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December 29, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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December 29, 1977

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Conunissioners Proceedings It[0aO OF  PROCEeOING$ OF" THE ME(TrHG OF THE PAYN( COQIETY BOARD OF CONqlSSIONEBS The following I.&apos;oneedlnge will be presented to the Ooerd of County Com;ssioners q)prowpl as BlnuEaS et the next meeting on Novir 30, 1977. The Ioard of Cnty Camiesioners net in rogular neetlng Monday November 21, The following werv present: heIBers: Ulysses E. Cruzan, Cheirman Bob White, Vice-Cheirnen 0rval heyffeld, Mer Others: Sherrl @kaslck, hputy County Cidrk kttie Wilson, N RePorter Chelrmen called the mexting to order it 9:00 e.m, The proceedings of the I Iwld r 7, 1977, were presented. Mr. White  the motion to mlnotoe es presented. Mr. Hayfield seconded the motion. The mot;on the followIn O votes being cast: Hayfield: eye White: aye Crush: aye Hr. White presented the following Soutlstern Bell telephone permits which were elqrased by the Iloerd: f cable for telephone use beoinnlng It approxlmetely I/8 mile south of the IIii corner of See, )), T-19-M, R-S-E, d extends south for 5478* llvry cable for telpphae use beginning at SW corner Sec. 33, T-18-N R'2"E,  extends north 2396 q gerrl Iallck, Oty Cmty Clerk. pl:esented to the Nosrd the Health Unit esd the follewlng cash epproprletiens: Civil 0efense 4290,0 Nly Ioute 19.20 HIy Rogutar Cash 1.00 Vllne m, County Truvrer, esenttd to the hrd t County Oeed for approval the fottowlng crlded prorty: Lot 7, Block II, Origin.it Town of Ingalls lien Hedllrf  the bid of $75.00 end ed#ertiseeent was made of the sale. Mr. rflold ml the mtlen to euprovo the sale and the deed as presented ss all Iogal stills  been followed In the tter. Mr. White seconded the motion. lmrrled with all Cmlssloners voting aS follows: Heyfleld: aye White: aye Crusen: aye Mr. Cream revlalvod the recli<latlens euprovd by the Board of the Cushing rood Idhlch web discussed In the rating of November 7, 1077. The City OIMdtin t hid bern netlfled of th stated situation and said they would not dump Until the nestor had been cleared up. The dike Which was feared to the road to mh not under any moderate rainfall 115 found to be on private Mr, Alvin Crensl., owner of the property ls present to discuss the ttor with the Ik)erd. Hr. Crenshaw stated thee the dike llS built to protect property from wetor rwn-off from the road lch s caused by the construction by  )amty. Mr. Crenshew Stated that he uld not rlmove the dike and other imBsuree be tahen to protect the road, Mr. Meyfield de the motion further trctlen et this tint be taken, until recommndetlon fr the Attorney's office Is nede. Mr. ite seconded the ration. Motion carried the following votes being cast: Hyfield aye ite Aye Cruzan aye Crtnsll rqoested that the Hoard ontact him en a decision is Hide. The Cheiran called for recess at I0:00 a.m. for the Deputy County Clerk the bids from the County Clerk's office. The Chelran called the bk or order at IO:t.m, Mr. Ran Hill, Civil Defense 0irector, was present tO open the bids for radios aS advertised. The bid received frx the Johnson Company exceeded 9 hOUr Ilmitatlons. Mr. White made the motion that the bid received fr Ccseny dOas not o@ly with the statutory requlrnts and should be beck unallied. Mr. Hayfield seconded the motion. Notion carried with following votes being cast: Hyfield aye tn ite aye Cruzan lye bids received aS follows: Enid - 2 - Way 3578.00 Notorola )558.00 Hill requested until Noveaber 30, 1977 to review the bids. Mr. White made notio' to give Mr. Hill until Nover 30, 1977 to review the bids and to back tO the board with a decision. Mr, Hayfield seconded the motion. carried with the following being GIst: Iyfleld aye Wh ite eye Crusen aye Mr, Darrell Mecklenberg, COunty Surveyor, presented tO the Board the folloing Ilmits for aroval: Phillips Petrolmm - installation of a 4" gas pipeline to be located SW/4, Sac 