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December 29, 2016     The Perkins Journal
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December 29, 2016

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A4 - THE JOURNAl, Thursday, December 29, 2016 .:iiiii:!;iiii;:iiiii!i;iiiiii The Mirror In Ecclesiastes. Wise old King Solomon said we should enjoy our youth because, as the sign over my desk asserts, "Old age is not for sissies." Well ... that isn't exactly what Solomon said, but it's close. When I told my wife that I felt like I was really growing old, she said, "No, Honey, we are old!" Bob Hope' s theme song was "Thanks for the Memories," and aren't we all thankful for ours. I've always thought that memories are what make growing old tolerable. I've now reached that time when my mind is losing more and more of it's dependability, but there are zillions of stim- ulating thoughts still tucked away in there somewhere. I share some of those that I've harvested from other fields when they surface. Here's apoem written by John T. West Jr. that I ran across about 20 years ago, The Mirror The other day, I happened by chance, As I passed a mirror, to give it a glance. And I wondered who that oM man couM be, Who, with his mouth wide open, was looking at me. His bald head was sprinkled with a little gray fu , And he wasn't at all handsome (like I always was). He looked like a sack of mis-mated parta, Put together without aid of instructions or charts. And while I know that my shoulders don't slump, This person's were misshapen in one ugly hump/ Now, if that was my image, I only can say, They don't make mirrors like they did in my day. Before she passed away, I thanked one of my favorite cousins for offering me an exercise program that she said would help me when I reached this age. I thought some of you might like to try. it. She said, "Begin by standing on a comfortable surface where you have plenty of room at each side. With a 5-1b potato sack in each hand, extend your arms straight out fi'om your sides and hold them there as long as you can. Try to reach a full minute, and then relax. Each day you will find that yo, can hold this position for just a bit longer. After a couple of weeks, move up to 10-1b potato sacks. Then try 50-1b potato sacks and then eventually try to get to where you can l;ft a 100-1b sack in each hand and hold your arms straight for more than a full minute. After you feel confident at that level, put a potato in each sack." There! Now. don't you feel better? Let's be thankful for that. WHM A CHILD LEARNS ABOUT VIOLENCE A CHILD LEARNS FOR LIFE. Teach carefully, We can show you how, Call 877-ACT-WISE for a free brochure or visit www.actagainstviolence.org. (USPS #428 040) The Perkins Journal is published every Thursday at 222 N. Main, Perkins, OK by Perkins Publishing Co., LLC, and entered at the Perkins Post Office as periodical postage paid at Perkins, OK 74059. Printed at the Shawnee ~' -.ws-Star. 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BUY A FRIEND a subscription and deduct $4 " | off of the rates listed above if you are a.current paid subscriber, I USe the form above for your "friend" and list your name here: I ~11 m mini m m m IIBIIB I m Bm It is Tuesday at 6 am and 36 degrees out. The car win- dows are frosted over. I have cranked the heat up today. Yesterday, Debbie and I had the A/C and the heat on at different times of the day. Strange Christmas for me. I have house side pick up for trash now, usually I just take it out myself. One broken ann that is slow healing is a little tough. I appreciate the city staff helping me out. I think Santa must be a little fired and some what stressed also as be flew over all the countries of the world and saw death, fires, wars and hatred. He could see children living in squalor and the dead yet unburied. Yes, I think Santa cried! My Christmas was a hodge podge of feelings, memories and emotiors as I ran the gamut of joy to sadness from events of this year. God who made tl" is earth created only goodness. We were to be stewards. I am grateful for those who try to preserve the earth, mentor others, use compa',.- sion in their respite care for broken bodies, and provide counseling with kindness for those who wander the streets. I asked myself, "Well, Jeanette what would be a great New Year's gift to the world?" In reading the world news we have lost some amazing voices in the entertainment world. Some died from drugs, alcohol and violence....I could ask for this generation to find some joy to fill their soul and addictions to be lifted. Young people today are into computers and gaming that they have lost track of how to have family time and play board games, and putting up the cell phones. We are too busy for too long. I would ask GOd to grant us a true love for our family, and discipline. There are rules and consequences for all our actions. I would ask for a large basket of honor and integrity to be by our bedside to grab our attention each morning. I would ask God to grant us understanding among nations; in