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December 25, 1997     The Perkins Journal
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December 25, 1997

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THE PERKINS JOURNAL-THURSDAY, DECEMBER 25,1997 * PAGE- Campfire Tales: who was city marshal at that time, to go and they all.left for lngalls. If I had known dick was going I would have gone, Tor Dick was a Chapter 17 : good boy and was afraid of nothing. I had seem him walk in between Oren Whittum and Jim Brock when they were both shoot- From a manuscript by Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton ing at each other, and he disarmed and arrested them both, and copyright 1997 by Liz Wise and Mae Welch never pulled his gun. Right then I was ready to bet my last dime The Fight At lngalls (As told by a friend) that he would never live to finish his term as city marshal, and Frank and I were sitting under the trees in his yard. He was the poor boy didn't. In a day or so he was buried at Perkins smoking and we were talking of the early days and I was working cemetery. They had a hell of a fight at Ingalls. The officers were in a him for another story for my book. The talk came around to the covered wagon, and all but the drive kept out of sight. They drove fight at Ingalls where Dick Speed was killed by the Doolin gang of the wagon in at the livery stable, and instead of driving around outlaws. behind the barn, they stopped and all got out in plain sight of the "How did it happen that you were not in that fight, Frank?" I hotel across the street, where some of the Doolin gang was on asked. watch. Arkansas Tom was lying upstairs in bed sick. Bitter Creek He grinned and said: was in the barn looking after the horses and the rest of the gang "Old Lafe Shadley was boss of that outfit, and he and I were was real handy, and the fireworks started. Bitter Creek walked anything but good friends. He was a meaner man than anyone he calmly out of the back door of the barn but he didn't have his ever took in, and I would not have gone to a horse race in his shooting irons so he was in a bad spot and was soon under a fire company and he knew it. We had had some hot words at the he couldn't return as his weapons were upstairs in the hotel. Osage Agency, and I was sure glad when I heard that he had got There was a young woman at the hotel that went by the name of his at the hand of Bill Doolin." Rose of Cimarron. She got Bitter Creek's weapons and ammuni- "What caused you two to fall out?" I asked, tion, went out the back way and ran across the stre with old Lafe "A cold-blooded murder," said Frank, "one that he did up at the shooting at her. She gave Bitter Creek his guns, and he started Osage agency." "Tell me about I urged, using them. Arkansas tom was firing from an upstairs window, and they said it was one of his bullets that got Dick Speed. Some "Well, it was murder, and nothing else," said Frank. "Lafe, who of the gang got their horses and left town. One of them was badly was the U.S. marshal, heard that some Indians out on Soldier Creek hurt and fell from his horse, but Bill Doolin stopped and dis- east of the agency had got hold of some whiskey and he was try- mounted to help him. Lafe and two of his men rode up and started lng to find out where it was and who had it. He was up on the fiat shooting at him, but he drove them off, killing Lafe and wounding west of the school building in his buggy as he was too lazy to ride the others. He got the wounded outlaw onto his horse and they horseback except when he had to. There was a young Indian boy rode away. about 10 or 12 years old riding into town on his pony and Lafe Meanwhile, Arkansas Tom, with the help of Rose, who loaded called to him to halt. Not understanding him, the boy rode on, his guns for him, was making it interesting for the other officers. and Lafe picked up his shotgun and put a load of buckshot in his They drove him from the window but he punched off some of the back, killing him instantly. I was down at Martin Redman's lodge siding and kept shooting. Finally, the officers were going to set when the news came that the boy was killed, and Martin, Paul the hotel afire and burn him out. The landlady pleaded with Akin, Judge Pettit, Gus Choteau, Nick Thompson and I want to see them not to burn her out, and that she would get Tom to give up. about it. We found them all at Tom McAdam's store, all armed The officers surrounded the place and waited to see what she could and pretty well excited." do. She told Tom they were going to burn her home if he didn't Gus Choteau was one of the Indian Police, and he and John Pappan give up. Finally, for her sake, he did so. She took his weapons took charge of things and it looked might dark for Lafe about and gave them to the officers, then they went in and arrested then. There was a young Indian named Ed Tinker, who was later on to become a noted f gflter pffot fn World War II, who demanded Torn and Ro , Meanwhile, Doolin and the rest of the gang went to their hide- that Choteau and Pappan arrest Lafe for murder. Things got thicker out northeast