24, TI9-RSE to W/4 Sac 25 TIgN-RSE trey'& Jorden Inc, Installation and road crossing for 6" gas pipe line located at SV corner Sec 12TfTIIoRSE, to NW corner Sac I)oT17N-RSE, and SW corner 13 to  Corner $ec 26 TITH-RSE yfleld nede the tloo to approve the peritt as presoted and that Bray d )hnsen tlfy Rhe ty so tl County can provode supervislon for the ring of 6" pipe ]rne. Hr. White seconded the motion. otton carried with the votes being CaSt: Hayfield aye tte aye Cruzan aye Mr. Reckllmburg presented tO the 0Pard a plat for Big B:k County Estate division SW/4, Sic 19, TlSNBSE tO be approved end stated that all necessary had been not. The streets and drives had be designated as private the COunty will net assume respenslbll[ty for the iMIntenence. Mr, hayfield the motion to pprove the plat as presented by the surveyor and Only eesements uld be aesued by the County, Mr. White seconded the motion. with the following votes being cast: Hay f I I d aye h i te aye Cruzan aye T- Sarw'v,r renor:e on tne Phieffer b rdinn aria the ,lehan 3rldqe The ,. : ',. m,e i  .,r 'Jo i  d i +: had ben ade and ehan Br i de pro JeC t was - .u:a. ,,tl,,c nat th.Rih. Rock Crusher fir: ,,Is oen for Due.hess. r. hL" :atvd ,. oulJ .st nau r, tin. f;r,. ntil ne .,as sure the prices were { a, c . :o ave,t  fr the -3 mont bids " Crjz" t,ltea n,lt ne .ne tc see the replacement of the backhoes. that th backhoe. ', c,anl ases no. is not beinn duplicated. rec,.l - in.,v .ouu ,.v. to o  tne aro.r achlne .e suqgescea the ,,c m reLc, 9 use te carr,er on the ac..oe. r Cru.n ..ree. t.e nee for 2 n patrol qraaers for District : .;:,,re re.,..lJ the o,lrd thtnis had been discussed in a .)rior meet.ng, : revenw arir Fun.l ..ould be av,lilab} in the near Future. r. Cruzan :,,,:.. :he lease - urcn.e Han be used. but this ,a not adhered to by , Crucan renortea tn: a tiatefor cue insulation for the Cushing -" Cruza t.leu :hal one nutes or the October ]1. I77 neetin shl, ed the r'orJln, of one voes. On lne seconJ page 11r. Cruzan had [rott' or t,e cIarif,cton of designate urcnasng off.leer, rather than the .:e .n.,, n C1.i ,..re Dreenteu }na aprovea as follows- Eco-Safe Industries. Inc Cushing LUnber Co. 0uapaw Co. Horton Welding Quapaw Co Southwestern Stationery Ace Mardare Quabaw Co. Quapaw Co. Main Auto Harrlon Electric City Drug Store Revco Drug :252 Vee Drug Perkins Drug Max Morton gelding Ace Mardware Vincent Chevrolet Harrison Electric Cushin Daily Citizen Perkins Journal Main Auto Supply cam arran Auto Parts Hurst ADCO Goodyear Service Store Stewart Rock Quapv Co. Mistletoe Express Leone; Harris Oil Co. Harris 33 Apco C  W Texaco Holmes Marare Robertson Automotive Everett's Auto Supply Autonotive, Inc B. J. Wright Qup Co. Stear t Pock Quapew Co. Cushing Plumbing Thurman Bridge i Block yna System, Ibo, Main Auto The Lee Co. Vincent Chevrolet Albert Equal--S Caronnter Paper Co, IBM Oklahoul Natural Gas services, Gen. supplies ky materials, service, tvv supplies. N-T supplies County CI supplies. Gen. supplies. 4-I SuPPlies, 4-T parts. Civil Def. supplies, Gen. medication, Charity medication. Charity services, v supplies, parts, parts, Gen. publication. Gen. publication, Den. parts Hv parts Hwy repairs, repairs, Hy supplies, 4-T suppHes, 4-T service, tvy supplles,hy repairs, Vvy repairs, parts, hrt Darts, Iy parts, parts, HV repairs, hwy supplies, 4"T supplies, 4-T supplies, 4-T suppIles, I SUPplies, N supplies, H par(s, Civil Defense rupalrs, COn. repairs, H parts Hwy supplies, Extension service. Gen, service, De. MCCOy, Mecklenburg, i Assoc. rent, surer BestYet Grocery grocery, lfarv Boecking Machine, Inc. parts, QualnV Co. wterial. Dawes Bros. Haterlel CO. Supplies, 4-T Bostyet Grocery groceries, mJfere Boenges Ford ports, The Farmer-Stoclomm subscrl Felon, ExtenSion turphy's repelrs,, Extesloe Tulsa Business 4hi supplies. Extension Tulsa Business Hachlnes Fenton Officq Supply Suplles, I City of Cushing utilities, HU Hospital Products stpJlet, tN City of Stillwater utilities, NU Willie Porter servJc I T. G  Y. supplies, Sheriff