place of the hands of power in the White House, ever-hovering over button starting wars. I would ask God to grant the turmoil between oil com- panies and contaminating sacred burial ground to end. I would ask God that our children are educated. I would ask God to see that we keep teachers well paid and in Oklahoma when they graduate. I would ask God for some quality medical treatment for our wounded military men and women. The biggest "thing" I would ask is the gift of accepting others. We should have the right to choose life in the fullest. And last is to have others look into their )wn hearts seeking peace and wisdom. Yeah, I'd like a large box all wrapped up just for everyone on New Year's Day. DON'T BE BLINDED BY file ACTIONS OF YOUR GOVERNMENT. GET INVOLVB, ATI' RETING8 Am AID[ QIJESnON8 tI.~e the Qklahoma Open Reoord~ Ad and the Oklahoma Open Mean8 Act to .get information that ~dl-~,'t s you I~rmn~. It's your dsht to know, When I brainstorm column topics it always seems that after Christmas (and sometimes before Christ- mas) the idea reappears to address the topic of stress...specifically, how to stress less. Looking at the calendar last week and the predicable topic sug- gestion "Stress Less in 2017" caused in me an inward groan. How many ways can you re-present simple stress relievers like breathing, walking, de-cluttering and time-outs? 1 don't want my writing to become predictable or trite; you, the readers, deserve more than that. So I discarded the idea. This morning I woke up to my devotional and though Christmas is officially past, decided to keep reading Matthew Henry's commentary on Luke's account of Christ's birth. Stars and brackets revealed I had spent time there before, but what caught my eye this morning was the activity in the temple eight days after Jesus' birth. This is when Joselrh and Mary went to regis .er Jesus w,th the Churcb as was required of all first-born sons. The first person they encounter is a man named Simeon who recognizes this baby as the Messiah. Entire sermons have been preached on this mail Simeon; history traced as to his position in the church. But wha* caught my eye was the last sen- tence of his prophetic words. In the King James Version it reads, ",4 light to lighten the Gentiles and the glory of thy people Israel." Suddenly my brains starts clicking...a light to lighten, eight days after Christmas, I think here is a new column! No one knows the exact calendar date of Jesus' birth and many tlaeories exist of how it came to be December 25. I wonder if it is purely serendipitous that our New Year begins eight days after Christmas. "Wait!" you say; it is actually seven. That is true but the reality of it is between hangovers, parades, football sleeping through half the day; we get serious abolJt the New Year on January 2na eight days later. Often I have heard Jesus referred to as a Light to dispel darkness, but "a light to lighten" was new to me. Yes, light illuminates our path making our steps sure; possibly Mr. Henry meant enlighten the Gentiles (only a linguist might know). But today, to me, lighten means make your load less heavy; in 21st century American this translates "stress less". I was on a roll. I grabbed my Bible with a very thorough subject index and looked up'stress" only to find no entry. (I guess this is a relatively new descriptive of human tension.) I then turned to "anxiety" and hit the pro- verbial jackpot. "Anxiety--a disturbed state of mind produced by real or imaginary fears ". One may not agree with me that anxiety and stress are non-identical twins. ! see one as affecting the mind and the other affecting the body. Next the index listed the "causes of" anxiety as presented in the Bible: (a) "brother's hatred, son's rebellion, king's decree, child's absence, son's sickness, friend's delay"; are these not the very same things that bring anxiety and stress to our lives today? All any of us have to do is insert a name before the action to make it personal and bring it home. The only other entry under anxiety is "overcome by" (how excited I was getting--stress busters in a nutshell!) They include "trust, upward look, God's provision, angel's word, prayer, assurance of God's sovereignty, reliance on the Holy Spirit." A smile broke across my face. It really is so simple! Some of the overcome by's are directed specifi- cally to those with an active walk with God such as relying on the Holy Spirit and assurance of God's sovereignty. The others are accessible to everyone. God's provision is granted to all; we wake up breath- ing, heart beating no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in and that is only the beginning of His provision. Several require action on our part be it looking upward, trusting (in someone unseen) and prayer. The question is how bad do you want a stress free New Year? My favorite Christmas card this year had a simple hand-written line from a popular carol. It read, "yonder breaks a new and glorious dawn." No greater words of encouragement could or can be offered. Look up! And have an excellent New Year. x~