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December 26, 2019     The Perkins Journal
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December 26, 2019

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A4 THE JOURNAL, Thursday, December 26, 2019 Opinions ” ’. journal Colurnnist Mads received a Christmas box in'the mail from his I mother this week. Inside, among all the candy, wool socks and a toothbrush was a card for Charley and me that read 'as follows: “Dear Charley and Aaron, Thank you again for o t: opening your home to our son. Four months have passed . 3 and suddenly it’s Christmas, so we Wish your whole family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday. Frank, Charlotte, Michael 0g Mie.” It‘s true. Four months have passed already since Mads came into our home, joined our school and has been living in our community. One of his concerns coming into our home was our persistent church attendance and that he considers himself on the outside of Christianity looking in. Never will I forget our conversation on Mads’s first night: in our home. Mads’s two main concerns were: 1) the fact that the use of curse words in Denmark is far more prevalent than here in The States and 2) that he perceived that the Box family was in church every time'the doors were open according to the paperwork we submitted to the exchange student agency. Needless to say, the use of curse words has cured itself. What happens at school I cannot say, but I’ve never heard anything from teachers or administrators, so I sup- ipose it has gone well enough. ' first night were this: “Know that you will go to church with us. Let this be an experience for you. Don’t feel obligated to do anything in particular, but experience our traditions and see for yourself. Go With an open mind and you’ll be fine.” As we enter the Christmas holiday,I have studied Danish Christmas traditions and have learned that theirs are very much westemized since the Second World War. Christmas parties, foods that are only eaten once a year, the exchange of presents and even dancing around the Christmas trees singing songs are part of the Danish tradition. Many Danes attend Church services on Christmas Eve. While Denmark fis attached to Germany, and thereby Europe geographi- ically, the Nordic or Scandinavian influence in Denmark v is still prevalent. Much of the Christmas celebration is still based on the pagan celebration of Winter Solstice. . John I : l —5 reads, “Before anything else existed, there was i Christ with God. He has always been alive and is himself t :God. He created everything there is — nothing exists that he -§didn’t make. Eternal life is in him, and this life gives light if to all mankind. His life is the light that shines through the ' ‘darkness and darkness can never extinguish it. (CEB) While the spread of Christianity is still ongoing in some parts of the world, the truth as I believe it is that God through Christ has been with us since the beginning and will be with us through the end. God is with us. Emmanuel. May you celebrate this Christmas knowing that no matter your traditions,.God is with you. He came to our world to be like us so that he' could save us from ourselves. He came in the fOrm of an innocent child so that he, the creator of the world, would depend on his human family so that in return they would depend on him someday. He came as ., one of us. Nothing you have done, seen or experienced can separate you from the love of God‘ through Christ Jesus. No matter your station in life, know that you have already received the gift of God’s love for you. If you are in need -, of a place to explore this gift, I urge you to reach out to i one of the many Bible based churches in our community. , . \lA’J' radiant; “1:1 .1,..,. Nine; in: n, ,..,'. 'r/ :uu- rum sips at...” u .10411‘5‘!‘I'r’l‘urflukpl,’ Any one of them is ready to welcome you home. God bless you and Merry Christmas. ‘1 3tUSP§#428-‘€ufile 7 . A ‘ The reruns Jaurhatjis truism at“ 222 N. Main,?Peri<ins. OKby Pedans entrants Game. and ., entered at the Perkins Past Oflrce’ ,- " lpostaga‘ ' i at Perkins, or: 74059. ‘ Printed at Harvester: i éhoaeft‘losmir‘étfit ' 1’ Fax (495) 5474419 , '\\W.JOUmaIOKmom i, ‘ DavidSaseérfiublisher...“.,...Li-.pitliltshérmoumaleincem Van Mitchell, StaffWrimr .... .. ,...vanhinitchell@gmait.eom \ RickLomntchSportsEditor........ ‘ ‘iésorrmjwmelakmf Patti Weaver, Correspondent“....gatttyreavertewttdbtuenet The publisher is responsible basement and any errors will be promptly correctedonce notified , . OFFICE “during; , p , Monday through Friday: 9 am. to 5 p.m.,, i ' j Saturday 9 am. to 12 pm . " POSTMASTER: Send changes of- addressto: . 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Jesus and I are praying for First Responders in every commu- nity, our medical teams, all those in charge of large apartment complexes , the nursing staff in rest homes, our Fire Department and Sanitation crews in Stillwater and those who create better living situations for all of us. Most of all I ask blessings on our Staff at all churches. MarywillbeinforChristmasandhopealltheroadsaresafe. The tiny “glam” tree designed by Leila shining in all its beauty on the slim entry way table always brings a smile to my face. Love comes in many forms and all that matters is that some one loved you enough to bring an eariy Christmas. By the way, my grand daughter Chelsea had a 9 pound baby boy for Christmas. Mom and baby doing well. Blessings and joy to my family out of state. ‘ Itseems like it was just yesterday she wasateen....my goodness how time gets away. I don’t know his name yet. Every child is precious and many are bom under “interesting” circumstances. Our lives are always in transition at different stages of change. Some we are not ready for, others come slowly as we adapt to the times and circumstances of our life. When we left Joseph, Mary and Jesus in the stable in Bethle- hem, they were engaged with the Wise men and gifts. This scene was more than aryoung couple bringing life into the world....this