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December 26, 2019     The Perkins Journal
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December 26, 2019

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BS - THE JOURNAL, Thursday, December 26, 2019 Extension Corner By Payne County Extension Educators . Nathan Anderson, Agriculture Educator Dee Rash, FCS Educator Keith Reed, Horticulture Educator Summer Leister, 4-H Educator http://ocesokstateedu/payne AG NEWS Value of Gain Value of gain (VOG) is a great tool for cow-calf operators to use as they plan their calf marketing deci-. sions. Value of gain tells us the increase in potential calf value from one weight to the next. This is beneficial with a specific decision like whether to retain calves to a heavier weight. An easy way to make this calculation is to just pull up your local auction report. For example,-we can use this datafromearlyOctober2019. This information would lend itselfto a fairly easy decision. Would it be worthwhile keep- ing those calves around for 75 extra days to increase our revenues by $164 per head? Would it cost us more than that in expenses? Or, if it takes 6 pounds of feed per day to get a pound of gain on the calf, the feed would cost $.75 per day ($250/ton, $.125/pound x 6 pounds/day) and the calf is growing in value by $126. We have $.51/pound to cover additional overhead, expenses, and additional profit. While VOG is a very useful tool, it is only as good as the numbers we put in it. We are speculating the market in the future, which certainly opens us up to errors. In the example above,weusedamarketreport fromasingle dayinOctoberto tell us about mid-December. So, where should we exer- cise caution in using this tool? Continue to calculate VOG when making the decision to retain ownership of fall calves. But look at other tools to build some context. Our manage- ment in this time could add value as well. Weaning and backgrounding will alter our VOG calculation as well. A few tools are available that we can use to hopefully remove some variables. First, instead of using the current market report to project your sale price in the future, use the appropriate futures contract and make a historical basis adjustment. Or, use a tool like Beef Basisthatcanbefound at https://www.beefbasis.coml . This will use both the corn and feeder cattle contracts and basis data to help you arrive at a price forecast. Navigating the markets is always tricky and never cer- tain. But today more than ever we have access to a tremen- dous amount of data to help us arrive at answers. For help in thisprocess,contact your local OSU Extension office. Improving Weaning Weights It’s that time of year. Calves get sent to town and we reap the benefits of the cold wet calving season, the scorching summer heat, and the fluc- tuating fall weather. Now we get to prep for the winter ahead. Much of the discussion this time of the year revolves around weaning weights. Weaning weights are a vital part of our revenue equa- tion. It could be argued that total pounds weaned is first as important ifnotmore so. With that said, listed below is some short-term and long-term ways to boost weaning weights or total pounds weaned where some are more economical than others. Implants: Year after year calf implants continue to yield a