Milford insurance, m, llolde Selph travel, Election Id, . State 0apt, of Inst. rehdrselnt. Welfare M. Dl*ne NoVey travel, Extension Betty W. Oahas tresel, Extonsion Okleho hetur41Ges utilities, Iy Haole EIre Express services, Fwy SlAwGulf supplies, Hwy 0earlnger Printing Co. services, Supt. of Schools Hatter Bookbinding Co. supplies, Salt. Of Schools Deerlnger Printing CO. sullies, CO, Clerk 60.00 146.O8 379.00 72.90 416.14 326.00 IO,14 3666.74 2083.O1 91.11 73.44 165.80 )0.00 37.21 30.00 45,OO 36.4O 1480.75 24.46 16 .98 183,66 101 .O4 59.80 225.50 183.69 )969.36 552.28 1.81 278.91 IOO.25 29.5O 91.34 45.64 122.47 13.58 4.00 4008.10 797.0) 1597.55 157.07 97L50 317.31 (A,95 I0.38 28.)O 64.27 422.80 1154.36 1574.32 75,00 27.8O 251.33 2875.2) 1953.O 23,33 k.00 7.50 1.70 22.50 16.O 17,00 IO4.40 35. 110.O6 8.75 14.47 .00 10.20 49,04 183,10 135.45 !1.95 t34.51 I1.O IO.44 14.kl 1545 Western Unifem Sqlplles,  ll.lJ 15k7 Stwart Ikx;k supplies, Ibrf III1.(1 1549 Eve Inc, supplies, HU hT 150 U.S. Post Office stiIS, HU )0|.00 1551 Audio Sound System reDalrs, HU O.75 1552 Grace Louse Sutllff serYlcos, HU 65. 1553 U.S. Postnoster stm, IJ (Is.go 1554 Stlllwater Savings t Loen rent, NU )00.04 1555 Consulting Psychologist sepplles, I1 14&5 156 Fenton Office Supply supplies, IN 1.10 1557 Barbara Baker services, HU 150.00 158 Larry 0. ShiF services, HU 175.00 155 Frontier Printers supplies, HU 21.25 1560 Tulsa Business Hachlnes servlse, xumlon IllJl.lO 1566 Enid To*Wey Derts, Civil Defense 0.11 1567 BIll Story Fire I Sefety extinguishers, Civil Oefmse S,O 1568 IldIo Shack Isrti, Civil Defense 14.43 1d9 Oklaho Nunlcldel LneDue subscription, Civil Ikefense |.O 1570 Okla, Civil Oefese 01r. 0ues, Civil hfenee 5o(10 1571 ster Union servfcos, lvll efonse . 157 Southwestern BoIl services, hwy 102.59 1581 EestnenKodakco, services, Co. Clerk 1030.00 II Postnoster stamps, Civil 0efense 26.00 15 Tom  Supplies, Civil 0efense 125.00 J58 Bon Hill trowel, Civil Defense 15.00 17 SouthesternBoII servlco, Civil Defense 156.82 1588 Frontier Printers supplies, Assessor )07.55 159 HIsdrts Program, Inc Bevenue Funds, MIsdmanants )748,00 11 . hdlo  sel, Civil fomm i,ofI Ii ':1111 Itlrf Fire A foty euppIles, Civil hfowse 167,00 ISJ, @mt* Ipem Fund IWowIno. lien. 21107.53 lSl "'. "toto lesu FI1d Illt b, S). Hr. Wklte lade the notion to MJowr  It It tho reIuler IneduIl Imetlng gm IIImdmr )0, 1977 et r:00 o.L Hr. Nyfleld  the Itlno. Itl(m nerrled with the following votes being salt: Ihlyflela: eye lto: ya Cri: lye qest 1no adjourned. Pppct fully subII tted, Linda G. AIlensorth, County Clerk Iy: Sherrl Ilslk, Deputy RI00N Ol r  PIWCEE01R@I OF  dMECIAL RETIN OF  PAYNE 00UII1. OOA00 OF ocqISSlONERS The following proceedings will be presented to the Boerd of County Comleslorarl for epproal at IInotes et the next I)etlng On Ilovber )0, 1977. The Ikmrd of County mlsslonerv Iet In Speclil Ietlng Pondy, IIver 28, 1977. The fail.InN more presont: bers: Ulysses [. Crum, OII'I White, Vlce-Chel r Orvel Hayfield, Ren/r Others: LInde G. AIlens-th, County Clerk Bottle Wilson,  Reporter TI ChoIrm coiled the Itln$ to order et 9:00 a.m. The ChoImon told the purpose of the rating, that being tho rovoI of ppyroll !elm to the State of Ohlahowe for the relburslnt of the OIstrlct Attorney's deyroll (/1674, $),000.00). Mr, yfleld node a motion to ppprove the lali for the Otstrlct Attorney's ppyroll to the State of Oklah. Hr. White ser.enled the motion. Th otlon carried with the following votes being calst: Mayfleld: aye White: aye Cruzan: eye Hr. Hayfield  motion tO adJourn. Mr. White seconded the motion. notion c41rrled with the folllng tes being CaSt: Hayfield: aye White: aye Crusen: eye Linde G. A11ensworth Con ty Clerk RECORD OF THE PROCEEO#NGS OR THE MEETING OF THE PAYNE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS The following proceedings ;11 be presented to the Board of County Com;ssioners for approve; as minutes at the next reet;n 9 on 0ecember 5, 1977. The Board of County Coissloners met ;n a regular meeting Wednesday. November 