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December 29, 2016     The Perkins Journal
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December 29, 2016

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A6 - THE JOURNAL, Thursday, December 29, 2016 On Jan. 8, 1877, Crazy Relations between Cuba These are some after Schoolboysbasketballteam Horse and his warriors lose and the U.S. deteriorated Christmas news items inthe played Perkins High School their final battle against the almost immediately. Perkins Journal, December on the Perkins court. The U.S. Cavalry in Montana. 1918 and January 1919. game was reported by Wil- The Indians were resist- On Jan. 4, 1965, in his Journal publisher Andy liam Hubbard. At the end ing the U.S. govenunent's State of the Union address Show received two differ- of the first half, Perkins led efforts to force them back to Congress, President ent giftsoffruit. Evangelist 11 to 5. to their reservations. Lyndon Johnson lays J.W. Garner brought him After five minutes ofrest at out legislation needed some nice persimmons from half time, both teams were On Jan. 6, 1925, auto to achieve his plan for a his orchard. Mr. Garner has ready to go at it again. The industry maverick John Great Society. The address a splendid orchard at his res- Oilton team did not score DeLorean is born. The heralded the creation of idencein Perkins. (Location any more during the last half DeLorean Motor Company Medicare/Medicaid, Head was the northwest part of and Perkins won 24 to 5. produced just one model,a Start, the Voting Rights town.) The orchard is not The Perkins team has sports car with gull-wing Act, Civil Rights Act, large, but has nearly every never played with acleaner doors that opened upward, Department of Housingvariety of fruit adapted to or more upright team than in the early 1980s. Some and Urban Developmentour climate, the Oilton team. Only one 9,000 DMC-12s were pro- and Economic Opportunity Andy went on to write: rough play was pulled duced before the company Act, Our Merry Christmas was off, that was when Clan went bankrupt, even made better. Christmas Cianin, our left forward was On Jan. 2,1971,66 soccer morning when we arrived at knocked out, during the last On Jan.5, 1949,President fans are killed in a stam- the office, we found a big half. Cecil Shannon took Harry Truman announces pede at a stadium in Scot- sack of rosy cheek apples his place. in his State of the Union land as they attempt to reposing on the printer's After the game, the domes- address that every Amer- leave agame.The crush of desk. They were Christ- tic science girls had pre- ican has a right to expect spectators on the stairways mas presents from thepared a lunch, which was from our government a"fair led to tragedy. T.J. Wilson Store. (This enjoyed by both teams. The deal," including national store is located where the Oilton team left for home health insurance, public On Jan. 3, 1999, after Thomas-Wilhite Memorial Friday morningsayingthey housing, civil-rights leg- three days of high winds L'brary is now.) had a good time and would islation and federal aid and heavy snow that killed (In the year 2016, not look for the Perkins return to education. To some, more than 100 people, the many ofuswouldgotothegame on Friday, January the Fair Deal smacked of Great Lakes region begins office on Christmas morn, 3, 1919. socialism, diggingoutfromoneofthe