positive economic return. At a $2—3 investment depending on how yen allocate your labor, it takes very little in terms of extra gain to recover the invest— ment. Unless you are market- ing the calves to a system that is providing a premium to not implant, this is generally a sound investment. Results do varybuta0.10 poundincrease in average daily gain is a rea- sonable expectation. Creep Feeding: It seems like discussing creep feeding is like talking politics at a family reunion. In other words, it seems like a delicate issue. An article from UNL Beef pro- Farm & Ranch. vides a great overview of the profit calculation surrounding creep feeding. The article can be found at httpsz/lbeefunl. edu/beefwatch/creep—feeding— beef-calves—profitable. At the end of the day, this just highlights the fact that returns to creep feeding can be highly variable. Price slides, feed conversion rates, and calf condition are all items that must be accounted for. Creep. feeding should be considered a situational tool, not one that we lean on every year. Retention: I know, keep- ing them past weaning does not increase weaning weight. Yet, it does count towards the gross income of your cow calf operation. Sixty days- can make a big differencel It provides the timeframe to wean, straighten out, and put on additional weight. The market reporters at many of our Oklahoma auctions are noting calves as unweaned in the market reports. Unweaned calves are trading significantly lower than their counterparts of similar weight. The reports can be found at https://www. ams.usda.gov/market-news/ feederand-replacement-cat— t1e-auctions#Oklahoma. These. management decisions can becst price and build upon a market that usually trends up to the end of the year. Conception and weaning percentages: Improving con- ception rates and ultimately weaning percentage can have a drastic impact on ranch rev- enues. Think of it in terms of the cow being a factory. We already pay for the real estate (forage base), the building . (cow), and the labor (rumen microbes). A fully capable ,factorythatdoesnotbuildany— thing, like an open cow, is a losing venture. A good target is95%and90%forpregnancy i and weaning percentage respectively. There are oper- ations with a weaning percent- age closer to 95%. These two reproduction measures ensure more total pounds at weaning, instead of high individual calf weights. Body condition scores and vaccination proto— cols are good areas to assess as we look for an improvement here. http://ocesokstateedu/ nedistrict/ uploaded_files/ seas sootts docmnents/Impact%20 . . Improved%20Weaning%20 Perc.pdf Calving Distribution: Calv- ing distribution may not be . altded until 202Lbut we can > AG NEWS, Page B5 LEGAL NOTICE Legalnoticepublishedin'l‘he PerkinsJoumaI Dec. 26, 2019 The Payne County Board of County Commissioners met in a regularmeetingoftheboardat9200 am. on Tuesday, November 121b, 2019 atthe Payne CountyAdminis- 'tration Building, Gloria Hesser Com- missioners Meeting Room 200/201, located in Stillwaier, Oklahoma. Chairman Reding called the meet— ing to order: Meeting called to order at 900 am. The following members were present: Chris‘ Reding — District 2 Commissioner, Zach Cavett - Com- mi$ioner District 1, Rocky Blaster — Commissioner District 3, Tammy Mathis — First Deputy County