30 1977. The following were present: Members: Ulysses E. Cruzan, Chairman BOb White. Vice-Chairman Orval Mayfield, Member Others: Linda G. Allensorth, County Clerk Beetle Wilson, News RePOrter The Chalrrran called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. The proceedings of the regular reetlng held November 2], 1977, and the special reting held November 28, 1977, were presented. Mr. Kayf[eld made a motion to approve the proceedings as presented for the regular meeting On November 21, 1977. and the special meeting On November 28, 1977. Mr. White seconded the motion. The motion carried with the following votes being cast: yfield: aye White: aye Cruzan: aye The following claims were presented and approved for payment: 337 Tbr Dr Store 364 Foresee evrolet 4)0 Tiger Drug Store 603 Tiger Drug Store 861 1212 IBM 1281 Jones & Laughlin Supply 1303 John Long 1305 Nodgers Elevator Sales $ Svc. 1309 Southwestern gel I 1383 uapew Company 1433 Eastman Noday Cany 1546 Ilekburn's Garage 1575 Clarence L. lloyd 1580 AIbert Equlln[ 1610 Natlomll Supply Celpeny 1596 Stilhster Nunlcipal Nospital 1597 Ok]ehom Haturel S CO. 1598 Penton 0fflce SuPPly Co. 1599 Snider Pharnmcy 1600 US Post Office 160] fenton Office Supply Co. 1602 Haspl tel Products I) Tlger Orug 1604 Xerox Corparet ;on 1611 Cherokee Lines, Inc. 1616 Oyne Syste 1618 Oklehog Iltural GaS CoOiny 1619 HarJorle Sh t620 Jerry Price 1621 Wlter R. DAVIS 1622 Lure Slunw 162) Llnde HI ckmn 1624 Delorls Fowler 1625 Ernestlne I, NOdo 1626 Llnde M. Shlmln 1627 Evil yn lip ton 1628 COrl L. Jones 1629 Bay Ausse11 1630 Bky P. Olios 1631 Vidde Hathenlulshey 1632 COrl O. Perrott 1688 [rwlnl Pr 1nears 16 lllpl tel ProdDer s 1633 mdlcatlon, ch,)rily - 4).00 repe Irs,  98.16 mad icat Ion, Charity 45.45 94.5O 125.40 svc. agmt., Gen. 23.10 suppl ies, hwy. 198.61 service, Den. IOt 5.00 service, Den. 42.50 service, Den. 15.15 rock,  948.09 fllm. CO. Clerk 464.44 repairs, Hy. 146,00 Suppl Its, MV. 14.0) supplies, hwy. 3)-9) 12.54 supplies, H,U. 1.58 utilities, H.U. 18.40 SUppl los, H.U, 37.50 suppl IIS, H.U. 10,00 stamps, H,U, 65.00 Suppl les, H.U. h6.60 I).92 29.25 92.71 suppl les, It*y. 4.20 4.33 utll ties, H,U. 2.71 travel. H.U, 29.70 )3.90 I)).20 32.95 I0.95 I).20 54.4S 51.15 .I 60.60 23.00 48.15 209.85 euppl los, H.U, 101.37 .12 15.10 163 Mo;da Seloh i639 Molda Seloh T6O B&C Off ce SuDIv 1641 The Cow Shop 1676 Mildred Storks 1677 Orval R. hayfield 1629 ennecn D Campbell 1680 Liles A. Easle 168 Jac D, Shorter 1682 Robert Cr GU 1683 Rex L. Holland 1684 Russell Couch 1685-6 Merle Stokes 1687-8 M*ke Gay 16Bg-90 Carl Miner 1691-2 Bill [vans 1693-4 Mel Bound 1695-6 Bill Elllngton I97-8 Ruth Stark 1699 Joe  Stale, 1700 Jack Star 1701 Frank Phillips 1702 1703 Southwestern 8e11 1705 UIvsses[ Cruzan i707 Rob White 1726 Ruth Stark Aurea EsDie Coup Ray Hson Mike Gay Merle Stokes R C. Foster Alien Evans Jr. Frank Phill PS - Jack Stark JOe Staler Bill EI]ington ill Evans Mel Bounas Carl Hiner 1727 Wilma Ryan Josephine Myers Joretta Gillette Andrea Horinek Anna J, Murnan Juanita B. Nnce Betha M, Phillips Gloria CookseY Boris L, Jinlson Ruby Gail Hiller Wynn )728 Ulysses E. Cruzan 0rval Mevfleld Bob White 1729 M, Dne McVey David W. Pace Betty W. Oahms Janice L. Sharkey Detha A. Norrison Harilyn J. French 17 RoYe Lynn Henson Vicki Vaniman Judy Rollins Cinda G. AIlensworth Sherri Musick KeHy War)iv e,urseent Elcct. Bj. 3. travel Elect gd. 2.0 SUDIies. EleCt Bd. 9.50 suolies. Suat. 3.1 travel Aseso 125.00 travl, I. Coiinr 125.00 travel. Rval. 16.4 7.)Q 5.7: 18.24 rentstr5tion. Assessor 10.00 travel. Reva 69.29 travel. Sheriff 252.1 205.0 Z38.50 )O1.05 22.0 207.75 25.65 82.65 93.3O 79.R0 reimbursement. Sheriff 296.41 telephone. Elect. Bd. 45.85 travel. Cor'issoner 200.00 200.00 salary, Sheriff 8OO.40 650.OO 625.00 200.RO IOO.40 25.00 25.00 IOO0.SO 900.45 800.40 800.40 800.0 800.40 800.aO salary. Trees, IOO0.5O 650.OO 60O.OO 600.00 S80.OO 580.00 500.00 500.00 500.00 500. OO salary. Commissioner 1000.50 1000.50 1000.50 salary, Ext. 67o.oo 5)0.00 627.00 59O,OO 548.00 