was the son of God and there were men of great power searching for him to take his life. IwasreadingagainthestoryfromMatthewonthissacred event. We find Herod sending the Wise Men to see the baby Jesus and report back to him. He was not happy about hearing the words, King of the Jews. When they saw him, the Wise Men fell down to worship and presented the gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Later they left being divinely inspired to not return to Herod and went to their own country. We do not know exactly when the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream saying, “Arise, and take the young child with his mother and flee to Egypt and stay there until I bring you w .” V JosephwasawisemanandhetookhisfamilytoEgyptuntil Herod was dead. When Herod s'aw he was deceived by the Wise Men, he became aneg and ordered all babies under two years old put to death in Bethlehem and its In the world today, we still‘have domestic violence, prison riots, drive—by shootings and the death of innocent people. Graf- fiti covers alleys and buildings and the homeless are moved to different sides of the city. In a Detroit suburb, a Cancer—Causing green slime oozed onto a US highway. ' ' Did you know that Sandra Bullock’s foundation often donates a million to help disaster situations? I watched the channel 9 news one day as they went to schools andcelebratedChristmasandresthomesaswell. ' What are the transitions you will make this year at Christmas , time? Do you have prayer warriors in your corner as mountains loom before you? Is there some one who needs your help? Mentor them, invite themto church-lunch or give them a ride for medicalcare. Life is short‘andthis is the seasonto pay itforward quietly and pour out grace as the Father did, at the birth of Jesus. Here it is, not quite the New Year—acmally, a new decade! Are you considering making resolutions? Ifyou aren’t because they always seem impossrble to keep, don’t be discouraged, you are definitely in a class with hits of Many of us simply stop making resolutions! , A tradition dating back to ancient Babylonia, mid-March (the beginning of planting season and “new year”), promises were made to_their gods during the 12-day festiyal of Akitu to repay debts, return borrowed property and re-avow loyalty to the king. If kept, these promises would bring favor upon one’s family. Julius Caesar,inmovingthebeginning ofthecalendaryearto January 1, continued the tradition with early Romans sacrificing tothe godJanus andpromising goodconductinretmnforfavor. Adopted by Christians, John Wesley held a “Covenant Renewal Service”; today in many Christian communities the service is Bob really loved writing the Love Line column all these years. He has had many people tell him how much they have enjoyed them. He even has had subscribers from out of town call him about certain columns and tell him how much they appreciated them. Bob was in a bad car acci- dent, and on December 10 he passed away. As his wife, want to thank you readers for all 'the encouragement and interest you have shown him for his writings. Barbara. Penick- ' Dear Friends and Readers For the past 13 years or so, I’ve enjoyed sharing “stuff” that I’ve found interesting and worthwhile in my Love Line articles. It’s been a blessing to have had the opportunity to do that, and I appreciate your occasional comments and support. . I ‘ I was going along pretty well until I turned 85, and had my first of 39 falls. Since then, I’ve developed a serious case of “Old.” At the over—ripe age of 88, I’m finding my memory slipping a bit. I’m loosing my voice, gradually going deaf, and having to deal with glaucoma and dou- ble-vision in my eyes. After rupturing a disc in my lower back when I was a young man trying to pull a tree up that had roots down to China, I’ve had progressively painful problems with my back. When some doctor asks me what operations I’ve had, I usually tell him I’ve had 3 on my lower back, and otherwise, it would be easier to tell him which ones I haven’t had. Now, with increasing debili- tating pain that starts in my back, runs down my leg all the way to my tippy-toes, and keeps me from sleeping, it may be a good time to give up writing my Love Lines. I’ve really loved writing those Love Lines, and I think there has been some good “stuff ’ in some Of them. But, my mind isn’t working as smoothly as it once did, and it is a little slower to note good subjects for me to write about. I don’t want to let my perceived quality of what I’ve 'written slip. I think some of those early articles are special and worthwhile, at least to me, So, let me invite you to look back at some of them in the archives if you like, and see what you think. Please let me thank you again for the helpful comments and encouragement I received from some of my regular readers. I really appreciate both of you. Bob on his Rover called a “Watch” service. As with traditions that stem from various religious roots,today , New Year’s resolutions are primar~ ily secular with the resolve usually a form of self-improvement and promised only to oneself. I learned long ago that for me, New Year resolutions only sup- plied me with more ammunition to prove myselfa failure. I sat as a harsh judge of my progress through life. When I realized we are instructed to “examine” ourselves rather than judge ourselves a yoke was lifted from my spirit. Lynn Harold Hough said,“The tragedy of the world is that men have given first class loyalty to second class causes and these causeshavebetrayedthem.”'l‘hislformdtobetrue inmanyareas of my life. Not always were my causes second class, sometimes I just needed to find a different way through the door to achieve my end goal. Political and environmental activism left me disillusioned as to my power to generate change. Years of protests, citizen watch groups , even deliberate disobedience resulting in anest seemed a massive circle that each year brought me (us) back to square one. Nothing changed. I came to realize I could only influence those > LEEANN, Page A3