Clerk. Invocation by Chris Reding and FIagSalutetoouroountrybyDewey Claw. Approve minutes of the previous meeting of the board: The Clerk’s Office presented minutes of the previous meeting. Motion by Cavett to approve minutes of November 4th, 2019 second by Blasier. Roll Call Vote: CaveII-Yes, Blaster-Yes, Reding—Yes. Miscellaneous items from the Audience (no action will be taken): None presented on this date. Discussion and PossibleAction on Bid Openings 930A.M. BID#2020— 23 THRU 2020-38 — 6 MONTH BIDS — DISTRICT 1 3: Cavett opened 6 Month Bids for District 1 and 3. Bid Numbers 2020-23 thru 2020-38. Discussion and Possible Action on Evaluations: None presented on this date. Discussion and PossibleAction on Reports from Officers and Boards Resolution 2019-29 — Dedarafion of Surplus by Sheriff’s Department of Sharp MX-4101N Digital Color Imager Inventory ID#B213.003, Serial NO 05054045; and Sharp MX24ON Digital Color Imager Inventory ID # B702.012, Serial NO 35087055: Resolution 2019—29, 30 and 31 wereallpresentedbyRedingforthe declaration of surplus and disposing of said equipment for the Sheriff's Office. This item 8702.012 will be going to Woodward County Sherilf's Office while the other 8213.008 will be junked and going to B&C Busi ness Products. Motion by Caveit to approve Resolution 2019-29, 201930 and 2019-31, second by Blasier. Roll Call Vote: Cavett—Yes, BIasier-Yes, Reding-Yes. Resolution 2019-30 Disposing of EqupmentbySheriff’s Department's Department of Inventory Item #B213.003, Sharp MX4101 N Digital Color Imager, Serial NO 05054045: Resolution 2019-30wasapprcved along with itemA. Resolution 201931 — Disposing of Equipment by Sheriff’s Department of Inventory No B702.012, Sharp MX-6240N Digital Color Imager, Serial NO 35067055: Resolution 2019-31 wasapproved along with item A. Discussion/Possible Action — Authorization for Use of Deductible Fund for Damage to Sheriff Vehicle from Impact with a deer: . Sheriff Woodward said the side panels of the vehicle were damaged and has already been fixed by Bill Knight. Woodward statedtheestimatedoost was $3,000 for the repairs. Reding stated it was a formality to bring the use of the deductible before the board, it issothe board isawareof its use and for what Motion by Cavett to approve the authorization for the use of the deductible fund for the damage of the vehicle, second by Blasier. Roll Call Vote: CaveIt—Yes, Blasier-Yes, Reding-Yes. Discussion/Possible Action — Approval of Agreement for Pro- feesional Engineering Services for FEMABridge Replacerrrerrts2Jeftrey LEGAL NOTICE Dixon presented on behalf of FSB Engineering an agreement for the professional engineering services for FEMA Bridge Replacements forExhibitA, BandCforDistriett and District 3 bridges. Dixon stated that there were three (3)‘copies as well as the work orders for Exhibit A, B and C. Dixon stated the cost for District 1 is $72,301 bridge #NBI 01045 ExhibiIAAttachmentA-t and thecostforboth Districla bridgesare $65,501 bridge #NBI 23514 Exhibit B Attachment B-1 and $67,801 bridge #08577 ErdrbitCAttadrment C—1. Cavett also wanted to make sure everything followed ODOT, and FEMAstandardsaswelI in orderto get reimbursed. Dixon stated that yesitwouldfollowstandards. Motion by Cavett to approve the agree- ment for professional services as presented, second by Blaster. Roll