of town where they gave the wounded man first aid mighty fast, but Tinker who feared neither god, man or devil, and took stock of the fight. They had one man killed and three stood pat and I was backing him to the limit. wounded, and Tom and Rose had been captured. The officers Somehow they got Lafe out of that crowd and the agent gave him had three men killed and two wounded. Afterwards, another one police protection, but Choteau told me afterwards that they were of the wounded outlaws was captured, and the gang was eventu- in hopes they would get him and hang him. After that time I never had any use for Lafe. ally all killed or captured, but not by Lafe or Hueston, who went out of business at the Ingalls fight. When Houston came down where I was grubbing redbuds out of "Frank," I asked, "what became of the Rose of Cimarron?" the corn field, he told me they were going after the Doolin gang "I don't know for sure, but her and another young woman called and that they had two g illons of whiskey in the wagon that Fred Cattle Annie were both taken into custody and tried for holdups, Stallard had given them. I told him that God never gave me many but I don't think they ever did much to them. Cattle Annie had a brains and that I would not muddle what few I had with whiskey small spread out east by the Berry Brothers Ranch on Stillwater or go with any damned outfit that did, for whiskey and gunpow- Creek, and she favored the outlaws to protected her own herd. der is a bad combination, so I did not go. They got Dick Speed, She and Rose were both good with a gun and more than half will- ing to use them. They were bad folks to have trouble with. 'Fred Sutton told me they were both paroled, and Cattle sold her cattle to the Berry Bros. and left the country with and later on both of them got married. Annie died in 19 Rose is still living and has raised her family and is citizen living in southeast Kansas. I am glad they came alright, for women in those times had a hard time of it. whatever hardships came their way just like everyone did less whining than most men. In those days most men had regard for women than they do now, and they deserved all got, too, for with very few exceptions they were honest, working and possessed that rare quality which is so rapidly ing into disuse: modesty." Perkins man sentenced to ten years A Payne County Jury recommended the maximum term of prisonment of ten years.for James Allen Twoguns, a 38 year Perkins man, on the charges of Driving Under the Influence, ond and Subsequent Offense. Rod Hudson, District Attorney, the jury deliberated three hours before returning the Hudson said the jury also found Twoguns guilty of Carry Insurance Verification" and "Following Too Closely." Hudson's office filed the charges against Twoguns in after Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper Mike Choate Twoguns on Highway 33 west of Cushing after observing him to allow another vehicle to pass. Choate testified that accelerated when the other car attempted to legally and the rode the other car's bumper within a foot after the! hicle completed the pass. Twoguns failed a breathalyzer test which registered. 17. said a .10 or greater constitutes Driving Under the Twoguns also requested a blood alcohol test which Hudson registered. 16. District Judge Donald L. Worthington, who heard the case, dered a pre-sentence investigation and set formal sen' January 23, 1998. Hudson said Twoguns has many prior convictions and has served two prior prison terms of five each and one term of two years. Hudson concluded his by stating that this case is yet another example that Pa residents will not tolerate drunk drivers on Payne $10,000 rebate. Limited offer. Buy this 1982 Ford F.150 $12,800 and get rebate(After your check clears). Perkins Journal, 547-2411. ' HEALTHYUFE Thb four-sesdon class offers in AmmrlrJn Jncor Sotkty C mcor the I ic cM and nm jemmt of Support Group It dso proxies This suPtPort group meets in Stillwam' about prevention of long.term compiica- Uadtcd CenteCs 8oard Room. Abheytk)m and whet to do on skk dayL This Gutter is the radiator, class is taught bya certllled diabetes Date:.Idon: Dec. 22, Jan. 5, 19 educator. Time: 7.'00-8:30 p.m. Date: Ivlon: Jan. 5, 12, 19 it 26 , sat: jan. lo, 17, 241k 31 Cost: free ' Time: Mort: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Sat: ~.~ I.nl. to 11:00 a.m. co * ..0o on infants, chllcken and adults using the Note: by cdllng standards of the American Heart Assocla-742-5488. t n. F rtidlxmU will receive ceaJflcation. Amorlcan Red Cress Din: jan. 10 Commulty Flnt AM and The: 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p This course includes aclull CPll, infant/thUd Cost:S30 per person Registration Fee O'R, besic flr adand emer- Book Sll Flus gencyrescueprocecknswhichwilldden Amel~an Heart ~ Card inNred per~n until medl~ help can antve. Adult r..PR Heort Savor RIECERTIFICATION Cour Date." jan.17 . Time:. 8:30 aJm.. $:00 p n. Date: Jan. 14(semndW ofmc month)Cost: S40,indudesbouk Time: 7:30 a.m.- 9;30 a.m. II 1:30 p.m.