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December 21, 1967     The Perkins Journal
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December 21, 1967

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JOURNAL00 &apos; PERKINS • :: = "£:. - >:: December Zl, 196Y PubIlsi,cd every Thursoav hv the PERKINS PUBLISHING COMPANY 133 S. Main Street Perkins, Okla. 74059 Robert L. Evans, Managing Editor Yvonne M. Evans, Office Manager SUBSCRIPTION RATES $3.00 a year in Payne, Lincoln and Loffan Cour, tie.q • $4/00 a year if sent ou t of the above mentioned counties Fa.cond Class postage paid at Perkins. Oklahoma, 74059 LouI. G. O'Haver Hadand B. Wells Daniel D. Draper Jr. Chairman of the Board Co-Publisher and Editor Co-Publishe, and Editor I "'A Strong and Fit Ship" Corporation farming problem. If we differ with the Fsrmers Union, it • , :', would be on the means to accomplish thp end result, We wonder if boycottinp the corpora- tions who are in competition, will have the desired effect? 'We are in sympathy with the National and [ r..n i,j IL..n "rnAsma | State Farmers Union oryantzattons in thpir r u, mlU Auuut I00UllUgU,00 Yizht to keep lar#,e corporations out of the. f, rminv business. We feel It would behoov  all of rural America to keep anev on" th T0m Berry o I heard two old , .'i  " :";" ::a ...... ': ..... " Texas boys talkin ' ": '' '  .......  1 ,' \\;.:. bout dust storms, f' "0 said there was a dU' • .. i " : ' " \\;" ' storm a while back ..... $& ..... ' .... I -- -' fi, . blew out and kll / ,!:i I whole of : :._s..,# ,/,,, --, /' /: ,: ": I dogs. The other !" ." " " ltA'qT/|i ' =', .,/l' low said, "Don*t g, ,.. - . .. : : .,m-=,, ,'..'q!,l /;" line that old stuff'' "" /:-II< OIiIll@M iBD,/;; / I can't strangle prai' ,. c ,, .. • : .... 00.gs-to-dea0000-w " -,. ' ,\\; .... .a. " ' I/ • • it[ ,. ::,.-- dogs to death '. " _ "r.I r • k ...... "t:  " .%%, "' a -," • , '..]\\;\ ,i'"j.:/.'..'.'.>":"'"",."\\;\ ,. The first one saia, HIIt'!'¢'oMII,, arranged to death. ('| i f %k %Y1} ..... -".""' ............ • • , . :- " dust." His partn" •  _ .. % f ..... -.;  asked, ,Then how d " - .... ' ' happen?" He said, -wi'nd got so strong blew a hundred feet 6f. sand out from on It i easy to sce. these foreign count • with all their fine lords and noblemePt not ant{ng tO get_, a close alliance w us. American c an't claim any nobleman Farmlnp is presently in a condition that if all and Is,suppOS "it is not rescued by the federal povernment TH] WBBK'8 ia vehlcle on today's crowded be the meling po "I'm a te3ger, 14 years old. Ilhlghways. Thereis nolawabout fo r the dlsconten in an attempt to diversify the city popula- like . • .  boy who is young¢ l wm you re old enough, to tion, the small farmer is on tb way out. Wtban me; in fact w,a,tgo|dst But, thereazelawsllmuapeople of Europe, think this is where the Farmers Union should steady. I have a pzobla ¢on-|tlm a..at which you.can vote, suppose if we brea •  him and my mother, at wmn you can gt mam¢ them to work, we d me to break u- wlth]Th¢ taw, are for your own emphaszze the r effort - to strenpth n the  p , return of the family farn% to assist in verhmbecause I smtooyou.gtotpmt,to, Your motherswordhave tO handle them way possible to maintain a stronp rural area,go sady. I dlsag.me With her.[is taw--shouldbelaw--wherelik e I did a fin • EV one does It, why not me?" the matter oyour aatlng is con-thorob horse support rural towns and schools. Tbv sboul .  I m llltv red - Oe JLY: Everyone.earned. It is her z(__Ib _., • .  , =u try to hold the price of land down a. much asdo BIS not aInfozdoglher obligation to brlng you toyou, coulon he possible, and support oryanizations that willany.WlHYo.lo?kabouty.