Call Vote: Cavett-Yes, Blaster-Yes, Reding-Yes. . Request for Traffic Control Signs: None presented on this date. Ingress and Egress Agreements: None presented on this date. Removal of Equipment Item from Inventory: None presented on this date. Appointment of Requisitioning and Receiving Officers: Nonepresented on this date. Cash Appropriations: The County Clerk’s Office presented the follow- ing cash appropriations as certified by the Payne County Treasurer’s office November 1, 2019: ' 3 Alcoholic Bev. Tax $27,743.00 #0001 General #1102 Highway$265,971.19 #1103 CBRI 105 Monies $34,442.32 #1201 911 Phone Fees $58,627.42 #1202 CLEAN. #1204 WWFee $1,048.41 #1208 County Clerk Lien Fee $6,898.30 #1209 County Clerk RM&P $5,170.52 #1211 Court Fund Salaries Fringe Court $27,045.79 #1212 Emergency Mgmt #1213 Flood Plain #1214 Free Fair Board $13,203.84 #1216 Health $7,081.13 #1218 IJEPC #1220 Resale Property $22,030.69 #1223 Sheriff Commissary $8,651.25 #1226 Sheriff Service Fee $81,475.86 #1227 Sheriff Training #1228 Solid Waste Manage- ment$41,539.33 #1230 TreasurerMortgageCert $1 #1235 Donations #1237 Self Insurance Program $94,471.24 #1308 Extension 3/8 ST . $29,395.03 #1310 FairMaintenance3/BST $83,678.80 #1311 General Govnmt 3/8 ST $63,110.66 , #1313 Roads & Bridges 3/8 ST $221,175.45 #1315 Jail Debt 1/8 ST $140,935.85 #1321 Rural Fire 1/16 ST $70,679.92 #1327 Fire 8/8 ST $21 ,05263 #1331 Jail Debt 1/4 ST $272,591.13 #2000 Capital Projects #7202 Child Abuse #7205 Law Library $3,773.47 #7207 Mental Healfl'r $5,695.83 #7303 Seizure of Property #7304 District Attomey Revolv- Ing $6,428.29 #7305 District Attorney Evi— dence v #7402 Excess Resale $27.91 LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE #7403 Unapportioned Revenue #7410 ProtestedTax #7411 2018 Protest Tax-Citi- Group Energy #7431 Go. Bridge Road Investment $262.08 #7432 911 Phone Fees Invest- rnertt $905.59 #7433 Co. Clerk Lien Fee Investment $99.06 #7434 County Clerk RM&P Investment $152.51 #7435 Health Investment $1,712.04 #7436 Resale Property Invest- ment$1,369.68 #7437 Treasurer Mtg Cert Investment $146.45 #7438 Self Insurance Prog Imm%.569.77 . #7439 Fair Maint 3/8 ST Invest- ment$749.00 #7501 Estray Cattle $20.81 #7603 Econ Deanrst Motion by Cavett to approve cash appropriationsaspresented,second by Blasier. Roll Call Vote: Cavett- Yes, BIasier-Yes, Reding-Yes. Transfer oprpropriations: None presented at this time. Purchase Orders: FY 2019-2020 $259,189.982019-2020 911 Phone 39,AT&T, 352.92, UTILTTIES;CBRI 5, TIMMIE W. COLE, 8054.50. RIGHT OF WAY ACQUISITION; 6, SUNBELTEQUIPMENTIISUPPLY 12678.00, PIPE; DA Revolving 12, KIANTEKCHANNELL 200, FOR- FETI'URE PROCEEDS; 13, STILL- WATER POLICE DEPT., 473.00. FORFEITURE PROCEEDS; 14, STILLWATER POLICE DEPT, 897.50, FORFEITURE PRO- CEEDS;Extension-ST51,MCDOU- GALD, KINSEY, 54.70, OCTOBER TRAVEL; 52, FITZPATRICK SHELLY, 25.60, OCTOBER TRAVEL; 53, REED, KEITH, 35.80. OCTOBER TRAVEL; 54, JONES, RIKKI, 21.40, OCTOBER TRAVEL; 55, ANDERSON, NATHAN 6., 279.85, OCTOBER TRAVEL; 56, STANDLEY SYSTEMS, INC., 274.46, OCTOBER BLANKET; 57, OSU COOPERATIVE EXT. SRV., 18790.00, OCTOBER BLANKET; 58, B C BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC., 207.82, OCTOBER BIANKET; 59, OKLA. STATE UNIVERSITY, 1187.52, LEASE; Fair MainST 242, AT T MOBILTTY, 148.06, UTILI- TIES; 243, REPUBLIC SERVICES #789, 1091 m, TRASH SERVICES; Fire- St27, OKLA NATURALGAS. 