442.00 salary, Co. C]erk 250.00 275.OO 250.O0 10OO,50 650.00 6OO.OO Gtori Ho$ser Cindy Kaiser Lisa Holt 1731 faye S. 0aSon Jackie ccoNS 1732 Oklahoma Teacher Retiremenl 1733 Mildred P. Storks Judith G. Germm Core H.. Starter Ltnde $. Thrasher 0,00 58O.OO 580.00 salary, St 900.50 65O.OO retirement, Supt. 32,5O salary, Assessor 1000.5O 65O.OO 600,00 .,, 58O.OO 1733 Box L. ltollend Xetal;e S. Nell 1734 Derrell Neskelnburg 1735 Mse I, Jervis Carrie M. Shirley Thelne Hollendore Joan heley L[ll;en G. Needham Sandra M. Ness 1736 Karen Kay Mullendore 1737 Liles A. (as]ey Kenneth D. Cabell Jack D, Shorter Robert C. Cum Rex L. Notland Russell C. COuch 1738 (rnest Talley 1739 Marvev Bast;an Paul Raey R. B. Franc L. E. Owens W. N. Griffin Kenneth Nelson Ph;I);p Nettles Ivan Focht Bobby Ray Stephens 1740 Charley Battles Cleo SyIvester Howard F. Cedis Janes [therldge Rck Wiles Bouglas Curtis 1741 Chester 0ry Pet Etheridge Jack Gabll Ceonard L. Sharp Eugene f. Graves Rocky Gottfrled Floyd C. Jones Jaes Hargrove 1742 Harold R. Baker Lonnle Cee Magler C. G. Gaff Bonad Toguns Robert Lorett Arrond C. Marduez Frankle Cane Richard Anderson Cody Hendricks 1743 R.B. Languell Taylor Cook C. D. Baker Tory Robinson Rob MCNalr Jinmy O. Benton Harold B. Forerun BAn Ed.ard Boyle ' N. I D. Fowler Robert L. Nelson 1744 Lawrence Creager C1eo GrOom Willia Sadler J. C. Kelso 1745 Nolda Selph Parr;tip Jo Charles 1746 Ron Hill Mike Iverson 1747 JoAnn Beverage Deloris fowler Margo Naley Linda Hickan Earnestine Nodo 0enlse Huff Carl L. Jones Carl 0. Parrots salary. Assessor salary. Surveyor salary, Court Clerk salary. General salary. Revaluation salary, Engr. salary, HWV, salary, Elect, Bd. salary, Civil 0ef. salary, H.U. 65O.OO 530.O0 120.O0 I000.50 65O.OO 80.OO 5.oo 58o.oo 65O.OO ?o5.oo t75.oo 145.75 84.5O 182.88 15o.0o 287.50 625.00 725.O0 525.OO 700.00 600.00 6OO.OO 600.00 600.00 600.00 572.67 600.O0 600.O0 600.00 6OO.OO 572.67 6oo.oo 600.00 600,00 625.00 600.DO 600.00 600.00 625.00 600.00 600.00 600.DO 600.00 575.00 600.00 $72.67 600.00 6OO.OO 550.00 600,00 600.00 58o.oo 6OO,00 600.00 600.00 48].80 600.00 7OO.OO 490.86 700.00 600.00 625.00 6OO.OO 437.5O 9OO.OO IO25,OO 73.60 555.OO 6?0.00 294.OO 8OS.0O 610.o0 5o5.oo 295.00 845.OO 177 arsa el,on Evel..n Roton C. Ray Russell Laura S'a. LinJa Sipran atlen Sinson Nancy Gile Vichi anunKa.ev Vickl L. Wlilias David C. artin ortho F. Danel 17k8 Stare Eplovees Grou MaIih Ins 1749 Patrlcla . Frank 1750 Linda Anderson 1762 Oklaa Tax Corwision 1763 First Natlonal Bank 1764 First National Bank 176 Oklanor:a State Retirement 1766 Oklahca Tax Comislon 1767 Colonial Insurance 1768 First National Sank 176 Oklahoma Tax Conrission 1770 glue Cross  Blue Shield 1771 State Retlrerent Fund i772 First National Bank 1773 Oklaho'a Tax Conlssion 1774 State Retlreent Fund 177 Oklahoma State Retirement Systen 1776 Colonlal Insurance 1777 Blue Cross  Blue Shleld 1778 %779 Okana Tax Coission 1780 First National Bank .J1ar', M.U. ,n. M.U. salary, CETA cc)ord. salary. M.U. taxe, R.S. taxes, C.0, retlreent C.D. taxe. C.O. ins., .-,y. taxes, v. ns., vv, retirement, ,v. taxes, Gen. taxes1 Gen. retirenent, Gen. retirement, Elect Bd. ins., Gen. ins, CETA ins, Gen. taxes, M.U. taxes, H.U. 202 ]] 935. 275C; ?00.3 770C 7OO.} 1030C 252.50 393.0 222.SD 22.0 700.00 450,00 4.0 50.S0 163.10 51.25 12.9 258.5O 1921.00 187.47 2020. 3257.3 40.90 44).27 4097.88 61.25 42.50 53o.o 438.75 183.69 1388.60 ROn Mill, Civil Oefense O;rector. presented his report on bids opened at the eetlng on Novenber 21, 1977. Mr. Hill stated, since there as only $20.00 difference in the bids, he attested to find the unit that uld Pe trust compatible and ork best with the present egulpment. Mr. Hal; stated after careful evaluation, his recorendatlon u)d be to award the hld to Enid 2-Way for a contract of 53578.00. Sir. Mill stated Motorola, the lower bid of $355B.00, as ndeclslve On the handling of soe of the speclf)catlons. Mr. Hil listed some of the deviations fro the specifications. Mr. Mayfleld nade a motion that the board accept