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December 29, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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December 29, 1977

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2.Pc---- Oecm00r00977 ..... Fro F, les Robert L. and Yvonne Evans, Owners-Publishers Agriculture Secretary Bob for t , siness of gro in g Enjoyed a brief visit to The i .--.--.----_- i &apos; :..==[:_ Bergiand says the adminis- food. It s about time tospeak " Journal office this week. Published each Thursday at 133 S. Main Street, tration will not give farmers up and tell the farmer s side Perkins is beautifully deed- .:;..___.;.. .; ................. -- Post Office Box 665, Perkins, Oklahoma 740S9 a guaranteed profit on the of the story. For too long rated for Christmas, an Second Class Postage Paid at Perkins, Okla. 74059 things they produce which is have the farmers and rural endless profusion of happy (From The Perkins Journal Grady Gardner is suffering Perkins' old curfew bell,' Telephone: 405-547-2411 food for the table. Well... growers been left out. Our shoppers with arm loads of January 8, 1953--25 years from the result of one of the well known to long.time maybe we would be better federal bureaucracy strug- packages decorated for the ago) most freakish accidents we residents, is back on the ib Subscription Prices: Payne, Lincoln, Logan and Noble Counties $6.00 per year plus tax Elsewhere $9.00 per year plus tax t Journal Editorials Stipe for Farmers This time last week, Oklahoma and its conglomeration of politicians and statesmen were straddling the fence concerning the American Agriculture Farmers Strike. One thing changed that in a hurry. , By the end of the week numerous state politicians had jumped off the fence and joined the support for the Oklahoma farmer. This included a public statement by Governor Boren at Enid. A powerful state senator by the name of Gene Stipe changed the attitude of the politicians towards the striking farmer. Wednesday, Senator Stipe who is powerful enough to call a press conference, did so and told his fellow lawmakers and office holders that if they didn't support the farmers in their death struggle, he was going to file for a major office so he could support them. When Gene Stipe says he's going to file for a major office, this shakes up the candidate for U.S. Senate, Congress, and the Governor's office. Also when Gene Stipe speaks out on an issue, people listen. Say what you may about the man, he has proven to be a modern day Robin Hood, taking on the powerful to protect the little man and the down trodden. The Oklahoma farmer is no exception, and Stipe speaks out. The Senator's press conference didn't get the coverage it should have had in the daily press so many farmers may' not know what prompted the sudden interest in their cause towards the end of the week. In case you missed it, Gene Stipe put a match to the fuse. The meddling press People are getting up tight about the "meddling" news media. However, regardless of a few abuses, the public generally benefits when the press is present. Folks at a Baptist Church in Aria got all up tight because a reporter was present for a "secret" visit by a famous Oklahoman, Anita Bryant. In fact, several members escorted the reporter out during part of the visit. A trip to the Ada church, and the report given by the reporter, s probably the one major thing that will stabilize Anita Bryant's life once again. The people of Oklahoma and the nation were given a look they had not seen before. Anita Bryant portrayed herself as not a homo- sexual hater, but a compassionate person whose personal research shows there is hope for those practicing homosexuals who would like to change their lifestyle. She cares deeply for them and their plight. She has backed up her observations with a chapter in her recent book telling how this can be done--through prayer. She loves them as she does "all sinners." Most will admit that Anita Bryant has been pictured as a person using her public position to snap a big whip against a segment of society. She has come through entirely differently because a reporter was present at a "secret". appearance at an Oklahoma chtirch. She doesn't know how lucky she is that the press was diligent. Need more money Another sheriff has resigned--Noble County Sheriff Steven Bunch. Just two weeks ago, another sheriff, Lindsay Salisbury of Dewey County, handed in his resignation to return to farming. It is our understanding there are other county sheriffs who are becoming more disillusioned with the task of maintaining law and order. Another sheriff in southeastern Oklahoma moved his office into the jail and is taking only emergency calls until more money is provided. He has two deputies