67.63, OCTOBER BLANKET PAR- TIAL MONTH; 28, NAPA AUTO PARTS, 22.01, OCTOBER BLAN- KETPARTIALMONTH;29,ATLINK SERVICES, LLC, 51 .00, OCTOBER BLANKET PARTIAL MONTH; 30, FIFTY ONE EAST WATER DIS- TRICT, 24.03, OCTOBER BLAN- KET PARTIAL MONTH; 31, CEN~ TRALELECTRICCOOPERATIVE, 68.00, OCTOBER BLANKET PAR- TIALMON'I'I-I;General1351, B&L HEAT AIR, 75.00, BLANKET; 1352, B & L HEAT AIR, 150.00, BLANKET;1353,B&LHEATING& AIR, 75.00, BLANKET; 1354, FLEETCOR TECHNOLOGIES, 232.78, BLANKET; 1355, WYND- HAM GARDEN HOTEL, 285.00, HOTEL; 1356, STAPLES, 559.45, SUPPIJES; 1357, REPUBIJC SER- VICES # 789, 115.76, OCTOBER BLANKET;1358,CENTRALELEC- TRIC COOPERATIVE, 567.30, OCTOBER BLANKET; 1359, AT& T MOBILITY, 334.92, OCTOBER BLANKET; 1360, NAPA AUTO PARTS, 4000.00, BLANKET; 1361, CITY OF STILLWATER, 281.70, UTILTTY BILL; 1362'LASERFICHE, COMPULINK MANAGEMENT CENTER, INC, 800.00, TRAINING; 1363, A T T MOBILTTY, 300.00, UTILTTIES; 1364,A& B PESTCON- TROL, 55.00, PEST CONTROL SERVICES; 1365, A & B PEST CONTROL, 95.00, PEST CON- TROL SERVICES; 1366, AAP FINANCIAL SERVICES, 393.40, BLANKET; 1367, POSTAL PACK SHIP, 123.86, OCTOBER BLAN- KET; 1368, THYSSENKRUPP ELEVATOR, 600.00, ELEVATOR MONTHLY MAINTENANCE; 1369, UNIFIRST, 382.40, OCTOBER BLANKETPARTIALMONTH; 1370, STILLWATER STEELAND, 120.50, OCTOBER BLANKET; 1371, STA- PLES, 266.62, OCTOBER BLAN- KET; 1372, CENTRAL LAWN AND LANDSCAPE, 115.00, OCTOBER BLANKET; 1373, ALLIANCE MAIN- TENANCE INC, 2500.00, ANNUAL CLEANING; 1374, CENTRAL LAWN AND LANDSCAPE, 240.00, OCTOBER BLANKET; 1375, LOWES COMPANIES, INC., 292.97, OCTOBER BLANKET; 1376, POWERHOUSE TRUCK- BEDS, 12.00, OCTOBER BLAN- KET; 1377, OAKES SERVICE CENTER, 405.50, OCTOBER BLANKET; 1378, UNIFIRST, 215.33, BLANKET; 1379, AUTO ZONE INC. 274.55, OCTOBER BLANKET; 1380, ATWOOD DISTRIBUTING. 283.07, OCTOBER BLANKET; 1381, KINNUNEN SALES RENT— ALS, INC, 192.85, OCTOBER BLANKET; 1382AUTO ZONE INC. 2099.99, AIR COMPRESSOR; 1383, SYNERGY DATACOM, 410.85, WIRE; 1384, SHRED— AWAY SHREDDING, INC., 145.00, SHREDDING SERVICES; 1385, CDW GOVERNMENT, INC., 2035.90, HARDDRIVE; 1386, 000- PERS LOCKSMITH LLC, 9.95, BLANKET; 1387, QUALITY WATER SERVICES, 35.00, BLANKET; 1388, OAKES SERVICE CENTER, 41 .00, BLANKET; 1389, MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLY, 33.59, BLANKET; 1390, GRIMSLEYS, INC., 163.09, JANITORIAL SUPPLIES; 1391, STILLWATER NEWSPRESS. 529.20, BLANKET; 1392, M POWER INC., 75.00, MONTHLY SERVICE; 1393, M POWER INC., 150.00, NDNTHLY SERVICE; 1394, CUSH- ING CITIZEN, £7.19, BLANKET; 1395, MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLY, 92.67, OCTOBER BLAN- KET; 1396, STILLWATER NEWS- PRESS, 169.30, SEPTEMBER BLANKET; 1397, KINNUNEN SAIES RENTALS, INC, 579.57, POLE SAW; 1398, COMDATA, 7942.81, BLANKET; 1399, FOUN- TAIN SQUARE CLEANERS. 