°, tlm pot of mat. as .f rzde or drive. T. • '  e carelully earn aay, youwm preparea as possmle to I me on I wa I was su and can make money avallabl for vou p opl most likely see people dolngIesponslbllRiss of adulthoo_4 Y Y to get into the farmlny business. Tbv can @h,s that you would ozcouldISheneesyo.help.Admlilly, sful in getting =mot do. For example, peopleIme are h l words, but MYhors e to resume weld a stronppr arm in politics that control.d automobiles. The tawlholdblgtn,th- * duties as a horse subsidies, prices acreages imports and ' ' . .. says you are not old enough -- / " other measures used to control tb arlcutturbecause you are not mature s,,.,,.ms,,,-,,,,.'to tie his neck tO picture, emough, not respomdble enough  " ='  " =,.i..  "^^k ..... til the  So  Ill IJ {" ' u Corporations are pttinR into farmin for -- as y --to Indulge in o €ommmewasmstmmmANmSnmItas s broke him to 1 • dazotm an actlvasdrlvl mot. various reasons, but it is possil to con- Yours, ceive that they would yet into it less if the farmtn industry was operated as a "tioht mnd fit ship", and the situation was well in con- December, 195Z trol. Farmers need to take a look at their public Rainbo girls held image, do their in the most modprn and pro- Fresslve way possible, get preatly involved t politics again,.agressively.support the rural area and ru.ral merchants, and make it overall an unhealthy environmept for the fast moving, Impersonalcorporatlons. From The Journal Files TOM BERRY Lomb Sald It Iio One Is Charles Lamb put it very mncisely when he said that No one ever regarded the First of January with indlffer- ,nce." • Curiosity, hope and super- titlon have marked man's ob- servance of the New Year for :enturies. Among superstitious beliefs #as .that "dipping" provided n Insight Into the future. Dip- alng involved tbe opening of ihe family Bible while the head >f the house, with eyes closed, ndlcated a passage wlth his Inger; the text, supposedly properly.interpreted, was sup- posed to fortell the good or aad luck in store in the months ahead. Man has always mrlous about what Indiiferent holds as he has been eager to learn about all things un- known. Have you ever noticed how many "forecasters" are present at New Year parties and gatherings? Almost every- one can tell you what is going to happen in" the world of busi- ness and finance, in politics, in affairs of state, in our relations with other countries around the world. Be indifferent about the New Year? It's hardly possible. Try as you may, you cannot help but dwell for a moment upon the personal events and hap- penlngs of 1967. And, you can- not deny that you have some hopes and plans for 1968. We hope that is is a very pod year for you, Millard Mote, R.L. ?I Benedict and Ly'al vsI oar their annual Christ- 'Phillips attehded abut: mas party. Jo Ann fight in Monterey, '-x From glolse *'* ililaoi I'm no4 Smith was in charge of 1953- been, but I arrangements Grady V. Gardner and. gd I had when • a clerk in what Arthur Knox was elect-graduated from Office:the general atore. applied was, ed scholarship chairmarCandidate School at for it included of Farm House Honora-Quatico, Va. on Dec.zh-ygood kerosene ry and Social fraternity IZ. He was in the top The kerosene was at OAMC. Wallace ten. hand from a customers Smith was also initiat- Mrs. Gay Clark was Coffeewasl ed into the group, honored as outgoing grinder fw <alo Warren Lee Spillers, wai'thy matron of Vn from the cases and used [,rom_ ] for the groceles HI$IOXV$ SCX00PSO0I I,. read oll thel.r llst S AND EVENTS FROM rESTERYEARS you gathered them "  gazdleu of the a The first YMCA was established in Boston, December 29, walking 1851. The last major eoMlid,lmwem U. 8. troops and Indlans TLmes have took place at Knee Creek, & D., IIm 29, 1890. when you enter Sun Yat-Sen was elected first president of China, December service stores,. 30, 1911. sho' 'Ehe firs/ U. 8. pos[ge stamp was used, December 31, 1847. the Island opened as an immigTation depot, Decemb various fo 31, :1890. tractively arran Jranuary 1 is New Year's Day. The Uniled Nations Dedara- always finish by lion was signed, January 1, 1942. than was The UnlMd 81ares announced makes the store Jlmmlo an opl door policy for Chins, So, Just pay your became imad € all  m De nappy too. st was