawk r I I I I I I I I [ IT&T. to: e' gin construction of a perma- way the ropes involved in organiz- Variety; E. L. MeCarty, 1st in the facility, ing their own grain cartel Shawnee Variety; Jerry Higgins, the seekers of comfort, the pru- fact is that many stu- shipments, and the amount of red 1st and Howard Higgins, 2nd in A Chrtstmas Pra er dent and the careful who would 1 0 Years A de ts who would not otherwise tape and payoffs involved in get- the Success Variety; E. L. McCar- O. Lord be good to all Y= world fill the Inn to overflowing while go an opportunity to pursue tint owners,, unions and dock ty, 2nd in the Western Variety; on this Christmas Day. Let the glory of GOd passes us by. hi ] er education, will be able to space and facilities all together in- Jerry Higgins, 3rd and Howard everyone be happy in their own The concern with everyone is(From The Perkins Jour91 in the Tulsa area because to one package. Higgins, 4th in the Wichita Varie- th| ob market exists in Tulsa and E. L. McCarty 1st in Other individual way. whether Christ ruly has room in December 19, 1974- 10years the., surrounding 50 mile radius Farmers depend heavily on Cffltivars Variety. We commemorate this Christ- our personal lives today, in our John P. Cruse, 74, a horser col taining a score of urban and markets that create the supply Howard Higgins -- Grand mas time in remembrance and scale of values we put first things all his life, died at the Str s bantowns. Itwillalsonmke and demand, yet they have very Champion Nut of the Show. celebration of the birth of the first; or to the best books, the track Saturday, December 14, Lord our Savior Jesus Christ.best music, the best art, to our Kenny McKosato, who wri it Bible for those who chose the little control or knowledge of the Adult Division, Food Fair: As we know the weary travelers new ideas, the best friendship, to sports for the Journal, has b# io narket over the claSsroom to process, and have to turn to the Jerry Higgins, 3rd, and Ella B. arrived in Bethlehem only to find worship--to all the highest of selected to play on the All-St# h 'e the best of both, and many government to guarantee and McCarty, 4th, Pecan Pie: Mary no room at the inns. Thus it hap- these we are forced by our own football team for the North teg d hoes to sa "No He was selected for the t tle are tied down to career jobssupport them, and tell them what Silvers, 2nd-Fudge; Jerry Hig- wi ,i go back to school to obtain a the market is going to be. gins, 3rd, Pecans, Salted-Spiced, pened that Jesus was born in a clutters " y, _ .......... d .e r.eelater in life. Them are hun- Most businesses and industries etc. stable. Lovingly, his parentsRoom.' , , quar rvaca, rle of thousands of people in control their own marketing. This Jr. DIP.: Denise Hancock, 1st, wrapped the newborn child, Savior Have we ' No Room' for our season,Pleted mnsandtoUchdOWnscored fivePas Jesus, in swaddling clothes and th '!Tulsa metropolitan area that is what has made the American Pecan Pie: Robin Matheson, 3rd, laid Him in a manger. -s-Ninon Dingledine himself. now have access to conttnu- dream happen, mass production Pecan Cake with nuts in icing and How strange is the satire, that ~ ~ --7 state-supported higher and advertising to market the cake: Denise Hancock, ls Cake we who spend the most at .... ed catio mass production. The farmer is w/pecans in icing only: Denise Christmas, who sing the most I ':: [ Vkiahoma should be ashamed going to have to enter the Hancock, lst-Vecan Quick Bread: carols, who give the most, who I : I o/ playing politics for so many marketing process, or sell out Robin Matheson, 2nd-Pecan want to exalt the Christ the most I . I y~/rs and depriving thousands of more and more to big business or Cookies. o- at Christmas--that we would be A ~ way tO fix steak ill tO~arinate it in Frenc"~--"-~ dres'--"~- p ple from continuing and the government. " sing a slko them as usual.