but Andy did, and found the In the school news, worst blizzards on record, apples. Also, did someone instrt:ctor Lola McAnineh On Jan. 7, 1959, just Chicago's O'Hare Airport let Mr. Wilson in to the gave more details about six days after the fall of had to shut down, stranding office, or possibly in Perkins tht. indoor tail gate activ- the Batista dictatorship in 200,000 people for as much 1918, people didn't have to ity. Lola taught Domestic Cuba, U.S. officials rec- as four days. lock the;r doors?) Sciencc. ognize Fidel Castro's new On Thursday, DecemberThe ball game with Oilton provisional government. (c) 2016 King Features Synd.. hw. 19, 1918 the Oilton High was decidedly in favor of the Perkins boys. To make Perkins School was shut the Oilton boys feel better down for several days over their defeat, our boys because of the flue epi- gave them a reception after demic. Then in November the game. and December after .school The reception was held in started up again, the school the Domestic Science room. had classes on Saturdays to The room was decorated in make up for the days lost. black and red, the Perkins This is what the school prin- colors, which also proved cipal, Miss Newton wrote to be Oilton's colors, that was published in the Cushions and pennants December 27,1918 issue of were used to make the room the Perkins Journal: home-like, and house plants We are almost up with were used as centerpieces our work. 1 believe with on all but one of the tables, the eachers giving longer This one table was piled lessons and the children. high with apples, oranges, studying more at home, we and bananas, will not be compelled tO After a short time playing have school on Saturday.' games, all were served a In a few weeks can tel!, delicious lunch prepared but maybe we will have to and served by the domestic make up a few more daysi science girls. The lunch Thecourseofstudyrequires consisted of pressed chicken a certain amount of s//ork to sandwiches, sweet pickles, be done. I thank the peopte cocoa with whipped cream forsendingtheirchildren ca and fruit. Saturday. The attendance During the fall of 1918, has been very gcxt. !11 lilllllll , IIIII LANYARDS KEY CIiAtNS" MAGNEI'S ' CALENDARS Promotional advertis# g for your business or special events since 1986 The possibilities are endless! j-- ,...,,._J TRISH BLEDSOE (405) 742-2642 222 N. Main St. Perkins, OK SIGNS PENS" CUPS BAGS FOLDERS" DECALS LEGALrNbTICE LEGAL NOTII3E LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE Legal notice published in The with The Meadows Center at New Receiving Officers, Vickie Call Vote: Bradley-Yes, Red- Perkins Journal Dec. 29, 2016 a cost of $.16 per pound with Hughes, Will Smith, Warrants, ing-Yes, Cavett-Yes. a minimum charge of $45.00 Tim Arnold Steve Sumpter. Transfer of Appropriations' The Payne County Board of and 3001b minimum for pick-up. Motion by Reding to accept the None presented at this time. County Commissioners met in a Motion by Reding to approve the Requisitioning and Receiving Purchase Orders: New: The regular meeting of the board at agreement with The Meadows Officers as presented, second following Purchase Orders 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, Septem- Center for Document Destruc- byCavett. Roll Call Vote: Cavett- were presented; FY 2015-16 ber 6, 2016 at the Payne County tion for the Health