the Enld-2-Way bid of $3578,00. Mr. White seconded ahem orlon, The motion carried wih the follin votes being cast: -ayfleld: aye White: aye Cruzan: aye Darrell Mecklenburg, presented a road dedication fron M. J. Davenport for a 60' road rlght-of-Hay ;n the W2 of SW of 17-19-3E. Hr, Mecklenburg stated this road eets the County standards and he vOuld recond acceotance of the dedication ano the rlntance Of :he streets. r. White maoe a motion to accept the dedication o the streets ;n the listed description on the dedication with the malntance of streets for M. J. Davenport. Mr. Mavfield seconPed the motion. The motion carriea with the following votes being cast: Mayfie]d: ave hite: ave Cruan: aye Mr. Mecklenburg reorte the state opened bids on tne Coy1e Road proect an the Io bidder was 8rote Construction. with a bid of $226.D63.19. Mr. Mecklenburg ted this iS ore than the Engineers Estimate of $213,000.00 Mr. Meckelnburg reminded the cofissloners they had agreed to ut up $85,0OO.00 tards lhls road at an earlier meeting. With this bid. however, the counties rtlon should oe around $76.618.00, ft was stateP that the State .uld like the board to accept this bid. Mr. White rade a otlon o approve the Brace id of $226,063.19 as helng accepted by Payne County. Mr Mayfleld seconoeo the motion. The motion carried wlth the following votes being cast: Mavf;eld: ave White: ave Cruzan aye Mr. Cruzar statea ne uld like co nave te recormendations for repairs co the road to the new rock crusher Mr. Mecklenburg stated he ould recorlmend beginning to build a I0' rOCk oase before nv surfacing be one. Mr. Cruzan stated he has been check;no the weight tickets o te rock truCkS an nas fount lnat trucks in Districl :3 are overloaded. He stated thls wears the trucks out ano s naro on te road. Mr. Whie state if any in h. district are over adng. he .ll correct his trucks Mr. White stated the truck drivers nave no av of knowing if their truc are overloaded until after they are comoetelv loaded ana it is difficult to remove only a small portion of the load. M White stated ne felt it shoula nave been corrected at te tie r. Cruzan discovered this problem v notify;no the loader at the crusher to xeeP an eye on this. The County Clerk resente the bOard with a notice of hearlng n the Oistrlct Court tar the vacation Of a ortion of Cakeshore Add tion [o the Ctv of Stillwater. being a part of the ut litv easernt. After discussion, the boar decided they uld nave no obection as they ave no real jurisdiction since this ;s ; the city limits r. White mae a otion that te Pavne County Board of County Commis- sioners let [t e show that they nave no objections of the portion of the plat refered to  [he Petltlonowned by the Charltons Mr. fleld seconded the motion. The otlon tattled wain the following votes being cast; Hayfield: |re White: ave Cruzan ave The County Clerk presenteo one request for the foIIowlng casn approDr;atlons to be Dresenteo to the Exclse Board: Tla, Highway, salaries 15,000.00 T2, Hignay M60 20,809.32 2-T. Highway. M&O ]1.728.02 R-T, Highway. M&O 20.005.75 The County Clerk presenteo the allocation of Alcoholic Beverage Tax [. the a.'ount of $7,614.63. which the-board approved. Mr Mayfie]d oresenea a cnec in the amount of $1,920.00, for reimburserrnt ror the State of Ok)ahor for CETR VI invoice #4. to be deposited to Tale. Mr Cruzan stateP he would like the oard to consider, the notice of ublic hearing o be published for the redistricting of their districts, fir. Cruzan stated it would be time }n the )aster rt of December and this is the only time provided by statute. Mr. White stated he would tike to present his information at the meeting on December 5, 1977. Both Mr. hayfield and Mr. White felt the publication an setting of the date for the public hearing could wait until this time. Mr. yfe]d stated he felt the bOard could not consider any redistricting until the certif;catlon of the electors by the Election Board and that the bOard should ask the Oistrict Attorney for assistance ;n the matter of redistricting. Mr White made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Mayfleld seconded the motion. The motion carried with tne following votes being cast: Mavfleld: aye White: aye Crllzan: aye The next meeting s antunced for December 5, 1977, at 9:00 a.m, llensorth County Clerk REC0R OF THE PROCEEDINGS Or THE EETING OF TME PAVME COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONEPS The followinc oroceedinqs iI oc presented to the Boar,l of Count': Co sson.r for prval as lnutc at the ncxl -elnQ r) OecuPbe r 19 . 