besides himself. It is difficult enough to operate sheriff's offices in the larger counties where pay-is higher and there is more for maintenance and operation of the office. We can understand the frustrations of a sheriff in a small county who himself makes $,500 to $600 a month plus some mileage, and his men make even less and much of their work is reversed by ridiculous judicial decisions, It would take a rare breed indeed to continue year after year under these situations. Wonder if there is a message to the people in the two incidents of two small county sheriffs resigning? Law and order in any county in the state of Oklahoma can effect you. You would not want to drive through or do business, or visit in a county that cannot provide law protection, or have it manned by some character that can't live on his salary and has other irons in the fire. The message is clear. County law enforcement offices need more money, and the " liciary needs to start standing on its hind feet and t little common sense. off with Earl Butz. Our gles to guarantee a minimum season. It was a beehive of Ways and means of paying ,have heard about in some again at City Hall. The bell farmers are the most wage to people who work activity as people made their for Perkins fire truck were time. He is now undergoing has been re-installed on the important people in the with their hands, a guaran- purchases, discussed by members of the treatment at the Stillwater siren tower as an auxiliary world. They are responsible teed salary, even supple- "Just A Line More" was city coucil and other interest- Hospital for a misplaced disc storm warning device in case, for winning wars because meriting the tax payer's out of town as usual, was on ed citizens Monday night, in his neck. How did it of electrical power failures. they furnished food for our money in support of those business for making prog- Mayor Curt Savage revealed happen? He. coughed as he For many years the bell was armies which the other who will not work. Why is ress for Perkins. But, that Council members have was in a stooped position used not only as a fire alarm countries could not do. The the farmer the last to receive Yvonne is a wonderful decided to use a portion of doning some clothing one but a curfew' bell to warn situation is not changed attention in making a fair hostess and one of the nicest earmarked funds that the morning lastweek, youngsters to be off the much today. If we do not living profit on the food they persons around. Through her city has had on deposit since Prater Television announc- street at 9 p.m. The bell has have the farmers and food produce? courtesy, I met some the $30,000 sewer improve- ed that they could sell only a distinctive sound. growers, we are not going to The labor unions are interesting people. One of ment bond issue was voted in 11 more new television sets, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas win the war against good asking higher wages, the the most impressive was the 1941. $13,000 had already which would make a total of Roberts of Perkins announce health, good life for our federal government is subsi- lovely Linda Riley, princess been spent in 1948 to take 130 sets which they must the marriage of their "families, a good tomorrow dizing homes, interest on of Riley's Steak House. care of water improvements, service. Mr. Prater pointed daughter, Virginia, to Bill and a strong nation, investments, poppy growers It was sad to learn of the An amount of $17,000 still out that 13 sets was all one Sasser, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lorene Haire, editor of a in Turkey, sex life of frogs, death of Mr. McConnell of remains in the fund, Savage technician working 60 hours Boyd Sasser, Perkins. The farm newspaper says, "We spending millions paying Agra, the King of Antiques explained. In order to a week could service, event will take place . can put on clothes to keep immature teens for ideas to and House of many Key- withdraw approximately Monday, December 25, in ,warm, build some sort of a print in pamphlet form stones of which we mention- $10,000 from the sewer fund (From The Perkins Journal the Methodist Church with building in which to live, we ' telling farmers how to handle ed in comments several it will be necessary to call for December 26, 1957--20 Rev. Robert Cocke officiat- can do without gasoline if the their cattle but many of our times. His visits to my office a bond election in the city, years ago) ing. price becomes too high, we elected leaders are not will be genuinely missed, merely a legal formality. The two story farm home can send up smoke signals if interested in the farmer and Sincere sympathy to the Early Monday evening a of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence we get tired of paying the food grower. This is a nation family and friends, burglary gang struck two Cowger, located 2 miles west (From The Perkins Journal high rate of postage, but we of eaters but if we don't give Sincere best wishes to you Perkins business places, of 4 Corners south of December 28. 