Department, YesBradley-Yes, Reding-Yes. $126,797.90, FY 2016-2017 Administration Building, Gloria second by Cavett. Roll Call Discussion and PossibleAction $146,'351.81; 2015-2016 Hesser Commissioner Meeting Vote: Reding-Yes, Cavett-Yes, on Financials COUNTY GENERAL: 5257, Room 200, located in Stillwater, Bradley-Yes. Cash Appropriations: The fol- MAVERIC MINI MART, 283.57, Oklahoma. ApprOval of EMPG Grant-Emer- lowing Cash Appropriations as JUNE BLANKET; 5258, CHIEF Chairman Bradley called the gency Management: Jeff Kuhn, certified by the Payne County FIRE AND SAFETY, 118000.00, meeting to order: at 9:00 a.m. Emergency Management Direc- Treasurer September 6, 2016 3500 GALLON TANKER; 5259, The following members were tor stated the grant was exactly were presented: LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., INC., present: Chairman- Kent Bradley, the same as last year. Craig Alcoholic Bev. Tax $ 25,085.14 1523.08, TIPE; 5260, QUAL- District 3, Chris Reding, Commis- asked if lt was a state grant or a #2 Highway Cash $328,141.63 ITY CUSTOM UPFITTERS, sioner District 2, Zach Cavort, federalgrant. Kuhn stated it was #3FloodPlain 390.40, SIREN; SHERIFF District 1, Glenna Craig, County federal, and this was the flrst step #4 Visual Inspection SERVICE FEE: 412, GT DIS- Clerk, Invocation by Jeff Kuhn to receive the grant by submitting #5 Board of Prisoners $TRIBUTORS, INC., 6600.85, and Flag Salute to our country the application. Motion by Cavett 21,443.00 AMMUNITION; 2016-2017 by Dewey Clapp. to acknowledge and proceed with 4/6 Resale Property $ 84,528.08 COUNTY GENERAL: 712, EDA, Appreove minutes of the pravious the application for the EMPG #7 Courthouse Tree Planting 176.13, SUBSCRIPTION EDA; meeting of the board: Minutes of Grant, second by Reding. Roll #8 Health Department 713, FENTON OFFICE MART, the August 29th and August 30th Call Vote: Cavett-Yes, Brad- #9 Sheriff Service Fee $ 100.58, JULY BLANKET; 714, meetings were presented for ley-Yes, Reding-Yes. 49,283.23 STAPLES, 277.84, OFFICE approval. Motion by Cavett to Resolution #2018-25 Sales Tax #10 Gun Violence Prosecution SUPPLIES; 715, SIGNS NOW, approve the minutes of August Purchase of Mow Tractor-D1: #11 Mortgage Certification $ 110.25, NUMBERS; 716, BILL 29th as, presented, second by Cavett read Resolution 2016-25; 1,240.00 KNIGHT FORD OF STILLWA- Reding. Roll Call Vote: Brad- Whereas, the Board of County #12 Revolving Forfeiture $ TER, 1821.25, REPAIRS; 717, ley-Yes, Reding-Yes, Cavort-Yes. Commissioners of Payne County, 6,686.00 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLY, Motion by Cavett to approve the Oklahoma is organized pursuant #13 Mechanic Lien Fee $ 966.00 1156.00, PAPER; 718, WILKINS minutes of August 30th as pro- to the provisions of Article 17, #14 Selfqnsurance $ 70,360.83 OKLA. TRK SUPPLY, 297.50, sented, second by Reding. Roll Section 1, of the Constitution of #15 Sheriff Training LABOR; 719, U.S. POSTALSER- Call Vote: Reding-Yes, Cavett- the State of Oklahoma and has #16 Law Library $ 4,334.65 VICE HASLER, 5000.00, POST- Yes, Bradley-Yes. been duly elected to represent #17 Project Safe Neighborhood AGE; 720, CAMe CORNER, Miscellaneous items from the the citizens of Payne County, #18 Record Owner Resale 209.96, CLOTHING; 721, A T audience:Joff Kuhn, Emergency Oklahoma; and Whereas, Payne #21 Court Fund & T, 3322.65,UTILITY BILL; Management Director stated