1977 , The BoarJ of Councv Coisoncrs el :-  re<ulr cetnn Monday, eceber . 1977. Th fotownn ,ere resent Mer'ers: Ulysses Cruzon, Chalrn . Bob White. Vice-Chairman Orval Hayfield, Member Others Linda G. AIlenvrth. County Clerk BeSsie Wilon. News Renrter THe Chalrnan called the nearing to order at 9:00 a.ml The proceedings of tne eetin? helc November 30, ]977 erc presentea. r. White maoe a motion to approve the proceedings as presented. Mr. Mayfleld secondua the rotion. The motion carried with the following votes bean S cast: Mayf[eld: aye White: aye Cruzan: aye ttr. Hoyflel presenteo an invoice fro Strode Funeral hore in the a,ount of $472.75 for disn[ernrient and relnternrent of the body of Tyrone SprlnQer for the O;strict Attorney on October 18. 1977. After discussion. Mr. hayfield rade a moton to approve the issuance of a purchase order to Strode Funeral HOme for the dis- internnent and renternmnt of the body of Tyrone Springer. Mr White seconded the motion. Mr. Cruzan stated he feels there was enough advance notice given and so.e- one should hwe seen that a purchase order was issued earlier. The motion carried with t'foIloIng votes being cast: The Perkins Journal Thursday, l)ecember 29, 1977-9 "* Maf;eld ave White" ave Cruzan: no The folloin 9 ciains were presented and approv,. for paet: 81 Cooers Cycle Center 1103 Xerox Corp. 1135 Southlvestern Stationery  Bank 1283 Central Drug 1286 Qu;ck Corner Pharracy 1306 City of Sell]water 1310 Co:rcla/ Chemical ' 1315 Southwestern Betl 1372 Local Towel 1479 Clarence L, Royd t488 1496 Allred Supply 1497 BOb Brown Oistrlbutlng 1537 1576 Cimrron Auto 1583 Dawes Bros. 1704 Independent ce 1722 Southwestern 8ell 1753 1754 Kelth Ward 1755 Keith Ward 1756 Joann Beaucha 1567 Oebra Hart 1758 B&C Office Supply 1760 Shideler's Photo 1763 Southwestern Bell 1781 BC 0ffice Supply 1782 Psychological Corp, 1783 Soars 1785 De)beck Agency 1787 $outhstern Bell 788 )789 Southwestern Stationery & Supply 1791 B&C 0ffice Supply 172 Southetern Bell 1793 Gibson Products 1794 thwestern Bell 1795 Enid - 2 - Way i796 State Examiner & Inse:tor 1802 Southwestern Bell 1821 Southwestern Bell 1822 Johnson Publishing 1823 Ran Hill 1824 The Lee Company 1825 Otasco 1826 Ace Hardware 1827 HOntoerv Ward 1828 Southwestern Bell 1830 Vaseco, Inc. 1831 City of Sti]lwater 1832 John Thompson 1833 Southwestern 8ell 1834 Hospital Products ]83S Marsh Film nterprises 1836 BC Office SuppI IB43 Southwestern Bell sulles, Gen. rental. OA supplies. Co. C1er medication. Charity utility. Gen, maine.. en. serv;ce, Surveyor service. M. suoplles. v. service, y. service, DA travet, OA travel, DA supplies, OA f;m, Assessor service, Assessor supplies, HU supplies, Ext. ins., service, hwy. service, Treas. supp3ies, Sheriff supplies, Co, Clerk service, Co. Clerk ]017 239.66 kO4..6 25 2 296).6Z 633.1 210 15.80 466.2B 82.79 1379.79 145.87 09.t8 199.8 370270 20.00 6785 176.92 3.s0 48.6o 17.13 15.O4 8O.73 56.10 62.t6 8.96 17.18 40.50 952.00 99.68 21.76 287.66 )1.0 79.05 supplies, Sheriff 29.88 service, Sheriff 3,00 supplies, Sheriff 6,S expenses, Audit 110,73 service, Sheriff 174.O ervice, Supt. 28.42 supplies. Supt. 7110 travel, CO 31.12 supplies, CO 28,20 8.0 supplies. CD 80  service, CD 5,% supplles, M.U. IO.kO 22b service, MU I1t service, HU 52.:; upplie.;, MU 577 43.