1967--10 cannot do without food." more support, the girls of the and yours for good health, Thieves broke into the Perkins, was completely years ago) The nation cannot function land are going to have to find happiness and prosperity for Martin Milling Company demolished by fire early Fire units from Stillwater, without food. We cannot some other way to a man's the year of1978, office and stole their cash Thursday morning. It was Shawnee. Stroud and Cush- grow strong, remain free and heart besides through his Arrivederci. register containing a small reported that the Cowgers ing aided the Chandler fire look ahead for our children if stomach. T.C. (Doc) Bonner amount of money. The were doing their chores in department in the battle to we do not make provisions register was later found the barn when another extinguish flames that struck discarded in the Cimarron member of the family ran high on the third floor of the . **..**,,... . .*'...** ;....................;...:.:.:.:..........:.:.:.:...:..;...:.:.:.:.:.:....x...`.:.:.:.:..:g.:.:.:.:.:.:...;.;...:.:.:.:..:.:...:....... ".'.'.'.'.'.v.'.'." .................................. :.: River south of Perkins. At from the house reporting the Lincoln County courthouse. the Long Bell Lumber Co. fire. By the time they The Journalasks you: !i the burglars netted little over returned, it was burning too 4 dollars for their efforts, much to save anything but a The Central Oklahoma i! D h f it TV Sh ? ii The safe in the office was washing machine and sewing Area Vocational-Technical O you ave a avor e ow jammed when the culprits machine and some meat School District 3 took another :..: tried to force the combina- from the deepfreeze, step forward December 19 ii favorite TV favorite and "Little House on i tion with a wrench. It is Pvt. Verlin Curtis recently when a 3 mill support levey Do you have show? Why orwhynot as the The Prairie. " Lots of shows ::' believed the burglary of a arrived in Germany and is carried by a whopping 1261 a :'." case might be. have a lot of blood and they ii Cushing drug store the same now a member of the 8th yes to 175 no. The issue i bore me. If a show is night was involved. Infantry Division. He is a carried in Perkins 35 to 31. Charlotte Parrack: As a family we watch all the educational, 1 watch them, :" A formal protest has been 1952 graduate of Perkins The issue failed in Ripley 15 athletic events. I'm. a but if they are of no value to ii i sent by M. C. Kratz, Perkins High. to 41, the only loss in the kindergarten teacher and I me, such as the Godfather, I ! city attorney, to the Corpor- Over 360 sacks of candy entire district. 31 school do think some programs, don't care to watch them. : ation Commission to stop an were given to area children districts voted. especially Soap, are objec- Rev. Hartley Freeman: automatic Pact Gas Co. rate Saturday afternoon when Mr. and Mrs. William A. tionable. I can't imagine it "The Waltons" is a good increase. Perkins citizens Santa Claus paid his annual Evans announce the engage" being in the top three family show and is a feel Pact Gas should take visit to Perkins made ment oftheirdaughter Helen stabilizing program, l'm glad into consideration .they have favorites. When "'Mary possible by the Lions Club. Patricia, to Donald James Hartman" was on I had to see the confusion among been using gas mains Dickinson ofElsah, Illinois. kindergarten children say the TVproducers. They are installed by the City of (From The Perkins JUrnat .... -0- '' they watched it. under fire and dropping Perkins in 1929, and have not December 28, 1961--16 Viola Etheridge: I like some shows which are sex been paying for that use. years ago) Grizzly Adams/ and family oriented. I think the public is shows. James likes "Chips" letting their desires be Jo and football games. There known, urnal Readers Write are many programs I don't I've written all three major like, primarily because of the TV channel producers and LETTER TO THE EDITOR relatively synonymous. (?hanging the masco t gotten responses. They are violence. I don't feel they Issue: "DEMONS": THE Would it bother you to name of Perkins-Tryon High should be on the air because on the defensive--I do sound MAJESTY OF PERKINS... yell, "Go, Satan--Satan's would be a hassle. Besides of children, offon other issues also. Submitted by No. 1 at a local basketball time and effort, it would , Mrs. Bill Womack (whose Ben Clark: There are very Mary D. Staniszewski game? probably take money. bacon