County passed a County Sales 1/22 Fairboard Cash $18,051.25 722, STC/BUSlNESS WORLD, there was not any widespread Tax with53 percent designated to #23 Voca Grant 35.60, CONTRACT BASE RATE; damage in Payne County from be used for capital improvements #24 Co Assessors Fee $354.00 723, OSU COOPERATIVE EXT. the earthquake. Kuhn said there on county roads, Whereas, the #25 Child Abuse Prevention $ SRV., 123.04, AUGUST BLAN- were some North/South bddges Board of County Commissioners 20.00 KET; 724, ALLIANCE MAIN- in the county that had some of Payne County, Oklahoma, #26 Sheriff's Commissary $ TENANCE, INC., !295.00, damage, the Jail had a little bit believing it to be in the best 18,251.03 CLEANING SERVICES; 725, of damage but the county was interestforthewelfareandsafety #27 Un-apportioned Revenue HUNZICKER BROTHERS, fortunate that was all that was of the citizens of Payne County, #30 Jail Operations & Mainte- INC., 76.53, AUGUST BLAN- reported. Oklahoma, is desirous to pur- nance $113,107.06 KET; 726, LANDMARK GSI, Discussion and Possible action chase of a mow tractor for the #31 Grants 2020.00, LICENSE FEE; 727, on Bid Openings 9:30 a.m.: None purpose of mowing and trimming #32 Protested Tax PERKINS JOURNAL, 200.41, presented at this time. trees along roadways. Now #33 Drug Task Force AUGUST BLANKET; 728, Discussion and PossibleAction Therefore Be It Resolved that //36 Solid Waste $19.00 BUNNEY ELECTRIC CO., INC., on Evaluations: None presented Payne County authorizes use of #39 Revolving Evidence 203.00, AUGUST BLANKET; at this time. sales tax funds for the purchase #40 Capital Projects 729, GRIMSLEYS, INC., 152.59, Discussion and Possible Action described above. Presented and #41 Jail Limited Purpose Sales AUGUST BLANKET; 730, STILL- on Reports from Officers and approved this 6th day of Septam- $226,206.77 WATER NEWSPRESS, 502.92, Boards bar, 2016. #44 Fairboard Premiums AUGUST BLANKET; 731, LOWE Agreement with OSU Coop- Motion by Cavett to approve #45 Limited Purpose Sales Tax S COMPANIES, INC., 42.64, erative Extension and US Dept. Resolution 2016-25 as pre- #46 County Bridge improve- AUGUST BLANKET; 732, B & C of Agriculture FY 2016/2017: canted, second by Reding. Roll ments BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC., Nathan Anderson, OSUCoopar- Call Vote: Bradley-Yes, Red- #47 Payne County Home 473.56, AUGUST BLANKET; ative Extension office presented ing-Yes, Cavett-Yes. Finance 733, OSU COOPERATIVE EXT. the annual contract to the Board. Request for Traffic Control #48 Payne County Industrial SRV.,22349.00,AUGUSTBLAN- Anderson stated the numbers Signs: Bradley explained the Trust KET;734, MERRIFIELDOFFICE come from the approved county request for the lowering of the #49 Clerk R M & P $ 6,235.00 SUPPLY, 80.26, SUPPLIES; 735, budget. Motion by Cavett to speed limit on Boomer Rd to #50 Payne Co. Econ. Deve. MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLY, approve the agreement with the 32nd to Hwy 177 and 32nd from #51 E 911 Wireless $ 35,434.85 224.21, AUG UST BLANKET; OSU Cooperative Extension Boomer to Hwy 177 due to the #52 FacilitiesAuthodty 736, B & L HEATING & AIR, Service, and the Board of County fact that Central Electric Coop- #54 RuraI Domestic Violence 75.00, AUGUST BLANKET; Commissioners as presented, erative build their new building #55 Drug Court $ 6,375.00 737, B & C BUSINESS PROD- second by Reding. Roll