% II d s,,rvlce, H U. 12. The 6pard approw.d :brae h'c,, fror, the OkIjh,,a Publ i( f":,h,,.er R,.tlr,.,,, Sste in the anount oi $8"+53. S ]O ar, Sllq.20, for r,','h.r.,",..t ,,f ret,r,r',..t withheld in error. The Count,. Clerk :reen,,.: he bJ1.,n,, , t, ,cL,r,t ,.,.h.r th," dr,',: ,,,.,:r,, of. the Co"isioT'rs. Mr. hi:e "aJ,'  "w,;,,, ,, 1;,L,r,v, :h,. .l,,,,.. ',,r ",, operation <f te Pavn,. Coun* , H;ch,a . O.p ,, ,..,n, Ti,l $:, ?q( :,I T > 774 ,' T-2 gl,7,  } 2-T: 7,7'i' OC -T ). li.(,  T- I 2!" 2  Mr. ayfi,,Id ecc,a,.d ne -.t,n. "4r 4hi,. ,ir.a ,,,  It t,, .,,,11 ho,J tr,,.,,r $20.'."70.0O to T-IJ to cover ,a.roll ad oci. ,,,,,ri Th,' ,,ti,,,, arried ,,i', the roilo.;nc vl,t,' ,,,,,: c,t: Cr ,z,,,: av, 4r. Wblte 'a;; a ,ti,,, to, a2-,u., , tra,,.'r ,f S20.O00, fr,,,', 1-2 to Tla Mr. 'tfieIJ ,,,,d, J th ,t,n. Tn, ior .fr, ,.h th,' h,lhi,,,: ',t,' ', i., Whl t'" ,w,' Th, barJ a::,rov,,! .I r,.,:,.. ' ;',rrrlat,' S1.q20.iO t,' T1a , i . uh.-,itt.d t) t,, Excl .. B,,ard. The C,nt r Ch,rk pr,',.,t,'d h'r *>,tblv r,,:,,,rl f*,r Mv, ",h.r (,wi,,1 Si0,757 79 in f,,, c,,lh'cted. Mr Cru.',m at,J .] Central Purchai,: c,ftr,t ba b,'en ent h hh, I' ,]II pre..r,t :i at the n'xt ,',,.t,r,,: Mr. Cruzan tateJ he +,a ta1,'t ,ith a ,ntri.m h, r,',l,rd IO the Cuhlnq Landfill and h,, ., told :h; nthlnq Culd h,. 'ut hl h- dr,h,.,ue ar,a that ill d,c,]a. Th, City f Cushi, I ba b.,n infor'd and hay,. la,'n t' to) prevent thi. '4r 4hit,' stat.d h,' uld llke to preent hi plan fi,r rtditritinn. Hr Mafi,d sitcd the hoard c,nnc, t redistrict util al,,r Deo''b,'r 16, 1977 It ,a noted he i onl. prl.entin] his plan for infor,"ati,r, not for paa,le this date, Mr. ',4hire rent,,d as ad inforr,aion she.t ith divishn of his proposed ditrict .i fol h)s: Di,rlct: Voter Rcad Ll,s: Sq. Miles: :1 7.S19 38 275 0istrict: Voters: Road Mile, SQ. iI 12 11,240 329 186 I) 11,195 4O5 254 The Chelrmn called for a recess at I0:10. The Chairrn call. the met;nq beck tO order at 10:22 a.m. Mr. Crusin presented his plan with the followlnq infornation OIstrlct /1: edd Henry. Stillwater /3, StilIwater :1. Stlilater S. for 939 (ter 01strict /2: teke OUt Sttllwater 5 Stillwater 20. Sillwater "8 add EJ. Cherokee end Paradise for 0260 voters OIstrJct i): teke out Eden, Cherokee, Paradise, Henry, Stillwater 19. Still,aer 3 add Btillwter 20 and Sti)lwater 8 for 10,299 voters. Nr. Whlta stated he is not sure it is a gcp idea tar the ec3Tern oars of the C,uqt/ I heYe all three colissloner$ with Stilwater voter. Rr. Hayfield presented his plan Which gives 01strict =l 9559 voters. 01strlcr 12 10,12Ovoters. and Otstrtt 13 IO,275 voters. The board agreed to set a public hearing for December 19 fr the. atter of redtstrlctlnst It wis noted ooles of te redistricting D]an will be }v fit ,ith the County Clerk. The Board egree [o set ubltc hearing for the Revenue Shar;n Entitling:n: S Ir $264,(162.OO for the revene sharing, funds from IO-I-77 to 9-30-7B The Baird was presented with a letter with a pricing of a naster swtcn for the elevator for the use of the Sheriff After discussion, the oarc a?red to a for a forml request from the Sheriff. The following Southstern BOll Telephone permit was oresentea na aorove bury tllephone cable beginning 620' north of the SW corner of Sec Ib T-18-N. Ro2oE then cross rod to west side then extends north 762 and then cros to ea* side of roed. Mr, ite msee a mot[on to adjourn to reconvene Monday. 3ecember t9 Ig77 Hr. Hayfield seconded the motion. Mr Cruzan stated he felt the oora neeoe to pals a mtlon to approve the funds for a purchase order for the oublication of the plbllchearlno$. Nr. Mayfield withdrew hi secono to them otio xr Wht withdrew his motion. Nr. Whltenldeimotlo to approve the funps for a ourcnase order for payment of edsertlstng for public heeringon December 19. 1977. r Mavf;uld seconded the. mtion. The mtion Carrlea with the following votes be;no cast Mayfleld: ave White aye Cruzan: ive Rr. bRite rde a mtlo to adjourn to reconvene Monday December 19, 1977 . HOyf d seconded the motion. The motion carried with the Followlnq vote being Cast: Mavf;e)d: ave White: ave Cru/an aye LJnda G Allensortn Coonty Clerk Have a happy and safe New Year. We look forward to seeing you in 1978 From All of Us A - Perkins Journal 7:i o. J C-