was burning hurriedly few we watch. Shawn Perkins Resident Is the issue of the Perkins I think it's too important to commented): I favor 60 watches "Little House on the Is the term DEMONS an mascot a minor one? Or is it just blow off. Minutes very much. Prairie" and the "Donnie accurate symbol reflecting in fact a very major issue in How about you? Roseanne Mangold (fresh- and Marie" show when she ii Perkins-Tryon High? importance? Sincerely il man): "Eight is Enough" is can. l don't like any of the !i I really don't think so. I Mary D. Staniszewski the one I watch most of the programs. I am very believe that Perkins High time. We usually watch unhappy with TV. My deserves a better associating :': whatever thefamilychooses, husband watches sports. I !ii symbol than DEMONS. I " :: Dana Hughes (8th grader): don't watch any. I used to, :il believe that demons (literally but our family reads a lot. " :.:"Love Boat"isprobablymy ::: speaking) are low, and that AV  NW P. ..... . ..... ,,, **,,,,6,d$ .::':'.:.:.:.:':...:.:...:.'...';';';':.:...':....;.;::':':.:.';.;..<':':.:.:.:....';;'>:.:..'e'..;\\>:':.'';'.....'x.:.:.:':'.'...'''. ....... :.',:.: ..................... they shouldn't be put in the same class with the kids I know from Perkins High. " .' Webster's Universal Dic- *s p The Poet's Corner tionary has more than one ' "--- phrase defining the term t s "demon". The following is only a partial definition taken ' ' "' For next fall me and Jones, from that specific dictionary:  FARMER'S APPEAL Are going to the polls, "DEMONA God or ' ",c-,., (This poem was written about 1931 And we can't stand 4.cent cotton, Goddess of inferior rank; a All good wishes for a bright and happy when farmers were almost as bad off as While you give Europe gold. wicked, malignant, and [ '78 filled with prosperity for you and your family! they are in 1977. Wayne Allen said it is destructive person: personi- [ Casey's B Shop applicable to the farmers' situation today. So if you don't get busy fication of wickedness, arber  mmm  L Jl The poem was found in Mrs. Geo. Allen's And help us 'fore next fall, The King James version of p/, ,,,, ,s,,---m .  - -- scrapbook.) Us guys in Oklahoma the Bible has something to Will tie that jackass in your stall, say about demons: I am an Oklahoma farmer -J. U. Silverhorn Ephesians 6:12: "For we And I don't know what to do, 31 West Main Street wrestle not against flesh and * So I've about decided--Herbert, . -0- blood, but against principal- To put it up to you. ities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of My oats I fed the horses, HOW DID I DO TODAY? this world, against spiritual And I still owe for the thrash. Is anybody happier wickedness in high places" Had to kill my only cow, Because you passed his way? The American Standard , To make a little hash. Does anyone remember (new) version of the Bible :$ That you spoke to him today? says this about demons: .... : Now I have to tell the merchant This day is almost over Matthew 8:28: and when :!i(:iiiii:j!:iii:i  We hope the New That I'd pay him if I could, And its toiling time is through; he had come to the other side And ask to carry over Is there anyone to utter now into the country of the Year finds you healthy For my crop, it is no good. A friendly word of you? Oadarenes, two men who !:::::::::::::: and happy. Thanks for Can you say tonight in passing, were demon-possessed met '!::! your patronage. Then there is the banker, With the day that slipped so fast; him as they were coming out Who has stood, through thick and thin. That you helped a single person of the tombs I ask you,--Mr. Hoover, Of the many that you passed? And behold they cried out, What am I to say to him? Is a single heart rejoicing saying, "What do we have . , Over what you did or said? to do with you, son of God? My plows are getting rusty, Does one whose hopes are fading Have you come here to . My tractor knocks and boils, Now with courage look ahead? torment us before the time?" For the dang thing is carboned Did you waste the day or lose it? Maybe it doesn't bother From the cheap foreign oil. , Was it well or poorly'spent? you to yell, *'Go Demonsl ............. Did you leave a trail of kindness Demons are best at a " Now this big line of credit, Or a scar of discontent? highschool activity." How- That you say will pull us through; -Author Unknown ever, the terms: demons, : :. You had better get in motion, Submitted by Harry D. Mitchell, devil, are in association Cupid's Old Fashiom a Or we'll put the skids to you. Decfmber Resident of the Month, Good with another term--Satan-- Samaritian Village Resting Home, if you don't believe me look Diek and Mary Meat Mark0000t Alliance, Nebraska.) up demons, devil, Satanic, larry aud Bob -0- and wickedness. They are , ,