298.00, BLANKET; 1400, FENTON OFFICE MART, 23.73, OCTOBER BLANKET; 1401 , R. K. BLACK, INC, 136.00, COPIER MAINTENANCE; 1402, R. K. BLACK, INC, 80.63, COPIER MAINTENANCE; 1403, R. K. BLACK, INC, 87.50, COPIER MAINTENANCE; 1404, SOUTH- WEST SOLUTIONS GROUP, 787.29, SPACESAVER; 1405, TRANSUNION RISKAND ALTER- NATIVE, 250.30, TLO CHARGES;- 1406, POSTAL PACK SHIP, 668.01, POSTAGE; 1407, INDUS- TRIAL CHEMIST, INC., 450.00, OCTOBER BLANKET; 1408, A-1 SEPTIC SYSTEM, 300.00, CAR WASH MAINTENANCE; 1409, DIRECT TV, 46.99, HD ACCESS! RECENERS; 1410, CHICKASAW TELECOMMUNICATION, 2318.08, PHONE CHARGES; Health 138, HUCKABAY, JEREMY W., 250.00, OCTOBER BLANKET; 139, THE MEADOWS CENTER FOR, 135.00, OCTOBER BLANKET; 140, ' WHISMAN, SARAH, 465.80, OCTOBERTRAVEL;141,FENTON .OFFICE MART, 300.00, OCTOBER BLANKET; 142, BEN WELCH LANDSCAPE CARE, 375.00, OCTOBER BLANKET; 143, PEAK PEST SERVICES LLC, 200.00, OCTOBER BLANKET; 144, TER- RTTORY TERMITE & PEST CON- TROL, 300.00, OCTOBER BLAN~ KET; 145, B C BUSINESS PROD- UCTS, INC., 472.11, OCTOBER BLANKET; 146, ALLIANCE MAIN- TENANCE INC, 1975.00, JANITO- RIAL SERVICES; 147, WALMART COMMUNITY, 190.52, OCTOBER BLANKET; 148, GRIMSLEYS, INC., 324.75, SUPPLIES; 149, OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY, 114.14, CONTRACT MAINTENANCE/« SERVICE; 150, ALLIANCE MAIN- TENANCE INC, 1975.00, JANITO- RIALSERVICE; 151 , A& M STOR- AGE, 80.00, STORAGE; 152, MCKESSON MMSGS, 167.89, MEDICAL SUPPLIES; 153, OKLA. STATE STUDENT, 135.00, MEDI- CAL SERVICES; 154, ALLIANCE BUSINESS SERVICES, 796.80, UTILITIES; 155, HALL, LISA, 16.00, TRAVEL; 156, CULLIGAN OF ENID, 48.00, OCTOBER BLAN- KET; 157, OKLA. STATE STU- DENT, 135.00, SEPTEMBER BLANKET; Highway 502, STEW- ART STONE, INC., 4934.50, CRUSHER RUN; 503, KINNUNEN SALES RENTALS, INC, 463.36, OCTOBER BLANKET; 504, K S TIRE, 4411.80, TIRES; 505, DIRECT DISCOUNTTIRE, 795.21 , TIRES; 506, K S TIRE, 3236.80, TIRES; 507, WARREN CAT, 395.61, WIPER MOTOR; 508, WARREN CAT, 3826.47, REPAIR; 509, WALMART COMMUNITY, 158.71 , OCTOBER BLANKET; 510, STILLWATER STEELAND, 32.95, OCTOBER BLANKET; 511, LACAL EQUIPMENT, 77.52, BLADES, BOLTS, NUTS; 512, CORPORATE BILLING LLC, 174.00, U-JOINTS; 513, O REILLY AUTOMOTIVE, INC., 127.46, OCTOBER BLAN- KET; 514, NAPA AUTO PARTS, 2292.44, OCTOBER BLANKET; 515, LOCKE SUPPLY, 95.07, OCTOBER BLANKET; 516, MER- RIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLY, 6.13, OCTOBER BLANKET; 517, STILL- WATER BUILDING CENTER. 1221, OCTOBER BLANKET; 518, UNIFIRST, 841.49, OCTOBER BLANKET; 519, BAILEYS PAVING CO. ', INC, 4305.13, HMHL; 520, P K EQUIPMENT, INC., 407.31, ALTERNATOR; 521 , CORPORATE BILLING LLC, 439.64, LINKAGE; 522, WARREN CAT, 592.56, AIR FILTER; 523, CORPORATE BILL- ING LLC, 597.00, DEF FLUID; 524, SUMMITTRUCKGROUP, 157.68, PUMP FUEL PRIMER; 525, PIO- NEER EQUIPMENT INC, 13729.26, PARTS; 526, P & K EQUIPMENT, INC., 142.98, KNOB; 527, OUTLAW DIESEL, 2098.00, EXHAUST; 528, SPAETH, INC., 174.60, SEALTAPE; 529, CORPO— RATE BILLING LLC, 74.76, DOOR PANEL; 530, STEWART WHOLE- SALE CO., INC., 2682.00, HOIST; 531, WALMART COMMUNITY, 150.05, SUPPLIES; 532, PATRIOT DODGE JEEP RAM, 35.31, LATCH; 533, WELCH STATE BANK, 25000.00, MONTHLY PAY- MENT; 534, A T T MOBILITY, 243.71, UTILITY BILL; 535, JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL, 267.96. GREASE GUN KIT; 536, P & K EQUIPMENT, INC., 253.56, OCTO~ BER BLANKET; 537, STILLWATER MILL AGRI CENTER, 50.99, OCTOBER BLANKET; 538, OAKES SERVICE CENTER, 200.00, OCTOBER BLANKET; 539, BAILEYS PAVING CO. , INC, 1203.42, HMHL; 540, STEWART STONE, INC., 491.70, MISSED INVOICE; 541 , STEWART STONE, INC., 5447.75, CRUSHER RUN; 542, KSMI, 676.21, PARTS; 543. WALMART COMMUNTTY, 297.60, WATER; 544, A T T MOBILTTY, 99.50, UTILITIES; Jail-ST 190, QUALITY WATER SERVICES, 320.25, SALT BAGS; 