Call and are going back and forth #56 Courthouse Security $ UCTS, INC., 635.81, PAPER; Vote: Cavett-Yes, Bradley-Yes, between their two offices and 6,966.64 738, FENTON OFFICE MART, Reding-Yes. have requested a crosswalk. #57 Emergency Mang. Cash177.25, AUGUST BLANKET; Agreement with Community- Motion by Bradley to table this Fund 739, THE MEADOWS, 45.00, Works, LLC (Cleveland County item until the resolutions are #58 LEPC AUGUST BLANKET; 740, MILAS Regional Juvenile Center) & done, second by Reding. Roll #60 103 Monies FABRICS, 84.00, PATCHES Payne County FY 2016-2017: Call Vote: Reding-Yes, Cavett- #61 105 Monies ON SHIRTS; 741, BEASLEYS Bradley presented the agree- Yes, Bradley-Yes. #62 Court Fund Salaries & TECHNOLOGY, INC., 2010.00, ment with CommunityWorks, !ngresaandEgressAgreement: 'Fdnge $31,000.00 BACKUP ON SERVER; 742, LLC (Cleveland County Regional None presented at this time. #63 Animal Control Strays BOUND TREE MEDICAL, Juvenile Center at a cost of Removal of Equipment items #64 Court Fund Trust 1668.79, MEDICAL SUPPLIES; $23,34 per day per child for from Inventory: None presented #65 DA Seizure 743, RETAIL FINANCE CREDIT FY 2016-17. Motion by Cavett at this time. #66C.L.EA.N. Program SERVICES, ATTN: DONNA to approve the agreement as Appointment of Requisitioning #67 Fire Department 1116 $ PRING, 147.69, AUGUST BLAN- presented, second by Reding. and Receiving Officers: The 56,549.86 KET; 744, QUALITY CUSTOM Roll Call Vote: Bradley-Yes, following Appointment of Req- #78 Sales Tax 3/8 $339,313.84 UPFITTERS, 2077.00, LIGHT Reding-Yes, Cavett-Yes. uisitioning and Receiving Offi- #103 103 CBRI BAR KIT; 745, GRIMSLEYS, Agreement withTheMeadows cars was presented: Ripley #801 HarrellCemetery INC., 80.90, AUGUST BLAN- Center for Document Destru- Fire Department; New Requi- Motion by Cavett to approve KET; 746, QUALITY WATER tion-Health Department Brad- Ilitloning Officer|, Tim Arnold, Cash Appropriations as pre- SERVICES, 22,90, AUGUST lay preiented the a~lte~rnent Bteve Bumpier, ZlIoI( 8ales, sented, second by Redinq, Roll BLANKET; 747, A T & T MOBIL- ITY, 2796.68, UTILITIES; 748, 682.25, AUGUST BLANKET; KUHN JEFF, 27.98, TRAVEL; 13, LOWE S COMPANIES, HIGHWAY CASE;: 223, RETAIL INC., 55.86, AUGUST BLAN- FINANCE CREDIT SERVICES, KET; 14, NAPA AUTO PARTS, AI-FN:DDNNAPRING, 238.80, 142.66, AUGUST BLANc WATER; 224, WARREN CAT, KET; 15, STAPLES, 267.80, 2632.00, BLADES; 225, BAI- AUGUST BLANKET; 16, LEYS PAVING CO., INC, CAKES SERVICE CENTER, 4505.44, HMHL; 226, RAIL- 589.05, AUGUST BLANKET; ROAD YARD, 117.40, COR- E 911: 15, A T & T, 615.29', RUGATED STEEL PIPE; 227, UTILITY BILL; 67-1/6TH FIRE BAILEYS PAVING CO. , INC, DEPARTMENTS: 15, MYDER 4497.79, HMHL; 228, CEN- FLEET SERVICES, 2965.11, TERPOINT ENERGY, 54.90, REPAIRS; 78-3/8TH SALES UTILITY BILL; 229, UNIFIRST, TAX: 26, RAILROAD YARD, 876.10, AUGUST BLANKET;230, 3482.98, SUPPLIES; 27, B & FRANKS DIESEL, 3564.00, C BUSINESS PRODUCTS, TIRES; 231, STILLWATER INC., 79.99, NAME BADGES; NEWSPRESS, 65.70, ADVER- 28, A T& T MOBILITY, 175.78, TISING; 232, KINNUNEN UTILITY BILL; 29, DIRECT SALES & RENTALS,, 176.20, DISCOUNT TIRE OF, 834.32, CHOPSAW;233, COqPORATE TIRES; 30, CONRAD FIRE BILLING LLC, 152.44, SEAT EQUIPMENT, 561.49, DUMP RECOVERED; 234, DIRECT VALVE; 31, ANDERSON DISCOUNT TIRE OF, 1586.64, NATHAN, 336.96, TRAVEL; 32, TIRES; 235, YELLOW HOUSE BARTA, SUZETTE D., 128.44, MACHINERY, 