- 3:30 p.m. Call 742-5488 to register for any of Cost: SlSperpmon;mustpreregisterthe d aes listed in this section. Pleese call 48 hours in advance. Call 742-5488 to register for any of the chines Usted kl this sectkm. Phme WEIGHT Date: Jan. 9, 1998 Tim'. 12:10p n.- 1:00p.m. A weight control program using a Place:Programmi room (Noah Bu//d/ng) ?ractical approach by helping partial- Cost: Free pants evaluate their fmxl choices and 742-5946 to register for 1 st learn healthy coofdng skills. This six- week session includes weekly nutrition keless Intro Class counseling, a low-impact exercise session and behavioral counseling. Date: pate: jan. L lS, 22, 29, & r b. S, 12 Time: 6:00 - 7. )0 p.m. Time: S:30- 7.'00 p.m. Place: Stlllw .rldadicdCanter Cost: , S60 clue on flm night 1st floor conference room Wkl: "Kk:l Gadgm f0r G0ad HelRh" Smokeless Class Wk 2:"Heathy Snack Amk: Date: TBA . Wk 3: "Fiber: Your Body's Broom" Time: 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. \*-. Wk 4: "Decodin9 rood Place: Stillwa Medical Center Wk $: "Getting Social Support" 1 st floor conference room Wk6: "Your ThougMs in the Weight Loss Cost: S75.00 includes chess materials Process" Bad Weatlw Hotlk . and refreshments Call 742-.$456 372-6520 Call: 742-5783 to register to register for The Ute Weigh program. Please call 48 houri in advance. ............................ SUilwater Medical Center Education Department * PO BOX 2408 * SUIwater, OK 74076 Course Title: Date of Course: *For more intom . __ (405) 742.54118 Depo Sene S CHILDBIRTH AND IHFAHT CARE HospItM Tour You will get a firsthand look at where your baby will be born and cared for. You will slso get to preview the journey you will make from admission, to labor and deliver, postpartum care, and discharge. Date: jan. 8, 13 Time: 7:00 p.m. Cost: Free (hIMbh h Prelmratkm This is a program taught by registered nurses for tim-birth families or experienced families who want morn in.depth Information. YOU will learn about the labor and delive process, various " re xatk)n techNques, anestheda chok and caesarean births. This program may be taken anytimedudng pregnancy, but it is recommended during the last three months. Date: Weds: Jan. 7, 14, 21 Thurs: Jan. 8, 15, 22 Time: Weds: 7:00 p.m. Thurs. Cost: S]O per couple 7:00 p.m. Ilnm ng and Relmwtlon This class is an optional fourth class in the childbirth preparation series. This class will focus on relaxation and breathing tech- niques. A good cho for those who do not think they want an epidurel. Best taken following the first three classe Din: Jan. 28 k Feb. 2.S Time:. 7:00 p.m. Cost:IS.O0 per SlMIng Class This class is recommended for siblings three years old and up. The children will get to practice holding a life-like doll, watch a film about a bigsister, and get a tour of the hospital to see where morn and baby will be staying. They will even get to make a bib for the new baby. Date: Jan. 7 & Feb. 4 Time: 7:00 p.m." Cost: Free Newborn Care Learn techniques to promote the healthy and safe development of your newborn. Discussion includes baby care basics such as feeding, diapering and bathing your baby, as well as the phxsical appearance of newborns and practical tips for parents. Date: Jan. 21 k Feb. 18 Time: 7:00 p.m. Cost: Free Infant/ChlM CPR the life-saving techniques of infant/ child CPR which are different from adult CPR. This program, taught by a regis- tered nurse, also covers important techniques necessary to assist a choldng infant or child. CerUflcaUon is available. Data:Jan. 14 k Feb. 11 Time:6:00 p.m. Cost:S2 /coople or SiS/single Book $9 plus American Heart Fee: Association Cord R.fmshor for F.xperie ced Families program, ta t by expeaena labor and daimy nune wm ixovlde you infonnatk oo the most current labor and ae,v optk ano renew breat ng and raaxadoo U J nques. Date: Jan. 20 & Feb. 17 Time: 7:00 p.m. Cost: S2S per couple anatomy and physiology of breastfeedlng and how to recognize and prevent potential difficulties. The benefits of breeslfeeding for mother and beby will also he discussed along with tips on breast pumps, storage of milk and breaslfe ng as a working morn. This class is designed to be taken dudng the last two months of pregnancy. Data: Jan. 6 k Feb. 3 Time: 7:00 p.m. Cost= SlS per couple Breastfudlng A certified breaslfeading instructor win i' teach you the "hows" and "whys" of breastfeading. You'll learn about the lllrth Consultation A Birth Consultation gives the expectant mother a unique opportunity to meet with a registered nune prior to her labor and de,ve to develop a personaUzad birth plan. During this consultab )n, the mother will learn about different options she has concemincj medicaUon and medical cam which affords families a feeling of control in the birth process. After Baby Comes This 4-week series will address changes that occur within Hour family after the birth of Hour baby. Topics: tampemrnent, sleep, feeding, development, comforting baby, and physical care. Complimentary child care for siblings available. Data: Wed.: Jan. 7, 14, 21 & 28 Time: 7- 8:30 p.m. Place:Payne County Health DepL Cost: Free Call 742-5738 to register for any of the clesses lislad in this section. Please call 48 hours in advanc