191, TURN KEY HEALTH CLINICS LLC, 29840.77, NOVEMBER BLANKET; 192, EARTHGRAINS BAKING CO. INC., 2847.81, BLANKET; 193, FASTENAL COMPANY, 164.64, BLANKET; 194, BEN E. KEITH OKLAHOMA, 11755.86, BLANKET; 195, SYSCO FOOD, INC., 12835.59, BLANKET; 196, GRIMS- LEYS, INC., 752.48, SUPPLIES; 197, B C BUSINESS PROD- UCTS, INC., 759.48, STOOL; 198, COWBOY WHOLESALE COM- PANY, 885.79, SUPPLIES; 199, GRIMSLEYS, INC., 710.90, SUP- PLIES; 200, CUNDIFF CUSTOM FABRICATIONS, 325.00, REPAIR; 201, B C BUSINESS PROD- UCTS, INC., 75.00, BLANKET; 202, QUALITY WATER SERVICES, 259.85, BLANKET; 203, GT DIS- TRIBUTORS, INC., 948.76, HAVIS DOME LIGHT; 204, COMDATA, 3510.90, BLANKET; 205, TURN KEY RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT, 179.00, HOSE; 206, DIGI SECU- RITY SYSTEMS LLC, 385.00, DOME CAMERA; Mtg Cert 15, QUALITY WATER SERVICES, 22.85, BLANKET; 16, B & C BUSI- NESS PRODUCTS, INC., 378.00, FILE CABINET; RM&P 9, DEAR- INGER PRINTING TROPHY, INC., 590.00, STATIONARY; Rural Fire-ST 20, STILLWATER NEWS- PRESS, 101 .32, NOTICE TO BID— DERS; 21, POSTAL PACK & SHIP, 146.78, MAILING SERVICES;'Sei— zure of Property 8, PAYNE CO. DISTRICT ATTORNEY, 948.00, FORFEITURE PROCEEDS; SH Commissary 5, TIGER COMMIS- SARY, 8915.56, BLANKET; SH Svc Fee 115, WIN WHOLESALECOM- MERCIAL 355.92, BLANKET; 116, BOB HOWARD DODGE, 2000.41, BLANKET; 117, HAMMOND FIRE SYSTEMS LLC., 998.00, SPRIN- KLER MAINTENANCE; 118, INTE- GRATED CIRCUITS, 5050.00, MOBILE RADIO; 119, OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY, 932.00, DOOR PARTS REPAIRS; 120, LOWES COMPANIES, INC., 940.85, BLAN- KET; 121, BOB BARKER COM- PANY, INC., 1640.17, SUPPLIES; Solid Waste Mange 30, DEAR~ INGER PRINTING TROPHY, INC., 115.00, BUSINESS CARDS; Blanket: None presented on thisdate. Tabled: None presented on this time. ‘ Disallowed: None pre- sented on this date. Payroll/Lorrgevity:Nonepmnted on this date. v Motion by Cavett to approve purchase orders upon signatures, second by Blasier. RollCall Vote: Cavett-Yes, BIasier-Yes, Red- ing-Yes. Monitin Reports of Officers: The County Clerk’s Office presented the following monthly reports of officers. The Treasurer's Office has presented theirvarious reports, The County Clerk is reporting a balance of $99,727.20, The Sheriff's Office isreportingabalanceof$81,763.13 and the Assem’s Office is repoit- ing a balance of $686.00 all for the month of October 2019. Motion by Cavett to acknowledge the monthly report of officers as pre- sented, second by- Blasier. Roll Call Vote: Blaster-Yes, CaveII-Yes, Reding-Yes. Public Announcements from Board: Redingwantedtotharkallof theVeteransfortheirservice. Cavett also wanted to speak on behalf of Dietrich and Districtathatthey are working diligently to recover from all of the flood damaged roads in getting them back in better shape. Discussion and Possible Action on: Telephone and Utility Permits: None presented on this date. Road Crossing: None presented I on this date. New Business: None presented on this date. Recess: Motion by Cavett to recess, second by Blasier. Roll Call Vote: CaveIt-Yes, Blaster-Yes, Reding-Yes. Reconvene: Motion by Cavett to reconvene, second by Blasier. Roll Call Vote: Cavern-Yes, Blaster-Yes, RedingYes. Adjournment: Motion by Cavett to adjoum, second by Blasier. Roll Call Vote: Cavetf-Yes, Blaster-Yes, Reding-Yes. LPXLP