3990.95, PARTS; TRAVEL; 33, MATHESON 236, DIRECT DISCOUNT TIRE MICHAELA, 40.50,TRAVEL; OF, 372.76, TIRE; 237, AA PIPE 34, FITZPATRICK SHELLY, & POST, 6709.45, WALL PIPE; 59.35, TRAVEL; 238, VASSAR HARDWARE AND Blanket: None presented =t TOOL, 11.84, NUTS; 239, JOHN this time. DEERE FINANCIAL, 5921.97, Tabled: None presented at PAYMENT; 240, RAILROAD this time. YARD, 175.22, ANGLE IRON; Disallowed: None presented 241, DAVIS FARMS, 500.00, at this time. HAY BALES; 242, KERNS CON- Payroll/Longevity: None pre~. STRUCTION INC., 30000.00, sented at this time .... REFUND; 243, DIRECT DIS- COUNT TIRE OF, 515.00, TIRES; 244, CHEMSERCH, 515.24, MAXlLUBE; 245, A T & T U-VERSE, 50.00, UTILITY BILL; HEALTH DEPARTMENT: 64, A AND M STORAGE LLC, 70.00, STORAGE; 65, FENTON OFFICE MART, 289.99, FILE CABINET; 66, H U C K - ABAY, JEREMY W., 675.00, AUGUST BLANKET; 67, HOLT S TONER SOURCE, INC., 2010.00, TONER; 68, CEN- TERPOINT ENERGY, 31.50, UTILITIES; 69, STC/ BUSINESS WORLD, 131.00, EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE; 70, CITY OF CUSHING, 1106.79, UTILITIES; SHER- IFF SERVICE FEE: 46, CDW GOVERNMENT, INC., 3933.11, HARDDRIVE; 47, BUNNEY ELECTRIC CO., INC., 690.71, RUN ELECTRIC FOR AC UNIT; 48, WHITE PEACOCK PRODUCTIONS, 487.98, STA- TIONARY; MECHANIC LIEN FEE: 14, QUALITY WATER SERVICES, 35.00, WATER; JAIL OPERATION & MAIN- TENANCE: 64, GRIMSLEYS, INC., 413.30, LAUNDRY SUP- PLIES; 65, OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY, 703.00, SALLY- PORT REPAIRS; 66, HAGER RESTAURANT SERVICE, 128.81, BRAISER PAN; 67, GRIMSLEYS, INC., 591.67, SUPPLIES; 68, GRIMSLEYS, INC., 810.94, SUPPLIES; 69, GRIMSLEYS, INC., 620.36, SUPPLIES; 70, AIR-O-HEAT- ING, 3285.00, MINI AC UNIT; 71, A T & T MOBILITY,819.01, UTILITY BILL; 72, C. O. P. S. PRODUCTS LLC., 1253.00, ARMOR VEST; SOLID WASTE: 10, TAPCO, 201.10, Sign; 11, ATWOOD DISTRIBUT- ING, L..P., 16.95, AUGUST BLANKET; 12, STILLWA- TERSTEEL A N D , Motion by Reding to appro~ Purchase Orders upon sign~ ture, second by Cavett. ROll' Call Vote: Cavett-Yes, Brad- ley-Yes, Reding-Yes. :.: Monthly Reports of Officers: Clint Castoe, Environmen~ Enforcement department pro? sented the August report stating there were 177 clean participa~ hours, 43 road signs instal~, 125 dumpsites cleaned, 2 charges filed, $802.14 in clean up fees and $3321.76 claims for the month of August. Motion by Cavett to acknowledge the August report from the Pey~ County Environmental Enforce- ment, second by Reding. Roll Call Vote: Bradley-Yes, Red- ing-Yes, Cavett-Yes. Discussion and Possible Action on Telephone and Utility PermlS: Board discussion on A T & T not having to obtain read permits l0 erect telephone lines. Cave~ll stated legislation does net require the telephone company to turn in a permit, but they musl follow state requirements for overhead lines. Road Crossing: The following Road Crossing permits were presented: D3-Permit # 16-105, Rural Water District 3. Motion by Cavett toapprove road crossing as presented, second by Reding. Roll Call Vote: Bradley-Yes, Reding-Yes; Cavett-Yes Public Announcements frO~ the Board (no action will be taken): Cavett alerted the public that Yost Lake Road will have sections closed over the neXt week and will have delays. New Business: None presented at this time. Adjournment: Motion by Cavort to adjourn, second by Rodin0. Roll Call Vote: Cavett-Yos, Brad, Ioy.YoJ, R~Iltl~I.Yos, q t